Celtic Diary Tuesday February 26: We Are Celtic Supporters

It’s taken my laptop two hours to shut down and restart this morning.

I can only presume its a wee bit upset about something.


On the 27th of January a reliable source told me that Brendan Rodgers was going to Leicester.

Last night, it came directly from the ranch.

This morning, it appears to be that he is going to Leicester City to be manager. John Kennedy will take charge of the team for the Hearts game tomorrow, unless Neil Lennon is, as suspected, sitting outside in the car park.

Remember what I said about Lennon being the next manager ?


I’m not going to look back or blame Rodgers for leaving.

He’ll tell us that he’s taken us as far as he can.

He may even fire a salvo at the SFA and all of those who hold our game back, but ultimately, if he doesn’t want to be here, and remember again why Moussa Dembele left when he realised he didn’t, then , frankly, he can fuck off.


When he first arrived at Celtic, i referred you to a book called Living On The Volcano. It gave us an insight into the mans character. Its fair to say that I certainly never took to him the way most did.


but, its done now, and the road to ten just became a little more troublesome.


What worries me is the reaction of the support.

Peter Lawwell will be blamed, but the truth is there is little he could have done to stop him going. Bear in mind the reluctance of the CEO to allow Rodgers free use of the clubs cheque book, and the fact that the wage bill has rocketed to new levels.

We may yet have to tighten our belts as we did when O’Neill left.

Rodgers, a self professed fan who never actually attended a single game at Celtic Park as a fan, has left us in the lurch. He could have gone with our best wishes in the summer, but has instead decided to stick two fingers at all of us, knowing that we’ll blame the board , Lawwell and whatever else we can think of.



If ever the club needed our support, if ever we had to play our own part in the next chapter of our history, that time is now. 

There is a need for unity and recriminations can wait until the summer.

The players, up until last night, didn’t think he’d go. Obviously he’s filled them full of shit right up until the last minute. In fact, they still don’t.

The man who comes in to replace him, and lead the club to what will probably be the greatest day of our history will need a set of cajones that are made of solid steel.

He will need to be a Celtic man, and not someone who says he is.

The man who comes in now must be able not only to steady the ship, but to keep driving it forward.

Someone who knows the club, who understands the peculiar pressure of being Celtic manager, and also someone who will not jump on the first train south when the EPL non-entities come calling.


Neil Lennon is the only choice. There’s no point in even trying to get anyone else in, certainly not this close to ten in a row, or this close to another treble.

And that needs to be done today, and he needs to be in that dressing room this afternoon.

The players are a little shell shocked. They’ve been fed a pile of poo and someone needs to get their diet sorted.



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Brendan was never at Celtic park as a fan…certainly wont return to Celtic Park as one

If he goes..he goes…his loss, end of. Could have left in the summer with a league win, cup wouldn’t have been compulsory, and been a hero forever, now, persona non grata and viewed as someone who hurted us more than any outsider.

My biggest concern…hearing John Kennedy has 8 games to secure the job for himself like Lenny did a few years back.


Where did you hear that about Kennedy??
I’ll be very surprised if that’s the case. Lennon is the obvious choice,to me, till the end of the season at least. He’s out of work and we need someone with experience to guide us to the end of the season and smooth troubled waters. Personally I think he’s got to be in with a shout full-time. Now is not the time for a gamble, we need proven experience to guide us to the 10.

W tim

Just another plastic fan and now a traitor,leaving for totally shite club,when we’re trying to get another treble,he can fuck off,anever darken Celtic park again,ver overrated manager.

Rob O'Keeffe

Totally correct…..

Traitor… What a wank you are


Leicester: We want you Brendan.

BR: Why would I leave? I’m at a club I love and have never lost a domestic trophy.

Leicester: Our board will support you and sign players you want.

BR: …

W tim

He will be sacked sometime next season,Leicester are a fourth rate team,who have too high expectations

I think we may be jumping the gun a wee bit here.. as I understand it, the man is politely listening to what Leicester have to say. Of course, he could phone (or email) them to say he’s not interested, but I think he’d be burning his bridges to any future move back south if he couldn’t be arsed to at least listen to what’s being offered. Remember that, only recently, the Celtic board and management allowed Scott Brown to mull over the chance to move to Australia. How did that one pan out? Only after Leicester have dealt their… Read more »


Disappointed wouldn’t even sum up the feeling. But, if he doesn’t want to be here, thanks and goodbye. He’s not first to leave. Why would the board turn to Lennon after his leaving last time? Only one contender – Steve Clarlke.

