In Ralphs absence


Somewhere in slumberland ( aka Motel England), one Ralph Malph.

Result..Hee haw Diary for many a day.

If Found, Please return to sober and let productivity commence.


Howdy folks
Desimond here.
Ralph is still working away ( as far as we know) and cant get to a pc to do his diary. Anyone familiar with his half a diary recently will know how hard it is for him to do by phone.

In his absence, lets have a quick review of the current and recent talking points shall we. Hopefully keep us going until he returns to civilisation.

1: A Zebra dies
The Celtic v Rangers game can wait a second. Before the game, we had the announcement to Celtic fans that Zebra Finance will not be supporting finance plans for any new Season Book submissions.
The Celtic website read:

DUE to challenges faced by the club’s finance provider, Zebra Finance, supporters who have not yet renewed their season tickets are currently unable to apply for the finance options with Zebra Finance.

These issues are affecting all football clubs who engage Zebra Finance. However, Celtic are working hard to find an alternative solution for supporters and will provide a further update as soon as possible.

We have had confirmation from Zebra Finance that any supporters who have completed the application process with Zebra Finance and received a successful confirmation email from Zebra Finance will not be affected and no further actions are required. The club will communicate a confirmation of such season ticket renewals in accordance with the applicable process

Any applicants who have had a finance application rejected by Zebra Finance will receive a follow-up communication from the club as soon as possible.

A slightly worrying affair for many folk, especially in these times. It will be interesting to see how Celtic with Money in the bank react to this set back.

2: 13 points Clear

We got there, in the end. It was a strange wee game wasn’t it? One half we were rampant and in the next half suddenly we became a shadow side who all looked knackered. Injuries have taken its toll for sure and rushing folk back will never be the answer. The current side is rather Brendan Lennon style rather than a clear Brendan or a Lennon style and its producing mixed and confusing performances. One moment flying, next minute lumbering along. At one stage on Sunday I watched Jeremy Toljan stare at Lustig with a “What am I meant to do?” gesture.

All that said however, our star men saw us through and Odsonne Edouard continues to prove his worth. The “£9m man( you have to call him that according to Scottish press)” once again showed he is a class act and his 45 yard run and finish made rangers back line and keeper look foolish and his assist to Forrest was perfect in placement and drawing defenders away from his colleague.

As for Broony. A great first half including Morelosgate but I actually thought he was poor in the second half wobble as he wasn’t running at all, more a walking role whilst standing in front of Ajer( oh my God bless Kris Ajer!!!!) and Boyata which seemed to cause more crowded confusion against 10 men. All worked out well of course in the end and the winding up and first half display was joyous. Just imagine when he is the Manager in a good few years!.

As for Der Hun. We have now went from the Hope “better in 55 mins” to the Hate. They will just continue to drown in their own denial until they realise they wont catch us unless they go back to cheating ways and/or find a useful idiot with deep pockets and no sense.

Now all I want is for us to get Killie in the last game and for them to pip Rangers in the same way we let Aberdeen through last year. Its the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure.

As for Morelos…will he win Etims Player of the Year….The new record holder for European red cards in one season must be a leading contender.

3: Celtic Festival
After the success of the Lisbon Lion tribute at The Hydro, the club haven’t been slow to seize that opportunity and we have a 3 day Celtic Festival in the summer at the SECC. Its just after July 12th so seems everyone in Glasgow is catered for that month.

The Website reads:

The inaugural Celtic FC Festival, taking place from July 26-28, will see Paradise descend upon the SEC in Glasgow for an unprecedented celebration of the Club.
The Celtic FC Festival will be massive, taking up all 20,000sq/m of exhibition space the SEC has to offer, and will be a great day out for all the family. From the moment fans enter the Celtic FC Festival, they will be entering into the wonderful world of Celtic.

Moving through the space, fans will be met by lots of fantastic football activities, such as free-kick, penalty-kick and crossbar challenges, along with other fun elements such as head tennis and football darts, to name a few. The hall will be filled with great interaction for all.

