Celtic Diary Sunday April 28: One Minor Point….

As this weekends games draw to a close, the situation is simple.

One point secures another title, meaning Celtic will be the first Scottish club to do eight in a row twice.

Concluding an emotional occasion on Saturday, it was Jozo Simunovic, wearing the number 5 shirt, with 67 minutes on the clock, who rose to head home the winning goal against Kilmarnock which more or less secures the title.

Some have argued that as it said 67 minutes on the clock,

it was actually in the 68th minute that the goal was scored, but then again, you could argue that 1967 was the 68th year of the 20th century, but then i would argue that I don’t give a toss what anyone else thinks…

History is always written by the winners, so not only did number 5 score on 67 minutes, he also scored in 38 minutes, 53 minutes and 88 minutes.

And Bobby Lennox had two chalked off for offside.

Sometimes, the story of this club does pass into something resembling a fairy story, to paraphrase the man himself..


Before the game, Jo5o said..

In fairness, a goal had to come from a corner sooner or later, and although it wasn;t directly from the kick, he hung around long enough to get his header on target.

After the game, Simunovic gave his shirt to the McNeill family, to round off a day when the support must have made her proud of her man.

After all, we were proud of him…

Image result for hail cesar green brigade


Scottish football also paid tribute, with applause at the grounds as the family requested, and now we offer them our prayers as they continue to mourn their loss in private.


The win means that Celtic are within a point of the title, and it kind of grates a bit that there is still criticism of the manager and the players.

Lennon responded, with an air of bewilderment..

The supporters were getting a bit nervous but that’s understandable. Listen, at this stage of the season, unless you have real momentum, there is always going to be anxiety and nerves around the place. 

We are comfortable in the league position but there is so much expectation on these players at the minute for what they’ve created and achieved – and there is so much asked of them all the time.

“They are human beings and they can’t always play scintillating football. Right now, we are grinding. I get that. But we are grinding in the right way. We are winning games and keeping clean sheets.

“And before anyone says it…it’s not my fault either.”

Lets look at the stats since he took over from whatsisname… to me thats since the defeat at Ibrox, which was when Rodgers more or less finally chucked it.

19 Domestic Matches

P19 W16 D3 L0

⚽️ 39 Scored

⛔️ 3 Conceded

16 Clean Sheets

⏱ 0 Mins we’ve been behind

2 Managers

1 more point for 8IAR

1 further win for T3

Thats not bad going, considering the upheaval and constant tittle tattle in the media. Add to that the less than supportive nature of the support, and I’d venture that the squad and the staff have done very well indeed.

There was a chance that the title could have been secured this afternoon, but “rangers ” beat Aberdeen 2-0 with Tavernier-Pen grabbing a brace to secure the highest ever league finish for the fledgling club.

They will finish second, and pocket a couple of million quid towards keeping the wolves away from the door, which judging by the performance of the referee in todays game, was his remit for the afternoon.

Next Saturday lunchtime Celtic travel to Pittodrie, where a draw will suffice.

Having conceded a goal roughly every six weeks in 2019, there is every chance that Celtic won’t concede again, and therefore the trip home for the travelling support could well be a merry one.


In a weekend full of omens and portents, perhaps there is another one worth mentioning.

Ben Quinn, described as an Irish wonderkid in some sections of the media-not the mainstream Scottish one, obviously,  has joined Celtic after turning down offers from Wolves and Manchester City.

Image result for ben quinn signs for Celtic

If you know the history, you’ll know thats a very famous name from yesteryear, and the lad has a lot to live up to.

but he has our best wishes..

(Yeah, that’ll help-Ed )

Yesterday, we had this..

Bobby Murdoch’s Crumpled Up Chip Wrapper April 28, 2019 at 12:36 pm · Edit · Reply →


Sevconian takes home a souvenir from the annual “We are more British than you, HiJack the Poppy Day, military sing a long a sash bash, but we don’t raise much money for our beloved soldiers because we are ignorant pig ugly thick scumbag trash Day!”  



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Out of the mouth of babes.


