Celtic Diary Wednesday February 27: Spring Cleaning

As the events of yesterday unfolded , and finally concluded with the instalment of Neil Lennon as manager, at least until the summer, the initial feelings of rage subsided a wee bit and relief started to set in.

The rage wasn’t down to Rodgers leaving. That was always going to happen, but the way in which he did it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.


The Times tells us…


Rodgers did not tell the players on Monday that he was going. Alison McConnell of the Evening times claimed he’d told the players about his plans. that tweet has since been deleted.

He didn’t, and it appears he had no intention of telling them anything.

One story doing the rounds, and I’m trying to verify it, is that Rodgers sent a representative to Lennoxtown to say his goodbyes for him, and that one of our players told that representative, in no uncertain terms, to fuck off.

Actually, I don’t want to verify it. I’d like to think its true.

What is true is that not one single Celtic player has thanked or even recognised his move to Leicester on social media.

And I don’t expect there to be a rush either. We can be fairly certain that despite the usual guff in the press, that there is little point in him approaching Celtic for any of his favourites.

The trust has gone.

Rodgers issued a statement, which included the lines..

“I have been living my dream and, together with the players, staff and supporters, we have been on an amazing journey which I will never forget.

“To be welcomed in the way I was on my first day is something I will always treasure. From that day I have given my all.

“I would like to sincerely thank the board for giving me the opportunity to manage Celtic in the first place and for the support they have given me.

“I want to make a special mention to the players. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I want to thank them for the commitment and positivity they gave to my coaching philosophy each and every day.

“Every one of them will be a friend for life.

“Celtic will always be my club and I wish everyone connected to Celtic – the board, the staff and of course the supporters – every success.” 

There’s not a single word in that worth the paper its scrawled on.


His actions are those of a sociopath.

He has little concern or respect for those who are around him.

Celtic gave him a chance to resurrect his career, which he did. Supporters believed him when he said he was one of us, and had he won a third treble this season, he would have secured immortality among the support.

Yet, his own personality overrode that emotional pull, if indeed there was an emotional pull there in the first place.

Leicester fans welcomed his arrival as only they know how..

Whilst their new manager looked around desperately for any signs of his own integrity.. whilst proclaiming he’d give his life for his new club..

Actually, I thought he had..

Leicester city centre store shut after inspectors found dead rat behind freezer 


One former player, who exited as soon as he saw the real Brendan Rodgers, as we said in previous Diaries, is Moussa Dembele, who did venture onto social media..

Moussa Dembélé Retweeted Celtic Football Club


He followed that with a short clip of boxer Mohammed Ali saying “I told you ” over and over again..

Some of you may recall this, from L’Equipe, on August 31 last year..

The young French striker spoke with his coach two days ago and told him of his decision to leave Celtic after two seasons in Scotland. In the spirit of the former Parisian, Rodgers, who had told him a few months earlier of his desire to facilitate his departure for “services rendered”, would respond favorably. To the great surprise of the person concerned, this was not the case. Rodgers then arguing the need to find a replacement.


In recent hours, this quest was futile despite the proposals. And the tension is rising. Dembélé appeared before the board (meeting leaders) Thursday, to expose his situation and to share his misunderstanding. With several arguments in essence: 
1. How can the coach block me when he pushed me to accept an offer of Brighton and West Bromwich last winter or China last June? 
2. Is the argument of needing to find a replacement weighing two years ago – the best recent season for Celtic – the rotation was very low in front of? 
3. How can Rodgers block me when he pointed out in front of me in his office a few weeks earlier that Celtic does notbig enough for me ? “A meeting that translated the will of the player to join the OL but also his incomprehension against what he perceives privately as” selfishness “of his coach.


While the cloakroom of Celtic Glasgow is already weakened by the Boyata file (refusal to let the Belgian go too), what can be the continuation of this soap opera? Dembélé is expected in training this Friday morning. He is determined to meet his coach to once again make his choice. The next few hours may be hot. The former Parisian, convinced of the opportunity to find the Hexagon, knows it: he has only a few hours to convince. 

