Celtic Diary Sunday February 3: Bookies Spot Money Making Scam

There’s not many websites that will give you an absolute cast iron way of making money, and such is the certainty of its success, you’re going to have to read the match preview first to earn this key to a fortune.

Its off to Perth for Celtic today, and the first away game since that fateful trip to Ibrox.

This time, the manager won;t need to give his players two beechams maxi flu tablets to hope they can shrug off the symptons, as everyone is all better now.

Except, obviously, for the obligatory injury list.

Tom Rogic is the latest to book a bed at the infirmary with some sort of knee injury. Along with…look out, he’s going to have a roll call…Benkovic, Tierney, Ntcham, Griffiths and anyone else who gets hurt before kick off time.

Someone will probably hurt themselves in the warm up.

St Johnstone will have realised that there’s lttle point in damage limitation in a game they aren;t expecting to get anything from. As a result, it may be a more open contest, and that should suit the flexiforward style of post break Celtic.

Scott Bain should keep his place in goal, after all, no one has scored since he took up the position, and the defence in front of him appears a little more comfortable knowing they can reasonably expect him to find another Celt with a pass.

How about a back four of Lustig, Ajer Simunovic and Izaguirre ? Its too soon for Jeremy Toljan to start, and he’ll be introduced via the bench over the next couple of weeks, probably on the left side of defence, which is where he usually featured for Dortmund.

My guess is he’s here to give Tierney a rest, largely because Izaguirre looks like he needs one now, and there is the added bonus that he can play on both flanks should that be needed.

If he likes it here, he’ll stay in the summer.

As for Tierney, there is still no word on whats up with him, or when he will return.

Dedryck Boyata should be back in time to face Valencia, but thats not certain, given his penchant for missing games when he can’t be arsed.

In the middle Scott Brown and Calum MacGregor will start, with Forrest, Sinclair and possibly Edouard behind Burke. In the way that Dembele and Edouard started the season.

When needed, Johnstone and Weah , can come on to further wear down the Saints defence.

Expect a win, but maybe not as big a score as we’d hope.


The question of what goes on in the Celtic sports science department raised its head again yesterday.

Working for Celtic in this department is as good as it gets for the staff . Its well paid and well respected, anyone in that field wishing for a better job would have to move south.

We hear that they are very protective of their jobs, and are averse to any outside scrutiny.

In the meantime, the injury list grows longer and the recovery times lengthen…


Todays papers consist of Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers planning to leave in the summer-Graham Spiers, the Times, and criticism of the loan policy that Celtic have adopted to cover for the injuries to Griffiths and Tierney, from the enlightened Gordon Waddell at the Mail..

Look at Celtic. You can praise them on one hand for their core, but right now they’ve taken a £15m winger, another striker with an eight-figure fee attached to him, a £13m centre half and a £6m full-back, all until the summer – and then what?

It’s like someone lending you their Ferrari to get you about until they’re back from holiday. The day you hand it back, you sigh, dream of owning one yourself but then go out and buy the Ford Fiesta you always knew was your destiny. 

They’re still gong to have to find themselves one centre half in the summer, probably two, they’re going to have go through the whole right back charade all over again of saying they want international-class talent, then balking when clubs demand international-class prices.

They’re going to have to find themselves striking options – and nothing will have changed in terms of them not being to afford the standard they think they should have. 

Those that aren’t cover are on a try before you buy, which benefits all concerned and avoids another Comperr situation. And as for “striking options “, we have Edouard, Bayo and Griffiths.

With Shved already signed up to replace Weah, who is being used to cover for Griffiths.


Now, get you laptops ready, find a betting site, and be prepared to make some money..

Image result for winning money

Simply place a bet on “rangers ” to be awarded two or more penalties in two or more games during the rest of the season, including cup games.

Yesterday, Andrew Dallas awarded them four in a quite blatant display of ineptness or, if you like, downright cheating.

That takes his tally to six in two games this season, making him “rangers’s ” most valuable player.

Remember his two late awards against Hamilton, to ease the club to three points ?

Six penalties in two games, or one every half an hour.

