Celtic Diary Tuesday February 26: We Are Celtic Supporters

Celtic Diary Tuesday February 26: We Are Celtic Supporters

It’s taken my laptop two hours to shut down and restart this morning.

I can only presume its a wee bit upset about something.


On the 27th of January a reliable source told me that Brendan Rodgers was going to Leicester.

Last night, it came directly from the ranch.

This morning, it appears to be that he is going to Leicester City to be manager. John Kennedy will take charge of the team for the Hearts game tomorrow, unless Neil Lennon is, as suspected, sitting outside in the car park.

Remember what I said about Lennon being the next manager ?


I’m not going to look back or blame Rodgers for leaving.

He’ll tell us that he’s taken us as far as he can.

He may even fire a salvo at the SFA and all of those who hold our game back, but ultimately, if he doesn’t want to be here, and remember again why Moussa Dembele left when he realised he didn’t, then , frankly, he can fuck off.


When he first arrived at Celtic, i referred you to a book called Living On The Volcano. It gave us an insight into the mans character. Its fair to say that I certainly never took to him the way most did.


but, its done now, and the road to ten just became a little more troublesome.


What worries me is the reaction of the support.

Peter Lawwell will be blamed, but the truth is there is little he could have done to stop him going. Bear in mind the reluctance of the CEO to allow Rodgers free use of the clubs cheque book, and the fact that the wage bill has rocketed to new levels.

We may yet have to tighten our belts as we did when O’Neill left.

Rodgers, a self professed fan who never actually attended a single game at Celtic Park as a fan, has left us in the lurch. He could have gone with our best wishes in the summer, but has instead decided to stick two fingers at all of us, knowing that we’ll blame the board , Lawwell and whatever else we can think of.



If ever the club needed our support, if ever we had to play our own part in the next chapter of our history, that time is now. 

There is a need for unity and recriminations can wait until the summer.

The players, up until last night, didn’t think he’d go. Obviously he’s filled them full of shit right up until the last minute. In fact, they still don’t.

The man who comes in to replace him, and lead the club to what will probably be the greatest day of our history will need a set of cajones that are made of solid steel.

He will need to be a Celtic man, and not someone who says he is.

The man who comes in now must be able not only to steady the ship, but to keep driving it forward.

Someone who knows the club, who understands the peculiar pressure of being Celtic manager, and also someone who will not jump on the first train south when the EPL non-entities come calling.


Neil Lennon is the only choice. There’s no point in even trying to get anyone else in, certainly not this close to ten in a row, or this close to another treble.

And that needs to be done today, and he needs to be in that dressing room this afternoon.

The players are a little shell shocked. They’ve been fed a pile of poo and someone needs to get their diet sorted.