Caption:well dad you told me this is were to bite HH

Steve Naive

It’s bent, it’s fixed, it stinks. C’mon Celtic.


areCaption:CCTV catches strange person abducting child. Stevenaieve don’t know if you caught it on the other thread but I still think Kilmarnock are well drilled, they have no outstanding players, are not a great team but are challenging fir Europe and third place. We have been poor since Dembelle left and Lennon has made the most out of what he inherited. I used to think we needed a new centre half possibly an additional striker dependung on Griff and a right back but maybe we need 4 or 5 new first choices, Bain,McGregor, Eddy,Christie,Forrest and Tierney, Possibly Ajer, I saw… Read more »


We all know your desperate for Lennon to get the job but your in the minority and you have painted a false picture with your stats and I am not buying it Lennon not for me


Drew how do you know Ralph is in the minority? Your opinion is that how May celtic fans want or do not want Lennon as manager we really don’t know


“Like father like son.”
Somebody had to say it, I’m only slightly ashamed it was me.


Fuck off Drew.hh


Fucking behave that is a shite response to the views of a fellow Celtic fan because you disagree with his opinion


Well said Marybraebhoy, too many (cough) rockets on here. The hill’s been flattened into a brae… The thing that saddened me this week the most, apart from losing Captain Courageous, was the two pictures of Billy, when he was young and athletic and leading his Lions out in Lisbon and the other at the top of the diary page, seeing what that terrible disease dementia had taken from him, how courageous his family and friends must have been, doing everything in their power to help him. Frank Coppell was a wonderful football player too for Dundee Utd. and his heading… Read more »


Caption – like father like son

Mike A

A bite of the old block.


Caption -The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Caption and article – shoulder steak and Lennon is mince

Luke Warmwater

Hey Dad, isn’t the E supposed to come at the end?


It’s the modern Father & Son bonding ritual or a Uruguayan paternity test.

Tim Buffy

Caption: “Hoi, ref, the wee bastard’s just bit me.”

Tim Buffy

Zombies got two of the worst penalty decisions I’ve ever seen today. The fear is overwhelming.


Caption: Suarez wonders if hiring Johnny Vegas for his wife’s hen do was such a good idea.



haw darling the ankle biter just bit my shoulder

Aye the Apple disnae fall far from the tree honey


Caption toooooooo…

Here’s my son , he bit my shoulder
He’ll go far when he gets older…



I bite u in the name of the father and of the son and of the barca shirt. amen


A bit on the side!

The Cha

Caption: Chewy Huey or Dewey?


Caption: I know how to make Dad proud watch this


No son, that’s not the way to bite.
I did it that way too, now lok at the shape of ma teeth.

Caption: Anything you can do I can do biter, I can do anything biter than you

Or. Anything dad can do I can do better,

You get the idea

Cheque under your pillow tomorrow morning,Son.


Morning Bhoys & Ghirls,
Shooting practice this week please Mr.Lennon.

Shooting drill: hitting the target:
Hit the target 5 points
Score a goal 10 points
Hit the post or bar, two laps around the pitch.
Miss the target completely, made to listen to twelve hours continuous recording of a Jacob rees
Mogg, tory party manifesto presser.

Fucking shoot! Head down, left foot firmly on the ground, knee over the ball and drive through the ball, if your left footed, right foot planted on the ground, head down etc….fuck sake.

Fucking shoot & hit the target!


Caption: Sorry dad, i shoulder knew better!


My own wee Glenmorangie my Glen of Tranquility, my own we Zen garden, (I never promised you a rose garden, along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometimes), where Fuckwits are forbidden. Hare Krishna, Hare Hare Harry Hood, Hare Hare Kevin Barry, Om Om. Speaking about Om did you see “Doms” panto performance yesterday in Govan. “Aladdin” rubbed his Magic Lamp and Hey Presto, PENALTY and again for luck PENALTY, its magic. “Dom Dom Dom….


17 this season…..so far.
4 in one game?



Five in one game via Hamilton, they missed one! 18 in total.
Cheating Huns.


What is the record for penalties being awarded to a team in a season in the top flight of Scottish Football? By my count, we have been awarded 10 penalties, Sevco 17 including that five in one game farce. These are the best stats I could find so correct me if I’m wrong. This needs looked into, especially when Sevco plays at home. Gerrard, McInnes and Levein moan openly and constantly about referee bias agains their teams and it works this way: Slippy Stevie moans and the MIBs panic so group together and decide to show Stevie that they are… Read more »


Totally agree with you.
What we need to do is get in front early, be ruthless, we have a job to do on Saturday at Pittodrie.
Shooting practice all fucking week!


Like father like son or blood is thicker than milk


God bless Stevie Chalmers, the unsung hero of Lisbon.


Sad news m8 God Bless the lions


Oh no, Stevie as well. RIP Stevie, that’s terrible news, terrible…

Condolences to the Family and Friends.

