Celtic Diary Monday February 4: Flexiforward Is The Way Forward.

You have to hand it to Brendan Rodgers.

Celtic looked to be on course to drop points in Perth as St Johnstone fought tooth and nail against his charges yesterday, sometimes even trying to play football, but what would have been a draw before Christmas turned into a tidy 2-0 win and another three points to keep the gap between Celtic and whoevers turn it is to be second, at six points.

Despite a second half siege of the St Johnstone goal, and an outstanding all round performace from Saints keeper Zander Clark, Celtic looked to be running out of steam and out of ideas.

On came Oddsone Edouard to freshen things up, and when he was forced off by a brutal assault from a defender, on came Timothy Weah, who created one, which forced James forrest to go off, and scored one which caused the televisions to go off in thousands of non Celtic supporting households.

Sighs of relief all round, because the performance deserved the win.

Even Scott Bain had to put in a sort of a shift as Saints started quite brightly, but old warhorse Scott Brown, looking more like a sprightly gelding, rallied his charges and led them on to victory.

Games like this are where leagues are won.

Burke, Sinclair and Forrest wore down the opposition, and Weah and Edoaurd-albeit momentarily, finished them off.

Fresh legs are always a good idea in the latter stages of a match, but when they are combined with the talents of Edoard and Weah, and to a lesser extent new boy Jeremy Toljan, who replaced Mikael Lustig at half time , the tempo can be kept higher for longer, and we’re going to see a lot more goals scored and games won in the last ten minutes this season.

Which could be a nuisance for those of us who pop to the pub before getting back on the bus.

At our CSC meeting this evening, I’ll be suggesting we stay in the pub until about the hour mark, thus avoiding the queues and getting to see all the goals.

One has to move with the times.


Two things, however, blight our usually cheery post win Monday morning…the first of which is what we’ll call the refereeing community.


Celtic players were subjecting to a number of enthusiastic tackles yesterday.

No less than four players are now injured, and doubtful for the visit of Hibernian on Wednesday. Lustig, Christie, Edouard and Forrest picked up knocks which , depending on the results of scans and so on, will determine if they have to sit in an already crowded waiting room down at the medical centre.

The full list is shocking.

Tierney Boyata Benkovic Lustig Rogic Forrest Edouard Griffiths Ralston Arzani Ntcham.

The full first choice defence is out.

This is a scenario that repeats itself year in, year out and no one seems to even be asking why, let alone attempting to deal with it.

The first and most obvious answer as to where the blame lies is with referees, who have failed week in and week out to provide any kind of protection for Celtic players.

Week after week there are opposition players resorting to fouls, sometimes just trips and clips, on our players, and sometimes straightforward lunges which could break a players leg.

Like this one, yesterday, which followed a kick in the stomach to Ryan Christie.. he’s on the deck bottom right..

Look also at the muscle tension in the defenders leg. Thats not someone trying to get the ball. Thats someone trying to break someones leg.

Quite how the referee missed these two incidents one is beyond me, especially as its Willie Collum, who usually doesn’t even need to see an incident to award a spot kick.

This weekend, Andrew Dallas has been basking in the limelight of his match winning performance as the false referee in the “rangers ” 4-1-4-2 line up…

and therefore taken attention away from an equally inept but typical Willie Collum display.


A few weeks ago Celtic were at a “blow some smoke up your arse ”  meeting with the SFA to discuss the “refereeing situation “, and everbody departed happily thinking that thongs were going to get better.

They haven’t , and they won’t.

Celtic, as a PLC, have a duty of care to their employees, and one of the aspects of a duty of care is not to place those employees in a situation that may cause them physical harm.

Week after week we see referees fail to caution over enthusiastic opposition players, such as Sean Goss yesterday, who didn’t get booked until the 80th minute, despite having clogged his way through the game.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you watched a game and afterwards thought to yourself..”the referee had a good game ”

And then ask yourself why the club isn’t doing something about it.

The age old argument of whether they are incompetent or biased doesn;t matter. What matters is they aren;t doing their job properly, and should either buck up or buck off.

From Fleming at the top down to Dallas at the bottom.

As for any instituional bias, lets consider that in a fair and just manner.

Scottish Cup final, “rangers ” 2, Hibernian 3.

As they await the call to get their commemorative medals, here are the four officials from that game.

Gosh, they do look tired..

Then there’s the fourth official yesterday, at full time..

And Dallas in particular ?

There is something badly wrong with the referees in Scotland.

Whether its bias or incompetence is irrelevant, Fleing has failed in his task to improve and uphold standards and must resign.

