Celtic Diary Tuesday February 19: Squirrels Leap Into Action

What a hullaballoo.

Kilmarnock have released a statement about the behaviour of Celtic fans at Rugby Park, and its patently obvious from the wording that they’re trying to deflect from something else..but what ?

The statement, written in the style of progressive statement maker James Traynor, of Level 5 PR, who handle several accounts for several clubs, said;

 Lets look at the wording..and the evidence to back it up..

I’ve yet to see any evidence of Celtic supporters confronting Kilmarnock players, and would also point to the use of the word confronting as a cover all. They could have used “threatened ” , “intimidated ” or even “laughed at “, but chose the vague “confronted “.

I await the video..

Then there’s Boyd, who was struck by a coin whilst standing in front of the dug out, which is in front of the stand where the Kilmarnock season book holders sit. If you recall, they had a right moan a few years ago when their club capitalised on a Celtic support desperate to see their club lift the title, and hence moved their own fans out to make a quick buck.

We had that stand.

Now, unless someone has stayed hidden there since that day in order to throw a coin at Boyd, i have my doubts that a Celtic fan threw the coin, as it would have taken a throw of Olympic proportions to reach him from behind the goal, despite his rather portly stature.

Again, I await the security video with the perpetrator visible, indeed, I would imagine Police Scotland are also keen, if only to take the attention away from their inability to find the person-or persons-who threatened the life of john Beaton and his family, with a text message where they presumably his their number.

Note again the wording. There is no accusation a Celtic supporter threw the coin. But, as we have seen in many, many such statements and reports, the implication is there.

That tells me they are fairly sure it wasn’t a Celtic fan.

They are also going to maximise the number of Kilmarnock fans at the ground, something that appears to have only occured to them since the weekend.

Unless, of course, Celtic have to travel there three times this season, and there’s a chance to secure eight in a row…


As for Boyd, he’s tried to make light of the situation, posing with his arm in a sling.. before going on a rant about the Celtic fans singing sectarian songs, highlighting his own selective memories of playing for Rangers, when he got to hear songs of that ilk every week..

And he had a moan about the seats being destroyed, almost as though it was the first time its happened this season..


 Over on Twitter, chairman LMAO Mua decided to check if Boyd had made similar criticisms of this vandalism..

Selective reporting usually means they are trying to hide something else.

It could be they know who the coin thrower is, and are reluctant to say.

It could also be that the lack of space in the stand was a contributory factor to the seats being damaged in the crush. Had the crowd not spilled onto the pitch, or been able to, then there may have been serious injury.

Are they deflecting from a lack of safety provisions and competent stewarding ?

At £27 to rent a seat for a couple of hours, a seat that itself would cost considerably less to buy, it seems like they are intent on making something out of nothing, but is it to prevent others from making something entirely different from the incident ?

Look again..

Those seats weren’t vandalised, they were bent out of shape by the weight of the support moving forward.

That, in my mind, is a safety issue, and not a behavioural issue.


There is no excuse for a pitch invasion, but there may be a reason for it. Perhaps lost in the general melee, and anyone at the game who was in that area is welcome to support or dismiss my theory in the replies..


Meanwhile, attention turns to the trip to Valencia, and the possibility of causing an upset.


Anything can happen in football, and an early goal for Celtic may just make them nervous. Two goals will make me nervous and a third will have me reaching for the defibrillator.

Caution to the wind ?

We might as well.

Try something different ?

Yeah, lets try it the old fashioned way. Long balls, short balls, dribbling…lets try off the cuff football.

If Valencia beat us in glasgow by learning our game plan and dealing with it, what chance would they have if we didn’t have a game plan ?

Piece of piss this management lark.


There’s a little bit of good news for Saturday, as the manager says Keiran Tierney might be ready to claim his place back.

Not on the pitch,but on the bus, which is a start, I suppose.


Kilmarnock aren’t the only ones chucking their toys out of the pram.

With their season now more or less all about Morelas and the Scottish Cup, Gerrards Gallant Pioneers have resorted to sticking their chairman in front of a camera..

First, he had a go at the BBC..

‘The BBC recently asked to come to Ibrox, but only to cover the matches. They would not be interviewing our manager and our players.

‘Now, if they are treating us differently in that respect, are there other areas where they are also treating Rangers differently in terms of the incidents which we are seeing being highlighted at the weekend? 

Surely the BBC would end this by simply saying  that they would interview players and managers ?

Robertson is right though, the BBC do treat “rangers ” differently, but clearly not as “differently ” as he would like.

You only have to look at the Alfredo Morelos incident in the Old Firm game, where they seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time examining Alfredo’s actions, but at no time at all did they look at any other actions from that game with the same scrutiny. 

Er, probably because there were quite a few Morelas incidents, though he neglects to use the plural.