Not only will the world’s biggest Celtic superstore have all the new season 2019/20 kits, it will also host the official and exclusive launch of the new third kit. In addition, fans will be entertained by on-going fashion shows, showcasing all the new kits, training gear and much, much more.

The show theatre will be the place to see some very familiar faces sharing their stories about the club and what it is like to have been part of the Celtic Family.

‘If You Know The History’ will walk you through the corridors of Celtic’s history from 1888 to the present day. Re-live it all, from Brother Walfrid, to the Lisbon Lions, to the Double Treble and current legends who continue to this day to make history for Celtic.

Fans can get up close to the famous trophies Celtic have won – and, yes, the iconic European Cup will be there in all its glory!

Lets hope the Treble Treble is secured to ensure maximum attendance…we haven’t had confirmation there will be a Peter Lawwell waxwork to get your photo taken \ throw cabbages at yet.

4: Sadder News

Sad to hear the passing of Angie Thomson, the Celtic laundry lady of many years has passed away. The Tweeted messages of condolence from players including Craig Burley and Mark Burchill were nice to read and its clear Angie was very highly and very dearly thought of by all at Celtic over the years. Our thoughts are with her family.

Best wishes too of course to the Celtic fans attacked in the City centre.

5: Saints alive!

Tonight we head to Paisley to take on St Mirren who have stepped off the bottom of the league. The weathers shit. the teams tired and the opposition are fighting for their lives. Hopefully we can squeeze through and a good use of available personnel would be welcome if not unavoidable. Just how bad is Timo Weah in training if he isn’t even getting a sniff at game time lately…maybe tonight is the night for him and Burke to once again light up the Scottish game.

Rangers have Hearts at home and while they should win, they are missing their goalscorer and Dafty Halliday so 3pts aren’t guaranteed against a Hearts side that are doing okay just now including “bullying Aberdeen to defeat” at the weekend according to Scott McKenna.

Fingers crossed and we could be at least 15 clear come 10pm tonight and looking at a reall scary Sunday in Motherwell for Stevie G this weekend.

6: Res 12 becomes Web 12

Our friends at Resolution 12 have got a new website up and running.

They haven’t gone away you know Messrs Lawwell and Doncaster.

Check them out at



Ok so that’s me….Anything else we have missed that’s worth discussing?

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PISH, Where’s Ralph? 😉


Monti… did ya not read that Ralphs playing away…


oops that should read “working away”


Where’d watched an interesting documentary last night albeit an Australian one about the brexit hard border/soft border issue a lot of straightening out in your country I wish you peace and a future United ireland. Got to happen




Iancelt67… it is good to see that others are interested in the stupidity that is brexit and its attendant problems…

End of partition is now almost achievable.
What type of Ireland that might throw up is hard to envisage but an Ireland without british interference can only be a good thing 🙂

The Cha

I thought he was having a wee (s)lumber.


Maybe he’s on a stadium tour of Goodison park, he’s waiting to get KT’s autograph.

The Cha

Harsh but true.

Who`s PR`n Who?
Free Bird

D'Fhinnein Mick

DESIMOND Good of you to step into the breach. Always a tad concerned when familiar faces don’t appear with the usual regularity. Morelos has only three games left to cement his position as Thug/Twat of the Century. Expect the final Glasgow Derby to be Match Three of the split,they won’t want to take the chance that he receives another yellow before that and another totting-up ban. Or a red,come to that. Of course,he shouldn’t have been playing on Sunday anyway after his attack on Clubfoot,but heyho. That backfired nicely. In other news,I know that RALPH was copied in on a… Read more »

I thought Haste was pre signed for sevco?

With they coonts it doesn’t last for hours.
We`re too…

Ma Ma Ma Ma – Ma sevco – we`re taught from four sons
Ma Ma Ma Ma – Ms sevco – you`re to handle our guns
Ma Ma Ma Ma – Ma sevco – though never could cry
Ma Ma Ma Ma – Ma sevco- but we knew how to die.

Leave a message on the wall.Can`t complain.

Would you talk to,they`re all about straight after.

