Etims End of Season Awards

Etims End of Season Awards

So there we have it…the leagues over, done and dusted.
Lets see what we can remember with a few awards.

Player of the Season.

Brendan Rodgers.
Played every one of us for idiotic romantics before he fucked off.

Goal of the Season.
Just getting to the end of the season as Champions after Brendan fucked off.

Save of the Season
£1m in salary and £9m in compensation, Peter Lawwell saved a fortune when Brendan fucked off.

(Ed here…HOLD ON!!..enough of the every answer is Brendan related answers….now now..)

Okay..lets start again…

The End of Season Awards


Player of the Year Award

Wee Jamesy won all the awards and fair play. His contribution was vital and it was great to see him step up to become a true senior member of the squad. Could he go on to be the most domestically decorated Celt..only time will tell but so far so good. Hopefully he has sobered up from Dublin enough to score in the Cup Final.

Calmac was his usual dependable self but I would contend Kris Ajer pushed Jamesy the most, especially in the last few months, if he can stop the going to ground, he could be quite something special, possibly even a contender to replace Broony as the holding midfielder over time.

Praise too to Scott Bain for taking big Grumpy Gordons Number 1 jersey from him and great to see Big Odsonne is progressing well and given he still has a bit to go, we could hopefully be looking at him winning this next year.

Honourable mentions to stalwarts like KT who continued to run the injury gauntlet and his selflessness is now taking its toll. A shout too to Scott Sinclair, who despite scoring plenty of goals received pelters from the fans but tried to keep going, that cant be easy but wee Jamesy has showed there can be light at the end of the tunnel.


Goal of the Season Award

I was tempted to give this to wee Jamesy for that winner against Rangers at home. That was the smackdown that was needed but the best goal must go to that amazing counter attack at Tynecastle. Such skill and at such a time.

lest we forget, still in shock at Brendans departure, Celtic were seemingly there for the taking. Or so the Scottish media thought,

After a good opening goal from us, then a Heart equalizer, the questions were being asked about Celtics fortitude yet again.

However from a Hearts free kick, Celtic pounced forward..Henderson played a great ball to Sinclair who raced forward.  Sinclair then passed to Burke who drew the defence and the keeper before passing to the open Forrest who had ran the length of the park to slot home. Absolutely lethal!

Goal Video


Saddest Point of the Season

A few to consider.. the new strip, the abject showings at Ibrox and the departure of our former manager but they fail into insignificance when we remember the passing of Big Billy and Stevie Chalmers. A week in which we lost two Lisbon Legends and a reminder to cherish the heroes that remain as much as possible and to pay tribute to those that have passed as often as we can.


Funniest Awards Moments of the Season

A close tie this one.

I loved the fact that yesterday we watched the Presentation committee walk out and be announced as follows… “A guy from Ladbrokes!..The Celtic CEO!…and now Paul McStay”,.,..a few folk may have noticed that during the loud cheers, one guy walked out unannounced…Neil Doncaster…thats right, Mr “5 Ways Agreement” Sleekit didn’t even dare ask for a name check as he made his was to the podium. Good.

However that moment of silence was balanced out with the loud ironic cheer and laughter as the Celtic squad stepped forward for their medal awards and the MC announced “Martin Comperr!”..oh how we laughed…poor guy probably injured his neck getting that medal too!


The Stephane Bonnes aka Lord Lucan Award

It was looking close after Xmas. Craig Gordon had been posted AWOL, then after his Australia away days and injury, Tom Rogic was a leading contender but in all our eyes, Martin Comperr was still in the driving seat up to send an ambulanc eto collect this one.

That though was until very recently.

The winner now of course can only be our very own Ralph Malph, a man  who recently went to a world called Travelodge and has hardly been seen since.

Rumours abound that his trips around Peterborough will finish this week with a new Diary by Thursday but no-one is holding their breath in anticipation.

Haste ye back.


So any Awards thoughts on your mind?

Any alternative awards per chance?…best Comedy moment?, is there a Save of the season?, Best (worst) Miss,  Best Substitution,  Best and Worse Loanee,  Worst Refereeing performance?, Most jobsworth Steward, Greatest show of Ignorance from Celtic Board?

Please add your suggestions below…