Or, we could offer it Deek McInnes, he then turns us down, then the board releases a statement to the effect that he’s not good enough. Nobody’seemed ever done that before, have they? Hehehe!!


Doc that’s almost certainly true but the timing of this is horrendous and that is Brendan’s responsibility, as Ralph says go in the summer with the blessings and the admiration of the support BUT not know with a league to win ffs.

Yoker Bhoy

Too gutted to say very much at the moment. We have more than enough spirit and ability among our players to soldier on and win the league whoever takes over. Stevie Clarke would also be my choice as his successor.


One man emptied the stands, another man, filled the stands. As Celtic F.C. announce the closure of its footballing operations and will re-emerge as a new Challenger bank. Pass me the sick bag…

Honest hoops

A true gentleman gives notice of leave, the right time is at the end of the season,treble restored and your head held high as you move to new pastures…

Iljas Baker

Exactly HH. It would be so hypocritical to leave now. It would show that all the talk about his relationship with Celtic is BS. He has a responsibility to the fans, the players he brought in and who came perhaps largely because of him and to the management. Is he going to deny that? If so, shame on him.

Rob O'Keeffe

Well said….

He had a responsibility to the club answerable to the board. Conversely the board had a responsibility to give him the players he deemed desirable. So WHO SHAFTED WHO?

Mark Lucas

Seriously, Neil Lennon. A man who walked out on us and was sacked by Bolton and Hibs since. Also a guy that didn’t see the potential in KT or Callum……say yeah, it’s no on Lennon from me!


To consider an English club with the propensity to sack managers over a club he professes to love speaks volumes. BR now appears to be nothing more than political motivational speaker with little substance. The BR/Board tit for tat has been a pissing contest, yet it leaves the Celtic support with a kidney stone. Celtic had the opportunity to put the tribute act away for a generation, BR had the opportunity to leave with a legacy on par with the greatest Celtic managers. Instead we are left with two big stupid egos both thinking “That’s showed you, matey” as they… Read more »


I’m glad I read your comment HB with which I totally agree.
You’ve put it in words I could not achieve at this moment.
Thanks for that.
But we are Celtic supporters and we’ve been in far worse circumstances than this. Whether Lawwell gets ‘both barrels’ will depend much on what he does now, but we’re watching.
Come On You Bhoys In Green.



Aye ok!


Steve Clarke is now our only choice. Lennon will only become the Neil Lennon Show, the one who left us in the lurch before.
John Kennedy? How exciting is that?!!
I feel gutted and betrayed. This is the poorest timing I can imagine. Call me old school but a contract is a promise and a big promise broken. Brendan has shit on all of us. Leicester? Really? Bye, bye Brendan. It’s a shame you don’t really, deep down, support Celtic.
You couldn’t wait until the end of this season? Wow, does money talk.
I still don’t believe it! The timing of it….


Remember the interview Lawwell gave a year or so back, said something about ” going to a new level & qualifying OUT of the CL group stages “? He is a fucking lying wanker of a man! He is a fucking scumbag of a man who is taking the complete piss out of us! There is no way Brendan would have left Celtic at this stage of a season unless something is seriously fucking broken. We have a CEO who is interfering with the football side of things, that is the reason Brendan is away. I’ll get to Brendan later,… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

As Ralph states….BR was Never a supporter and a good few of us never bought into the In Brenda We Trust crap….he was unemployed and used Us as a stepping stone while Sevco fucked about with Warburton and Agent Pedro.His Mr.Nice Guy persona is an act…..ruthless doesn’t cover it…

Rob you just don’t like the northern Irish. Possibly because we Are superior…


ffs stop the panic. See all the worms emerging. what will happen will happen , eventually.


brendan has not left yet if he leaves in the summer fair doo s if he leaves us in the shit like like ralh sais he can get tae fuck when he gets there he can fuck right off again and when he gets there he can fuck off again for all eternity ha ha ha ha …..but if he stays hees ma pal again HE HE COYBIG


either way we roll on tae the worlds first ever domestic treble treble aint life grand

Charlie… Exactement Mon ami


weered like ma auld man always telt me …dont let the bastards get ye doon

Charlie… Too many people throwing the first stone. The only thing Brendan did was grab an opportunity… CARPE DIEM… 🙂


viable ….dry yoor fuckin eyes ya zombie cunt ………..and yer teams called sevco ..noo fuck off and play wae yer sodgers


lenny killled thum aye and dont you forget it hun

Tim Buffy

Leaving a club with no ambition for a club which can never realise its ambitions. Lawwell and company have a lot to answer for. Disappointed at the timing but you have to take your opportunities as they come along. I love Lennon and he’ll probably do a good job but, for the sake of his own mental health and physical safety, I wouldn’t like to see him back – especially in the current climate.