Requiescat in pace Stevie Chalmers.


Tommy Gemmell makes his way forward down the left for the umpteenth time and is given time and space to pick out Bobby Murdoch 20 yards out.
The classy right half fires in a raking shot and there is Stevie Chalmers with the slightest of touches on the edge of the six yard box to make sure it finds the net.

No more than Celtic have deserved. They are almost there now.

84″ Charmers. GOAL.


Caption… Listen son… If yer lookin fed see the blonde in front of me…she’s better equipped for that…

I found 2 chip comments in SPAM, re-set to approved so should be there.


Desi-mond, our ain wee Celtic Da. WoooHoo Protector of the space. KTS

Can I just say that I like Spam, I first tasted it a few years after WW2, when there was still rationing, nae fatties then. I liked it on toasted sandwiches, followed by a boiled sweet or a Worthers and when I am at it Da, where’s my pocket money?

Fried pineapple ring and spam on fried bread…Ooh la la.


For the record Buzz Bomb, you talk shite, other posters are sickened by your snide and abusive comments including me. I do not recall abusing you, but it still didn’t mean fuck all to you, no, you steamed in, because you didn’t like what I posted, to me you are a complete fuckwit, so don’t come on all innocent, because your not, as many other posters can testify too.

TO ALL – The Diary Comments are your avenue for expressing your thoughts, not for expressing your anger or contempt at other posters. We all accept that this isn’t a site for Saints. Open lively discussion is fine, cursing is acceptable up to a level…but any steps over the line will not be acceptable from anyone, and everyone here should know where the line is. Homophobic remarks, casual racism or sexism, outright guttural abuse of another poster, player or individual or group is not acceptable. Remember, Youre not just letting Celtic down, youre letting yourself down, and even worse, youre… Read more »


my thoughts on lennon since he arrived, and the abuse from cletic fans. since he has arrived he steadied the ship, he hasnt had a transfer window. the players that BR brought in have been kicked in the nuts by there previous boss and will probably feel a bit disaluaioned by what happened and how he left them without a word of goodbye. BR took almost the entire backroom staff. since then lennon has continued the unbeaten run. hes only got 1 fit striker in french eddie. his form has been off. last week he had 4 shots, 2 really… Read more »

The Cha

In deference to Desi, I won’t do a short pithy reply. What abuse is Lennon suffering, are you referring to the groans of frustrations, as yet another turgid display unfolds? Lennon hasn’t steadied the ship, which was in fine fettle before he took over with 9 straight wins, averaging almost 3 goals per game, no “legit” goal against and playing some fine football. Under Lennon we’ve dropped points, came close to on multiple occasions, scoring has plummeted, played mainly soporific football and but for divine intervention he would have been a very Noughty Bhoy for the 3rd time out of… Read more »


i agree with the lack of goals, but it wasnt lennon that had us in that position it was rogers, or lawell depending on who you believe. we only have 1 fit striker and he isnt in form. that isnt lennons fault. im not saying lennon is faultless, but he is suffering from “moans and groans” from our fans for a position he didnt put us in. the cha i thank you for not using the motni reply, and having a reasonable debate. im just saying how i see it. it doesnt have to be a vulgar response with no… Read more »

The Cha

Reasonable debate, it’ll never catch on. 🙂 My point is we were inconsistent and not good at scoring in 2018 but this was cured in 2019. After the horror show at Ibrox, we had the break, the training camp and the input of 3 new players. This led to great form, with 9 straight wins and scoring an average of 3 goals a game. This is the team that Lennon took over, not the previous under-performing one of 2018, and, I think, any caretaker would bite your hand off for that rather than the usual failing team that they end… Read more »

The Cha

@Charlie Saiz

What was I saying about reasonable debate and then up you pop to spoil it. 🙁

The football fare is unacceptable to a significant numbers of fans in the stands and that’s what should be of consideration to the suits.

If I remember correctly, you considered the Invincible Treble and the great football that accompanied it to be no big deal.

You similarly disparaged the 69 game unbeaten run and the double treble.

