Celtic Diary Saturday April 13: Cool Heads Required

After my punishing work schedule, the diary returns ( punishing work schedule, you’ll never get anyone to believe that-Ed) for more fun, frolics and frivolity.

It’s cup weekend, and Celtic have another one of those season defining games tomorrow with a short trip to Hampden to face Aberdeen, where it will be established if there’s still a chance of a third consecutive treble.

Neil Lennon will be in charge for the game, regardless of what you may want or read in the papers, and he has the full backing of the players.

If only he could count on the full backing of the support.

A lot of the grumbles, eagerly fed by the media, surround his record at Hampden in the first years of the decade. Defeats to Ross County, St Mirren , Hearts and Kilmarnock have led some to proclaim the Irishman has a Hampden hoodoo, despite winning a couple of cups there.

He moved to dismiss our fears..

A lot’s been made of that this week but I can’t get those games back and in a few of them we should have won but we didn’t.

“Call it Lady Luck or a curse or whatever, I’m not into that superstitious stuff.

“Sometimes, it’s just what happens on the day. I don’t think we played badly in any of the games at all and I won two out of four cups. 

It’s all right, but compared to Brendan, it’s not, because you have to be perfect to match that record.

“I look back on some of the games we lost, you think, ‘is it a psychological thing?’

“But whatever I missed Brendan obviously remedied with this squad of players.

“I might be giving him a call tonight or tomorrow just to get a bit of advice from him…” 

Yeah, and ask him why we’ve got a squad of about three hundred and a bloated wage bill while you’re at it.

What is important is that whatever happened at Hamoden nearly ten years ago is irrelevant now. These players have won a few trophies there recently, and are well used to the place.

That hasn’t stopped an outbreak of the collywobbles though, and a lot of it is backed up by recent match statistics which imply that Lennon is not up to the job of managing the side, although the statistics seem to reflect a tired team that is being urged to go that final mile during the business end of the season.

Less goals scored , fewer convincing performances and so on point more to fatigue than a lack of management, although he has amde an arse of a couple of things of late, notably the Rogic appearance against “rangers “.

Reminscent of Ambrose versus Juventus, Lennon fielded a player who clearly wasn’t fit, which allowed the Ibrox side to feel they might get something from the game, and gave us all the collywobbles for about half an hour or so.


The man has a dilemma. does he change things around to allow a freshness back into the side, or does he stick with the regulars and try to coax one more big result out of them.

Whatever he does, if it goes wrong, he’ll be vilified.

Even if it goes right, he’ll be told that he could have done it with more style. In fact, pre-Lennon, Rodgers was sending us all to sleep with his turgid efforts as well, and its too late to teach the players something new.

And far too risky.


The same goes for any new manager next season.

With ten in a row now just a couple of seasons away, does the board want to risk a new face ?

Especially given the curious nature of the Scottish media and the SFA.

The new man, should he be Benitez-has met Desmond, Villas Boas-has met Desmond, or even Gordon Strachan, who has met Desmond, but presumably only for advice,

Then again, if meeting Desmond suggests that someone is on a short list for the hot seat, we could really be in trouble..

Image result for tiger woods dermot desmond

The board, conservative in politics and outlook, are unlikely to risk upheaval at this crucial point in history.

Despite names such as Mourinho and moyes being mentioned, Lennon is their preferred option, simply as a safe pair of hands, but they will give him a few quid to spend in the summer, and a few players will move on.

It appears will be allowed to reshape the team rather than rebuild it, with a couple of defenders and a striker a priority.

The system used on the pitch just now is getting results, but other sides have countered it and a new approach is required, but one the players can handle.

One that they have confidence in.


The speculation will continue, the supporters will continue to moan, but Lennon can handle that.

Ask yourself if you think a new manager would, especially if he happened to draw 0-0 with Livingston…


Elsewhere, and the drive to make Peter Lawwell and his yes-men take notice of shareholders concerns about lost income continues.

Resolution 12 now has a website, which I’m sure you’ve all read…come on, you’ve had all week, and now that all the evidence is out there, its time to take back the smoking gun from wherever Peter hid it and use it ourselves.

We can start with pressure from certain supporters groups..the Affiliation, for instance, has already declared its intentions..

Our members support the Res12 guys and we have asked the club on numerous occasions to act in the best interests of the fans.

The Celtic Supporters Association may be included alongside that, but one wonders if its possible for them to clarify their stance.

The Celtic Trust are usually up for a battle, and again getting them onside is important.

