Celtic Diary Friday February 22: That’s That Then

Celtic duly exited Europe after a valiant display against Valencia in Spain.

It won’t be the most disastrous European exit this year, or even this spring, but it still felt bad.

Finally, the team showed that they can be disciplined-if you don’t count the sending off of Jeremy Toljan-, that they can play controlled , aggressive football, and that they are prepared to fight for each other and for the shirt.

Apart from a ten minute spell after the sending off, which Brendan Rodgers excused the German from fault , choosing instead to blame the referee, who he had heard had Rangers as his favourite subbuteo team, Celtic were more than comfortable and arguably the better side.

The manager had switched to a back three, presumably to stifle the Valencia forwards, and two wing backs. With no natural striker playing, this allowed for pace on either side with Forrest and Burke able to pick up the baton when Celts were on the offensive.

The back three, esepcially the addition of Ajer, made everyone feel a little more confident, and the norwegian provided an outball through the middle as he was prepared to run with the ball and not play a short pass.

The different style certainly surprised Valencia, and it wasn;t until the sending off that they posed a threat.

When the game was over, you had to be reminded Celtic were down to ten men, such was the effort put in.

As for the sending off, maybes aye, maybes naw. Toljan should have been more aware, I’d venture, as he’d already been booked.

Brendan saw it differently..

“Kris has come in with the striker, maybe a bit too far in but you’re looking for James Forrest or Jeremy to close the space

“Guedes makes the run from behind and he bumps Jeremy slightly and he makes contact with him.

“I said to the referee I didn’t think it was sending off at all, it was just a coming together which should have been a foul for us.

“He said ‘it was a definite sending off’.

“From there it was very difficult. I thought the pride and the performance, I’m so proud to be the coach because the kept fighting and kept working.”


Defeat we can take, if the fight is there, and if anything is to be learned from the tie overall, its that the performance last night, and all round effort, is the way forward.

That, and a few surprises in how the game is approached tactically.

Scott Bain came of age in goal, with one or two spectacular saves.

Johnny Hayes ran, fought and then ran again.

Kris Ajer may yet prove to be the eventual replacement for Scott Brown, his strength and size a factor last night, combined with his fitness.

Even Jozo Simunovic looked interested, and when he does, he’s a far better player than he’s given credit for.

Now, who would have thought back at the beginning of the campaign in July that those four names would be the stars of the show in arguably our best performance of the season on the continent ?


There are signs that the team has improved this year, although ultimately it won’t be looked back on as a great campaign.

Maybe they can take heart from that, and use what they have learned in the next campaign, which will be along fairly soon.

Last word goes to Marcelino, the Valencia boss..

“We are satisfied with having passed the tie as expected, although the first 35 minutes I liked rather little.

“It is logical because when you have such a favourable result of the first game, 0-2, in the second you always tend to relax.

“To that possible relaxation, in that time Celtic was superior and, after the expulsion, we were clear dominating and deserving of the triumph.” 


Elsewhere, and the big story is that the JusticeforJohn campaign has seen the police finally make arrests in the death texts case..

Police have arrested three men in connection with abusive messages sent to a referee after an Old Firm game.

The texts were sent to 36-year-old John Beaton following the Rangers v Celtic match at Ibrox on 29 December 2018.

The official was criticised after Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos was not punished for several incidents in the 1-0 win over Celtic.

Three men, aged 31, 33 and 41, have been charged in connection with communications offences.

All three have been released to appear in court at a later date.

A report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal. 

The new BBC Scotland channel could show the trial live, as a warning to others.

We will keep an eye on this story, as Justice will only be served when they are suitably punished…


Another story that has the football authorities and media gleefully pouring all their energies into is the Steve Clarke speech which left no one unaware of the problems of sectarianism in Scottish football.

Clarke deserves praise for telling it like it is, but when its reported by a media who are afraid to tell it like it is, there’s a feeling that he may become the story as opposed to the sectarianism itself.

Nil By Mouth managed to get their guy n the telly to explain the problem, but frankly, as they always do, their man sat so firmly on the fence that immediate anal surgery was required.

Which was surprising, because he managed to talk out of his arse for the whole interview.

The Sky interview is available online, and he just kind of waffles for a bit.

He was more precise in the Record, taking care to bring Kris Boyds abuse into the argument, to allow for the two cheeks of the same arse argument..

In the space of a few days we’ve seen two prominent figures in Scottish football – Steve Clarke and Kris Boyd – subjected to sectarian abuse as they go about their work. 