And anyway, no one else booted anyone in the knackers, or the chest, or stamped on anyone.

‘Morelos was then effectively vilified for three weeks on various BBC platforms. 

and every other platform..

‘We had the Ryan Jack incident where we had a banner showing the decapitated head of Ryan used as an image for a discussion on ticketing, I think. 

A decapitated head ? You can have a decapitated body, but a head is “severed “…and this is the first I’ve heard of this.

‘So we have had various incidents with the BBC and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better with them.

‘They have actually written to us and told us they are treating us differently from other clubs in the Premiership. 

I have no doubt that letter will be made public..

‘It is important the compliance officer isn’t influenced unduly by Sportscene given that background. 

Does he mean the video evidence, or the opinions of others watching that evidence?

‘It feels as though the incidents, which are being highlighted on the television at the weekend, are the incidents which are being picked up by the compliance officer on a Monday. 

He does know all the games are covered by television, right ?

‘I’ve heard the expression ‘Trial by Sportscene’ and that really seems to be the way it is going. 

Whatever the faults of the BBC Sportscene programme, and there are many, its hardly fair to criticise them for showing a player kicking, stamping and rampaging his way through a game, especially will the full consent of the officials.

 Then again, perhaps his real gripe is that other sections of the mainstream media don’t look to closely at the actions of his club, and its employees, so why should the BBC ?

They really, really, wanted to stop eight in a row.

That looks unlikely now.

They really, really, wanted to win a Cup. The League Cup is already back in the cupboard, and to win the Scottish Cup they have to overcome Kilmarnock and then Aberdeen, and thats just to earn a shot at a rejuvenated Celtic.

Its not surprising they’re having a moan.

Meanwhile, we’re still smiling..

Caption competition from yesterday…

puggy67 February 18, 2019 at 10:39 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: The pound hits a new low.  

Poor Boyd, he’s become a figure of fun in Scottish football, and we hear that he is looking for a move south, where fans are more ,er, obliging..

Wolves fan slapped with three-year ban for throwing pie at West Ham supporter says it flew out her mouth while coughing


Josephine Johnson, 44, was barred from Molineux for dropping a piece of steak pie on the head of a West Ham fan — but the mum-of-one says she’s not guilty and the ban from football is effecting her mental state

Anyhoo, todays picture…


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Mike A

Caption: Sevco’s arrempt to move Support Our Trops day into the local Orange Service fails miserably.

The Vat(ican)Mobile

Imma Timm

Caption….Plans revealed for the new look St Alphonsus!
Should be ready for this July.

Pat Higney

Caption: Pope Francis authorises a new design for Scottish and Northern Irish Chapels to alleviate concerns during ‘marching season’


Caption: The Pope-mobile gets a makeover for the visit to ipox


Caption “ honest Dave this is where we keep the 54 .


Excellent article, how it should be done, every argument exposed for the shameless deflection that it is. Good job sir.



Borat’s in a tank in i …

Noel Skytrot

The media here have ramped it up over the incidents at Rugby Park and it’s all driven by PAIN. They are broken that we’re on our way to 8 in a row, they’re disturbed that the “saviour” can’t usurp Brendan and it’s fantastic to watch them suffering, long may it continue. Look at the media, look at the statement over Morelos, look in at their forums. Utterly dejected doesn’t do them justice. We’ve taken this mob apart and they know it. They’re probably wondering if they’ll ever get near us again. I suspect that Slippy will be off if they… Read more »

Noel Skytrot

Caption…orange order making the trip to John Beaton’s house for a lodge meeting.

Arsene Parcelie

Canon Tom White prepares St Michael’s on the Gallowgate in readiness for the next Orange parade.

Pat Higney

Caption: Crusader tank!


:)…tut tut



The cost of sin is death


Have you ever been sinful?

Monti… FFS leave her alone she is born again


Caption: Let us pray and give ‘tanks’!
Caption: We tank you Lord…
Caption: We give tanks for what we are about to receive…etc.
Weah, Forrest, Johnston to feature.
No prediction.

Luke Warmwater

Tanks be to God


Are you from the South of Ireland? 🙂

Dawkins hitchins

Who ffs


st alphonsus prepared for next orange walk


So pitch invasions should be highlighted and punished except if it’s Celtic, breaking of seats is ok if it’s Celtic fans celebrating, throwing coins at players prove it as photo inconclusive sounds like were catching the same entitlement disease from across the city, and I get the press reaction differs depending on the supporters involved but why give them the ammo why not just celebrate in the stand why go onto the pitch we know the rules or I’m I missing something

Stevie D

Think Weeski you’re missing the point concerning Boyd’s coin incident: ie it was thrown from an area of the stadium devoid of Celtic supporters.