All the information they need, all the evidence of wrongdoing required to ask questions of Lawwell is in here..


res 12

They then can make an informed decision on whether or not to help hit Peter with his smoking gun that took so much work to find.

The supporters and the shareholders have been led a merry dance, and the club, our club, has been neglected by those in charge who are paid a handsome sum to look after its interests. 


Because something is bugging me, as a wise man put it..

There is an alternative view that if it is company fraud then its a City of London Police job.

Of course the possibility exists that no fraud took place at all , that RFC complied with Article 50 in March 2011 and Articles 66 and 67 in June and September which is what Res12 was trying to establish, but had that been the case it surely would have been presented by now? 

Indeed, the old “if you’ve nothing to hide “argument is applicable here. So one can only assume that there is something to hide. ( Acutally, we’re convinced there is, see the evidence on the site, and you’d think someone would have pointed out we were all wrong by now if that was the case.. )


The 200% web site sets out a succinct case why Res12 matters, which in turn makes a strong case for SFA reform if the SFA are prepared not to investigate possible criminality.

Not a position their Compliance officers would want to be in surely?

The SFA might wish to use the Judicial Panel Protocol to hide the truth but enough of it is out there to suggest a crime took place. Of course if the victims are ok with that then its over and the SFA will remain untrusted, but at least we know our game is corrupt from top to toe, as opposed to thinking it is. 


As for the Celtic Trust and the CSA, are they considering the implications if the Board continue with current passive policy when it appears Celtic have been victims of fraud ?


Former Celtic manager Benny Ratters was the subject of an article I happened to stumble on the other day.

Have a look, see if you can spot a pattern..


Speaking of patterns, he was burbling on about how he was going to build Leicester in the memory of the former owner who died in a helicopter crash, which drew comparisons with his Tommy Burns dedications during his early time with Celtic.


Time to lighten things up a wee bit…

Julian Assange, the Wikileaks man who released footage of US war crimes has finally been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy and joins an ever lengthening list of journalists who are being arrested for their work.

He was then forced to appear in front of a Judge, and faced further humiliation when the police gave him a change of clothes..



We need a strong and free media. Look at what happens when it’s gone, the SMSM , for instnace, are reduced to a mere PR outlet, and we only get to hear about what they want us to hear about.

It’s much more serious, of course, when governments are involved, and when one of those governments is run by right wing religious extremists then we’re all in trouble. As in the USA, where the Talibangelistics hold sway..

Sometimes what they say can slip into common usage almost unnoticed, and its important to call them out when they spout their nonsense.

By the way, as you may have noticed, my work pattern has changed, and I’m considering another career move.


Rangers fans offered chance to work at Ibrox with hospitality jobs including Suite Supervisor

Argyle House, the stadium’s official restaurant, is on the hunt for staff to join their team 

Hospitality ? At Ibrox ?

Thats my ghast all flabbered again.

Oban on Twitter was game for a laugh  and popped down to the ground for an application form. popped down for an interview, but was dismayed by the size of the queue..

Image result for orcs gif


@Scotlandclare on Twitter held a wee poll the other day, in response to Irishman tom english from the Scotsman who himself held a poll which revealed that 76% of those who responded didn’t want Neil Lennon to get the Celtic job on a full time basis.

Her poll turned out to be surprisingly closer than I thought it would be…

Would be interested to hear Celtic fans view on this…Should Tom English get to fuck? 

93% Yes 

7% No.  

I think Tom should take note, and duly get to fuck, as its what the people clearly want.

Although he did help the people at one time…

Impartial and investigative journalism at its best.

I’ve emailed the US government to tell them he’s got pictures of Ivanka Trump in the bath.

Which reminds me-don’t ask me how…

Which in turn reminds me..

Finally as of today is an offence❗️ Those prosecuted will face: ‍♂️Two years in prison Being placed on the sex offenders register I’m delighted to have played my part in the campaign by and to ban this degrading practice. 

Ross is of course the MP accused of not upskirting, but down trousering in a House of Commons bar.

Or, as Derek McInnes would tell him, making the mistake of judging a man by his semi.

Todays we bring back the caption competition, amd with a a promise that the Diary isn’t ready to retire just yet.

Heres one to ponder


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Practising for his upcoming appearance on Stars In Their Eyes, Neil Lennon tries out his Peter Crouch robot dance moves at Lennoxtown.

Mike A

Caption, Neil relives his days appearing in Riverdance.

