Celtic Diary Wednesday May 22: There’s A Cup Final This Weekend

Though you wouldn’t know it from our esteemed laptop loyal.

Instead, they talk of new managers, new players and the title race for next year, which ,according to them, will be a title race because Steven Gerrard is now an even better manager than he was last year.

As for the new manager, the latest we have is that Benitez is first pick, then Andre Villa Thingbob, followed by David moyes, and then finally back, cap in hand, to Neil Lennon.

There has been no refusal or acceptance from Benitiez, who is clearly enjoying string Mike Ashley along for a bit, known in the industry as doing a Daveking…although on the 18th of June the courts will decide that that particular can has been kicked far enough and the new company /club/lodge will be handed a bill of arounf £10m .

Further evidence that the merchandising section of the business isn’t doing too well came with the revelation over on the reliable Videocelts website …

Too late even for a tangerine top to save them.

The media, of course, must have missed this one.

Their campaign to rough up the ranch before the end of season showpiece game with Hearts is matched only by their refusal to acknowledge the possibility of an unprecedented treble treble.

There have been no special supplements, no tributes to the men who might secure a ninth successive domestic trophy, and nothing to commend anyone within the club for keeping things going when it looked like going arse over tit when that Irish fellow quit for Leicester.

though we did read somewhere that Scott Brown has a sore toe, and that James Forrest has fallen out with Neil Lennon.

The latter came from the john James website, who yet again proved that anyone who is giving him information from the ranch is doing it purely for their own amusement. There has been no fall out.

In fact, all the players love the gaffer, and will be sorry to see him go. If he does go, that is.

I do have one worry if Lennon doesn’t get the job. The players are notoriously slow to pick up on new tactics, shapes and formations, so it could be a slow start to the season, which of course, Celtic cannot afford.

Briefly, here’s a look at who we could face in just a few weeks time..

Even at this early stage, where the losers drop into the Petrofac Cup, it looks dodgier than usual…and then its..

Rosenborg ! We played them more times than half the Premier League this season.

If we get through that..four games in four weeks, we get another four games in four weeks…hopefully..


Incredibly, Ajax, semi finalists this season, start just a fortnight after we do.

Bayern M unich fans summed it up best..

It’s becoming a farce, and the president of our old chums Legia Warsaw, wrote an open letter..

In reference to ongoing discussion on the future of the UEFA Club Competitions and the position taken by Mr , as President of and Vice-Chairman of , I’m addressing this open letter to the boards of the European clubs and leagues.


Peter Lawwell is also involved with the ECA, and we await with interest his contribution to the debate.

Image result for skeleton watching tv

Then again, Peter, an honourable man, tends to make an awful lot of noise, and then disappear into the background.

Resolution 12 is a case in point.

After being handed the smoking gun he asked for, and a remarkably passionate tirade about the issue, he promptly hid the gun and took no further action.

Meanwhile, in Wales…

The Welsh FA don’t split hairs. In brief: Bangor City failed to submit Employment contracts of two players; were held to have filed invalid player registrations; and therefore players were ineligible to play. Outcome 3 points deduction for each match they played. 42 points total


If anyone knows of any similar cases in Scotland, please let the SFA know.

Over and over again.

I asked Peter for his views..

Image result for head in sand gif




Every day we hear of a new name in the frame to take over from Neil Lennon, or another player is linked with a move away.

It’s also worth noting that a campaign for a full investigation into who knew what during the reign of terror for some kids who played at Celtic Boys club is underway, with several hacks mentioning what is a noble thought, but should have been thought through a little better, with a little more sensitivity.

It’s worth noting that the fact some people are doing jail time for their crimes indicates that some work has been done on this, but the media refuse to acknowledge it is a societal issue, and not just an issue at a football club.

Several football clubs have had their own problems of this manner, and the point scoring between supporters is not helping. If anything , it is hindering any police investigation by perhaps discouraging any other victims to come forward, and until everyone is on the same side here nothing will get done.

It’s not only football.

Thats by no means an attempt to excuse it, but to widen the investigation into what is likely to be a much more complex and organised crime.

