Celtic Diary Friday April 5: But Peter Is An Honourable Man

Celtic Diary Friday April 5: But Peter Is An Honourable Man

The launch of the new Resolution 12 site now means that everyone has access to all the evidence of corruption at the SFA that is available.

You can study it here..res 12

All of this has been in the hands of the Celtic CEO for a long time.

And Peter is an honourable man.

He asked for what he described as a “smoking gun “, the evidence that was needed to prove that rules were either ignored, broken or both to enable Rangers to compete in the Champions League at the expense of Celtic.

Then he could act.

All of that contained on the website above has been on his desk for quite some time now.

It’s fair to say that the general consensus is that Lawwell has, and never did have, any intention of proceeding in a way that resembles the obligations of the chief Executive Officer of a PLC.

He must act in the interests of the shareholders.

That’s us, by the way.

We are the majority of shareholders, if not the shareholding majority.

In his eyes, perhaps that means we don’t really count.

For too long now, we’ve been told to wait for the right moment, and we believed him, because, after all, Peter is an honourable man, and is just like us, a Celtic supporter.

What we know is this..

There are a number of narratives arising from the Res12 Archive as set out on CQN at above but the one that will make it difficult for Celtic not to address, is that the known evidence points to them being defrauded by Rangers FC in March 2011 and the SFA participated in covering it up from September 2011 to date.

That evidence re March 2011 was presented to a lawyer expert in criminal law, who concurred with the heading in the Archive that the licence was granted on false pretence

That is what the SFA have been trying hard to keep under wraps from 19th September 2011 if folk visit the archive at and check for themselves and what follows from 2015 on the archive supports the view SFA did not want that to come out.

Now if that expert advice is wrong because of some unknown facts or evidence, the SFA only have to explain on what grounds, which is what Res12 would have delivered had it been passed.

If however the advice is correct, shareholders have ever right to ask what Celtic intend to do about it. From the moment Res12 was adjourned in 2013 the issue was never going to go away, the police might be where it eventually lands as football law prevents justice..

Put simply, if they weren’t cheating, we’d like to know why they think they weren’t.

You’d like to think Peter would like to know as well. After all, he is an honourable man.


Perhaps he does, and perhaps there is a reason that for some reason isn’t in the public domain. Though quite why that reason hasn;t been shared is quite baffling, and therefore one can only assume that the evidence is correct and Celtic PLC was defrauded out of the opportunity to earn millions of pounds of Champions League associated revenue.

For a chief executive officer to ignore this, and thus not act in the interest of shareholders is unforgivable.

And yet Peter is an honourable man…



All of this has been common knowledge among the mainstream Scottish media for quite some time as well. Theres nothing on the Res12 site that has not been in the folders of mainstream Scottish hacks.

For whatever reason, and I suspect the fact that it would have meant they’d actually have to do some actual work on the story has as much to do with any editorial or other censorship on the story, they have chosen to ignore any pleas to even mention the issue, let alone ask questions.

Why ?

The commonly held view is that the cash cow of the two Glasgow giants must be preserved, for the good of the game. A view which is perhaps shared by the Celtic board, and perhaps thats why the media won’t touch it.

The SFA don’t want it out there. “rangers ” don;t want it out there, and if, as I am beginning to suspect, Celtic don;t want it out there either, then we are on the point of realising that you, me and everyone else who pays into Scottish football are paying into a game that is beyond repair.

On a much wider scale, football itself is under investigation as an industry.

The bloated billion pound world game has been infiltrated by didgy agents, dodgy money and worst of all, dodgy people who prey on vulnerable children.

The latter, of course, is the one that makes the news.

According to Michael Calvin in his book No Hunger in Paradise, around 250 clubs are being investigated for child abuse.

More than five hundred players have come forward with allegations.

In Football Leaks, an expose of the dirty deals within the game, and tax avoidance at a level that would make even David Murray blink in a mixture of astonishment and admiration, money is regularly washed and put away offshore where governments cannot see it, and where schools, hospitals and social projects cannot get at it.


The bigger picture suggests that football is now ruled, regulated and reported on by people who are acting in their own interests, and not in the interests of players, supporters and those who work behind the scenes at clubs up and down this country, and up and down several others.

those for whom the game is still actually a game, and not a business.


Have I digressed ?

No, not really.

Not at all in fact.

Celtic PLC , marketed as a club like no other, are in fact, a club just like every other.

Chucking a few quid at charities every Christmas does not change the fact that the board represent their own interests first.

That few quid, whilst welcome, is in fact merely a PR excercise designed to convince us that we are unique, that we do have a club unlike any other.

When it comes to deciding which side they are really on, the board and the CEO will always claim to be acting in the best interests of the club.

The evidence on the Res12 website suggests they weren’t, they aren’t and they have got absolutely no intention of ever doing so.

Season books are up for renewal, and it might be an idea to hold off confirming your renewal for a while.

Funny that.

Next season we’ll be going for a second nine in a row, and the launchpad for a unique ten.

Which Celtic fan would want to risk missing out on his seat for these seasons ?

Before you buy, ask yourself this, what assurances can Celtic provide ST purchasers that what is still going on at SFA, ie covering up fraud in 2011 has stopped and not influencing SFA decisions?

You know, I think Peter knows that most , if not all , will renew, and I think Peter took that into account before finally deciding that he would let us know he had no intention of taking Resolution 12 any further.

And Peter is an honourable man ?