C S… Brendan was shafted by the board last year-
long memories and all that goes with it
Players coming in whom he knew nothing about this year…
Yeah …best move he can make at this stage in his career…
unless the press have it wrong?????

He has exceeded everyones expectations




Don’t acknowledge the cunt. He needs the shit kicked out of him. Horrible horrible cunt he is


You are a fucking cunt. A fraud. Hasn’t been to Celtic Park in 40 years. On here with a boner that the Best manager in 50 years is away. What pish you have just spouted. Lenny killed rangers? Lenny won 3 in a row against rangers? Wtf??

Shat it and lost the league in his first season. Played dreadful football for the most part and lost about 5 cups to minnows.

Got sacked by the club but he’s to be the man to get 10?


C S … that’s bollocks for the most part!


Far too many opinions to expand on…

Yep…. he hasn’t gone yet
I’ll wait till it comes from the horses mouth… NOT IT’S FUCKING ARSE

If the tena fits…


To go to Dubai or not to go, that is the question, but to be in the Celtic managers dug out against Rod the Sod Petrie’s Hibernian on Saturday, well that would be SSSWWEEETT.


One word sums up this whole tawdry episode …CLASSLESS.
Brendan did well but seems a bit of a snake oil salesman
Lawell riding the ass off the club , for his own ego and financial gain.
Bring back the thunder mark2 then hopefully get Steve Clarke in.
Celtic is bigger than any personality ,be it Stein,McNeill, O Neill or Larrson …but were choosy who we idolise…we demand CLASS


Anything Celtic have now is down to Stein. If it wasn’t for Jock we wouuld not be anything like the club we are.


Anything we have is due to Fergus. He saved us from administration .

What he said happened , as well as tearing the sfa a new arsehole.

The thanks he got ? boos while unfurling the flag.


Walked away with £40m. It was the fans who saved the club, granted Fergus was the catalyst.


This profit he stated from the beginning.

Makes you wonder how much ” miscounting ” found its way into biscuit tin.

Thank you Brendan for your time here and the domestic success . Best wishes for the future .

A well earned break from all the shit and hypoccrasy that purports to represents the scottish game.


Nobody is bigger than the club, HAIL HAIL

I would bring back Larsson and Mjallby


Who could blame Brendan for moving out of “Dodge” , “I heard the noise coming down the road, it was an Orange Order march, I was at the petrol station filling up my car and I hid behind the car”. On the other E-Tims article, we read of a thirteen year refereeing career where “The John Fleming Institute” of bent referees strive to get decisions on the park for just the one club. Where a few “Honest Men” challenge the board to take action on the proof that they provided to take the SFA to task over awarding the same… Read more »


Cesar Mikus… Your last sentence may well be at the crux of the matter… if the treble treble, which is eminently doable, does not happen… then the board must be relieved of its upper echelon.
The best con men wear the most expensive suits…


It’s the timing of this, 24 hours before a trip to Tynecastle, then Easter road at the weekend?

This would have been easier to accept if it had come at the seasons end….fucking shameful this, from Brendan & Celtic.


Monti… if this type of window of opportunity opened for you or I then we might jump at it…. there is no sentiment in a pound coin .


You couldn’t be more wrong…..

Rob O'Keeffe

Answer this…..who has more money? Peter or Brendan?….




He’s just left a bigger team fuck sake man

Ffs where did MUCH come from

Rob O'Keeffe

Spot on….


From Brendan mate not Celtic. He got plenty dough. Guys a cunt

There is a natural sense of betrayal at the manner of Brendan Rogers departure. Loss is always followed by denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. The quicker we go through that grief process as individuals the better, but the response to loss is perfectly natural including finding someone to blame. However life goes on and when emotions recede there is always a job to be done. BR was great at helping players achieve their full potential and has added a lot of value on the park. He has also made signing mistakes on the debit side but overall his… Read more »

Auldheid… Absolutely correct


Ha, Auldheid, “older budweiser”, I could mibbaes do wi’ a few pints o’ that as I await ‘further developments’! (the newer stuff’s shite, BTW)
Good comment though and balanced like most of your stuff. I’ll mibbaes try takin’ a leaf or two out of ‘your book’, but I’ll give you the credit as I dinnae like plagiarisin’.
This too shall pass……

Noel Skytrot

Sensible opinion and a great post, Auldheid.