The BBC had its Yew Tree investigation, and even Prime minister Theresa May has been accused of withholding evidence of abuse by her own party members.

Recently, David Steel of the Liberal Democrats admitted he knew all about the late Cyril Smith and his activities.

One feels any investigation is being held back not by football clubs, or even the SFA, but by powers greater even than them.

But the media don’t, or won’t, see it that way.

The first concern is help and support for the victims.

Then the prosecutions, both for perpetrators and accessories, can be dealt with.

Until the obsession with what happened at Celtic boys Club becomes a wider investigation, nothing will get done.


Then again, some people cannot see the wood for the trees.. Steven Richardson, for instance, on the Record Hotline


In the media and in the streets, those who drag their knuckles as they walk are hurting real bad.

The good guys, that’s us, by the way, are trying to enjoy these glry days, and they are being subliminally played down, as though it’s not really an achievement.

By definition, anything unprecedented, is a fucking hell of an achievement.

Don’t let them spoil it for us


While you’re not letting them spoil it for us, have a think about this particular promotion, and try to explain it..



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Ralph glad to see you have escaped the underworld, for a time thought u had been kidnapped by the zombies.

Agree regarding the hatred for all things Celric in the media, top runner in that list is the Daily Wanker, followed closely by the other arse wipes.

Liewell and the board are like UEFA, chase the monies, forget what the game and the fans are all about


Teachers preparation kits on sale pre term

D'Fhinnein Mick

Simple explanation for the promotion.

It’s in Kilwinning,canny send the weans out without a boatil!

Good to see you back on,Ralph. Thoat yi wur deid. Peterborough,bet you wish you were!!!

Stevie D

Whit? Am I the only one that got El-D in his play piece?

D'Fhinnein Mick

Hers my thoughts on a few non-Celtic football related items,begging Ralph’s indulgence.



mick a wonder if zidane would lend us bale fur next season jeest in case johnny hayes gets injured


After reading their letters should they not be called Anger f.c.


afore sumdy else sais it a blame the schools


charlie… I blame the parents…for having sex 🙂


as a wis saying afore yees left me talkin tae masel oan the other thread celtic should bring back findlay and o donnell fae kilarnock afore clarke makes them regulars for scotland


charlie…are ye suggestin that Scotland should play in Green & White 🙂 🙁


thats no a bad idea it will be maistly celtic players anyway stevie clark isnae daft and will take nae shit aff the huns at hampdump


Aimed at teachers, obviously!


I am well excited for Saturday and hopefully see us winning the treble treble….. this is going to be an exciting summer too with so many changes that will happen but I have 1 concern….will we appoint the right manager ?? I don’t really know who will be the best for the job but I know who I don’t want… we need to keep moving forward and I think our new manager should be a forward thinking and fully developed in the modern game of tactics and training techniques, a manager who will improve our players too… I know there… Read more »


a believe maisty us dae want lenny tae get the job and if sumdy else gets it it will only divide the support


Sports divided already most in favour of him not getting the job I’m led to believe. Get it done ASAP either way. See above about being slow to adapt down Celtic way



Charlie – you are well in a minority. I haven’t spoken face to face with one Celtic fans who wants him. Some say they will accept him over Moyes ( myself included) but none that want him,


desi cause your talkin tae the wrang guys


that’s it in a nut shell.

The Cha

All day long with most keen to avoid the drudgery of the Deila years being revisited.

We are looking for a manager to replace Rodgers not Lennon and should be setting our sights at that level.


Good article in today’s. Newcastle Chronicle, about Newcastle United beating the hooligans of Glasgow Rangers 50 years ago today. Some things never change!!!!

Recently, David Steel of the Liberal Democrats admitted he knew all about the late Cyril Smith and his activities.

And the Scottish Liberal Democrast judged hr had no case to answer for admitting he knew Cyril Smith was abusing kids in a boys home and even worse Smith got nominated for a knighthood!

The Private Eye have been championing this case against Smith and Steel for many many years…as usual the big media turned a blind eye

Protect and survive is alive an well.