I’m sure the media will be all over it, as even they cannot miss the evidence in front of them.


The second issue that concerns me is the recovery time needed for these injuries.

There is also the issue of injuries not caused by a lack of protection for our players.

There are plenty picked up in training as well. Or just strains such as the one James forrest picked up yesterday when he scored the opening goal.

It happens, and can be put down to a sort of occupational hazard, but this has been the case for a few years now, and its difficult to see why, but also unacceptable not to try to find out why.

A complete review of training methods and facilities by an independent expert would be a start, as would a similar review of diagnostics and treatments at the sports science centre.

Too many players are being injured for a combination of reasons, and there is no excuse not to examine every possible factor in order to reduce that injury list.

Hang on, I’ve got an idea.


Peter-these players are worth millions

And there he goes…off to Lennoxtown to sort it out.

Image result for car speeding gif


Caption competition…yesterday we had this..

Puggy67 February 3, 2019 at 10:03 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Motherwell Councillor sees a sash and just can’t help himself. 



By the way, I’ve had no reply to my enquiry about the odds on “rnagers ” getting two penalties or more in two games or more this season.

Anyone else had any joy ?

I asked Ladbrokes, who sponsor the league , thus encouraging people to bet with them, but they’ve yet to answer.


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D'Fhinnein Mick


GIRUY,ya perrafannies!

(Awright,hardly my wittiest answer…)


“For it’s a staunch old team we see..”

Glad it wasn’t just me thought the foul on French Eddie was disgusting.

Seamus Quinn

Eboue Kouassi also out with a long term injury.



So lads there’s a campaign to get the referees to say which team they support …maybe we should also declare … me ? I’m a rangers man what about you two ?

Hoop hoop hooray

…..and kouassi and likely christie too. Scrap the hotel and build a hospital


Hoop hoop hooray… that’s a sound proposition


Brendan expects players to train at 100mph and picks his team accordingly this must have something to do with our injuries and it doesn’t suit every player, Hartson would never have made the bench let alone play under Rodgers. And you’re kidding yourself on if you hope anyone can counter the Lanarkshire hun ref cabal, also read yesterday the fa in engerland are considering full time referees for the womans game and we’re stuck with part time huns


Nah these kind of injuries are almost always caused by a lack of communication and planning between departments. The overworking one muscle group, not working out the opposing muscle group.
Not even realizing that a players personal regime is messing them up. Most of all is lazy bloody stretching. I wonder if they have a centralized schedule and how in – depth it is.


WTF? You must have banged your heid on those pitches. Your abuse of the Pope sounds familiar care to explain that?

the 7 men of the apocalypse trying to put on a bet in corrupt Scotland, where football is rigged


Girlie : so Christopher you said that a stonewall penalty for Celtic was not a penalty, does that mean Collum is the best referee in Scotland ?

Fatty Boydichenko: Dont be stupid Girlie, its Andrew Dallas and John Beaton

Girlie : i only want one

Fatty Boydichenko: Who has given The Rangers* most penalties then ?

Girlie: check out Etims



kris boyd

Not a penalty for me u can clearly see burke slipped on a banana skin

hayley bjqueen

kris it looks more like burke slipped on some ice from that large coke thrown from the stands, what do you think james?

j mcf

willie has a clear view of that, he ain’t never gonna give it, because he’s a cheating bastard.

Mike A

Nothing will change as long as the rest of the Boards say nothing. As long as the fans keep paying the Boards are happy.

Caption: Boots’ new constipation advert shown after the game.

50 Shades of Green

Boyd is smiling cause big Hayley has just told him a pie chart is coming next.



Two miserable hun orinj cunts. Nothing funny to say about them.

John mccloy in tasmania

Charlienich part time refs full time huns.


Apart from winning a game which looked like we’d drop 2 points in it was also again a game where the decisions of the referee were both farcical and also unbelievable. Set aside the martial arts type ‘tackling’ which is not only allowed against Celtic players but encouraged but add to this the ‘expert football analysis’ from Andy Walker; ‘it would be given as a foul outside the box but you’d never get a penalty in the box’. Whit?! He’s paid for this complete and utter nonsense and absolute zero knowledge of the rules of the game. Or is he… Read more »



‘smile though your heart is aching,
smile though your heart is breaking,
smile though your heart and cardiovascular system is under tremendous strain due to your love of pies’

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Weight Watchers Before and after pics


Caption. The Sisters Brothers saddle up for some (character) assassination.


Caption: A fat orange bastard & a total faddy!


Hun cloning programme announce major success.

Noel Skytrot

Caption….are ye raging ya Monster Munch eating prick?

