While the Ralphs away…


Guess who’s back..nope, its just me Desimond.

Ralph continues on his work adventures or The “whats your wifi code Mister?” Tour  as its known down south.


While we await his safe passage back online..lets have a quick look at whats been going on in the world.



In case you missed it….In between scoring 3 goals and watching poor Ryan Christie depart the scene with a helluva eye injury ( surgery this week),

We advanced to meet Hearts in the Cup final towards the end of May. This of course was not the main story as the media have went all-in in moaning about poor Derek McInnes being subject to the “Cheer up” song resulting in him being sent to the stands after making a “Get it up you!” arm gesture – (apparently at the Celtic fans but most thought it was at the referee at the time.)

The perennial loser stated he will take any punishment on the chin whilst sleakitly calling on the SFA authorities to punish Celtic. That’s Aberdeen who had 2 players and 2 members of staff sent off calling for Celtic to be punished. No bother.


Celtic in turn made a statement slamming the Celtic singing but should have just said “Fuck off badger face!” or similar. The Club also asked for the “Paedo” chants to be dealt with by the Authorities. I get more annoyed at the terrible “You are a Weegie” songs they folk sing but each to their own.

At this rate next season could be quieter than Mike opening a pack of Werthers Originals during Sunday service!


Tangible up in Blue

What a week we have had in respect to Rangers yet again grabbing all the Scottish media headlines in a week where they didn’t even play a game!.

We will come to AllocationGate as no-one is calling it later but for now..lets look towards south west Glasgow..

Its RFCI Season Ticket renewal time ( a 5% rise in prices and talk of no payment scheme available btw!)  down Ibrox way and

So far we have heard

“Major investment coming in star players!”

“David Murray might come back!” ( the same week an expensive dinosaur arrives at Kelvingrove Gallery..co-incidence?)

The classic though was Dave Kings Season Ticket appeal/statement saying ‘“We are now within tangible reach of Rangers becoming the dominant force in Scottish Football”

Lets check that exact detail shall we…

adjective: tangible
  1. 1.
    perceptible by touch.
    “the atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible
    synonyms: touchable, palpable, tactile, material, physical, real, substantial, corporeal, solid, concrete; More
noun: tangible; plural noun: tangibles
  1. 1.
    a thing that is perceptible by touch.
    “these are the only tangibles upon which an assessment can be made”

I must say the online example citing ‘the atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible‘ was just perfect for rangers but in this concern, just Look at the synonyms there…palpable..physical……REAL!

tangible..within real touching distance..1 deflcted goal at Xmas and they think they are worthy…classic.

Good old Dave, like Mr Monorail he never disappoints with a sales pitch to the blue masses ( surely not masses?-Ed).

Did we mention he was also due back in court this week to find out how much he has to pay Mike Ashley for seemingly breaking yet another contract?

Strangely that doesn’t seem to have gotten much coverage in the press.


A case not so Black n Whyte?

Talking of David Murray there and also talking of Court cases..it was nice to see our old pal Craig Whytes  Sevco8088 group win a costs case against Imran Ahmed who allegedly helped Chuck Green get the assets and help with the great old switcheroo.

The judgement makes for interesting reading –


Delivering judgement Judge Bartlett said: “This case concerns the transfer of the Rangers Football Club in 2012.

“The club was in fact sold but not to the claimant, it was sold to a different company. It effectively stepped into the shoes of the claimant.

“The money deposited was used for that purchase.

“Sevco Scotland had recently been incorporated and both Mr Green and Mr Ahmad were directors of that company.

“And Mr Green was also a director of the claimant company.

“Mr Ahmad was in law strictly not a director.

“There is a hotly contested issue in this case as to whether in the period leading up to and the period of these events he was acting as a de facto director of this company.

“There is no doubt that Sevco Scotland operated the club”

“The claimant’s case in simple terms is that this was a theft of the opportunity to acquire the club from it – which was prepared by Mr Green and Mr Ahmed and that Mr Green and Mr Ahmad simply diverted this opportunity to a different company and deprived the claimant of it.”


Could get very messy indeed…which is nice.



Talking of Messi..gettit!…he had a great game against Man Utd and it was fun to watch him in his pomp getting revenge on Chris Smalling after that Aberdeen worthy face smash last week.

Coutinho scoring a cracker was also a nice sight when you pictured Neymar watching on from afar with his face tripping him.

That was one quarter final.