Auldheid. I’m over it already no grieving for me. He is a lemon in Europe fucking clueless. Found the guy disingenuous plays his cards to close to his chest. Basically a rhetoric machine. Hit a brick wall in Europe he’s a top British coach that’s it mid table premier league his level. Still good chance of the treble. Would be happy with just the league tbh and a good manager. Could get worse than Lennon


Lawwell must not survive this, he is detrimental to the football department now.
It must be bad behind the scenes for Brendan to go at this stage of the season.

Where’s Dermot?


Want to take everyone back to last May, double treble completed for the first time in Celtic & Scottish football history.
Open topped bus, happy fans & the club never been in a better financial position.

I give you today……..

We stood still, we didn’t invest from a position of strength….do we ever?

No matter who is to blame Lawwell or/and Brendan….i feel fucking sick today, gutted.

So from that momentous day last May, how do we get to this?


Monti… ” I give you today”…DISCO LIGHTS…and cake


Well put Monti


Dissapointment is my first reaction. It’s not mid-season it’s the tickly bit and the timing is poor and the club of choice is mediocre. So thanks for the memories but jog on ’cause your exit lacked class and like the tan and the teeth there’s a bit of fake shit going on there. Onwards and upwards with Lennon a reasonable custodian until a bold decision is made in the summer…or who knows with the level of trust between manager and the board maybe someoene lined up already.


Everyone getting at BR should consider the actions of the board over the last two years.
Leicester is a major step down for him, but is he so scunnered with life at Paradise?
Liewell and Bankiercare rubbing their hands at the transfer fee, also the probability of moving on some of the players to Leicester.
They do not give a flying fxxk for trophies or the fans.I have finally decided not to give them another bawbee
Kenny is it the answer, his time has passed, we need new blood, possibly Clarke,


Can we get Steve Clarke in for the domestic stuff and just have Lenny for the European ties? At least next season we might see a plan B in the CL/Europa ties….


Fuck Steve Clarke we need Celtic men. Clarke should get a job with nil by mouth. They can spend fuck all and say fuck all.

Weclome hame Neil.

Noel Skytrot

Just woke up after the night shift and read the news about BR possibly going to Leicester, WOW, just wow. If he does so we ned to show total solidarity with whoever comes in for the remainder of the season. It’s a massive shock but unity is the key as we chase down 8 in a row and a possible trebleX3. The media and the huns will try even more to destabalise us. It’s time for the siege mentality to be adopted just till we get the ship on an even keel.

3 year deal bandying about. Him and the coaching staff.


I would bring in Strachan till the end of the season to help Lenny with the media.
Let him take the press conference and Lenny concentrate on the football.
Brendan has left us in the lurch no matter which way you look at it. Whose fault at this time it doesn’t matter what matters is the team the fans get together and play as one.
Let’s hope that the players remember it is not a manager or a team they play for but a cause.
A cause that cannot be broken.
Celtic first Celtic last Celtic overall.


ma mate sais he just seen salary mc moist walking up london road towards parkheid ……….but dont panic bhoys he wis pushin his lawnmower ha ha ha ha


My heed is fucked, my heart is heavy & i’m just fucking sick as fuck today. I want answers to the questions, where is that cunt Lawwell? Bankier? Dermot? The fucking answers? Brendan? The timing Brendan? Why not at the end of the season? The support shat on again from a great height? Do we deserve that, Peter? We need another Celts for change movement to rid us of this board, i hope folk can see that. Disappointed doesn’t cover it today, i feel let down, i feel betrayed but most of all i feel hurt by this, we have… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Spoken to two first team players today…..oh My Ghod…..the place is in meltdown……

Rob… What a fucking ould woman you fucking Are. Are you a curtain twitcher?



Build a bonfire,
Build a bonfire,
Put the sevco at the top,
Put the Jambos in the middle,
And we’ll burn the fuckin` lot…


Rodgers has let us down today and thats something I never thought he would do. He has been brilliant domestically for us but isn’t without fault but then who is. Timing has shifted momentum and the bhoys will have to dig deep. But Lenny knows the majority of the players he will walk into a settled team who are on the brink of a remarkable treble treble. If Ronnie can win us the title ffs then we have nothing to fear. The players must rally round and thank fuck we have Broony as our Captain he will make sure they… Read more »

He who must not be named.
Leicester fuckin` City…Brexit indeed!

Noel Skytrot

I notice that there are many bitter barbs being aimed at the former manager due to the timing of his departure which is understandable. He’s gone and it’s now time to focus on what lies ahead. All the angry wailing, gnashing of teeth and battered keyboard fingers won’t change the fact that we are were we are. We need to let this blow over and charge on to winning the trophies up for grabs. BR is gone, Neil Lennon is in, we need to unite and see this out. Statement FC will be thinking that we are in disarray and… Read more »

The Cha

No tears (for fear) here mate.