Scotchmen a


With Morelos breaking another record for “rangers” can we expect another “star” on their strip next year? Should they still be around.


Thanks for filling the void, Desi


Think the website is a long time coming any exposure old fashioned or new fashioned will go a long way to getting something done. Get a fucking Instagram page anything!


Celtic 3-4-3


Benkovic ( is he fit )



D'Fhinnein Mick


I don’t do Instagram or Facebook,etc,but I know that the former in particular is the way to get news out to a wider audience.

I’ve mailed AULDHEID a c&p of your post.

Thanks,a brilliant suggestion.


It’s long overdue James Forrest received the recognition of what he brings to Celtic, long overdue.
Once again he scores a vital goal in a crunch game, he deserves to be praised & recognised for his efforts.
James doesn’t dominate games from start to finish, he isn’t always a motm candidate but he CAN be depended on to come up with big goals, he does it regularly.
Time for him to have his own song & let this guy hear it, he brings a lot to the Celtic table.

He always has!



Agreed 110%



Desi, Thanks for stepping in and freshening up the blog. Inhope all is well with Ralph. He is an institution in the blogging world. Another vital game today. Three points are three points whether taken from St Mirren or Sevco. Changes needed in the line up but here is the rub……too many and the performance on the park usually suffers. Indo hope, tho, that Tierney is rested. Hayes deserves another chance as does Henderson. Here is a thought for a discussion………who is the most exciting player to break through this season? It could be a promotion from the ranks, or… Read more »


Bring back, oh bring back, bring back auld Ralphy to me, to me,
Hurry back, please don’t slack, oh bring back oor Ralphy to me, to me,
Hire a taxi, don’t get the bus, but bring back auld Ralphy to us, to us,
A wheelbarrow might do, but get yoor arse back here right noooo,
but bring back auld Ralphy to us… Darra rara daaa.

Police Scotland reporting Broony to the CPO. utter bigoted shite.


Christie. Easily



That would be my choice. Other candidates would be Ajer, Henderson, Burke, Benkovic, and Bain. Nearly made it candidates would be Johnson, Hayes.

That is all that come to mind.

Oh, and there is Brendan……who nearly made it but ducked out of the voting.


The Cha

Christie would be a popular choice although basically for a short purple patch in November. I’d rule out Benkovic and Burke, as I don’t consider £15m players to be in this category in Scotland. Henderson, Johnston and Hayes just haven’t played enough to be considered. Ajer’s looking good at the mo but has been regularly dropped as so-called better defenders are recalled. That for me leaves Bain, who’s been a permanent fixture since his reintroduction and looks set fair to continue. He’s the equal of Gordon in terms of shot-stopping but his distribution is far superior and doesn’t lead to… Read more »


Cha, I cannot disagree with too much of what you say but I shall try. Firstly, I think you are too harsh in your judgement of Christie. During his “purple” patch he was everywhere, running his socks off. He has relaxed a little as he secured his starting position. His absence is felt at the mo as the team lacks urgency in midfield. Perhaps I should have been more precise in what I intended. “Breakthrough” was the wrong word. I should have said something like “impact” so as to include mercenaries like Benkovic, but I didn’t so I am hung… Read more »


great article desi well no great but better than that ralph wans he he ……..broony is gonny need a fuckin suit a armour when we visit jurasic park …….viva le resolution


by the way ralph wis gabbin oan his twitter yesterday ees probably still fuckin drunk


Broony’s being charged with Offensive Behaviour. He laughed and grinned at the Hunnish Hordes.

Offensive behaviour ? But am a defensive midfielder M’lud.

CPS threw it out on Monday I think.
Polis noo trying for jaywalking. Spitting in the street or Possession of an Offensive Weapon….exhibit a M’lud A Fenian sense of Humour.


Lot of dead legs


No need to bring David Murray into this…..

G`day Monti.


sevco get to fund FC.

Meant to say Monti,I dodged radiation therapy.
I`ve no the one eyebrow anymore though.