Stevie D

Suggests to me he might not even’ve been the intended target. But that would be OK then?


Good point- which has been repeatedly missed- and no, it still wouldn’t be alright.

Noel Skytrot

You can see all the Butcher’s Aprons behind him. I’m not saying there wasn’t Celtic supporters there but it sounds dodgy, Stevie.

Stevie D

They’ll be telling us next the filmed demolition of the Celtic Park toilets wad a false flag operation anaw Noel.

The real Anton Rogan

It’s not butchers aprons. It’s thon red and white ‘danger’ tape that is used to try and prevent access to a particular area


Yes, I’m afraid you ARE missing something….


Balls maybe?


Thank the lord!!

Dawkins hitchins



The scum are now dragging out every antibCeltic story they can fin, latest a five year old boy on twitter. The only supporters that sing sectaranian songs are Celtic, the only fans that damage property Celtic, the only fans that fling coins Celtic.

Robinson of Ibrokes is bleating about the anti-wanders, the compliance officer and anyone including the lollipop lady he can blame, the media gladly toetge line, as fools like Petrie, Dempster and Milne follow like


Sorry will continue

Like sheepies. We can bleat about more behing done but Scottish football is on a kamikaze death spin, Celtic have to look to the future and a way out of Scotland must be found.
All of the anti Celtuc rantings are read in Europe and do our club no good.


Cartvale don’t worry the big man has one eye on the prize out of Scotland. Hence the pitch, the lights, the brand, etc. If it happens Celtic will be at the table with the big dogs. Maybe at first we will be feeding off of scraps, but at least we will have been invited.


” Read in Europe “?
By whom? Certainly not Tic Toc, he’s stuck on A on Doctor Johnsons Dictionary.

Charlie Saiz

More likely to be listening tae book tapes by Clive Barker or Terry Pratchett


Caption : Members of the Orange Order are now able to attend church during a ‘Walk’

D'Fhinnein Mick


Pope releases photo of his new Popemoblile for his visit to Kilwinning.


# Call it out! “No anti- Catholic marches, past Catholic Churches!!

There they go, marching down the street,
The ugliest Peepul, you could ever meet,
Hey, Hey, its the Mankies,
The daftest Peepul around,
Keep them away, from our Holy Ground.
R.C. not P.C.


It has been increasingly obvious for a very long time now, that the media are never going to stop picking away at Celtic, the Club, the team and the support. At what point do the Jellyfish in the boardroom start earning their money and defend our reputation and go on the offensive against the real liars, cheats and thugs in Scottish football? Their silence gets more deafening with every passing ‘incident’.

D'Fhinnein Mick


Difficult read this,about a supporter’s first Cup Final.

Now,off to hunt down some tickets for Thursday match.

Brian (not the messiah)

Caption: hayes at left back on thursday tanks be ti god


A daft young boy did run into the park and “confront” a Killie player. He gave him the vicky and “get it up ye” arm. That was the extent of the “confrontation”. The boy then ran back into the Celtic end. There was no contact, the Killie player didn’t look bothered at all and play restarted. Folk shouldn’t go on the park regardless of how late a goal it is or whatever has happened. That’s Hun behaviour.

I thought Johny Hayes was excellent on Sunday!

The Cha

Caption: Mike Ashley approves the design of the tank to ascend the marble staircase.


Boyd is in front of the Moffat stand in the video on the BBC website showing him getting hit with the coin – they have dugout type things at the front, I think for disabled supporters. Question some of the hyperbolic reporting on the celebrations. Question why such a big deal is made of these incidents in comparison to other similar events. However, to suggest it wasn’t a Celtic fan that threw the coin just smacks of the type of denial you’d expect from that mob. There shouldn’t have been a coin thrown. There shouldn’t have been fans on the… Read more »


Well there should have been proper stewarding, there should have been stronger seats and infrastructure built, there should have been no jumping to conclusions on who threw a coin at Boyd. Stop blaming Celtic supporters for being there and celebrating an important win. Broony should have run back to his team rather than to the fans – what did you ever expect – far as I could see a good natured celebration


JollyBhoy, ‘The seats in the stand behind him have union flags draoed on them. Unlikely to be Celtic fans’- valid point missed by most, and ‘probably caused unintentionally by the crowd surge rather than deliberate vandalism’ you said so yourself…..

