Rodgered - Etims Podcast

Rodgered – Etims Podcast

Hector, Ralph and Desi are joined by Monty Burns to discuss quite a week for Celtic with Brendan Rodgers rapid shock departure…the guys discuss key aspects like:

Honestly, just WTF??

We also ask questions like:

Is he a sociopath?
Is Lawwell up against it now?
Can Lenny steer the ship safely towards the 8.
Who will get the job full time come the summer?

We also look back on Valencias hospitality, Motherwells Manager and doing the right ( foot) thing. We talk about the joy of  the Hearts last minute winner and look forward to Lenny returning to Easter Road in the cup game.

We finish with a laugh reading the list of suggested songs for Brendan from Etims Twitterfollowers.


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