Following the other, theres been a bit of “Here we go!” in the press and social media after youngsters of Ajax gubbed  the Oldies at Juventus in their own back yard to advance to the CL Semi-Finals. With everyone from Chris Sutton to the village dog shouting “Come on now Celtic, no excuses!” you can bet Peter Lawwell is avoiding any media, press or telly for a day or two.

Ajax have done great but that teams stars will be sold in the summer. It will be interesting to see if they can continue to evolve or become another Monaco who were the same recently in developing wonder talent and doing well in the CL before a terrible slide on the park despite a healthy balance sheet.

Celtic meanwhile will be finalising a management team, securing  a good few players and looking to ensure nothing harms 9 in a row let alone 10. Our priorities don’t quite run in parallel with Ajax for now.

They should longer term  of course and I made my thoughts known in this piece about our recent loannee vs development  here – http://etims.net/?p=13914

Whether the new manager ( lenny or otherwise) likes Loan deals..only time will tell.


Keep your Wig on!

Gordon Smith, the disgraced ex SFA Chief Executive has came out with some crackers lately.

Following his “Take points off teams for fans singing!” rant last week, and we all know who he has in mind there!, Smith has now jumped on the mock outrage at Kilmarnock ( the club that helped make Smith a footballer!) cutting Rangers allocation to 4000 for the final game of the season. Smith couldn’t care less if Kilmarnock, the oldest professional club in Scotland, wish to celebrate their 150th anniversary with their own fans in abundance.

Oh no, not Gordon.

Gordon believes Rangers would be quite in their rights to boycott the game and therefore deprive Killie of any revenue. That’s a man who was in charge of the rules saying its okay to break the rules and your commitments. Sounds consistent for Gordon at least.

A reminder of  his glory days!



Lets leave you with a joke.

Gerry Braiden on Twitter leaked that he has heard the rumour about next years management team.

Its gonna be:







Oh those Press Conferences would be funny at least!




Okay..I will leave you with another joke attempt..

If Ian Beale shagged Jurgen Klopp..would this EU head honcho be the outcome?


Now..anything we have missed…

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The Cha

I think Dave’s been misquoted, what he actually said was:

“We are now, with intangible reach of Rangers becoming the dominant force in Scottish Football, settling for solid seconds”.

PS “The Ralph”, seriously?


Awe-Naw-No- Annoni-in-awe: He’s coming on, he’s coming on. There is a case for keeping “rangers” alive, because they are the biggest comedy act, since Ken Diddy Dodd, who threw away his chuckle sticks and flew the cuckoo’s nest along with his cash savings, hoping that the biggest ever Pete would let him in on discounted rates. Cash is King, or is it? Lets face it King likes cash and he has an endless supply of subscriptions. So watching their pain is a pretty damned good soap opera, like the Beverly Hill billies, “Let me tell you the story of a… Read more »


Who nose Buzz, But trust THEM no chance, but not everyone has the time to investigate accounts, or to understand them, but I get your point. As a small shareholder I know that I should be investigating the accounts more, dig deeper into them and try to understand them more, one day I will. Tell you what I will have a closer look at them and try to make more sense of them… The figures that you quoted above sound ridiculously high.

The Cha

@Charlie Saiz and disco lights don’t pay for themselves. 😉


Operating Expenses: £87.1m.
Celtic park.
The merchandise shop. (super store).
Players wages and all costs of associated with players was suggested at aprox. £52.5 m.
Operating costs.
Office staff.
New investment in lights, pitch, infrastructure,
Property and plant.
Then add on the office staff.
Bankier, Lawwell FFS. Ellison, Wilson, Brown, McKay, McDonald, Riley and Keane.
All of that adds up to a huge cost, does it add up to £87.1m I don’t know, but with the playing staff and all their associated costs running at over £50.00 mill. then the £87.1m begins to thin out.

The Cha

@Charlie Saiz I’m not sure paring down debt comes under OE but obviously still needs to be paid for.

We’ve got the building work for hotel, museum etc to pay for but whether this will be out of cash reserves, I don’t know.

I think it’s fairly normal for companies to have borrowing facilities even when they’re cash rich, as you don’t want to arrange these when you’re in a distressed state, as the rates would be prohibitive.

The Cha

@Charlie Saiz I’m not 100% sure on this but do we actually have all of the loan money or is it the case that its available as and when we need it?

I agree it seems crazy to swell the coffers by millions and pay interest on that when we already have tens of millions there already.

I seem to recall reading something that you arrange the details of the loan while you’re in rude financial health but don’t actually activate it if and when you need it.


