Celtic Diary Sunday April 7: Lennon: The Man For This Season

Celtic Diary Sunday April 7: Lennon: The Man For This Season

The hysteria surrounding yesterdays 0-0 draw with Livingston, a difficult opponent at the best of times, has led to calls for the head of the manager, the players, the coaching staff, and the wee guy who works in the pie stall.

Lennon is not the man to take us forward, the players are substandard and the pies are cold in the middle.

Hard to believe we stand three or four games away from a third successive treble.


The problem is that Lennon can only lose here.

If he messes around with the style of play or the players who have largely won the last e=seven trophies, he will be condemned.

If he doesn’t, and the trophies elude us, he’ll be condemned.

If he does, and the trophies are secured, it seems to me that he’ll be thanked and then told he’s not the man to take us forward.

The football just isn’t entertaining enough. Or he’s picked the wrong players and failed to adapt when change is necessary during a game.

No one has credited him with taking us to the verge of a historical third treble despite the circumstances he has had to endure.

Players, like spurned lovers, will be wondering why Brendan Rodgers walked out on them for a bigger and better job with better players after telling them that they were all wonderful. that leads to doubt.

What we seem to forget is that the players and the management don’t live in a bubble.

They are well aware of the criticism, and its starting to show.

And it’s also worth remembering that when the trophies are within our grasp, nerves will kick in.

This season could have been a disater, but it hasn’t. And we have the right man in charge right now to take us over the line.

Bear in mind, this is a results busines, and those results are considered and evaluated when the silverware is handed out.


What we have to avoid is the howling and wailing that often eminates from the stands should anything not go to plan in next weeks Cup semi final.

Consider this, Lennon is a pragmatic manager, as he showed once or twice in Europe. He will be more concerned with winning than winning with style right now.

This isn’t his team, this is someone elses, and he has to carry them over the line.

Its worth looking at his position in a much wider context than simply how much fun it is to watch the football, which incidentally is just as entertaining now as it has been all season.

He knows some changes are needed, and the players know that there are changes needed, not necessarily in personnel, but in style and approach.

But the consensus is that its too late in the season to try anything new, and the risk is too great.

We’ve got this far and Lennon will be concerned only with keeping the ship on course, and lets be honest, thats what Lawwell will have asked him to do.

And its what he knows he has to do.

It’s perhaps just as well he is strong enough to withstand the criticism.

So lighten up.

As we said when he got the job, get behind him and the squad, and leave any moaning until after the season is done.

And count your blessings that the manager has the inner stregth required to put up with all the wailing and moaning that must be overwhelming from his when you look at it from his point of view.


Lennon wants whats best for the club, which, of course, cannot be said for the board.

The launch of the Res 12 website has widened the information to the general public, and wider football support.

Thats what we should spend our time moaning about, and leave the players in peace to give us something to cheer about.

Lawwell and his board have been negligent when it comes to looking after the interests of sharholders, and of they knew about the cheating all along, that becomes criminal negligence.

The media are doing enough deflection to hide that story, and by fuelling fans ire at the way Celtic are playing, which the last time I looked was a huge lead at the top of the table with just a few games to go, and a cup semi final to contest, they are perhaps trying to cause a wee bit of disruption among ourselves.

It’s not the first time, and with nine and then ten in a row to go for, it certainly won’t be the last.


Yes, there are one or two things to sort out on the pitch, but things aren’t flling apart yet.

Far from it, we just had a bad day at the office yesterday.

It happens.

But we can cope with it.