“What we have at the moment is a complete abdication of responsibility from Scottish football. They wash their hands of it, they say it’s someone else’s fault.

“It’s a spineless gutless, response to a very real problem. While clubs and governing bodies continue to bury their heads in the sand when faced with bigotry, we’ll continue to see such incidents blight the game.

“It’s time to seriously consider introducing Uefa’s Strict Liability system into the Scottish game to end the zero liability culture that has been allowed to fester for decades.” 

Nil By mouth, who have achieved the square root of fuck all in their short and meaningless existence, are blaming someone else for blaming someone else.

He certainly was in demand yesterday….

“It is difficult to combat if you don’t throw a punch,” he told BBC Radio Scotland.

“The vast majority of people who go to matches have no truck with this, they just want to enjoy the game. The problem is this noisy, sizeable majority who are dragging us back to the bile and hatred of the old days.

“The dilemma for the silent majority is how you actually deal with the people within your ranks who are behaving in this manner? The clubs, particularly the Old Firm clubs, invest hundreds of thousands of pounds on sophisticated software and CCTV footage where you can identify people.

“But what we have is a reluctance to pursue this. There can be hundreds of people – whole stands – chanting and police can’t wade in and make arrests.

“So we are brought back to the elephant in football’s room, which is ‘strict liability’.” 

Strict Liability. Thats the phrase of the day.

I would wager that its not the authorities who are against this, its the clubs.

Strict Liability is just another soundbite thrown forward by those who know it will never happen so that they can say they had the solution but no one listened to them.

It makes them seem like they know what they are talking about, in their own minds at least.

Of course, there was the usual default position.. adopted by some who are even less aware of the world outside their window than even Nil By Mouth..

Twitter is awash with hand-wringing about sectarianism in Scottish football. Again. It all starts with separate schools for those of different religions. Until that issue is tackled, the bigotry will continue! 

Neil describes himself as..

I’m an Aberdeen-based journalist, who is interested in many things, but particularly art, films, history and sport. Views my own. 

Well, there goes the theory that sectarianism is a West of Scotland problem…this guy cannot see that his solution is the equivalent of not telling  black people about slavery to eradicate racism.

The real problem is in the mindset of people-the right word in this context-who have absolutely no desire to live and let live, to tolerate others who may have a different set of beliefs from his.

There’s a word for them….

There’s an article that is relevant to this debate, which will be on the site at 1pm today.

Read it, it’ll put some things into perspective, and whilst not in the text, there is something between the lines that seems like an obvious course of action if we are to eradicate-or at least reduce -sectarian behaviour, firstly at the football, and eventually , within society itself.

It’s Friday, and of course that means its time for the Etims

Knob of the Week 

He’s done it again..

Rangers boss Steven Gerrard asks why Steve Clarke didn’t highlight Kris Boyd Celtic bigotry abuse

Some people shouldn’t be allowed out without adult supervision, far less allowed an opinion.

Perhaps he’s unaware of the level of sectarianism in Scotland, as , indeed, it had slipped Steve Clarkes mind having been away.

But its there, and largely concentrated in one place.

When a mainstream media panders to a section of society, terrified of calling it out, this is the result we get.

When the club itself wonders why another club isn;t being dragged into it, the subject becomes inflamed.

And thats when people get hurt, or even killed.

Gerrard -or whoever writes his speeches-has shown a crass and irresponsible attitude to a serious subject.

He’s going to win the first upgraded award, reserved only for special examples of Knobbery.

He’s the first ever Etims

Proper Knob of the  Week  

yesterday , we had this picture..

Tim Buffy February 21, 2019 at 10:38 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: “The Rangers* are coming.” 


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Boyd: Fenian bastard
Clarke: Orange bastard


Orange bastard, feinian cunt.

Caption…Well played Kris ya big fat, pie eating,orange hun prick…


Caption: Boyd replies…”that’s rich comin from you…”


Fat number 9 – “Gonny get us a pie supper for half time boss”
Stevie Clarke – can you no just have an orange like everyone else ya bastard.




Caption: “Which of the Ibrox clubs did you enjoy playing for the most”?


Caption: ” Less of the funny handshakes ya fat Orange bast@rd”

Tim Buffy

Caption: “Can you lend me a pound till payday, Kris?”



Hey boss them celtic fans are calling me all sorts..

Nae worries kriss it’s my turn next as we play yer old team at ibrox…

Caption 2..

Boss them tims are calling me an orange bastard

Well you should have come doon tae Chelsea when you were younger .. the supporters love your type Doon there


“Hoi! Booss, did ya just call me an orange b*****d?”