As for Ross’s claim about up skirting, it’s crap.mits been illegal since 2010 here and he has nothing to do with it. Whose trousers is he going to try and get into now?


rumour is up kilting is mer his thing


Welcome back Ralph!


monti wit happened tae yer wee pal bumm boy


Better asking Charlie Saiz, m8, he was baw deep in his arse….so just over an inch then!


Team Selection


Kt,Ajer, Simo, Lustig





una a concur wae yon team ….as fur yer idea ae others writing a diary you wire in but ile no bother on accounty a might traumatise charli sais ha ha ha ha …….ony kiddin donnchadh dont steam up yer lofts skylight he he


when did logic ever matter a fuck on here mate?


So u on here cannae see the logic myself.
I take it u haven’t played football before, some players actually enjoy playing on opposite sides to how their footed, baw bag


Caption: Rogic is shown how to get your pants out of your crack hands free.


Welcome back, the diary was sorely missed, mass suicides, sheep slaughtering and a huge increase in Valium prescriptions. And also thank him for his invincible season, two trebles and the opportunity to win a never done before third treble, plus the reported £9.00 mill. in compensation, the Dembelle £20.00 mill. and all the rest of the cash injection, that came with his tenure. Peter will be very pleased. The moral dilemma, do you continue to support the team, knowing that those who run the club will do nothing to right the wrong of corrupt governance, of course you do because… Read more »


I think that the Celtic support, “God bless each and everyone of them” are sick to their back teeth of being treated like second class citizens. Some are filled with disgust at how their clergy are being spat apon, told an endless diatribe of lies by the so called Scottish press. Sick of those who have abused them for centuries, sick of being cheated by those in power of Scottish football, treated like livestock by those in blue uniforms. Rightfully their kind and generous hearts are filled with pride in their club and to GIRU Those scum that have lorded… Read more »


Oh, we CAN, SHOULD, MUST, question the board, absolutely must try to find out what they do with the business side of our club. Why do they not question the BBC. press, et al ? why do they put up with that? I have absolutely no idea, but I could hazard a guess and that would be that nothing must interfere with the income, the money-ball of income stream. I also said “SOME are filled with disgust at their clergy being spat upon, some, not all.

If you didn’t use the product and it’s still in the original packaging, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days.

Worldwide free delivery.

Hail Hail Celtic FC Global Academy Camps.

G`day Buzz Bomb

They will not let us do our own thing and you know who “they” are.

The Club want a good day`s outing around Celtic Park for all to enjoy but they want to control the level of our enjoyment.

There`s money there to be invested but they want each and all from all ages at Celtic FC to dutifully tuck our shirts in.



ralph the players must be tired physically and mentally efter barney rubble left them in the lurch so wan zero will do me the morra jeest fuckin win COYBG


well ime away doon the local tae watch the fitba cmon the caley ….toodle pip

D'Fhinnein Mick


Neil Lennon lets the players know that the puritanical days of yore are over.


Welcome back Ralph, good diary, lots of issues on the go. Cheers.

You have to be this height to be nutmegged.

Desmond and the Dekkers

Caption: Lenny demonstrates to the players what 12 pints in Jintys does to a man


That’s how u tackle Scott, tryit sometime

Missed your comment dis week Ralphue, grt to see back.

Not overly worried about the semi, should be 2_0


Welcome back Ralph. Have to disagree with you re Assange. Yes he was entirely right to expose the evils of the American war machine in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lost any ounce of respect for him when he clearly helped influence the victory for Trump by publishing lots of shit on Hillary Clinton but somehow couldn’t find anything on that piece of shit in the White House. Every day America continues daily to commit atrocities in Yemen and Syria to name just two but somehow he can’t find any evidence about that.

May we burn him?

So, logically…it’s a fair cop.

Who`ld believe a Bloody Aussie?

It never matters when those in charge are painting a masterpiece to be flogged to the highest private bidder.

You waned,it`s at our discretion.