50 Shades of Green


Aye go on stop and play yir tunes now,


The campaign to legitimise Monster Munch

Kilmarnock should have done their job and told Boyd to shut up about Celtic, both his verbal and written nonsense. They failed badly and effectively showed disrespect to Celtic. The SFA / SPFL failed miserably (again) by not disciplining Boyd for his constant sniping at Celtic. Boyd always seems to be on the bench. He’s probably well paid by Kilmarnock standards. Any Killie fans fed up with his non game time and the fact that he appears more passionate about knocking Celtic ? Hmmn…… But the former Rangers in liquidation hero gets to become the “victim”. Does that status add… Read more »

George Lazenbhoy

Caption : jesus tanks

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: The Church finally decides to protect the water supply




Roll up for the James Traynor’s Bozo’s Band, deflection tour, deflection cloak on, as all the Scottish press joins all the T.V. channels to illuminate how bad the Celtic support is, the enfante terriblur. Lets not talk about how Seething Gerrard’s PISH football team lost the league and were very lucky to escape with a draw from Tommy Wright’s Perth men and are only three points better of at this time, than they were when they were led last season by the unseen Fenian Hand. Despite a rumoured player investment of some twelve million pounds and a top targeted player… Read more »

John mcghee


Charlie Saiz

For Sale:
Genuine Ex Italian Army Battle Tank WW2
Gun Never Been Fired
8 Gears 1 Forward 7 Reverse
White Flag still in Pristine Condition
Collection Only


Is it boxed & in your loft?


Like Thatchers ashes 🙂

Noel Skytrot

Cunt. If they put a statue up of that boot I hope it gets smashed.

Charlie Saiz

I heard they may be installing a commemorative dance floor in every Mining town the length of the Country in memory of the CUNT.


you’d have shagged her charlie saizno question if she confronted you with it all hanging out. You’d be gagging on it

Charlie Saiz

You knocking wan oot tae that vision ya wank 😉


Taking this crusades thing too seriously now


Caption: “rangers” latest tax avoidance scheme is to claim religious status with their fans, the referees and the mainstream media as the fanatical following. It also comes with Geneva convention protections from missiles and other acts of “war”.


Caption: Image by Kris Kuksi (ETims do Arty Farty Interlude)


Caption: A wedding in Johnstone.

The Cha

“Are they deflecting from a lack of safety provisions and competent stewarding ?”

Speaking of which, are we still awaiting the Janefield Street Crush Report or have we all given up?

It’s little over a month ’til der Huns infest us again, so ‘have lessons been learned’?


The Cha,
Our fans being crushed isn’t a big issue for this board, filling the stadium, buying all the superstore merchandise & drinking the Kerrydale dry is tho!

Lawwell out!


Best CEO in World Football.

Another excellent performance , by Boyata, at the weekend. Even set up the winner to move us closer to 8IAR and a Treble Treble


I see you need two seats to fit your fat arse in it…..where do you buy them? 🙂


Caption: TicToc arrives at Mensa H.Q. I.Q. induction.
Specialised subject: Weapon of Maths destruction.

Monti… That adds up


Ralph nice level of fantasy today. Seems to be a dispute about where the coin thrown at Kris Boyd came from,the issue is not about that, it is simply no player or official should have a missille chucked at them. The embarrassing bit is those who start to talk about Boyd as if he is different and it doesn’t matter, Sevco ( or Aberdeen or Hearts) fans would say the same about Broonie and we would rightly say whatever he does to wind them up doesn’t merit that. We arn’t the first fans to wreck a few seats, not justifying… Read more »


Speaking about arses, I will be wearing my new golden hot-pants, golden brown, while watching the game on the telly on Thursday. My new Leering Jet is being serviced along with the tractor. Getting bored with wearing green all the time, its colouring doesn’t quite go with my plukes.
Going Do LaLally.


We knew after our victory the media would turn their attention to the fans.Thry have nothing left on the team so It’s always the same shite. Funny how ticket allocation seems to be the in thing now against Celtic they don’t like it up em. Fuckin hun bastards the lot of them. I remember going to rugby park in the 70s a cup replay we had to fight our way out the town. Fuck them and the rest. Some supporters went to greet Broony and our players they didn’t intimidate anybody ffs they were all teenagers if anyone was intimidated… Read more »

Charlie Saiz



Rangers chairman Dave King will not have to fulfil his £8m offer to buy out other shareholders in the football club.

The chairman of Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) was forced to make the bid under legal takeover rules.

The deadline for the £8m share offer was on Friday.


Big spending Real Madrid…1 FC. Girona…2
( Paddy not featured since early December)

Charlie Saiz

Well done Girona though I doubt many will be lumping on them to win La Liga any time soon.

The hand of god

Did someone call for a “holy war”


Caption : Ma’am there’s the tally van.Can I get a tub.


Same old shit by the media nothing on the team now since Mulumba wa punted now the fans get it for celebrating with their heroes.
There was a small number of seats broke im sure not deliberate.Just exuberance and joy.
Our leader runs to us as he hits the winner in what could prove to be the most important goal of the league title. Complete joy no one was hurt no one was fighting just joy that Celtic had won.
They dont like it up em HH

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