And yet you’re now super enthused by the turgid fare on offer.



hi @The Cha April 29, 2019 at 10:39 pm i accept your reasoning that the football on show has been poor. i agree with that. although in hindsight who could have replaced BR when he left? as i said im undecided about next season yet, but under the circumstances i agree with charlie saiz about just getting over the line and continuing towards 8IAR. we cant get 9IAR without it.im hoping that when we get that point, or preferably 3 points on saturday against Aberdeen then the pressure is off the team. hopefully we can go out and run up… Read more »

The Cha

@kevlar “who could have replaced BR when he left?” I kept reading on here and other fora that he was for the off, as soon as he got a decent offer. If that was the case then the board should’ve had a constantly updated list of suitable candidates and preferably a permanent one ready to join immediately. Off the top of my head, I think, the ex-Fulham and Huddersfield managers were available and had a similar football philosophy so would’ve provided continuity. Also, although I don’t have an extensive knowledge of contenders (that’s the club’s job!), I refuse to believe… Read more »

The Cha

@Charlie Saiz

Can I see why a failed Hibs and Bolton manager, who was out of work and out of demand was on the list?


Ntcham was outstanding in 1st Huns game, in our only decent performance against them this season. He’s obviously been blighted by injuries and poor form, which isn’t that uncommon.

You never have a good word for him, Eddy and (previously) Dembele, whereas others who’ve consistently let us down, are always whiter than white to you.



Buzz Bomb, I for one appreciate your recent useful response to my query about penalties. Good stuff. Clearly, you know your football. More of the same please.
There may be some idiots on this forum or folk like me who hate to lose whilst loving The Cetic but nobody wishes you ill.
Depression is a hard road and deserves sympathy and support. There will be a lot on this site who have first-hand knowledge of depression or bi-polar. However, what Desi has been better refereeing than we’ll ever see from the MIBs.


“what Desi has been saying is…”

Desi… See what you started again 🙂


The whitaboutery at times on this site is pathetic.
We are all part of the Celtic family wherever you are in the world, a true supporter wants the best for his team.
In a sad seven days for the Lions it is extremely pathetic and sad to see the juvenile name-calling by so called supporters.

Pop you are squeezing myk AREZ

BuzzzPerhaps you could take the mote out of your eye also

Guffaw guffaw

Buzz… You seem to have it sussed already. Well done, no body else might have figured that out. You are a mine of useful information 😉

Buzz.. I have several Russian friends who think the sun shines out of Putins arse… I actually like him and his methods… He’ll keep my Red Coat flying there….

Buzz… As for the story…
It’s a Red Herring in reality

Buzz yer attempt at a written northern Irish accent is somewhat amiss as is your line of approach… Figure that out…

Glaswegian is a piece of piss to do… Apologies to any Glesga folk

Buzz… Finally we have something in common. I agree that depression is most unpleasant. I too have had several bouts in my later life… It’s not nice. Nothing on your admitted scale though.
Coping and self preservation strategies will obviously differ! As will meds…

Buzz… You’d depress a valium 🙂

Buzz… It’s a local saying here… No offence is meant… Our humour is dark… It had to be 🙂

Buzz bomba… You obviously believe that I have no idea of what you refer to… You haven’t lived until you have had 3 bullets whizzing past your head fired by loyalist death squad… Try it some time… It kinda puts things into perspective… That was the closest of three different attempts.
Nordies indeed… a southern Irish affectation for the superior northerners 😉


Try to be a tad more original 🙂

Both Celtic fans… That was a given

CS… Jankers for wankers… Have some 🙂

Buzz yer talking oot yer arse again…

If I knew to what end any reply would be or any value except for your own self- engrandisment and sense of victim-hood

Oh I see… Hahaha


Desi thank you for holding out hope that the purile juvenile point scoring so we can get back to respectfully ( or sometimes humourous) debating the opinions on team selections, tactics, performances signings of our team and players, less personal ego trips please.You note no names, I think some feed off that.


It is utter drivel mate, we should be talking about Celtic issues, there are plenty to talk of.
Some people just want to disrupt, deflect & insult other posters.
Desi is right, it has to stop. 🙂


apologies left out ” scoring will be monitored out”


Good evening comrade, how are you & the family?
Ticking along nicely i hope 🙂

All doing very well thanks… I just watched the Big battle in Game Of Thrones… 80 minutes of bloodshed and mayhem… Marvellous stuff


I’ve never seen one episode of that pish, i’m watching old episodes of ‘ University challenge ‘ just to see if i recognise anyone….cough.

The ice wall was built in a quarry at Maghermorne. The nights Watch guarded it to keep the wildlings out

Oh and it didn’t surround the earth

Monti… It’s for the Universally Challenged

Buzz… That’s what you think…
I know different.

Time fer beddums. Back at work again…

It’ll keep

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