“Aye, ah did and you can take yer sash and yer pie stall and fuck off back to Ipox.

Noel Skytrot

Caption…score a goal Kris and I’ll set up a tour of the Monster Munch factory.

The Bhoys fought hard last night and that’s all we expect after the damage being done in the first leg. Forward we go.


Caption: “I wake up every morning and thank Chelsea for taking me away from the west of Scotland because I didn’t have to pick utter shite like you.”



2 days after the Rangers Killie game and no one even remembers how terrible the referee performance was.

The SFA must be laughing their heads off!

Wisnae me

“his solution is the equivalent of not telling black people about slavery to eradicate racism”

No, his solution is the equivalent of not having separate schools for black kids to eradicate racism. It won’t work, but not doing it makes the problem worse.

There really should be no faith based schools, certainly not funded even in part, by taxation. However to say faith based schools cause sectarianism is victim blaming and completely misses the historical reason there are faith based schools in the first place.


“There really should no faith based Schools, certainly not funded even in part by taxation”. Here’s the thing, Catholics pay tax’s too. Many millions of Catholics go to Faith Schools where they receive a great education and are lauded by many for the standard of that education, where they are also taught to love and to show empathy as well as tolerance of others. Billions of students are taught World wide in Catholic schools where they raise billions of pounds for the poor and infirm of this World. Its not the Catholic’s of this World, jackbooting and marching and showing… Read more »


Well said Mike am fed up making that similar point to public school educated pricks!!

The discussion should be about why those in power do nothing to try and stop it at least in public displays

Just stop a game clear the entire section of the ground that the chants are coming from then re-start the game and it will soon stop at games

Do the same in pubs and clubs shut them down if they are found having this type of entertainment

No gathering place no crowd mentality and it will die out

It would be done in two shakes of a lambs tail if it was racisim we were talking about


You’ve just answered your own pointless point with your last line!

Wee Berie

After 52 years of marriage my wife died a few months ago. When I saw the message “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”. I smiled… and haven’t stopped crying since. But I’ll smile again.


Love and respect to you Wee Berie. 52 years, what a million happy memories.


very good from Celtic last night there’s a team in there we are learning that’s the main thing so is Rodgers. He proved he can adapt his tactics. Hope we can keep him. This may be a big turning point. Our defenders must learn not to be naive in Europe. Very proud of the team. Especially Hayes a jet and simo.




Wee Berie – if there’s one thing ETims guarantees it’s a wee smile. Good to hear form you. Puggy

D'Fhinnein Mick

Wee berie

I’m sitting here in a bar in Valencia with my Dad. In 18 months,he and my Mum will celebrate their 60th anniversary. Me,I rarely made relationships last that number in days.

Aye,look back and smile at all the happiness those 52 years brought you,every day looking forward means you can relive them in your mind. It’s better to have happy memories than no memories at all.



Have you seen the wedding certificate? When I was sixteen I made them produce it and I searched it with a magnifying glass to see if there had been any attempt to doctor it. Well it hadn’t been doctored and they were married and 6 weeks after I was conceived.
# Find the proof. 😉

Noel Skytrot

When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.

Your wee missus will be up in the ether smiling down on you. I’m sure that when we do the 10 you’ll be walking about with an unremovable smile pal. Although it’s difficult at times, remember all the good times and memories you shared with your wifey and just smile. Take care Wee Berie.


Wee Berie,
Sorry to hear you lost your wife, God bless you & your family!


It’s a cracking and truthful message wee berie. Probably as true a thing said to you since your wife’s passing mate. Enjoy your memory’s of your 52years mate and try keeping the head up.
YNWA mate


Boydy that’s the polis jist aff the phone the forensic squad want tae test that coin that hit ye hiv ye still goat it naw boss it was a big shiny chocolate wan so a scoffed ithe.



The real Anton Rogan

Let’s blame Catholic schools. Every time there is an incident they peddle this same shite!!

Funny how there are faith schools all over the world and yet it is in this shitehole that there is a problem.

Lets cut to the chase. The problem lies with the WATP superiority complex British empire masonic fuckwits that permeate every single aspect of Scottish society. They thrive on their divide and conquer tactics, just as they always have.


Here Here and very well said.

D'Fhinnein Mick

Let the victim explain why they should not be victimised,meanwhile the WATP driving the narrative will continue to support the racism and bigotry behind it all.