Excellent result for Celtic against a very well organized team. On the assaults, when are the board going to stand up and start asking questions about the way our players are treated on the field of play? Answer, never. They’re fucking cowards. Same applies to the refereeing. Imagine if the weekends games were decisive in terms of the championship, what would the board do?, as usual, fuck all.

Noel Skytrot

McFadden claims hes a Tim but it seems that hes just became another souptaking cunt that only protects his own interests.

Hoop hoop hooray

Stolen from twitter

Weightwatchers release their new before and after poster

If you can’t get a bet on the penalties Ralph it must be worth a punt on Tavernier winning the golden boot. Even if he misses a couple he will still be well up there.


Big big result yesterday, really well done BR and the guys. We certainly need that big pool, the problem will be when everyone is fit that’s when people get firstly frustrated, then resentful then start to sow discard, the loan element may knock that on the head. St Johnstone were Motherwell of 2018, what the lack in subtlety they make up for in robustness. I watched the tackle on Odsonne a few times and didn’t think it was deliberate but I guess the Belfast Saturday Morning League and the Down and Conmor League circa 1965 to 75 gives you a… Read more »

Alex McRae

I have also tried to place the same bet today with Ladbrokes I had to go through Twitter as my local shop couldn’t give me a price Still waiting for a reply I’m not holding my breath

The more things change the more they stay the same!scotland the cheat!only in jockville!

Caption. You look as thick and as unoriginal as me and it’s easy money lying to Huns


Caption: bob and weave

Honest hoops

Caption; we both used the same hair transplant clinic…we both used the same waistcoat tailor..we both used the same beard trimmer…but did we use the same brogue supplier…


Our players aren’t being protected…it’s as simple as that. A culmination of kicks/fouls/late challenges will have an obvious impact. Goss yesterday….Murray Davidson on Weds…a number of St Mirren players the week before….all of them allowed to commit a number of late challenges that go unpunished…challenges that would see Yellow in European leagues and even in England….up here….nothing. The laws of the game including putting the protection of players at the top of the priority list is blatantly ignored at all levels in Scottish officiating. Amateur, Junion and professional levels…..because….the SFA control all refereeing in the Scottish game. They are a… Read more »

Noel Skytrot

Good to see KT back at training after all the rumours about his hip. Monti, yer fave player is also on the training field. Lol


Noel… have you got Montis meds on standby? 🙂

The Cha

With the only alternatives being Hendry, Compper or Biton, I’m sure he’ll be celebrating the fact.


Compper can’t still be injured surely, has he had a leg fucking amputated or something?
He & Boerrigter must be the two most useless cunts to have been signed by the club.


what about du wey and raphael (shite) ?




Caption: Slim-fit trousers, for men who canny trap a baw any other way.


Caption Two bams looking for the third stooge to join them Walker, Boyd and Faddy (the Three Stooges) Love how the Hun media are trying to deflect away the cheating at Ibrokes as irrelevant as the Rankers would have won anyway. Gollum another bad smell that allowed horrendous tackles to be committed, Walker the stooge admired him for keeping his cards in his pocket. The tackles on Christie and Eddy in the box were dangerous, should have at least been bookings and a penalty awarded, but the moronic commentators justified it as a coming together. The issue with the cheating… Read more »

Benjamin Lynch

BetFred – League Cup
William Hill – Scottish Cup
Ladbrokes – SPFL (also secondary sponsor of Celtic)
Dafabet – Celtic
32Red – Rangers
Marathon Bet – Hibs
Bet Park – Motherwell

This goes way beyond Ladbrokes…

KB: I want a sausage supper, extra chips mmm
JMc: this fat slob reeks of curry sauce

Noel Skytrot

Weered, I’ll nip oe’r to the Kingdom and drop them off for Monti.

The Cha

Broonie has no balls, mm, that’s a brave/foolish call.


It was brutal at times yesterday but it’s games like that you see Broony coming to the fore. His flick over the head and power running leaving the saints in their wake to get us up the park is what drives on the others around him. There is simply no better captain anywhere in British football at the moment. Having watched the game again the kick on Christie and the assault on Edouard are shocking. The plan is not to stop to 10 its to stop 8. Everything is being flung at us to stop us this season. Not just… Read more »


Hector and Jimmybee spot in, I forgot how brutal Goss was with no attempt to play the ball, still playing to last year’s tunes. Jimmy, Broonie does step up, he is such an instinctive leader on the park. Admittedly Lustig, Arzani’s, Forrest’s,Ntcham’s, Boyata’s,Tierney, Rogic’s, and Griffiths absences don’t lie with the referees failures but decent referees would really add to the quality of the game. Anyone find out why Dallas only gave
“ Rangers” 4 penalties, was he not trying?