The long term and revolving loan interest is at 1.5% basically cheap money, paid back at £0.1mil. quarterly. Take out a loan at 1.5% and receive 3-4% back with money in the bank. If you need it.


You are very gullible if you believe what you wrote here


Lol touched a raw nerve I see. Your put if your depth mate. Get back to the shallow end


Buzz just a question and you don’t have to answer it. Ahem. Have you ever been with a woman?


Buzz I looked out my accounts and posted them, but like my good plukes they might appear later. But the crux is that the figures you posted did not include the costs involved ALL the costs and when included they come to a huge figure…


While Ralph’s away, Haw Haw, imagine that after cursing BR-Exit, Karma doesn’t do Diaries but if it did!

Boabby, hope you haven’t scared away all my friends, that post above must be your shortest one… ever. Poor Buzz, naebody likes me any mair. You know Boabby if you want other posters to talk to you, there is a way to do it. “How to handle a poster, show them you care, talk and be kind, don’t blow up their mind, don’t be unfair, be courteous” and they will return that courtesy. But i’m no picky. 😉


Buzz, People ask me why I prefer to share my company with sheep and coos, I like them, they keep their opinions to themselves, perhaps they hate me, who knows, but if they do they certainly don’t show it. Buzz, you seem terribly angry, your not stupid, I get that, but sometimes people make mistakes or they treat new posters with discourtesy, its easily done, shit happens, for I have also been guilty of that and regretted it later. But I do not recognise Weered by your description, I know him as a kind man who loves his family and… Read more »


I just use the rule of thumb, if its straight, go with it, if it isny fuck it.

Beelze bomb… Yer still deluded I see… Still under the illusion that you have “outed an impostor”. Try a little harder fuckwit hahaha


You couldn’t scare anyone away ya thick fuck…now fuck off!


No you haven’t scared anyone Buzz Off. Your are simply a deluded verbose buffoon. Out of your depth on here and probably everywhere else you post your nonsense. So no mate no one is scared just fed up with your pish




I see you have met Baldrick, fear not comrade, wee man syndrome i think!


You are certifiable mate. Off the deep end. When do you start on the space aliens and who liked JFK or we never really went to the moon and all that stuff ya crackpot



“Keep right on to end of the road, Keep right onto the end…” “7. ANNUAL REPORT & FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Copies of the Annual Report & Financial Statements together with the Notice and Notes of the 2018 AGM will be issued to all shareholders in due course. The financial information set out above does not constitute the Company’s statutory financial statements for the years ended 30 June 2018 or 30 June 2017. The Independent Auditor’s Reports on the statutory financial statements for 2018 and 2017 were unqualified, did not draw attention to any matters by way of emphasis, and did not… Read more »


buzz boy are you saying anyone on the celtic board is commiting fraud cause if ye ur ye better hope they urny reading this ya fuckin fsantasist

Steve Naive

Tangible up in blue… Idiot wind more like.


Green Casino and Brother Walfrid’s lunch, thieve the money off them, make them homeless and then feed then? They do some stupid things does this mob. I sense Bankiers mitts all over this. Utterly disgusting.


Green Casino “official slot game”, while they feed the homeless naming Brother Walfrid, WTF is wrong with them, how disgustingly stupid and shameful…


Win the title with:
Once title is won, we can maybe rest a few for the Cup Final and the above 11 would be my choice there as well.
I am still very pro-Sinclair. He would still be my first choice on the left.
If we get a chance to rest a few after the tital is clinched but before the Final.
Rogic needs more game time, so no rest for him.
Griff when ready?


Tangible but nae cash…


Operating Expenses. £87.1 mill: Stadia. Lennoxtown, Barrowfield, Celtic Park and the superstore. Players first team pool, 23 players, Development squad, All the coaching staff, sports science, medical staff, three first team coach’s, goal keeping coach’s, other coach’s etc.etc. said to be running in the region of £56 plus million. Electricity, operating costs, office staff, Rates, Heating and lighting, transport, property and plant equipment, right off’s, debt servicing, stewards and police costs. New investments in the ground, park and curtilage. Then you have the boards costs: Bankier, Lawwell, Desmond, Ellison, Wilson, Brown, McKay, McDonald, Riley and Keane. Together that amounts to… Read more »


Amendment: Total Labour costs £59.3 mill.
Other operating expenses £27.8 mill….. Total = £87.1 million.
Taxation, Corporation tax. £1,85 mill.
Property, plant and equipment £3.9 mill.
Intangibile Assets. £21.00 mill. player investment.
Stock, £2.4 mill.
Receivables, (players) £25.7 mill.
Non current liabilities. £23.2 mill. higher transfer fees.
Repayable loan to be paid in July 2019 £6.25 mill.