If he was to referee all of the new clubs games, based on that statistic, “rangers ” could reasonably expect to be awarded 114 penalties.

His behaviour and performance yesterday suggests that the refereeing community will ignore calls questioning their ability and honesty and go about their business in their usual way.

If we all place a bet on two penalties in two or more games, the bookies will start to decline the bets , as they tend to spot things like that.

At least one already has..


If the bookies are refusing a bet, one which cannot be influenced by the person placing the bet, then they know something is amiss.

And something is amiss.

Not a penalty..

A penalty..


Try it, at the very least you’ll win money, and if everyone does it, we’ll expose the sham that is the Scottish Referee Association.


Today, the referee will probably revert to allowing the home side to kick anything that moves in a Celtic shirt. Which will offer conclusive proof to my mind that the referees have become rather bitter about the criticism they received and the lack of help for their traumatised colleague John Beaton, who the police have stubbornly refused to help by finding the man who subjected him and his family to death threats.

Don’t worry John, we won’t let them forget

Image result for candlelight vigil

We must do something to help this poor man, and remove the fear of death from the refereeing fraternity in general, as its clearly affecting their ability to do their job.

We cannot allow this situation to continue, and must raise awareness at every opportunity.. remember..


If you are going to Perth today, be careful, as the locals have laid on some honey traps..


This made me chuckle…

A big hello to these guys…

Celtic fans ensure that Antarctica is green and white

They’re the Antarctic CSC, and if you think you have to get up early in the cold to get to a game , think about these fellows.

Ross Scullion is a Geotechnical Engineer, and is part of a group working on the modernisation of the British Antarctic Survey’s infrastructure in Antarctica.

Based at Rothera Research Station, there is a wide variety of professions associated with such a large civil engineering project – engineers, plant operators, foremen, divers, welders and drillers.

And together with fellow Celtic fans there, Ross has formed the Glasgow Celtic 67° South-Antarctica Celtic Supporters’ Club. Rothera Research Station is 67° south of the earth’s equator, which is an appropriate number with a Celtic link, and it is approximately 9,200 miles from Paradise.

And the supporters’ club members include a mix of drillers, foremen, directors, welders, while British Antarctic Survey personnel who work with the station’s boating activities are involved as well.

The team have been in Antarctica for over two months now, and it is a two-year project, although the workers gets visits back home every six months. And as the stunning pictures show, some of these hardy Celts are taking their lead from captain Scott Brown, and braving the elements wearing short-sleeved t-shirts.

Ross, a season ticket holder in the North Stand Upper, got in touch with the Celtic View, having enjoyed Celtic’s win over St Mirren last week, and he and fellow club member, Tommy Don, explained their work as well as sharing some Celtic memories in this week’s issue… 

A season book holder ! 9,200 miles from the ground !

I hope his wife never finds out . That would take some justifying when budget day comes around. Especially with all the home midweek games this season.

Anyway, just in case I end up in the Antarctic, I’d just like to say well done lads.


Back to Friday for the caption competition..

Desimond February 1, 2019 at 9:31 am · Edit · Reply →

Lathers for Justice



Oh, before I go, Andrew Dallas has explained why he gave “rangers ” four penalties.

He thought people would notice if he gave them any more.

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Caption, Never mind the quality feel the width.

It gets to the stage that you expect to see the mibs cheating, if no one at the club calls it out, then we can expect more of the same.
Mademoiselle from Armadale,
Parlez Vous,
Mademoiselle from Armadale,
Parlez Vous,
I went with her cos I thought she was rich
Instead of that I got a terrible itch,
Linky Pinky, Parlez Vous…

Yoker Bhoy

Morning Mikey, should be an interesting game up in Perth which I think should produce a few goals. Unfortunately I was only able to catch highlights of yesterday’s 2-2 thriller between Barça and Valencia but it looked some game – loads of end to end stuff and it took yet another stroke of genius from Messi to salvage a draw. Normally I’d label any team managing a draw at Camp Nou as a flash in the pan but here I’m more inclined to say that this is further evidence of Valencia’s positive trajectory.