Big game on Wednesday!


DuWei. Sheidt. Commper. McNally.

Donati. Sno. Blinker.

Zeng Zhi. Biggins. Boerrigter. Subs. El Kaddouri. Bangura. Blackman. Prozac. Ambrose Willo Flood. Special mention to the utterly butterly useless Saidy Janko. Managed by Ronny Delia, the only thing he spared us was.. lifting his knickers up his shucks.


Caption: A blue tit and a grey tit watch a game of football…..Instead of bird watching, they’re honest mistake watching.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Geldings Saddle Strap


Fuck off Boyd you miserable Sevconian bastard fucknugget

Reds have a new manager, Paddy Mc Laughlin. Best choice, no brainer. Taking his own staff with him and possibly his best player 🙂 thank fuck Kenny Shiels was not on the agenda…


Shiels is a disgusting cunt of a man!

Monti… I know he is.. He probably overpriced himself a tad. New guy is well thought of and if he brings the striker then that’s a game changer for us 🙂

Monti effing reply slipped down the bog

Yes we know 🙂


Why is spit the dog Carragher back on Sky?

Monti… Because spit the dog is a puppet

The Cha

Armstrong Oko-Flex should fit right in to our new Flexiforward approach.


Only if he has a flexible approach with the ability to stretch the opponents, while under strain.


It appears that eTims is now censored.
A failure of media when it’s most needed.

eTims policy statement (should be): “We neither monitor nor accept/reject ANYTHING from/on our site. We encourage debate and opinion from a wide spectrum of readers.”
And so on…………..
Religion OUT.

In that vein…
TicToc out


I read, and support, the site run by John James.
I’ve learned much (since 2015 when he set it up) due to his sources and his ability to write and explain his prose.
I trust him to be honest, as I believe he is.
Charlie Saiz seems to take pleasure, and dominance (in his own mind), as he attempts to trash JJ.
Now, THAT, is a direct embarrassment.
FC not PLC


Tic tic any person who reports what scottish football is all about deserves our praise and should be applauded. I’m not an avid reader of that particular site so cant comment on the work that he does but I’m thankful for it if it is highlighting the cheating and corrupt sfa. I read a post today on a Celtic blog where the guy goes on a rant about Defoe meeting a Celtic fan and asks why the Scottish media are giving it the time of day. The same question should be asked about why he thought it worthy to comment… Read more »

jimmybee, I do know the site and I often disagree with what he writes and how it is written. I am not convinced rage is an effective method of challenge and it can blind the user to such an extent, he is transformed from challenger to target, from moderator to extremist. However, calling out a biased and bigoted SMSM, in particular (news)papers, is a major part of his agenda. From that standpoint, I guess any issue, serious or trivial, big or small, needs to be highlighted. Like I say, I am not 100% behind a lot of the content in… Read more »


Is this JJ not a hun?


Monti – Yes he is but I think he removed blue glasses over the 2012 debacle and the Continuation lie. Bit eccentric but does have some good stuff sometimes. Certainly seems to have good sources within Castle Greyskull and is very knowledgeable about Dave King and his ‘white collar’ criminal career!


Then fuck him, i trust no hun zombie fuck & never will!




I can not confirm that but I heard he “does not like it up’m!” 🙂



Tic Toc,
” I read & support jj site “?


TicToc… JJ is a self important prig
You on the other hand are a self important prick


Tic toc of course sorry fuckin text thing my 🙂


Phil is reporting that Andrew Dallas will be given the Glasgow derby.
If that is the case Celtic board of directors must call it out for what it is and make serious noise about the selection process.


Yes I read this too – surely, surely no one is going to be that stupid and put this absolute imbecile in charge of such a volatile game?? If that idiot tries to pull his penalty ‘party-piece’ for the Huns at Parkhead there will be a bloody riot! Perhaps, someone should send Maxwell the pie-chart shown on here re Dallas penalty awards and ask if this cretin should even be refereeing *rangers* games much less this one! I know they are cheating in plain sight now – obviously the situation is now so desperate that they’ve thrown all pretence to… Read more »

caption,the boys have just found out that hayley has just won the sky best beard comp

caption.once again the sky team are left without a leg to stand on


Welcome to the “Hairy Striker” Show where two Pricks and a Cunt on stools serve up a weekly menu of Pish (cough, cough) about Scottish Football.




Sorry JimboH not my day today on here – posts going AWOL or wonky 🙂 hope all well with you x

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