Caption: Parents get ready to celebrate whilst teachers reach out for help. Cup final this week ya beauty. Treble treble on the cards and Glasgow is green and white. Of course the media dont want to talk about it by now if sevco had made it every cup final would have been mentioned and how special it is to be playing in such games by players like big fat DJ etc. So I’m glad it’s not them and they can keep it as low key as they like. But on Saturday at 3pm theres going to be a show and… Read more »


You can hear them by the sound Of knuckles scraping on the ground And the rattle of a pea in a thick skull rolling round As they gather outside Ibrox, fake stars upon their chest They follow Sevco and they are the thickest fan base in the west. Now Sevco has a chairman, a dodgy-looking man Who doesn’t pay his taxes so he’s just right for the Klan He says he has a war chest that is full and that is deep But all he’s brought to Sevco are some haddies on the cheap Dave King of Sevco, at picking… Read more »


brilliant rsp



Was Two-ton Ted from Edmiston the inspiration?


Ah, somebody from my era – I thought we were aw dead!


naw but ernie is he he



If you read it in Benny Hill’s accent, tis a thing of beauty. Brilliant.


henke av been singin it fur the last hour


Usually the “Hamdump Events” parking restrictions boards are updated at least a week in advance of upcoming attractions. As of this afternoon those at Battlefield hadn’t been.

Rob O'Keeffe

What’s Orange(sorry) and looks good on Sevco fans?

Rob O'Keeffe

Fire!……Hhappy Dhays….


Welcome back Ralph it was getting so bad on here people were agreeing with each other – a bit like the town meeting in Blazing Saddles – harrumph. It’s the strangest of times, success on the pitch but much consternation off. It’s the kind of atmosphere that can get you beat by a pish team from Edinburgh. Let’s make each man feel a hero on Saturday.


Encouraging that KT is for a double hernia and not something more serious

The Cha

but, but, but he’s finished according to all the In The Know types.

He sounded totally relaxed when talking about it.

It’s a shame he’ll miss the Scotland games but, I guess, we’ll just need to live with that. 😉



caption: Willie Gollum’s local Tesco with the personal touch after his banishment ends in Kilmarnock. ‘Every Bottle helps’




Lenny or not Lenny, I think I finally decided I wanted Steve Clarke and now that ship has sailed. Bennetiz was never a serious contender, the Leeds manager maybe. Neil Lennon knows the club, the League above all the expectations of being Celtuc manager. If isn’t Neil then it needs to be a corker, David Moyes won’t do. My only reservation is it may be a step
back to 2014 and going back is not a good fit.

Concerning Slippy G and his great progress. In my memory, truly great Celtic managers and teams could go to Mordor and hold their own and often win. No Sevco team has yet come to Celtic Park and won and that is what makes a difference in the title race. Under Big Jock, MON and Rodgers, we skelped the Huns in their own Bigot Dome—old Huns and new ones.
Slippy has only slipped up at Paradise so far.


For some considerable time now, we’ve had issues which repeat and repeat and then get lost in the haze of time. Kicked into the long grass. Lawwell’s a past-master at it. Some terrific comments and ideas surrounding, e.g. Res 12, The 5-way-agreement, the PLC board, et cetera, are vented, considered briefly and then vanish. My point is this: would it be viable for eTims to have a permanent slot for issues that need time, application, agreement and tactics to take forward? I’ve said consistently that I’d contribute to eTims directly or towards the funding of Res 12, for example. Or… Read more »


Ach well, some at least try to propogate solutions. Most don’t. Hence, the status quo. Arseholes in the boardroom will continue to: grass the GB (and others) to the police, pretend that “rangers” still exists, ignore Res 12 and it’s potential to call-out EUFA as well as the new huns, et cetera. There’s an aching injustice to be highlighted and then concluded but the tory bastards in our board, that is all of them, will ‘soldier on’. Really? Time for Change begun in the early nineties and it hasn’t gone away. Not yet, not ever. Anyone whom agrees with me… Read more »

all 100% true but some so called Celtic fans are bored with the truth,some know Scotland has cheated us but for some reason they don’t want to fight back and tell the world about the best wee bigoted country.The biggest thieves and cheats after the Huns and SFA are Desmond and his little Plc helpers.keep on hounding the custodians who are robbing our club!

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