Celtic Diary Thursday May 23: Going Out On A High ?

Tittle tattle suggests there will be some sort of event at Celtic Park on Monday at 4pm.

New manager to be announced ? Peter Lawwell to reveal a smoking gun at the SFA ?

Blue chip signing ?

After all, it’s three years ago today when the club gave a platform to the head of Snake Oil (Carnlough ) Ltd to sell his product to us, and although it took a while, the glossy presentation wore off, and we were left right back where we started.

Some things just don;t do what they say on the tin…No More Tears shampoo, for instance. I rubbed nearly a whole bottle into my sons eyes once when he was a baby, and did it stop him crying ?

So, forgive me if I don’t join in the hype. When you have to dress something up, then whats hidden below isn’t acceptable enough to stand on its own merit.

We just want someone who will do the job he’s asked to do.

And as for this.. the route for an open top parade with the three trophies, if vixtory is achieved over Herats, is asking for fate to intervene..


The last time I presumed anything was black Sunday, where before the fateful game at Motherwell, I bought a Champions flag. Celtic didn’t win the league, and down to clever marketing the flag had the date on it, so I couldn;t even save it for next time…

Anyhoo,  I couldn’t care less.

There is something much more important to think about.. and thats actually winning this thing

Image result for scottish cup


All the usual opposition is out there..the media..who, as Celtic First on twitter pointed out, perhaps haven’t given enough credit to Celtic for overcoming quite possibly the greatest pool of talent to ever play out of Ibrox..

And it was recently revealed that had the games only been eighty minutes long, instead of the regulation ninety, then the title race would have ended differently..



An awful lot of good news stories for them, but little on the likes of this, which in itself is a story..perhaps a sign of things to come ?

Wee note to the Scottish sports media..

The latest revekation to destabilise preparations surrounds Mikael Lustig, who may depart this summer after Malmo offered him megabucks, the currency that runs alongside the euro, which is also what Nigel Farge gets paid in, as he doesn’t like anything about the EU, except his monthly paycheque.


One person, however, is determined to stop the Celtic juggernaut, and she will be out again , staunchly stating her case..

Bless her, there is no doubting her commitment.


Back to the Cup final, Yokerbhoy has provided us with a wee History piece versus Hearts

read it here : Hearts through History

and elsewhere CelticByNumbers also has had an in depth look at the history between the two clubs in the Cup. Something which wouldn;t have taken him anywhere near as long to research had it been an all Glasgow final with our newest rivals..

celtic v hearts

Give Yokerbhoys piece a read and click on the CBN  link for an enjoyable amble down memory lane.

For me, there’s a wee bit of more recent history that adds a little spice to the game..

This was during the roll of honour for Celtic ahead of the game on Sunday, and the player-no, I don’t know who he is either, but I’d wager he stands next to John Beaton at the bar, clearly shows contempt for the Celts as they take an ovation for their achievements.

Here’s a wee prediction, at some point before the game, watch for a press release about messages to his phone, or dog poo pushed through his letterbox, or something similar.

It’s how these things work.


But our guys are clearly not going to be distracted from their chance to make history.

Scott Sinclair;

“Hopefully we can make it a treble,” “Not just for myself but for the whole team.

“It has been a great time and we have to make sure we get the job done.

“Being part of the double treble as a player has been great. It is a massive achievement.

“When I came up here you are not even thinking about double trebles or treble trebles, you come and work hard and see how it goes.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It comes down to hard work and the winning mentality of the players.” 


And there’s Mikey Johnston, who excelled with two goals against Hearts on Sunday…

“I need to do exactly what the manager wants if I get a chance. I will do whatever it takes to get into the team.

“You’re not going to get a game if you don’t do your job.” 


He’s learning..


And then there’s Keiran Tierney.. who had his head turned once but is now firmly back in the camp…

For me, with every single trophy, it gets better each time,”

“You want that more and more and we know how good a feeling it is to win. The feeling is so sweet, you work hard all season, and a trophy to finish is enough motivation.