Looks like the Cheatco manager slippy hunny G got one thing right pre-match. Was it the lions that ate all the zebras?
Lennon had 0 loan players in the starting 11 on Sunday, coincidence or planning ahead.


tonydtic sumday said that to me on sunday night lenny will get the job if he wins the cup imo …..e

The Cha

Although Toljan did come on.

Surely coincidence, as it’d be ridiculous for a caretaker manager to be thinking long term.

Also when he was manager before he always thought short term.


cha efter we win the cup and canny be caught in the league lenny should think long term and send the bhoys oan thur holidays and play youngsters and loanees tae the endy the season imo


oops thers me writing aff hearts and inverness ha ha if yer gonny forward plan ye should ye should think before ye print ha ha ha ha

The Cha

There’s certainly a lot of them could do with downtime before Champs League qualifiers.

Tierney, Christie, McGregor, Ajer, Eddy and probably others.

Hopefully Huns lose tonight so we can win the league on Saturday.

Then after the SF against Aberdeen we can rest players against before the Cup Final.

If this means we lose to Killie meaning they pip our Dear Green Place neighbours to runners-up then we’ll just have to live with it. 😉


a concur


Too drunk to notice that just sobered up about now so good shout. If it was well done Lenny. Let’s see what we have and what we need. Get John Park back in to do proper scouting not youtube or stats.

It takes 12 minutes before we even get close to the box.
Wasn`t it that?


Thanks Desi for stepping in i hope the evidence against Ralph isn’t more than circumstantial and the Labrador never made a complaint!
Player of the year,I am with Mont,i Forrest over the piece,Bain a good shout, Eddie maybe,Christie i think we really miss his spirit, he is like KT doesn’t know when he is beaten so he is rarely beaten.What I like form Lenny is he varies the play a bit while his predecessor stuck to one system maybe a bit too rigidly.

The Cha

No CalMac, surely some mistake!?

This`ll be an open good game to watch.




Imagehun Imagine there’s no Sevco It’s easy if you try Thinking you’re ‘stull Ranjurz’ And ‘gaun fur 55’ Imagine all the Peepul Believing the same lie You may say that we’re dreamers But we really are that dumb I hope one day you’ll join us In the world of stupid Huns. Imagine there’s no cheating It isn’t hard to do No sporting advantage No liquidation too Imagine all the Peepul Swearing that it’s true You may have guessed that we’re readers Of the Record and the Sun I hope one day you’ll join us In the world of stupid Huns.… Read more »


Quality ^

RPG… It must take a while to think up all your inputs. Execution of such a task don’t come easy but I’d guess its labour of live….
Really good stuff… My muse still avoids me ffs

Typo… Labour of love


I don’t think anyone has been outstanding this season but all have played their part. Benkovic brought a real toughness to the defence that was sorely needed and the old campaigners have played their part. But agree that Jamesy just gets the nod for player of the season ahead of Calmac. Sadly injuries has stopped us from playing our free flowing style not helped by refs allowing our players to be hacked down at every oppertunity. The one player to come through for me is Ewan Henderson I think we have a star in the making and a future Broonie.… Read more »

The Cha

2-1 with goals in the 1st and 97th minutes.


aye the awe play fur celtic ha ha


a reckon yer haverin …lennys da man haha ha ha




excuse me ha ha ha ha


Not you Charlie bhoy 🙂


ano jimmybee ime away furra jug doon the local ….hope tae get a laugh at some zombies .wae 4 nuthin celtic 2 nuthin hearts catch yees later


Oh dear.

Buzz bomb… Let’s play a guessing game…

Not shouting at all.. I was part way thru the thing with CAPS On and couldn’t be arsed Re typing..
You are a mine of useless information
Welcome to the madhoose


Buzz squid,
I don’t think you are a new poster!


Are you trying to find out someones age on an internet forum?

Oh dear. 🙂

The Cha

Ralston Tierney McGregor Henderson Johnston never played under Lenny the first time (the latter 2 had only just stopped breast feeding!)

Izzy was brought back under Rodgers and hasn’t featured this time.

Bitton played under Rodgers and hasn’t featured in last few games.