Dembele left, of course, and perhaps now we can see one of the reasons why..

However, its not all bad news..he’s taking the sports science team with him, and according to Brian67 on the KDS forum, tried to take everyone else as well..

The players will be pleased…and it’ll be interesting to see if the injury list begins to clear.

Then there was this, on the huddleboard, and it will be the last and definite words on the subject, and its quite apt..

And he’s gone.

Image result for meninblack flash gif

And on we go, into the future…towards ten in a row, starting tonight at Tynecastle against Hearts, where the eyes of Scottish football, including a few desperate neighbours..

Image result for dave king eyes

will be watching on hoping that the house of cards is about to fall..

But they reckoned without one man….when Celtic call, he comes running….

He’s been abused, attacked, left covered in blood in the streets, and faced sectarian hate everywhere in Scotland, had bullets sent to his house, had to live in a safe house and have 24/7 security for him and his family and he STILL steps in when the Club need him. 🍀

I fell better already.

As , indeed, does Lennon.. he’s got room on his mantelpiece for at least one more..

The club comes first. I want to bring as much success in my time here as I can,” 

“It’s not about me coming back, it’s not about Brendan leaving, it’s about Celtic winning the league and hopefully a cup as well.” 

This is a club which has been such a huge part of my life already and it is an honour to be asked to return,” 

“I have given everything to Celtic as a player and manager already in my career and I am ready to do the same again. I am returning to one of the biggest and best clubs in world football and I can’t wait to get started.”

Thats exactly what we needed to hear, and tonight he will be looking to channel all the frustrations of the last few days that the players may have built up onto the park, and he’s more than capable of doing that..

The man who started ten in a row is here to finish his work.

Welcome home , Neil Lennon.

We have to go back to Friday for the last caption competition..

 Pensionerbhoy February 22, 2019 at 12:31 pm · Edit · Reply →

caption 2:

“That’s far enough, Kris. I need the sunlight.” 

Today, try to be nice.

Actually, you don’t have to be..





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Hi, there, I’m Brendan, a rat and a cunt, pleased to meet you

D'Fhinnein Mick


I’m reaching out to give you a tug,ya chancer,not a hug!

D'Fhinnein Mick

RALPH I’m in general agreement with you on all of this,but I’m disappointed that PL has got off so lightly. Not just here,but on almost all of the Celtic blogs. For me,it all started over a year ago with a disrespectful input from PL in the January transfer window. And we know it came to a head in the summer,and that the word was out to his insiders. The final straw,IMO,was in the recent transfer window,when the biggest cheque he wrote was for himself,a bonus earned on the success of BR whom he’d clearly planned to undermine from day one.… Read more »

The Cha

Nail on the head.

Only disagree with final para; just like managers jumping ship, no one gives a damn about clubs similarly throwing them overboard.

Money and ambition will be sole determinant from either side and ethics will be left outside; its business not personal.

jpm 88

Agree re PL ; both parties put themselves and their egos ahead of Celtic .
BR has taken himself out of the building , come the summer Pl should also ” leave the building “.

For DD to leave him in place would smack of a lazy/disinterested attitude , as would the appointment of an almost unemployable Moyes .


Csption “Hello my name is Judas”
It is all about the team tonight, I met a Hearts supporter the other day and he said they were playing badly and the Celtic team that destroyed Motherwell would beat them, I don’t know
if he will feel the same this morning. Celtic must protect its assets from a predatory raid by Rodgers. Of course the Hun will be loving this so a win tonight will deflate them again.


Caption …there is an idea of a Brendan Rodgers , some kind of abstraction, but there is no real me, only an entity, something illusory, and though I can hide my cold gaze and you can shake my hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there. It is hard for me to make sense on any given level. Myself is fabricated, an aberration. I am a noncontingent human being. My personality is sketchy and unformed, my heartlessness goes deep and is persistent. My conscience, my pity,… Read more »

Tim Buffy

You’d never get a caption like this past an editor. They’re meant to be short and snappy. This is a bloody novel.