Can we say more accurate, better never seems appropriate for a huns win☹️


Watched the hearts game big black guy iky something is a handful. Massive body almost unplayable should be a heavyweight boxer. Can only see benkovic being man enough to handle him. They’re not great but they are our bogey team they’ve had more success against us than any other team. It’s their dynamic it’s brutal and uncomplicated but effective. I’m sure if we play keep ball against them we will win easily. Aberdeen? A bit the same but we have their measure. Looking forward to both games


Buzz it sounds like you’re looking for answers, and attention. Sign of a narc, needling everyone who wants to talk about the game ahead or anything else football related. Is it your wish to be a fuckwit? I’m not bothered there’s always someone on here antagonising another for no apparent reason apart from the enjoyment of bullying someone. Narc sign number 2 . What’s the point? Narcissistic supply? Are you hurt by a Monti comment that was made years ago that spiralled your life to a hopeless nadir? Is he that significant to you? I come in here for a… Read more »


Nurse ^


Oh dear – right off the deep end. I hope you get your medication sorted out mate whatever you’re on now isn’t working


I’m so tired of the conspiracy theory nonsense – please give it up or tell us the inside information you have in specifics!

Broxburn Bhoy… I’d bet you’re sorry you asked… Cough p


Yes, that said it is quite amusing to read the nonsensical gibberish of the reality challenged


There you go Weered, sticking your fucking ignorant nose in to ‘back up’ anyone whom you deem as a ‘friend’ vs anyone you deem as an ‘enemy’. I’ve pointed out your weak, schoolgirl associations on here, ever since you stumbled upon this site. You’re a fucking blood-clot from your essene; a fanny. Buzz Bomb, agree with him in general or don’t, was stating a fact and correcting the other “BB”. I stand alone in my views and will back them in any way I see fit. I don’t seek to, nor would, join any fucking playground ‘mates’, regardless of whether… Read more »


You know SIC means spelling is correct right?


Buzz Bomb, I’ve got to say that I don’t agree with some/a lot of what you write, but the above comment was a balanced, intelligent put-down of an oft arrogant man. Well said. BTW, as I’ve stated often, I seek neither ‘friends’ nor ‘enemies’ on here, I wont join any ‘club’; but by fuck, if enemies I sought, I’d have a field day. End of day we’re all Tims (barring Zombie lurkers of course) and I see the value on excersising mutual respect. I’ve let myself down on here at times and I understand that. But I’m no fucking sacrificial… Read more »

Pat Higney

Caption: Neil’s Charlie Chaplin impersonation goes badly wrong when he realises too late that he’s forgotten the walking stick.


🙂 That’s funny.

The oracle has spoken…


Regarding the (continuous) British rule of Eire, I don’t think it was revealed by PMGB nor any other blogger. But it was foreseen, as James Connolly had stated (prior to his murder by the British state in May 1916) the following: “If you remove the English Army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle., unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts will be in vain. England will still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she… Read more »

In your vein of pantomime… He’s behind you…


Seems to me like there is an Irish Republic and it is separate from the U.K. and is free from U.K. control. An independent Irish Republic. Those who live there vote freely and have decided their own government. If you see something else do tell ???


The stupidity is not the secret state, it is the people that wallow in their hatred and stupidity of anything different.
At times they are manipulated by the so called great and the good, using divide and conquer to rule the stupid mob

Today we had the ceremony in India for Amritsar, what did Ghandi say.

The world is a sad place where the poor are robbed, abused, and kept uneducated by corrupt politicians, and their hangers and nepotism and corruption run the world


Caption: “Step we gaily, on we go…”

Steve Naive

Heading to Augusta at 5 am tomorrow. My son Declan will be wearing the hoops. There will be other Hampdens but waited 54 years for tomorrow. C’mon Celtic.

Steve Naive

And Molinari

The Cha

“In fact, pre-Lennon, Rodgers was sending us all to sleep with his turgid efforts as well”


In 2019 before Lennon we won 9 games, combined score 26-1 and playing some great football.

I must be living in a parallel universe. 🙁


Cha your statement regarding the 2019 form is true but much of our footballaway from parkheadthis season was turgid, sleep inducing and generally substandard and I think we have to acknowledge that reality mate.



The Cha

We won every game at Parkhead this season until the change of the manager. We Took 5 off of “top of the league” Hearts & Killie, 4 a couple of times and 3 several times. We also completely outplayed the Hun and should’ve taken a lot more than the 1 we did off them. Our away form, on the other hand, was very poor…in 2018. If the change of manager happened in January after the horror show at Ibrox then I’d understand the comments but it didn’t. – we utilised the break and training camp very well to get our… Read more »

The Cha

Current form is crucial, especially in Cup games.

This was terrific when Lennon took over and has nosedived.

2 0-0 home draws when we previously had a 100% record.

2 injury time winners to beat an out of form team, who had 10 men, and the other bottom of the league.

A late winner required to beat 10 men Huns.

Only 2nd half Hibs and 1st half Huns good performances, approx 15%.