Lustig also reappeared under Rodgers, as Toljan struggles to get up to speed.

Broonie and Forrest are probably our best 2 players.

The Cha

Interesting/worrying story on Celtic Star:

“‘Bayo…he’s actually Scheidt,’ rumours that £2m Rodgers You Tube signing is failing to impress”

Mind you the source appears to be one “Richard from Stoke” so perhaps it’s a load of Scheidt. 😉

thecelticstar com/bayo-hes-actually-scheidt-rumours-that-2m-rodgers-you-tube-signing-is-failing-to-impress

bizarre. they make me sound like i know what i’m talking about.


Are they that good?


Takes time for some players to settle and some never do. Time will tell. Think we have a cracker in Shved though and Brendan didnt want him.

The Cha

Shved hasn’t turned up yet so best to reserve judgement until we see him in the flesh!

I don’t think Rodgers knew anything about him and I’m sure, if there’s anything there, he would’ve worked his magic on him in pre-season like he did with so many others.


He’s just won player of the month and what I’ve seen looks a player m8.

The Cha

So did Marvellous Marvin. 😉


We have other players already signed to come in
The two American lads Perez and Gutman both full backs. Arzani looked a player till he got injured
Lewis Morgan is doing well at Sunderland so it’s not all bad. The team has to change but we have to keep our core of season hardened Celts.
Centre backs is a must but they have to be better than McKenna of Aberdeen.

The Cha

“better than McKenna”

Now, you’re just trolling Monti. 🙂


I see that fishing rod……

Benjamin Lynch

The Zebra Finance issue is a blessing in disguise IMO for the club. It’s used by Celtic & supporters because clubs historically want 100% of the season ticket money up front, while paying customers often need to spread out the cost over the year. Enter Zebra Finance to bridge the timing difference. The downside here is that Celtic doesn’t get 100% of the proceeds from Zebra – they take their cut to cover the cost of providing the loan as well as the risk that some customers will default (unemployment, death, etc). With the amount of cash Celtic has in… Read more »

The Cha

Nope, they’ll sign a new deal with a similar shyster.

They`re all to be billeted at Mr & Mrs Rogics` house after brexit?

Yoker Bhoy

St Mirren, the only team in our league that have had an injury list comparable to ours in size since the start of the season. Two of their players are just back after lay-offs: veteran defender Gary Mackenzie and striker Danny Mullen, both of whom played well against Dundee last weekend. Midfield playmaker Ryan Flynn is pretty decent. The Paisley saints have improved quite a lot in recent weeks and are fighting very well to avoid the drop so this could be a tough one. It’s a chance to help erase that nasty memory of the 0-0 slog we suffered… Read more »


Was Johnston and Henderson no just about 14 then?


No manager of the Huns/Orcs has ever been criticised or questioned as to strategy or ability. It reached a peak with Wattie who was totally off limits.
Gerrard doesn’t know how lucky he is. Nothing he has done has ever been put under the spotlight so he keeps deluding himself. Sometimes criticism is helpful but not being criticised leads to some pretty bizarre notions. Everything Stevie G utters now is deluded crap.
Meanwhile, Lenny gets flak from the MSM, which is also deluded crap!


OOPs Cha I am rightly ticked off for not mentioning Cal Mac, what a smashing player always there or there about when awards are to be handed out.


Celtic team announced
NEIL Lennon makes four changes to the side that overcame Rangers 2-1 at Paradise on Sunday.

CELTIC: Bain; Lustig, Simunovic, Ajer, Izaguirre; Brown, Nthcam, McGregor; Forrest, Weah, Burke
Subs: De Vries, Toljan, Benkovic, Sinclair, Rogic, Christie, Edouard

Yoker Bhoy

Very good news to see Christie back.


Weered is this an April Fool, Alderman Billy De Courcey of the
DUP a Celtic supporter?

BJF… I do believe it is not an April fool. One of the DUP COUNCILLORS, did claim this a wee while ago. His name may well be de Courcy, I can’t remember it… You well know there are stranger things that happen here 🙂


Fuck knows…


Off to the pub here down souf enjoy the game bhoys and ghirls.