It’s an excerpt from “ norn iron psycho”

Iancelt67… One helluva excerpt. Sadly I see in me and fully recognise and understand several traits therein…


Patrick Bateman aka Brendan Rodgers. The sociopath next door


Go on. I dare you. Paraphrase it in one sentence!

Monti would do it one word as he does everything – urine!



Maybe wayaa wee “Cough” here and there…….


Caption: I could have sworn I was wearing a Rolex before I shook his hand.

The real Anton Rogan

Hello, dont want to know your name, I’m only here till someone better comes along


Fucking stunned by Rodgers actions & words, i had to turn the tv over last night when the rat was speaking. Seeing him sitting at Leicester, applauding & all the shite that goes with that made me nauseous, he is shit on my shoe & i feel nothing but contempt for this cunt. He had our faith our trust & a place in our heart, yet he shits on us, betrays our faith in him & the regard he was held in. I feel fucking hurt, that ‘ one of our own ‘ would unsettle the players & the support… Read more »

D'Fhinnein Mick


I wish I’d said that!

London Celtic

Well said. I feel the same.


That is SOME comment which clearly is from the heart and I agree with all of it.
For me, I’ll ‘mourn’ no more. I don’t even feel too bitter.
He’s clearly not fucking worth it and, to be fair, we don’t know what all went on behind the scene, but Lawwell’s been central to most of the shit, aye, for many a year. Get him tae fuck.


Lawwell has to be stopped in his tracks NOW!


M, it’s often said “where there’s a will, there’s a way” and Lawwell is not above that. We need a mechanism and maybe a ‘mechanic’. But for now, I just hope Neil and Scott Brown are steadying the ship and putting some fire in the bellies of our players to go out and trounce the Gorgie scum tonight. I thought the Killie game was a must win, and then Motherwell after THAT incident, but tonight is fucking VITAL to put all the orange scum back in their boxes, from Ibrox to Gorgie, from STV to the BBC, from The Herald… Read more »



Noel Skytrot

Good post Monti. The reason he left was for money, nowt else mate. I don’t believe all the other shite.

Mike A

Caption: That’s me away and I’ll take those fingers too.


I posted but like Rodgers, i can’t see it anywhere.


Do Foxes eat rats?



Ahh, very nice to meet you Brendan. I hope the club are looking after you and may I suggest the helicopter as your mode of transport from now on.


That’s shite patter pal


Fuck off wank.


made me laugh


poor stuff


Ok snowflake. It is a joke, granted a bit tasteless,, but if this goes tits up, then I think there’ll be a lot worse posted about that (non) person.


Pish !!!!!! Rodgers is a treacherous wank but jokingly referring to the deaths of people that had done us no harm is unacceptable hunnish shite that would not be out of place on follow follow.


but its ok if its thatcher etc as is the case many times on the site?

its a joke, relax


You fuck off as well.




I agree, Bgbhoy & Henke should be banned 🙂


You fuck off as well





The Cha

First Rodgers and now Monti as our moral guardian of good taste.

We’re fucked I tell ye. 😉


Shut your pus 😉

The Cha

Puss 🙂


“I’ve been a Leicester fan all my life by the way…”


Exactly :-), “oh, and If anyone wants to rent a property…”


This looks like a win-win for the ex-manager and (unfortunately) the current CEO. Rodgers constantly being found out in Europe meant he’s become a busted flush as far as any of the bigger clubs in the EPL are concerned. That’s how he’s measured not by what he does in the SPL. It’s not so much losing to sides like Valencia but AEK Athens etc. It wasn’t too long ago that he was mentioned as a possibility as the man to replace Wenger. The Chelsea job will be coming up soon, it’s fairly obvious he wouldn’t have been considered in a… Read more »


As you say, this bring him up to the bonus level.
Maybe it wasnt Rodgers leaving before the end of the season when he didnt have to.
Maybe he was pushed?


