Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

  1. Timposter wonders if its Deja Vu, or just the way things are….

    Living in a world where each day is repeated without change.

    Where to begin?

    Should we start with the recent defeat by Sevco?

    Shall we discuss this defeat in terms of football played?

    Or shall we discuss the unfettered cheating by the officials?

    What about the constant sectarian bigotry and abuse the comes pouring down from the Ibrox stands?

    What about the institutionalised cheating that brought about Sevco in the first place?

    I’ll tell you where we will start. At home where all the above is both allowed and encouraged, in fact it is rubber stamped.

    We were told at the recent AGM by the manager in reply to this question from the floor regarding this fixture and others.

    “It will be ok, just relax,” is Rodgers’ reply.

    Just take the latest of these dropped points against Sevco.

    All the unqualified rookie manager of Sevco needed to do is watch our previous away games where the likes of Hearts & Hibs just pressed us and got physical because they knew that any dirty play against us would go unpunished with no repercussions or any mention in the SMSM.

    So all this SMSM nonsense about the rise of SEVCO is indeed nonsense. It is our own away form that has brought us back down to where we find our ourselves just ahead in the league title race.

    We have lost 18 points from a possible 30 points in away games so far this season. It would seem the do nothing attitude of our PLC Board is rubbing off on our manager. If they can’t be arsed, why should he ?

    I think we might just have been too relaxed.

    What about the unfettered cheating on display?

    We all know that this is the norm and has been for generations. People joke about it saying we have won despite the cheating.

    Why should this be tolerated?

    Paying hard earned cash to go and watch a football match knowing beforehand that it’ll be subject to cheating?

    We pay good money into a rigged game in Scotland.

    Unbelievable but true.

    Unremitting sectarian and racial abuse that is on display every week in Scotland. Replace the words Catholic/Fenian/Irish/Taig with Muslim/Jew and this would be an international outrage rightly condemned by all.

    Resolution 12 anyone?

    We have Pistol Pete asking for us to provide him with the smoking gun, and we have. He should know what it looks like as it has his fingerprints all over it.

    Need I say more?

    Naw didn’t think so.

    So who’s to blame for all the above?

    The perpetrators of course.

    However I venture to ascribe blame closer to home. I blame the Celtic PLC Board. They stand back and allow this all to go on and continue without ever taking any action to condemn it or demand action to put an end to it.

    Why is this?

    It’s a complete abrogation of duty and cowardice on their part.

    So when are we going to hold them to account?

    From past experience, nothing. If they had any sense of what is right they would be stamping on any of the above as and when it occurs. It is their duty to protect our brand, to coin a phrase.

    Wherever and whenever it is under attack, or seen to be under attack, they are obliged to defend it.

    They could employ their own compliance officer who’s sole duty is to monitor for all of the above and produce irrefutable evidence to the Board, and in particular Peter Lawwell, to act upon.

    Instead he picks up £2.3m for reaching his KPI’s and if they include do nothing about any of the above he has surpassed them with flying colours.

    This is the 21st century and we shouldn’t have to endure this. Remember the PLC Mantra….”Shutup and hand over your cash”.



    So when your alarm goes off each morning at 6:00am and you hear Sonny & Cher singing “I got you babe” you can be sure that Punxsutawney Pete will be declaring another long winter of discontent with no action being taken.

    And thus it will ever be.