New finance partner agreed Power of Paradise Mobile Banner CELTIC ENGAGE NEW SEASON TICKET FINANCE PROVIDER CELTIC ENGAGE NEW SEASON TICKET FINANCE PROVIDER By: on 03 Apr, 2019 17:37 Following on from issues encountered by a number of football clubs last week with Zebra Finance, Celtic is pleased to announce that it has appointed a new finance partner, V12 Retail Finance, to offer and administer season ticket payment options. We are currently working with V12 on all operational matters, with a view to ensuring supporters are able to apply online for this service as soon as possible. We are aiming… Read more »


Just watched a video of young Dembele today for the reserves though it was 3-3 his skill is a joy to watch. Hooefully get to see him before the season is out in the first team. Now I do need that pint cheers.


Desi, a very good ‘substitute’s’ Diary. Well played No.12. Ralph, a half boatle ae Lanny an’ a guid excuse will see ye ‘hame’. Whae’s like ye? Damn few an’ they’re nosogood. Anyway, I quit very early on the ‘club’ shite about something at the SECC. In the hope it goes extremely well, so well that the PLC board decide to stay at the SECC, then I’d support THAT, cash and voice. For ALL the wrong reasons, I’ve a soft spot for St Mirren. They stood tall with us, and ensured that Mowbray was finally sacked. It wiznae worth the 4-0… Read more »


Evening Bamber…..


Evening, knob-head.
I dropped to your level, flying visit, and responded.
I hoped under a new regime, Desi, that this shit would stop.
Clearly it hasn’t.
Que sera……..


” Anytime, anywhere ” – Robert De Niro – Taxi Driver


Monti, ditto. Taxi Driver, one of my all-time favourite films. A real classic performance from De Niro and classic direction (can’t remember who directed it, but 5 *****.) Probably made De Niro and we’re all the better for it; he’s peerless. “Once Upon A Time In America” is a wee bit of class too. De Niro and James Woods plus, plus. Director escapes me here too, but he was fucking good. Tarantino must have been clever enough to learn (without plagiarising) from those directors and then to come up with classics like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, et cetera. Anyway, enough… Read more »





Monti, you can call me just about anything, I don’t give a fuck, but anything conflated with ‘another’ Gascoigne, a flute-playing, wife-beating, terminal fucking arsehole like “Gazza”, well, Pal, a bridge (a desert?) too far for Monti,
I’d venture.


No bother Gazza!


When are these fuckin’ eejits in the “green brigade” going to learn with regards to flares/firecrackers. Absolute morons, won’t be happy until they see Celtic get punished for their odious behaviour!!

B Boru

Well fuckin said mate. Fuckin wankers in the away support again. Do these clowns never learn…apparently not!!

Playing right into the hands of those who would seek to do us harm! I’m raging!!

get them tae fuck!!

An we talk about the hunS!!


We need to root these clowns out and Celtic must come out with a strong statement of condemnation and identify them and fuckin BAN them for life!!


Guess what headlines will be tomorrow.

I despair I really do.


I quite like the pyros actually, i don’t want them being thrown at anyone tho.

B Boru

Where did I say anything about agreeing with what is going on regarding other issues?? If you would look back at my previous posts and had a memory better than a goldfish then you would see I don’t subscribe to any of that either…but I don’t need to explain my views to you. This is a post about the fuckin wankers in our support who continue to do this. I think you will find the majority of fans are in agreement with this view that we need to get them rooted out and removed from our support base. So it… Read more »

B Boru

Buzz bomb, I suppose this is all pish as well is it??

Are you going to level your pathetic come backs at these guys as well??

Couldn’t have put it better myself….I think you will find it is the opinion of vast majority of Celtic fans. As I said…..YOU are the one that needs your opinions re-calibrated.

Have a nice day.

And btw its Bryan no Brian….I’m from Scotland and as such the Scottish equivalent of my nomenclature is spelt with a Y. but seeing as you are so thick that thought probably hadn’t entered your tiny little mind!