Nearly crashed my car umpteen times this week,Jennifer Lopez has some arse and Glasgow city council are arseholes!


Were you near an orange march?


I am a big fan of Jennifer Lopez’s arse, I once proposed marriage to it, by post. Sadly it did not reply, but if she ever needs it tanned, she just has to ask, I will tan it FOC. I will even buy the spray, how brown dae yeh want it Jen? chestnut, chocolate or just tan, tan, but if anyone can tan, I can, can.

The Cha

That’s Mickey Spillane out the window, now time for an aspirin. But before I go. Casino Green, slot machines WTF are they thinking? Brother Walfrid lunch’s for the homeless and slot machines, absolutely disgusting, dipstick shit..
And a 4 point penalty for Clyde F.C. for twice fielding an uneligble player, twice. The SPFL are the foil to the SFA both are cast from the same cloth. Hun-believable, bearing in mind EBT’s.


Bath bomb,
On a scale of 1 to 10 of intelligence, 1 being Charlie Saiz & 10 being Mike ( cough )

Where would you rate yourself?
I’ve put you down as 1 = Charlie Saiz.



Buzz dim light year,
Could you start the Alphabet & we’ll get Charlie saiz to finish it?
On second thoughts we night be better getting someone else 🙂


Buzzer device,
I’m going to be in the Gallowgate on Friday night for CATB….
Will you be two thousand miles away or join me in the Hoops bar?



Green Casino, slots for the homeless, but they aren’t homeless until they play slots. What a disgusting company to be associated with somebody needs their arse kicked. Brother Walfrid’s lunch’s for the homeless, that’s fine by me, the bad and the good, the good being the penance for the bad. This has Bankier’s stink all over it, too much gin methinks.


Could you make your presence felt, you have one or two points i’d like to iron out 🙂

Oh dear me… FFS man


It’s a pressing matter….


rumor in auld glesga toon tonight the fantasist buz better start lookin fur homeless units oan fantasy island cause even mugs know you dont say things oan the web yae canny backup ha ha ha ha aint fantasists stupid

One thing you never do is talk-up a keeper `cause it`s never their fault.
Though Scott Bain the keeper at Celtic deserves an acknowledgment so far.

Tangible treble.

Youse all know…shall I put 50 on Herts?

SFA have issued for extra wheelbarrows around Hampden Park.

Only takes 1 official to spoil a game.FFS there`ll be 6 of them in front of their bosses.

Has there ever been a double figured win in the Scottish Cup Final?

Don`t forget, the SFA shall want a moment of silence before kick-off.

sevco powdered fruit-flavored FC.


Erik 10IAR Hag to Celtic?

Shall you Peter? Nae a chance in effin hell.

Transparency Celtic FC market research?

Something is not going right here.

Don`t come to the place you paid for to celebrate.Go home.
You`re not invited into your own home.

Bankier`s to sell Celtic Park to the Ruggers` culture.


Ssshhhuuush, did you hear that? naw didny think so, sook sook..

Erik 10IAR Hag to Celtic?

Shall you Peter? Nae a chance in effin hell.

Transparency Celtic FC market research?

Something is not going right here.

Don`t come to the place you paid for to celebrate.Go home.
You`re not invited into your own home.

Bankier`s to sell Celtic Park to the Ruggers` culture.


Sign the petition, Casino green GTF. and take the bellend who thought that was a good idea with you.


Green Casino petition signed…


defend oneself from a blow, attack, or attackers.

Celtic superstore:
Mini optical instrument with a lens for each eye, used for viewing distant objects.

Come and eat with Alex McLeish in his known area equipped for preparing and cooking food.

MCGhee can armour a ball.


Loans? For me, loans are best when they enable a young player who is not getting playing time to go out to a team where he can develop and return a more experienced player. Some good examples: Paddy Roberts/Ryan Christie/Chris Ayer. Burke, Toljan, and Weah are also examples of good practice. Sevco somehow thinks bringing in Dafoe, Davis, etc are ‘loans’ We did the same with Robby Keane, Bellamy, and others I’ve forgotten. It is cynical to farm out old players or use them in that way. There is also a hint of desperation about it. It would make sense… Read more »

G`day Devoy45
I didn`t know Jock Stein`s Celtic side won the 8IAR at Easter Road.

…and they`re still to against the Twilight Tims.