Noel Skytrot

They have Catholic schools in Wales and in England yet none of these issues exist in those places. I wonder why? As much as Scotland is a great place with a lot going for it, I despair when I read the oul ” blame the Catholic schools”
Tolerance and respect are what’s needed regardless of faith, colour etc

Noel Skytrot

Divide the class and kick their ass.

Noel Skytrot

Its too true CS. The bigger travesty is that many buy into this doffin yer cap shite whilst they fuck each and everyone of us over for their own gain.


I wonder if Brendan detected a Scottish accent from the ref last night during his conversation about the red card for Toljan


Boss see when ye go back doon tae Chelsea gony bring back a couple a boaxses ae they whoppers thur good fur helping me concentrate oan ma big important cutting edge scoops in the paper



At least I’m not a fat fenian bastard.


I am ……and fucking proud to be 🙂


Monti… did you meet up with your “rough sleepers” this morning?


Unfortunately they are there every day m8!


Strict Liability is the process where football clubs should be held accountable for their fans behaviour. No wonder the clubs are against it, but Steve Clarke is correct, his Scottish football experience shows that something should be done to shut the bigots up and to force the clubs to take action against those that peddle their own agendas that spoil the football experience for the vast majority. Strick liability should also apply to the refereeing fraternity, to stop outside agendas coming onto the pitch. Same with the governing bodies, force them to start anew, to publish the secret 5way agreement,… Read more »

George Lazenbhoy

Caption: it’s like looking in the mirror except I’m younger and thinner.


“laughing their heads off”

Not difficult when there is nothing holding them on.

I have not forgotten the performance. It would be easy to do so given it is such a familiar scenario it could be boring. However, I would now love to know who in the corridors of power wrote his script. Maybe there is a template just sitting there for them all.
There was a hint of agenda about it but I am just an old paranoid fe****n Ba****d – love feeling the ambiance. All this would be funny if it was not so tragically real.



“That a boy, Kris. The kids to St. Mary’s RC School and they’ll all be little fenian bastards like me.”


caption 2:

“That’s far enough, Kris. I need the sunlight.”



“In a sense that is quite appropriate: because it is politicians who may be required to instigate any fresh attempt to tackle the problem flagged up by an emotional Kilmarnock manager Steve Clarke on Wednesday night, or experienced by his striker Kris Boyd from visiting Celtic fans at Rugby Park on Sunday.”

From the Evening Times. Nice work by the journalist. Do you see what he did there.Anyone reading that article would be completely unaware of the issue at Ipox but they would be able to form the opinion that Celtic fans have a problem.

FFS where’s my paranoia tablets.


Had to laugh at Steve Clarke’s quote:
“Every morning I wake up and thank Chelsea for taking me away from all this bigotry…” really, Steve, really????? The most racist, bigoted, anti-Semite, white, protestant supremist football club in the world, second only to the old Rangers and new Sevco, and you want to thank THEM????
Ah well, looks like you’ll be the Sevco manager after all with an idiotic statement like that. Shame Steve, look what you could have won….

Noel Skytrot

Pedro, I think the point Clarke makes is that it permeates all through more than just football, it’s endemic in Scottish society is my reading of it. Clarke was right to Call It Out.


Apologies, I respectfully disagree.


Caption: The Picture of Dough-eating Grey


Gerrard raising the subject of sectarianism is exactly what we should want him to do, now there is nowhere for him to hide when the Orcs sing their pish.

Careful about what cans you want to open Stevie!

Monti… Cans of steiger or kestrel 🙂


8 Ace 🙂

To coin a phrase:
Kris Boyd’s FUE hair 10 minute appearance & advertisement clause is beseeched.

Arsene Parcelie

“something something orangey…”
“ah but something something feniany”

“Welcome to the masons gaffer, here’s the handshake…”


Premier League club interest Boydie, my arse

I think Steve Clarke by his comments was raging, trying to raise the issue of clear bias and strongly hinting at Establishment complicity, but as usual the media took out the bits they wanted to highlight to attack anything against their ‘we are the people’ mentality.
So now we move onto anything anti-Catholic by the media, we unfortunately have idiots that supply them with their bullets. Celtic must react to this bile, taking a stance on this

http s://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47199036

How and where and why Sean Dough died

Ooops… Sean South

When ye go,will ye send back a letter from Kensington


“ Why can’t we wear the striped strip boss. You know stripes make you look.thinner”


Fud ^

Noel Skytrot

I had to laugh at Dave King going on about sectarianism. Off the top of my head here is some non progressive backward shite that’s happened during his tenure Orange strips Banning Eggs Benedict from the menu No green football boots Orange bands in full regalia posing with the players on the Ibrox pitch, not forgetting the sash bash over at Linfield too. Banning green Peperrami snacks. The Union Bears and their Smash a Fenian corto to Ibrox. Dave King panders to the unintelligent within the Neo Rangers support, they love this stuff. Fuck off King, he’s talking shite and… Read more »

Stevie D

Re “the unintelligent within the Neo Rangers support”: is there any other kind? The real problem is that the bigotry originated and emanates from within rangers. If you remember when Donald Findlay was filmed in full FTP flow at an official club do? His crime was getting caught and the overwhelming sentiment coming across in the media was that the “rat” who’d filmed and leaked the footage had to be found.