Caption: “That’s a funny handshake you’ve got there Brendan”


“Hi, you’ll have to use washing up liquid and white spirit but the slime from my hand does come off eventually”

Caption: “Hello, I’m Brendan. I will give my life for you, whoever you are”


Feel sick to the pit of my stomach, i feel down & hurt by someone who had my heart…..he got every drop of good will from my heart & he has betrayed it, he has gone, so be it. I used to have this ability to take a knock, a disappointment & come roaring back with a srcond wind, i thought i had lost it but it’s still there, i’ll tell you why… The Celtic shirt, our supporters, our club & each othet are all the reasons to fight & fight hard for our club, no matter what!! If any… Read more »

John McDermott

Hi Brendan welcome to Leicester…. please call me your eminence or al have your season book off you as quick as I can get on a flight out a Glasgow.

Mark Gillespie

CAPTION: l love me who do you love?

B Boru

comment image


Jeez, I look young there! Thinking of you Billy.

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: ‘Hi, I’m Brendan, would you like to buy some snake oil?’

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: ‘Hi, so where is the backdoor so I can sneak off on you one day too?’

Hold on a minute Mr Chairman, that’s only 29 pieces of silver ye’ve given me there.

Salad Queen

There’s a tweet by Dominic diamond on twitter which sums it all up.


Caption: It’s great to be here, I will give my life to the club until the City/United/Chelsea/Arsenal job comes up.


in 3 years time he will be a Championship manager


JEEZZZ…That long?

Tam the tim

We move on. Rodgers is in the past now. We have a match to win tonight and the players will have to be up for it. I’m sure NL and especially Scott Brown will have a big part to play in settling the players down to get the job done. The atmosphere will be pretty hot so cool heads are what’s needed. The recriminations will go on for some time and I’ve said it before, the supporters don’t really matter to the suits but they are not the club. We are.


“Snake oil, get your snake oil here”


Delia out.




The fickle finger of fate, its a funny auld game mister. Lenny leaves Hibs for unspecified reasons and Brendan leaves Celtic with the stench of betrayal. I ask myself, why did he leave in the manner that he did, what caused him to walk out on the club he professed to support, to leave the players that showed him nothing but respect and admiration. To go to a club without soul, a club of not much, I do not believe that money was the catalyst, that the EPL is the “manna from heaven”. Perhaps as he has said “One day… Read more »


5.5m a year I suspect and a stepping stone to a bigger EPL club.


Tut Tut Broxburn, I expected better from you sir, When you address Cesar you must Hail him first, he was after all the only Scotsman to lift the big cup. My instincts tells me that, there is emotions at play here, its not about the money, honey, this reeks off anger.. not £ L S D.


I wonder how long it will be before he tries to tap up players from his Scottish ” nursery club”! I just hope our team members feel the same hurt and disappointment that we all do at this moment and tell him where to go if he comes snaking around.


Caption: Leicester’s touch a cunt day is a huge success.


Caption- Look into my eyes,look into my eyes.

rab wallace

It all starts and ends with that fucking rat Peter Lawwell tight arsed beady eyed prick he needs drowned in a bucket of horse piss.
Rodgers served the club well but he really has been shown up to be a bit of a cunt. Good riddance!
At least with Lennon we know he fucking means it when he says something.

Like you and I,Neil`ld been watching the team since the hard fought Valencia game.

There`s a lot of underlying factors Lenny has to adjust with.

I reckon he`ll go like for like from the bench.
Nir Bitton will be a pivotal player today if given the chance.

Prediction? Hmmm…Celts 2-7.

Glasgow- famed for Clyde-built ships, and Simple Minds.

Leicester – famed for tattie crisps, and Englebert Humfyerdrink.