The stupidity of the so called Celtic supporter that flung the cracker, what a moron, would be better served joining the zombies. He is not a fan of the team.
That was cringe worthy, the Buddies are not a team that needs three defenders, Lenny playing safe again. But the Huns will wallow in the cracker, justifies their shit!


Nonsense, calm down.


The GB have made Celtic money no doubt about it. They have been great and embarassing in equal measures. That firecracker was like a bomb going off no need for that flares ok for me but not the firecrackers. It’s easy to sort it came from one section of the stadium where Celtic know who have the tickets find the culprit should be easy.


All else aside, The Celts won 2-0 away tonight.
There was once a brilliant piece of acting by Tim McInerny (or similar name, of Blackadder fame) when asked if he was “happy”. He thought briefly, and then said “satisfied”.
Tonight I’m not “happy” but I’m kinda “satisfied”. It’s another game gone, another 3 points won, as we go for the 8, yes EIGHT, and OPENLY state from the PLC, “We’re going for 55”, not a total, a PHONY total, another filth’s dreams, BUT, 55 IN A ROW. That’ll fuck a few heads in Scotia and beyond.


That was a terrible performance tonight. Just terrible! Can nobody shoot from the edge of the area? What did we learn? The original formation was punchless. Burke is not a centre although he tried hard enough. I feel sorry for him. I feel he has lost his way but desperately wants to stay at Celtic.If he has a chance of a place, it would be as a replacement for Sinclair on that wing, but his price will probably mean that he will go back to WBA. Weah flatters to deceive. Despite not being good in the air, he scored with… Read more »


Since I can’t connect tonight, I just hope that the result is pleasing as we proceed to 8 in a row. Lovely, under-estimated, 8 in a row. Anyway, my roots, spirit and choice is celebratory (whilst I also battle ‘the black dog’). Ignoring the frustration of chasing our game tonight, I reflected on games gone by. It was difficult to describe my anger, humiliation et cetera when we lost to the new scum in the 2016/17 SC semis. But we’d lent Liam Henderson to Hibs. Stokesy too, who was over-joyed as he helped put that scum to the sword. The… Read more »


Charlie without Broonie we don’t have a heart beat until that is filled Brown stays.


CS, you’re normally there or thereabouts and reference your opinion with fact. Hmmmm….FACT, a ‘commodity’ I thought our ‘wee rock’ was losing.
I don’t always agree with you, but you enrich this site regularly, despite having to somehow tolerate high levels of pish. Don’t be put off; you make more sense and substance than most.




Thanks Monti (11.25PM), for illustrating, nay highlighting, my point at 10.40 PM. CS has proven his points, time and time again on here with FACTUAL back-up. He also separates his (backed-up) facts from his opinion clearly. You have a propensity to scrawl “PISH” rather than submit objective argument. End of, good on ye, CS, keep it up and I look forward to a “Taxi Driver” moment with Monti. Back to reality, we MUST be looking (pragmatically) at 15+ in a row. We’re untouchable now, financially and the scum are going even closer to the sewers. The ONLY barrier we may… Read more »


‘Buzz Bomb’, when yer name-sake first played at Paradise he wiz a wee bit ae a greyhound/terrier. Quick as fuck, but needed the Big Mhan to give him productive direction. There’ll be a “Big Mhan” on here to help you likewise, with your exuberance and pace. Accept it as a nice wee gesture fae a fellow Tim. We a’ need help, wan way or anither. Enjoy The Celtic 1st. A’ this online stuff is pish-based urine in comparison.


We won 2_0 that will do for me

Let them come as they will but it’s the Glasgow Celtic I love still.


Utter drivel once again from the font of all pish, it is entirely possible to play winning football & good performance.

Stick to Rainbow Zippy


Buzz bomb that was Julian clary. I’m sure of it


Buzz bomb stalking Monti doesn’t hold water using different pseudonyms is even more unsettling. Move on just post relevant information to the club team or whatever we are here for . Man the fuck up

You mad about ETims or just plain mad? Why not buy the t-shirt at