I’ve seen this movie plenty of times over nearly 6 decades.

From a position of strength, stall and hit reverse.

It’s not individual players and managers; it never was.

It was always thus and always will be, if we simply “take it on chin, dust ourselves down and go again”; you don’t deal with structural problems by ignoring them.

Noel Skytrot

I’m talking in the context of getting on with what needs to be done for the remainder of the season Cha. Once the dust settles, then we need to look at where we are going. HH

The Cha

“The Revolution Starts At Closing Time” by Serious Drinker.

In our case, “The Revolution Starts In The Close Season”.

It’s not gonna happen;its now or never and, I think, now is now past.


And in Brendan Behans footsteps I danced up and down the street. No man bigger than the club.


We are also speaking to Strachan and Moyes?? That would be the final nail


Strachan was a great ambassador and not a slimey cunt like that bastard


Rodgers I mean not Moyes. Please not Moyes btw


I think it is so thick to go on about Lawwell, it is the typical Scottish/tabloid response to a problem:”lets find someone to blame>” Pathetic. Lawwell didn’t ask Brendan to leave two days before a crunch game with Hearts,Brendan decided to do that totally lacking in class if he does go and betraying those of us who have supported him and swallowed his hypocrisy about Celtic being his club.It is Brendan’s decision to leave now.Fair enough if he left at the end of the season saying he couldn’t work with the Chief Executive then Lawwell could shoulder some of the… Read more »

London Celtic

Utter rubbish. Lawell has to man up to his own miss management. Enough is enough.


well said


“you do not leave at such a crucial time”


We can lay blame in many places and the number one place is with Brendan Rogers who decided to leave Celtic and join Leicester City – a club that will win nothing and never again qualify for Europe. It makes no sense other than he’s getting paid a ton more than at Celtic and the Thai onwers have agreed to spend big money. There is nothing noble in this move at all. He might end up sacked by the end of the season! Leaving now is pisspoor and that is his decision. Thanks for the double treble Brendan and hang… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Spot on…..at least we get rid of Davies and hopefully,worldclass Congerton…….plenty of good quality foreign managers would love to manage at Parkhead….hopefully Celtic take their time and bring in a top class coach,cut out the tippy tappy shit at the back and don’t let the momentum swing over to the Sooside Sectarian Scumbags…….


Lennon it is.

Backwards step if ever there was one.

Very underwhelming


It’s only to guide us home m8. We need stability and someone who has been over the ground before.
Only decision they could make really in such a short space of time.
For next season i would go for Nenad Bjelica
He is doing wonders at Dynamo Zagreb.
Would play the football we want to see.


He wins the league he will get the job, and that bothers me.

He got the job last time losing to Ross county in the semi final of the cup, and that result also proved to be no fluke

I really like the guy, but not manager of Celtic for me.

Rodgers has really fucking sickened me. Like the last 3 years don’t count or something.

I know he’s not been happy with the board etc but what a way to destroy his legacy.

Sickened, but my mind also drifts back to big Moussa’s tweet…


Could you explain why Celtic, who are 38 million in the black, may have to tighten their belt re spending?
Are you Lawwell in disguise?

Started my day of with a coffee and thought check out e-tims. Thought the article was a wind-up Ralph. Realized it was no joke. Absolutely shocked.
Thanks to all the tims trying to put a positive spin on this.


I’m sure he will have a guarantee that he won’t be sacked by mid table Leicester this season or maybe even next. He’s only there to stop their slide. He was good but was no Big Jock.
Strachan currently making an arse of himself on Talkshite radio… an example of this on the most recent Danny Kelly show last night…Forest beat Derby and although just a league game, win the inaugural Brian Clough trophy sparking lighthearted discussion on other possibilities, WGS “ Rangers and Celtic could play for the Maurice Johnston trophy”…. oh dear oh dear.


Typical tongue in cheek from Strachan.
I know we are all hurting but it will be ok we have everything in our own hands.
Big Kennedy must be shocked he was left behind eh
Nah didnt think so too.
Broony will lead us and make sure the players are focused.
I’m hearing that Lawwell knocked back Leicesters approach but Brendan went nuts as he has a clause in his contract. So he had to let him go.
He knew then he wouldn’t be back.


There’s definetely going to be a referees strike now!


I would be hard put to say this often of you but that is class 🙂





Thanks for the memories Brendan but you have broke a lot of hearts today, including mine.

I can’t bring myself to wish you well!

Monti… It’s a bit of a kick in the stones OK but Brendan has to do what’s best for him, only time will tell if he made a personal mistake. I wish him luck… He’ll need it

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