Honest hoops

After observing recent starting line ups from Neil, I don’t think he subscribes to starting a loanee they only start from the subs bench…

The Cha

If Celtic score from a corner kick,our keeper`ll also save a penalty.

Happy Easter weekend.

It was his thought of the way the game was to be that Derek the game.

Party poopers Celtic.

Derek McInnes knows the corridors where he was sent.
Jack shit will happen.


*It was his thought of the way the game was to be that Derek, Dereked the game.


News that EBT McLeish, Grant and McPuddin are away is only good for Scottish football, the very disappointing news is that EBT’s best friend McRae and Putrid and Maxwell still remain in situ. Each and everyone of them are a disgrace to Scottish football.
Green casino, petition signed, slot machines are the crack cocaine of betting. Invite the homeless to Brother Walfrid’s lunch at Celtic park and then add to the homeless with slot machines, whoever thought that that was a good idea, needs to take a long hard look at themselves…

Is there ever a daft dumbing down within the 6th floor?
Scottish Football supporters are learning.

Roderick ricochet.

Within 3 weeks chancers. Do come again.

This`ll be where they`re to end up.

“There`s paste on the Celtic players boots.”


Neil Lennon for Scotland job? We’ll be coming, we’ll be coming, we’ll be coming down the one road signing a song, singing a soldier’s song, altogether now!

`cause of the nature of it…

Are you to helm a tangible reach Rod Petrie?

We are the Poena.

There`ll be a gradual gers erosion of the EBTers and gardeners.

Why aren’t they employed in the Hampden Park turnstiles?


I see it is suggested on another blog that Scottish football should join the FA, presumably the English one. Hold that thought. As I watched the semi on Sunday, I realised that Celtic would never improve in European terms as long as the team has to play in that type of match. Aberdeen are better than they showed on Sunday but for whatever reason(wink, wink!) they elected to play the man rather than the ball. We have seen that approach many times, together with the use of massed defences. This is not the way that moderate teams from Europe play… Read more »


a longish post gone missing! Alas, alack!


G`day rebus67
We`re all alack!

Copy,paste hold to see history?
They`re onto us. 🙂

Ralph`s the new sevco`s scout.



Good to see you on here, whether you are alacking or not!


that Derek though…effin shellac flake.

Oh well.We don`t get to see what happens in the changing rooms.

Mikael…”you don`t get to speak to me like that.”

Stewart Weir`s now sayin` Alex Mcleish shouldn`t have been asked back a second time when he left in the first place.

Stewart Weir,the main pathway.

Like I said above.
Alex Mcleish`ll be the cooking show thespian rent and tax free.

That`s why cunts earn their money.


Green casino petition signed and voted James Forrest POTY. 😉 <0

All pommy poofter sides are a wanting a left back.

Celtic to sign Kyle Walker.

CELTIC has interviewed Ally McCoist for the Managers position.

Ally`s revoked the invite and wants to do where’s Wally proud and is the tabernacle taig for Scotland`s Managers position.

Want a lift in an amphibian plane? Sea Ally.


The amphibian plane should have a snappy name like the Spruce Goose. What’s your favourite? I’ll go with the Grander Salamander.

(I blame the schools)

sevco squiddly diddly FC.


I blame the schools in the Port.

St Columba’s, n’est-ce pas?


Would be good to see a new Scotland manager appointed who is neither a tax cheat nor a DRUNK.

Just saying…..

Halliday,Any Halliday.

See and listen if I don`t get paid from that South African.

Gave my all.

sevco ask Francis.

£1.7m + maybe same again = Press into service for their Country style Livin`.

Aye,it`s a tear drop piece of glass they`re to hold.

Bloody bloggers. Thank you.

Did you win Ralph?


The only prize Ralph will win is the Pilsner award for gibbering pish….. 🙂

Between Karamoko and Armstrong we`ve all to at least see them for a game.

Rodgers was and wanted treated as a coach.
In between relieving yourselves after the pimpled ball game,
whose who to pick a pitch?

Dermot never got round to ask.Peter it is.
Carn,youse all know it`ll be a Man City influence employment.

Treble entendre.They sang.

Arrrrrrrr. Ffs i`ll take the side.I`ll take the penalties.I`ll take the(scoreless) corners.I`ll take the throw ins and get the fuck out of the way,i`m taking the bye kicks.

Gis a job but i`m not sitting with the fat bastards around you Peter.

Template curriculum vitae.

Between Karamoko and Armstrong we`ve all to at least see them for a game.

Rodgers was and wanted treated as a coach.
In between relieving yourselves after the pimpled ball game,
whose who to pick a pitch?

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