Morning Yoker, I read the report on the Barca-Valencia game and my concern mounted, that was some game. The players our players who are injured and are out of for the Valencia game increased my concern. We need them all to be available. But you know, sometimes when your back’s to the wall unexpected things happen. Now, I am not overly confident at all, but football is a funny auld game and you never know what might happen. Today we shall need to be focused this is our next cup final, we need to win, to keep the pressure up… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Spot on Mike, we can still field a very strong side but we’re down to bare minimums and any further injuries to our best players would be a huge concern. Brendan seems to have quite a lot of faith in Nir Bitton despite the fact he’s unlikely to become more than a back-up player. He was a beanpole in the past but seems to have filled out a lot recently. I guess it’s quite handy to have him around at the moment given our depleted squad. I suppose you won’t have too far to travel to get to McDiarmid so… Read more »

Mike… Obviously it was a Stinkey Pinkey
Parlez vous

Skinny malinky long legs could`nea find a seat…

There`s a flurry from the SFA to unspool Celtic`s Rebel Treble.

St.Johnstone v Celtic: Maxwell & Collum`s Draw.

“He`s skilled at a wide range of repairs.”

Weblock one today.

Hoop hoop hooray

Re the two late penalties he gave in them in the hamilton gsme….lest we forget, he denied them hamilton an absolute stonewaller earlier in the match

Today, Willie Collum shall botch Celtic`s game with his awkward positioning on the pitch.


You see Auldheid that wise auld owl is 100% correct, if you don’t follow up on Res.12 then this is what happens. We know that the governing body Sweet Fuck All govern the game for the benefit of one club, smaller clubs will not rock the boat for fear of losing the blue pound. But when the game itself is corrupted and we know it is, then you must call it out, otherwise the corruption expands. Celtic is the only club that can call it out, if we do others might follow. The time to call it out, or to… Read more »

John McDermott

Poor john(beaton)ditched at the alter for cheating.sorry hen I couldn’t help masell the something blue made me do it.: (


Penalty!!! Handling outside the box.

G`day Montipoontang, 🙂

Prods plural noun: Penalties.
Andrew Dallas`s activity that precedes to pointing at the spot though not knowing what the eff he`s doing.


I remember being asked how old my granny was. I answered she’s deid and my da had 2 black baws.


Cheat that andrew dallas is. There will be questions asked and answers wont be given the secret society of the lanarkshire referees lodge will no doubt at there next meeting be patting him and high fiving this anti catholic scumbag.

Yoker Bhoy

Today’s lunchtime tussle up in freezing Perth should hopefully dish up some quality entertainment. I also expect the home side to come out and attack a lot more than they did the other night so we can knock the stuffing out of them early on with a couple of swift sucker punches. A side note on Boyata: he has a history of having one or two absolute shockers immediately after returning from an injury lay-off so I’d be pretty scared if he were to be thrown in directly against Valencia on his comeback. Later on, if he starts to show… Read more »


watched Valencia game.. parked the bus most of the game but boy do they break quickly …dangerous!!


Damn You! After the 6 Nations yesterday, I am in temporary morning and you have made me smile. Anybody else notice the French official had an orange wrist band on? Not sure if he is named Pierre Dallas.

Just keep on winning Celtic, and cheats, those with a jealous persuasion, racialists and all others not committed to the cause can follow from a distance and kiss my sweet green arse! COYBIG!

There`s no need to bring the car battery indoors for a homemade defibrillator.

There`s a polarity between the posts with Scott Bain.

I`ve just jinxed the Bhoy. 🙂

Caption : Monti stumbles at the first hurdle


Yep, can’t get the camera to work 🙂

welded hurdle


Caption: Motherwell Councillor sees a sash and just can’t help himself.

The multiple dodgy penalty awards brings the Scottish game into further disrepute…. How much more of this all too obvious bias must the game endure?
Shame on that black bastard

Stamped and APPROVED by UEFA.

Campbell Ogilvie`s great value at European level offers Pedro an UEFA Congress long weight position.

sevco evince FC.