What do you find so great about that, as I’m genuinely confused.

SPFL season 2018/19…
sevco 5088 A.K.A sevco 5705.

Celtic`re to billet out players for noon away games.

Critical players not subject to the Scottish Cup semi-final from the Dandies…

How shall Derek John McInnes overcome thy impatience from his players?

Beforehand officiated knowledge?

Celts bench 3-0.


Stephen Bache has downed tools as of 12 a.m. after the first Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden Park.

SFA spokesman was quoted as saying:
“All goats,they`re pre-party occupied.”


Alas poor Yoker I saw it all, Sevilla had so much of the ball, Betis tried like hard they tried, alas poor Yoker the Betis sighed, 3-2 to Sevilla. Sam (mutton chops) Cosgrove, ex of that huge English club Carlisle Utd. and trust me me, that is his level, indeed it is, so me nervous, no I’m not, the sheep are the nervous ones, as they head to the Hampden abattoir. But watch out for the Halal guys in black…

Celtic, Celtic, Celtic.

Don`t get mad,get Cosgrove horizontally challenged.
His value`ll never change.

Is Lewis Ferguson(only a wee word to) playing?
That lump can be a danger.

Yoker Bhoy

G’day Port, hope you’re keeping very well m8. How do you reckon we’ll get on today?

G`day Yoker Bhoy,we`re always well.

I reckon Neil Lennon will drag off those lacking spirit.
He hates the 65 minutes tippy tappy 1-0 result.

Callum McGregor hasn’t put a couple away for a while.

What a feat it`ll be for the treble this season.

PS: Bring on the left arm arc celebrations.

Enjoy the game Yoker Bhoy.

I effin love one-off games.

Yoker Bhoy

You too Port. All the best mate!

Yoker Bhoy

Morning Mikey, yeah a big disappointment last night. It was a pretty even game with some good football on show but there were also heaps of basic mistakes in both defence and attack. Striker Jesé Rodriguez was a brilliant prospect a few years ago at Real Madrid and is now a PSG player on loan to Betis. Last night, however, he played like a fucking dumplin’ who just couldn’t get anything right. He missed at least 4 sitters. Stunning goal from that free kick by Cristián Tello though, to pull it back to 3-2 and we pounded their goal towards… Read more »


A wonderful save by the Betis keeper Yoker, to keep the score at 1-0 to Sevilla, a big sell out crowd, but the “Cry was poor defending” only had time to watch the first half but your description of Rodriguez well that did make me laugh. Thing is our players have much more experience of the big games than the Dandies and that counts. We just need to perform to our capabilities and hope that lady luck is fair to us and that “Thompshun” is fair and honest. 2-0 to the bhoys is this bould bhoy’s prediction. COYBIG. Enjoy it… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Yeah, that was a world class save by Pau López right enough to keep Betis in the game. Enjoy Mikey. Come on you Bhoys in green & white!!!


” In the Green corner, wearing emerald green shorts, weighing in at cough, 17 stones, standing at 6’1″, hailing from Bologna, Italy…
The….Italian Stallion……Moooooooooooooonti ”



( Walks to ring accompanied by the Parkhead RFB playing roll of honour )

Let’s get ready to rumble 🙂

Veneto romantic dialect Monti?

Boom shaka lacquer! 🙂




In the gold corner is the Buzz Bomber, aged 63 he takes out his glitter grin geggies, sucks on a Werther.s slips his pension book into his pants and gets ready tae stumble. “your going down” fatty he shouts. “He may be auld and weary, old men do get weary, wearing that same auld shabby dress, but spread, spread a little tenderness”. Gawn yersell Otis, sitting on the dock of the bay… watching the tide just slippin away.


bumm boys maw should be limbering up tae slap tje shit ooty monti right about now ha ha ha ha


bmmm boy wulnae turn up cause thers nae busses fae fantasy island oan a sunday ha ha ha ha


bumm boy you better get donnchadh tae ratify his withdrawel fae yer arse or your gonny look awfy stupid when yer maw sends ye fur the breed and mulk ha ha ha ha


well like ghandi or some other cunt said LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED Hha ha ha ha aint celtic grand COYBIG toodle pip

Rob O'Keeffe

Anybody got any info about Family Guy Gordon,Super Leigh and KTs physical condition……yep,me….but none of you……C’mon Lenny(Real Tim) and the Bhoys…..Something inside so strong…..

Interference in the rulebook is an indirect free kick.

1 lump or 5 kicked out of us today.

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