“The fans can motivate you too, and if you can give a trophy back to them, that makes it all worthwhile. To give a trophy back to the fans is what we want. We know they spend their hard-earned money coming to see us, so it would be nice to be able to repay that.” 

“We know Saturday is going to be a hard game and we can never expect to win. Hearts are a tough team and we look forward to another challenge. They make it tough and they’ll give us a good game.

“I know how it feels to be on the other end of it. It’s a horrible feeling when you get beat at Hampden, and we don’t want that to happen on Saturday. Every trophy is better than the last, it’s the best feeling in the world, so we don’t need any extra motivation.

“It’s now just one more push from everyone in the changing room who have been brilliant over the past few years. We’re all in it together. That’s the feeling of togetherness in the changing room – you’re fighting for the cause and you’re fighting for Celtic.

“It’s such a good team and a good dressing room to be a part of. It’s a pleasure for me to play alongside people like that and players like Scott Brown, my hero growing up, so it’s a pleasure for me to be in there.

“There’s added pressure but we know about it all. There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of talk and it’s another game of football that we want to win. Hopefully we can take care of it on the pitch.” 



For all those words, its what happens on the pitch that matters.

Yesterday, we showed you this..

jimmybee May 22, 2019 at 3:39 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Parents get ready to celebrate whilst teachers reach out for help. 


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Caption..the milky shake kid.



Thank fuck it wasn’t Pernod and blackcurrant.


Caption : ‘Who ordered the sandwiches?’

Pat Higney

Caption: “That’s the last time I hae a piece ‘n’ milkshake for lunch”

Pat Higney

Caption: canvasser regrets doorstepping Julian Clary with the opening line, “ Do you agree with a planned withdrawal?”

Ralph, Great to have you back. Your sidekick did a great job in your absence but Ole Burke is never a Willie Wallace 🙂 I have prayed hard for your safe return from Peterborough. I hope you checked your fingers, toes, ears and nose. There is a good chance their numbers have increased since your sojourn in East Anglia. Keep visiting your psychiatrist as the mental damage can be a delayed action. Welcome back and thanks for a really insightful Dairy – just checking your memory is still intact. Caption: “The new Messy”. or “What a waste of a milkshake”… Read more »

Another “Milkshakes brexit out all over”



Steven R… I think you got it right first time… 🙂


Council have approved traffic management on London Rd outside the park for between 2.00pm and 6.00pm on Monday so looks like they are expecting big crowds.


Confirmed as fake news m8

The Cha

Normally it would be reported here and then we’d know it was fake news. 😉

George Lazenbhoy

Caption: attempted murder charge against lactose intolerant brexiteer.


George Lazenbhoy… and boy will he milk it for all its worth 😉


Good evening Wee Redcoat….cough 🙂

Monti… How droops it 😉


I see Buzzbomb has appeared over on Sentinel Celts, using the moniker ‘ the lions roar ‘….hmmm shall i? 🙂

Monti… The lions roar… ffs More like the horses ass


Caption: ” I read my own manifesto and it made me sick.”

Mike A

Caption: Idiotic Ukipper’s baby grandson expresses his feelings.




I’m in the book wi Pike


Caption: ‘Celtic in Boyata U-turn’ headline makes Monti spill his Slim-fast.


Surely they can’t be expecting a big crowd if it’s moyes? The board must picked up on the supporters apathy towards an appointment like that. Then again when has the board ever bothered with what we think.

Better Lennon than Moyes. Steve Clarke would have been my ‘local’ choice. No big name has any reason to come to Celtic or Scotland. I would love to be proved wrong.


Disagree think Moyes would do an ok job. He has vastly more experience than Lennon and was given the thankless task of turning an aging Man U team around. Granted his other ventures weren’t brilliant but neither were Lennon’s


Caption : £3 meal deal, milkshake sandwich crisps didnt tell me it was all in the sandwich.