Salad Queen

Talyor swift relies it is not going to be a love story.


Has there been any comment from St. Mirren on the four penalties? You would think that the club it happened to would make their feelings known about the dubious nature of at least three of them? Meanwhile slippy G says they should have had five. I must say he’s a fast learner of the Scottish referring game. Wasn’t this the same man that maintained his club got nothing from refs? Anyway St Mirren manager and Board what do you think?

The Cha

Maybe but that’s up to the Buddies.

We’ve not had satisfaction from Beaton’s performance 5 weeks ago and that’s what we should be focused on.


Indeed it is – let’s hope they ask for clarifications of the decisions just like Celtic did. If they are ignored as I suspect they will be, we will know that the SFA are equal opportunity cheats when it comes to helping the club playing out of Ibrox

Rob O'Keeffe

You have to laugh.Trainee manager SG states that two of the “pens” were debatable but says they should have had another! Scouse humour at it’s best.
P.S.I know the Truth about KT…..contacts etc….but I’m not telling you heidbangers…..think I’ll tell JJ and Ivanka….

Honest hoops

Is there a directive from the supervisor to the refs to make the honest mistakes now..as var is coming…Scotlands shame..and they wonder why sponsors keep a distance….twinned with Nigeria FA


What happened at ibrox yesterday is what happens when you remove the plastic bag too early, the plastic bag should have been tightened not loosened.

Peter Lawwell will be happy tho…” rangers being out the league costs us ten million per year “.

The game is broken, corrupt & fucking rotten to it’s core.

I have said before & i’ll say it again, the ONLY place these cunts will be beaton ( see what i did there ) is on the field of play.

Just keep winning Celtic & let’s hear those Rebel songs & Celtic songs sung like never before today.

Be ruthless Bhoys!

Yoker Bhoy

Today’s line-up – interesting to see Toljan on the bench:

Celtic starting line-up: Bain; Lustig, Simunovic, Ajer, Izaguirre; Brown, McGregor, Christie; Forrest, Sinclair, Burke.

Celtic substitutes: Gordon, Bitton, Toljan, Hayes, Weah, Edouard, Johnston.

Mon the Hoops!!

The Cha

Never noticed that.

I’d imagine he’d only come on after the game is wrapped up.

The Cha

“flexiforward style of post break Celtic”

I like the sound of that, is it a new tactical formation?

Hopefully the flexibility will lead to less breakage.


The wrong people are in charge of Celtic lads, you need to open your eyes to this! Sick & tired of hearing shit like ” we are a well run club” & ” the board do a good job “…do they fuck, i’ll tell you what this fucking board do. They allow our club to be cheated! They allow our club to be shat on by the media! They do not appreciate what our support brings to the club. They take the support for granted. They are not fighting for the support or the club, mealy mouthed statements every three… Read more »

Noel Skytrot

Spot on big lad.


I didn’t get all the way through your comment, Monti. I kinda knew what was up for unification (or else). Many of us Tims on here totally agree on ‘matters’, but fail on one, conjoined, tactical approach. Frustrating in the extreme. I’ve a left-wing, Celtic background and WILL stand up, be counted and deliver whatever our Bhoys decide upon. I’ll also contribute cash, once the ‘bona-fides’ have been examined. If the PLC wont do it, and they wont, we should ‘turn the guns’ on them tory bastards too, and return the fat bastard’s outrageous bonus to where it belongs; The… Read more »

Andrew Gutman`s to sit with the Celtic wigman.

comment image&f=1

Nae bother,Okoflex`ll lead.


Gollum gives the Perth folk every advantage, probably likes sheeplike

Another MIB shows his true colours, going with the sash

A FOOTBALL DISPUTE: PORT ADELAIDE FOOTBALL CLUB DISQUALIFIED. A special meeting of the South Australian Football Association was held at the Prince Alfred Hotel on Wednesday evening for the purpose of discussing the action of the Port Adelaide Club in refusing to play the match against South Adelaide on the Adelaide Oval on Monday last. The Port forfeited the match,the reason they gave being that they would not play under the umpire chosen by the association. Mr.J.R.Anderson presided and there was a full attendance of delegates. Port Adelaide:Give us an associated umpire and not one chosen outwith. Port Adelaide were… Read more »

Take Broon off please.
Involvement for the spirit of the side yes.But 3pts for the side?