Noel Skytrot

It’s the same when people put up videos taken at sash bashes etc I hope yer in good form Stevie. Tweet Tweet lol

Stevie D

Cheers mate

Yoker Bhoy

With our European adventure behind us it’s a good feeling to get back to league business again and tomorrow afternoon’s clash against in-form Motherwell could well turn out to be a real cracker. Incredibly both teams have enjoyed six straight league wins with the steelmen’s most notable recent scalps being Hearts and Hibs. They owe a huge chunk of their recent success to a dynamic cluster of speedy and talented young midfielders and wide players, especially David Turnbull (19), Allan Campbell (209 and Jake Hastie (19). Their recent achievements are even more surprising when you take into account the rather… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Allan Campbell (20)

The Cha

That’s a shame, if you’re original was correct, I’m sure he’d be interesting The Rangers!

Yoker Bhoy

🙂 If this crop of youngsters keep producing the goods we could be signing a couple of them ourselves.

The Cha

They usually do but maddeningly they seem to go on to fail at lowly clubs in England.


Mea Culpa Yoker for my Peter Brody disappearance, I let my emotions rule my heed, it must be my Celtic blood, because I defo Celt the jersey’s. Good after noon Mr. Green, what would you like for your lunch, Duck La Orange or chicken in the basket? No Garson please bring me a “basket of Asset’s, thank you Mr. Charles. Good will £1.00. SPL share £1.00. SFA membership £1.00. Stock £1.00. Leasehold interests. £1.00. Subsidiary Companies share capital £5.00. Player contracts and Registrations £2,749.990. Heritable properties. £1,500.000. Plant and machinery. £1,250.000. Ipox, Albion car park and Murray park was previously… Read more »


Goodwill HAHAHAHA. its they way they tellit. imagine paying for players that can “tupe” fuckwits was he..

Yoker Bhoy

Great to see you’re back on here posting Mikey. Was totally gutted after our first leg performance against Valencia but took a lot of heart from the return leg the other night. Sickened once again by the brutality of the Spanish riot police (I didn’t see any incidents first hand, only the videos like everyone else). The police over here, on the whole, aren’t fascist but there are quite a few elements among them who are. Those involved probably knew about the Catalan pro-indepence and Spanish Republic flags on view at Celtic Park. Should be a good game tomorrow!


Cheers Yoker, The first leg was dire, an awful lot of elementary errors, but yes the away leg was more like it, a better performance all round. Unfortunately the sending off ended any hope of getting some kind of result. I am glad that you did not witness first hand any of those violent scenes, it looked on video to be one sided much like what happened in Amsterdam. So, glad that you were away from that, although I was hiding in the closet I did read your excellent pre-match summary, very good stuff and much enlightening. The thing that… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Yeah, intetestingly enough Marcelino had expressed his intention to take off Dani Parejo at half time the other night to give him a rest but decided against it when he saw how the game was going, even when we were down to ten men. A sure sign of respect. Have a great weekend and enjoy the game too Mikey. Cheers.

Yoker Bhoy

Glad about the rescission re Bachman. His sending off was fucking farcical. The damage (i.e.the result) has already been done though.

Yoker Bhoy

Wow! What a game! Barça have just come from behind to beat ‘el puta Sevilla’ 4-2 in the Sánchez Pijuán. A scintillating hat-trick from Messi rounded off with Drakula Suárez neatly lobbing the keeper. Sensational stuff!


CAPTION….HEY BOSS Neil Lennon is on the phone singing welcome to my world.


Celtic v Motherwell 4-4-2





The Cha

Is Brown suspended?

I know it was 2 yellows rather than a red but I thought I’d read he was suspended.

Won’t Toljan be knackered after his exertions in Spain. 😉

Eddy to start over Oli would be good but doubt Weah will start.


Not convinced about Toljan, he is a bit edgy….reminds me of Chris Morris.

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