Sorry I even commented JB, I’d done it before I read anything.
Yours is a topper, Pal.
You may note similarity in our view of scum, but that’s not new.
HaHaHa, I keep reading your caption, and laughing louder each time, Jimmy. Wonder if Ian Maxwell is on that, er, food-chain? (he’s certainly on their gravy-train 🙂


Tictoc good to hear from you m8 hope all is well with you and yours and you are looking forward to the treble treble m8

Steve Naive

Caption “
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”

Kitty 21

Pretty lousy that an OAP ,time served soldier can be humiliated by some cowardly thug and you all think it’s funny ! Doesn’t matter who he supports politically,this is supposed to be a democratic country .Pretty ashamed of my so called Celtic Family today .I’m not a snowflake btw just a wife and mother with a conscience and respect for all human beings .


Ahhh Kitty things on here are not for the faint hearted
I’m sure the ex para from 1960 till 1982 wasnt throwing milkshakes at the good people of Derry or Ballymurphy.

Having been at the rough end of both 1 & 2 Para behaviour…. I could not, in all conscience, give a damn about them and the justice that must be extracted from them


You need to get out more.


I know 🙂


Fuck him & his regiment!



Caption: “Look, pal, I’m closely related tae Allan McCrae; ties in soup, ties in yoghourt disnae matter. We’re a’ tied in a bigger tie, ra brarhood, FTP. Camoan ye hertz oan seterday”


caption hees got some size a heid fur they shooders big heid big mooth so they feddum his yoghart fae a scooshin gun

Somebody put a bib on this dribbly auld cunt

Somebody put a bib on this dribbly old knob

Steve Naive

But it does matter who he supports… that’s who he fought against



You sneezed ya bastard

Love the positive pish by the Daily Wanker about sevco, proves the fact they are stupid stupid huns.

Looking forward to slapping down the wee huns



This was before the milkshake was thrown on him


Paul McMullen from the arabs no bad wee player


Being down souf on this election night I can’t believe the support Farage has. In conversation this morning it all came to roost England is becoming a right wing country. They have no idea of the damage to future generations they are bringing. In one conversation I.had this guy who’s father was in the mod said that if it wasn’t for Churchill we would all be Nazis ffs. Farage is the only guy we can trust I said is that the same guy who said on a double decker bus that 350 million would go straight to the NHS and… Read more »

Stevie D

Frightening innit Jimmy? Nothing and nobody matters one iota outside the Home Counties mate. Same old same old.


Second that

The Cha

Why don’t you start a crowdfunder to buy him a retirement condo in Vatican City and then he can be blessed every day by His representative on Earth.

and Celtic can appoint, hopefully, a top class manager.



Caption: The Angel Delight will never set on the British Empire


Weered still gutted about the Glens result but the “Reds” new shirt is absolute class. Some years ago it was fashionable to claim Neil Lennon left Celtic because he didn’t get on with Lawwell. Out of the blue about two years later I was speaking to someone who knows them both. I mentioned the Etims take on it and was told on the contrary they were previously and remained very close. Anyone who saw the embrace between the two on Sunday could see that. My uninformed opinion is Lawwell wants Lenny, Dermot wants a Rodgers ex Premiership manager. BTW did… Read more »

BJF… The Glens got rid of their new manager and no. 2


BJF .. Smyth & Leeman


Join not Jin!

Caption: I said jeely piece maw for ye cannae throw a milkshake oot a twenty storey flat…

Give the job to Lenny for one year, on a rolling contract. He understands 10 in a row like no other and he understands what Sevco will be getting up to next year. No other manager will grasp that. I have fears about Lenny but it is worth the gamble.
The victories over Aberdeen and Hibs were victories that really mattered, showing he can inspire teams. Lenny would get my full backing if appointed.
David Moyes? FFS We can do better than that.

By the way, Sevco will be our only challenger next year even it bankrupts the Orcs in the process. Oh, I forgot, they are already bankrupt but still trading.


Wenger anybody?


we just signed Shved, add to that Sinclair, Johnston & Forrest, we are well catered for in that dept.


Caption : Polish seagull gets it’s revenge on evil faced brexit dwarf who refused to feed it any of ‘our’ British bread.