Umm.Tricky one.




2 days of Scottish Football expounders;

“Better save than attempt from the keeper when it`s hit straight at him.”

“It was definitely a free-kick possibly.”

Occupational health and safety,the iron on badge? Where and what`s in it?

Maybe you can`t hear when a tree falls down but a James Forrest?
I was just thinking today he`s not been injured like the rest.

No Yankie Flag no strip(e).

We do.


Magic Celtic, well done Bhoys!

What is going on with these injuries?

Ralph can i nominate Kristoffer Ajer as an early candidate for KOTW?
Struggling for defenders do you A) keep the head & make sure you can be depended upon for upcoming games.
B) send Neil Lennon to the stand.
C) Get needlessly sent off & create a defensive selection crises, otherwise known as being a stupid cunt.

Yoker Bhoy

Fuck me, we left that a bit late! It looked as if it was going to be one of those days: a dirty and defensive opposing team, piss-poor refereeing, not getting the break of the ball, frustration creeping in as the game crept on leading to sloppier play but we got there in the end. What a good Tim that bhoy Weah! Great finish from Jamesie after excellent assist from the aforementioned then backs to the wall, looking as jittery as fuck but marvellous breakaway goal. Pity about Ajer’s lapse of concentration right at the end – maybe Bitton will… Read more »

Weah! the Papal

jpm 88

GOT to be the Green Brigade banner for the sevco derby , brilliant ! 🙂


Those are the days that define a season.
Hard fought injuries and a burning desire to keep going. Well done the bhoys.
Silly by Ajer a minute to go dont be stupid son hooe you learn the hard way.
Really impressed by the new signing at right back very clever and fast. Well done Timothy great assist and goal.


Anyone else noticed how Celtic get a player sent off, and the opposition keep eleven players on the park despite kicking lumps out of us, when my Tory cunt of an MP is on the line, funny he never saw any of Morelos three incidents at Ipox either.


Burke is a stone waller pen m8 in the lead up to French eddy getting injured Christie gets fouled in the box and French eddy gets fouled nothing given.
They are doing everything in their power to stop us. They can’t.


Shite conduct by the Scottish ‘bretheren’, but we’ve seen it all before. #They ARE shite, and they know they are#. However:
What does it take before one chooses to be a vigilante?
Make Beaton’s pretence a reality?
Naw, we’re Tims, we’ll conduct ourselves like Tims and we’ll fuckin’ overcome to boot! To jackboot!
Timland uber alles, Hail! Hail! 🙂


Sorry Jimmy, meant to say: You’re spot on with the Burke penalty, all day fucking long. At the time Eddie was taken out (and helped off) by that dirty big bastard centre-half, another penalty. Just before this Ryan was clattered; another stone-waller. I’m fucking ***exhausted but I seem to think Ralph mentioned something about NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE? Well, put me down as a member of THAT club; I’ll pay my subscriptions too. Gladly. ***Anyway, had the wee mhan yesterday and overnight and laughed much but slept little. We’re (me an’ ‘er) at a concert tonight so I’m gonnae have… Read more »


It is quite astonishing their lack of guilt!


And apparently we committed 16 fouls to their 12? This on about 60% of possession. Have to wonder

Ajer on the skipping rope for a fortnight.Then to the discotheque.

Getting skinned`ll cost you anytime of the game unless you know the games not finished till the end.

The central defence don`t learn by their mistakes.
They think they don`t make any.

Have Nine men just won the league.Na Na Na Na Na


Belter, Pal. 🙂

I`ll leave the car battery next to me for next game.

Parable didactic.HH


Just as well we got those loans in given the injury count: Odsonne, Benkovic, Boyata, Tierney, Lustig, Forrest, Rogic, Ntcham , almost all automatic first picks, despite winning I feel down.Then we have to see who picked up knocks today. ST J were never going to be a walkover but the new right back looks class, Burke and Hare ( Weah) have devastating pace and Weah looked more robust than I initially thought plus Tierney and Boyata will soon be back and of course Bayo to come, I have cheered myself up!


