The Lawwell Papers

The Lawwell Papers

A drunk approached one of our readers in a bar, and handed him some scribbled notes. It took Timposter a while to decipher them, or make them up, but could they really be the musings of someone high up at Celtic Park (No chance-Ed )

Welcome to my world

Transfer windows they come, they go.

I’ve seen them all. Dealing with greed/gluttony/avarice that comes in the shape of Agents and their mercenary clients, the players.The outcome is always the same.

Blame Peter Lawwell!

I’ve heard them all, Peter Liewell, Sharp Dressed Man (SDM), heated Driveway Productions, Duplicitus Maximus. PAH.

Water off a ducks back.

Seldom, if ever, do you hear my name connected with a Transfer Window in a positive light.

Victor Wanyama, Virgil van Dijk, Dembele anyone?

Nah thought not. More likely my name is used in conjunction with the likes of Derk Boerrigter, Marvin Compper or the ones that got away like the Hibs pair Stephen Fletcher and John McGinn. Well I wasn’t going to let the likes of that masonic rat Rod Petrie get the better of me.(More on him later)

Welcome to my world.

This is the world I live in.

A world where we, Celtic, exist in a hostile environment.

The whole of Scottish Football is against us. SEVCO(Zombie Huns), SFA/SPFL(which defect is all the clubs), Scottish Establishment, be it Govt/Local Govt, Police Scotland and Scottish Society by and large with its inherent anti Irish racism.

We compete in a league in a small country that is dominated by our neighbours south of the border in the form of the EPL and because of this our financial well being is limited. This means we live off breadcrumbs in comparison to the EPL TV and media revenues.

My primary task is to ensure the financial well being of Celtic and from this base provide the wherewithal for a strong team to prosper and succeed by competing and winning trophies on a regular basis.

How is this achieved ?

By extracting the maximum revenues from the fans (shutup and hand over your cash). This fanbase is truly world wide and is also used to maximise revenue streams from TV/Media and this can be enhanced by the qualification to European competitions with the lucrative market that brings via global TV exposure (and the huge revenues that can bring) and the selling of match day experiences via ticketing and merchandising that can can bring. We also can save and raise money by investing in our in house Academy Development.

Intelligent investment on the transfer market can bring us much needed revenues. This is not a straight forward strategy with its successes and failures. All these revenue streams, as well as being spent on players, also goes to support the structures that surround this. Stadium, training facilities, Coaching/Development, Media, Merchandising, Marketing, Administration and not forgetting the reason we came into being, The Celtic Foundation. This all provides me with difficult choices.

Living within a manageable budget.

Winning trophies and qualifying for European Football.

Dealing with the aforementioned hostilities from SEVCO and its follow following hordes, SFA/SPFL, SMSM.

There are unwelcome commercial realities that I face.

All of the Scottish establishment and TV companies demand that a team playing out of Ibrox exists. They all want to exploit the money that comes from them via TV subscriptions, match day tickets and media rights. At the same time I have the Res12 guys in my face equipping me not only with the smoking gun but the bullets, the DNA and the paper trail to destroy the.

Well not this BEAR. No f*cking way. I’m not going to be the one attacked by ALL those hostiles above. I’m going to sit on it for as long as it takes because their demise will come by their own corrupt sectarian bigoted hands in the form of the career criminal Dave GASL King.

I’m going to sit back and let events take their inevitable course to ruin for them. Them and all their corrupt enablers including those guilty parties at the SFA, especially that rat Rod Petrie)Told you id come back to him).

Then and only then will I indulge myself in a quiet self satisfying moment of contentment.

No Gloating in the Gloamin for me but I wouldn’t stop others. Veni Vidi Vici So as I calmly look out from my office window, in a moment of reflection, pondering over the FACTS. A top quality coach under contract in his owning words, loving his time at Celtic, having secured a double treble and one trophy in the bag on our way to a treble TREBLE, still in Europe after Christmas.

Still in the midst of a transfer window having secured 3 quality players already and  more still to come in.

How do I feel?

To steal a phrase from Larry David. Pretty good. Pretty pretty pretty pretty good.