When you see it in black and white, you can understand Judas’ decision… NOT!!


Caption: “Is that right? My daughter is called Lineker too …”

From all the pictures i`ve seen of Brendan at the King Power Stadium.

There`s always been a hefty woman by his side flirtatiously ogling her new toyboy.

Brendan, you picked a bad day to give up snorkeling.

Stevie D



Deep Diving ..what a Fishy smell ?

George Lazenbhoy

Caption: I would take my life to shake a Leicester city fan’s hand. Next, I would give my life to shake the hand of the Asda checkout girl. Next, I would give my life to shake the hand of my uber driver. Next, I would shake the hand of the match officials who are honest and as transparent as me. Next…….


Anger works differently for everyone. “When I was young, I was an angry young man. Now I’m old, I’m fuckin furious!” Maybe Broony and our players will also be angry enough to take it out on The Sons of William? Lenny can urge them on. This is a big match in many ways— the only away match we might lose. Our other two away are to Dundee and St. Mirren. At home to Dundee tonight will be the Huns last easy match as well. 3 points tonight would be a big boost. Brendan may have given the Huns a gift… Read more »


What a scaby shower of arshole’s football agents are, living in the darkness, they grow them in batch’s just like mushrooms, mind you mushrooms taste delicious whereas agents would taste like the puke of a deed badger. (That’s cuntry talk btw.) You read of Sala’s agent, the scum of Govan’s offspring and how they fabricated interest in the player to “talk up” his transfer fee to Cardiff. No-other team was interested in him at that time, a bigger transfer fee, the bigger their cut. We Wuz robbed so they were, conned would be a far better description. Still trying to… Read more »


I’m talking about Willie McKay’s son, your on the wrong page..


Fun Cesar can handle, but you must be respectful to Cesar, he is after all one of the greatest living Celtic players, the one and only Scotsman to lift the European Cup. His name must be prefixed with a Hail, Hail Cesar..

“What is true is that not one single Celtic player has thanked or even recognised his move to Leicester on social media.”

That`s where the Ghirls and Bhoys thus,take up the reins.


There is still an outpouring of grief and hatred gnashing of teeth.
tearing out of hair….those that are follically challenged removing wigs etc…wailing and mourning… I feel all of your pain…





Fuck off 😉


MONTI… NOTHING LESS THAN I EXPECTED 🙂 … and maybe deserved.:)
When does the mourning period end? … At kick off tonight? 🙂
I fully expect to see Hearts pumped COYBIG

The Cha

Totally agree, “it’s not personal, it’s just business” springs to mind.

We threw over Barnes and Mowbray when we no longer wanted them and, harsh as it seems, this is how he looks on us.

If you invested emotion in this like a pre-pubescent school kid then perhaps you need to re-assess.

As the great Tony Mowbray said “we take it on the chin, we dust ourselves down and we go again”

Noel Skytrot

Fully agree with your post Weered. Not one fuck given by me over his departure, it’s done. And before anyone starts id just like to say before theydo…FUCK OFF. Lol



Hell I’m more deluded than deluded Brendan


At least we’ll never meet him in Europe.

G`day Wiiboz.
Karma`s a vixen.


this hearts mob will kick us all over the pitch tonight with the consent ae the specsavers loyal as they try to get broonie or lenny tae lose the heid fuck brendan hees gon lets get behind the bhoys for a treble treble


Lawwell out!


He was the architect of yesterdays untimely departure

Call me Cain.

“give his life.”
Least we could do for him is is to chip-in for a new pair of floaties as a partin` gift.

The Cha

“We can be fairly certain that despite the usual guff in the press, that there is little point in him approaching Celtic for any of his favourites.”

Is it April 1st already?

Our board will turn down money, as a matter of principle.

I’ll put that down to temporary insanity and hopefully normal service will return tomorrow after a good victory tonight.

The Cha

You should be blackballed for that.

I wonder if there’s a queue for the cue

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