Harry Redknapp once said of James Forrest: “If I had him, I’d play him as a striker”.
What a fuckin’ striker’s goal we saw from James today, wi’ his studs; not forgetting his quadruple some months ago!
Harry Redknapp may have dubious principles, but by fuck he knows a player.
Get well soon James, you’re at the very pinnacle of your Celtic career. Hail! Hail! wee mhan.

Tenaka Khan

Caption: Agnes from Govan is wondering whether she was wise to let groom to be Willie Mason’s sister be her bridesmaid…

St Johnstone played the way I expected they would, with 12 men behind the ball, they attacked when Ajer was off for treatment from that head knock in the opening minutes and that was the game plan from then on. Boot anything in green then hit the turf if met with any forceful challenges in return (Ref was a cheating Cunt). The game didn’t really open up until we went down to 10 men, Saints saw this as an opportunity to attack, pushed up, fucking Bang Bang they lose. Sweet Victory in spite of rough house tactics and cheating masons… Read more »

Beat a player in front of you with-in his own attributes.

If he`s quicker than you.Stand an arms length off of him.Make him go the way you want.Keep him wide.Let him take you on.Keep him wide.He`s to run the extra 2 yards.Watch the ball not him.Put him and the ball over the bye line.

See what he`s like next time he`s to attack your goal.

Now,trying to teach that to a right footer? No hope!

Salad Queen

Colum and the bastards tory linesman are a fucking joke.
Might as well back sevco at 5 to 1 to win the fucking corrupt league

Carry on sevco`ll have to go semi-professional.

Distinctive Donald wants his second chorus.Allegedly.

After many years of successfully serving the needs of our gaffe customers, MoonBeam Research has been retired.


It shouldn’t bother me, but I was listening to shortbread radio for the game. The lavish praise for spoilers, cloggers and wasters this station gives illustrates everything wrong with the typical game up here, they have no class, flair or imagination.
I fucking hate Scottish football if it wasn’t for Celtic I would give this game up.


Wrt David King(not passed) and Alastair Johnston(not passed) yesterday;

It`s rumoured that sevco`s travel mug was less two handles.
Sir Stephen BigHoose pocketed the other,so i`ve heard.

sevco advent of indoor plumbing FC.


3 around the ball at all time.Off the ball`s to be beauty.

There`s no endeth.


Another big win in tough conditions. Weather. MIBs. Fouling, penalties not given etc. I’m proud of our team, who dig deep when they have to.
Impressed with our new right back and hey, Tim Weah is the real deal! Versus Hibs on Wednesday and the Huns over at Sheepoddrie. Won’t McInnes (who gets a good share of penalties) do a real dinger when the MIBs do their thing?
Maybe Wednesday put Burke on the right wing and start Weah up front? Without Lenny, Hibs aren’t the threat they have been.
Proud to support Celtic.
Brendan, bhoys well done and keep up the good work!

And it’s taken you so long
To find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything

So,John Fleming was to argue with Neil Lennon?

John Fleming`s agency`ll only do it through the instrumentality of a thing.

2nd class, classed as 2nd class within and away from home…Phew.

Celtic v Hibs.Piece and jam.


Celtic v Hibernian 4-2-3-1








Nurse Ratched….my meds please.


I thought we were poor first half, too slow moving the ball.
I think there’s a player in Ajer but he needs to be more positive wgen on a bear charge, he runs 70 yards with the ball then stops & tries to knock it back the way?
Play it fucking through/forward.

Disappointed with him getting sent off, he’s bound to know he’s going to get a wee run in the side just now because of injuries, but still get’s sent off for what? Fucking eejit.

Now you`ve gone and done it.

Is it Scott Bain that has comic magazines as shin pads to read?

Show a football to the Yanks and`ll parachute with nylon to Dundee.

So Valencia CF can leave their 18 yard box lonely in Mestalla.Yet!

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