“yog hurts. yog hurts”
The lead singer in Nazareth has really let himself go




Caption : New, pink viagra pill, suspected to cause premature ejaculatory problems.


good luck tae lenny and the bhoys the morra jeest foockin win it then let lenny prepare his team fur the quadruple quadruple COYBIG

Steve Naive

Jimmy we
I agree the way they are going down there. Think it was Mad Boris who did the NHS bus lie.
BJF… Wenger all day long either as manager or Director of Football. I would love DD to at least ask him… light years ahead of everyone else and economic sense never mind the message being sent out.


Gotta laugh at that “if games were 80 minutes” table. If sevco hadn’t have won it there would they have gone for 79 minutes? Also when was half time, did it cancel goals scored in the last 5 of the first half too?

Desperate stuff!



Greenmaestro… If their granny’s had balls they’d be their grandas


wrong analogy weered thur grandas never had baws thats why they hid in the shipyerds during the war he he

Charlie… It’s all codology. 🙂


good word yon codology weered ile call the huns codology fc first zombie a meet the morra jeest tae watch the wee zombie face wonder wit the fook am oan aboot ha ha ha ha


AvB no moar,
Rafa no moar,
Moyes no moar,
Lenny’s a goer, Doo Da Dooda.

As Travers suffers a fractured thumb and the Thumb leaves us fractured

It only takes a few wee Biddies tae face up tae the funny marchers and its “Walk on By” somewhere over the rainbow else. Doo Da Dooda.

The Cha

Moyes it is, then. 😉

The Cha

I want the best man for the job not any pish about wool dye.

Stein, Dalglish & McGrain were “Huns” and thank fuck no one at Celtic gave a damn.

Chase yourself.


So Was dalgleish


And mcgrain

The Cha

and Stein plus his 2 brothers from different mothers.

and plenty of others.

just a muppet doing what muppets do.


Well it’s about being professional fuck all to do whether he was a rangers supporter. Sure his tenure in England wouldve turned his head around and grew him up. He did a great job at Everton. So he’s capable of doing a good job. Man U was too big for him. And it’s too big for ole. And it would be too big for Lenny. The only ex Celt manager living who could probably handle Man U is MON or maybe Rodgers. Different world to managing the current Celtic team.


And I wonder if he’s ever been stationed in the 6 counties with his kinky boots on ready to shoot at innocent Catholics?


Never said you did Charles. For the record, there were a hell of a lot of your colleagues not ‘doing their job’ properly wasn’t there?

Anyway, HH and let’s have the potential managerial discussions after we have secured an unprecedented achievement tomorrow.


Nice one Monti! Weered the last Glens manager I really remember was John Colrain, he and Paddy Turner were Celtic men but still love your new shirt. Tomorrow really looking forward to the third treble, incredible achievement. Still trying to get my head around the stats , now let me see;if Celtic didn’t exist, Glasgow Rangers were brought back from the dead, Walter Smith had a dire wolf and Alex McLeish won the Miss World competition Sevco would be masters of the Galaxy, whit is this all about?

BJF… Yes tomorrow is the key to the future domination of the others 😉


“All I said was that Lenny should get the job”


Said before it wouldn’t be the worst choice but certainly not the best. Time constraints will favour Lenny and I expect him to get it. Would be a tad disappointed but I know he has an eye for a good player. It’s his forte. Or at least have someone in his team who knows a good bargain. Master strokes getting Forster and wanyama and van dyjk.


And rogic. Rodgers got Sinclair and dembele and more flotsam and jetsam that are hanging about killing us


Look we won’t know until it happens. I cringed watching Celtic under Rodgers when we were up against it trying to use the keeper as another player. Gordon who if he wasn’t a keeper would struggle to play in the amateur leagues. Trying to force a rheory on a collective that aren’t up to it is a mistake. Listen to glen Johnson’s take on Rodgers when he was at Liverpool. He stated he was trying to emulate mourinho. Giving everyone envelopes stating certain players will let the club down WTF . The guy was crazy with his shiny teeth. He… Read more »

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