Celtic Diary Wednesday December 19: Rumour Mill Begins To Turn

We get told a lot of nonsense, and its time to share some more of it with you.

Honestly, people must think we zip up at the back, and to be honest, so do you if you believe any of this stuff, but we have to fill space with other stuff apart from Scott Brown, aye or nay.

Earlier in the season, after an inspid performance against Kilmarnock, Peter, Dermot and Brendan sat down to discuss who was responsible for what, and the upshot was that Peter had to hand over the cheque book and pen to Brendan, and Brendan in return had to delete Lee congertons number from his phone.

But we told you that already.

A budget, the biggest of Brendans tenure so far, was agreed, and the manager gets to spend it how he likes, without the okay from the board.

He’s already agreed two deals, one for a forward, not believed to be Kenny Miller or Steven Naismith, and one for a defender, suspected to be this guy, USA under 20 right back Manny Perez.

But it isn’t, although he is on trial and may be brought in as a long term project.

A forward ? Remember our policy is to invest in players we know.. players we know can handle life at Celtic, for instance

Image result for patrick roberts


The plan is to have four, possibly even five new players in by the end of January. no projects, these guys are first team players.

Looking ahead to next years qualifiers for the Champions League, that makes sense.

Several players will be allowed to leave, and you don’t need to think too hard to work out which ones. Others will head out on loan.

Dedryck Boyata has a forty grand a week contract sitting on the table, which is no secret as he showed it to us on his instagram, but he will be sold should he not sign before the deadline, which allows for another defender to come in with plenty of time to make himself a scapegoat.

The manager is well aware that changes have to be made, as indeed are the players, and it seems some of them are happy to be changed…

With just three titles needed for the ten, and a possible run in Europe ahead after christmas, the manager has his serious head on again..

Image result for brendan rodgers

Given that the team hasn’t performed very well when changes have been made on a match to match basis, we may well be worried. However, at least the management and board appear to be pulling in the same direction.

Rodgers himself seems more relaxed about things than he was a few weeks ago…

We’ll be at the top or somewhere about it by the turn of the year. We know we’ll get stronger. We know we’ll get better.

‘We’ll push on into the second half of the season really motivated.

‘We’re getting towards the end of the year and we’ve had another great year. 

‘We’ve won a cup already, are into the last 32 (of the Europa League) and in the league everything is in our hands.

‘So I can’t really complain. We want to be better of course. We can be better.

‘But we now need to go into our next two home games, starting with Motherwell, looking to get maximum points.’


Tonight Celtic host Motherwell, and if you are going to the game, or indeed if you are in the vicinity, can i ask you to have a read of this…

If you can help, please do. If families are going without food, then this time of year must be heartbreaking for kids and parents alike.


To the game itself, and Celtic need to get back on track very quickly with a convincing performance and win over Motherwell, who come to Glasgow tonight, and not Dundee, as we said in yesterdays Diary.

Told you, we’re not to be believed about anything. Though I think I’ve got the date right.


Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson plans to make a few changes to keep his squad fresh, but the style won’t alter.

Image result for american football tackles gif

Brendan Rodgers, however, has to find the urgency his team had against Kilmarnock, and although Scott Brown is certain to start, he will be asked to get out from between the two centre halfs, although that is always a risk when Simunovic is one of them.

Many claim our troubles have started since Brown came back into the team, but its worth noting that they also coincide with the absence of Boyata.

Oddsone Edouard is the latest in a line of scapegoats as he has only managed 13 in 25 this season…which is apparently not good enough.

He’ll score tonight, he usually does at Celtic Park. Six in six in the league…

If Mikael Lustig returns, then theres a chance that James forrest can committ himself a little bit more. a lack of Lustig means that he, too, has to worry about the man behind him.

Especially if its Christian Gamboa, who doesn’t seem to fully understand the concept of full back.

Ryan Christie is back in training, but won’t feature tonight.

I reckon it’ll be Brown, Ntcham , Biton and MacGregor, that way Motherwell will be asleep by eight o’clock.

Of course, it won’t be. But there may be one or two surprises from the bench.

A comfortable 4-0 will suffice, with Forrest and Edouard sharing the goals.


There is another game tonight, as league leaders “rangers “face Hibernian, who will be looking to do a quick double over the Glasgow sides to kick start their season.

“rangers” will be without Ovie Ejaria, who has failed to settle in Glasgow and returned to Liverpool.

Odd that, he was fine a couple of weeks ago…

Then again, perhaps something has upset him…


Here’s a question…back in 2011, the SFA announced a sort of charter…

How would you say its going ?

How do you think they would say its going ?

Or should we just agree it was time the whole lot of them were going ?

Over on SFM, Auldheid, who is still fighting tirelessly for honesty, transparency and justice, has put together an interesting piece which suggests that if the SFA are going to use the JPTD, then they must present all the evidence available to determine an outcome.

They have form for being, er, selective…

Have a read, its important, and good preparation for the next phase of the battle..

We’re Gauny Need Another Baw

By the way, they haven;t gone to CAS yet, have they ?

And Dave King hasn’t declared his cash confirmer yet, has he ?

The rest of the concert party won’t be happy about that, as someone will have to pay the piper…or their shoulders may feel the cold.


Anyway, we all reckon we know a superfan when we see one.

This is Andreas, who is from Berlin. A couple of our CSc were talking to him before the Salzburg game, which he had come over for..

He’ll be at the game tonight, as his itinerary suggests…

Thats some tour. Get him a Guinness if you see him, and say hello to him from me.


We have to go back nearly a week for the last caption competition, due to medical reasons…

Paddybhoy67 December 13, 2018 at 8:25 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption … Sevco flight delayed as plane surrenders 


Anyone else caught up in the christmas spirit yet ?

Remember the old song…

On the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me..

A bottle of malt whisky…

On the fourth day of christmas, my true love said to me

“Where the fuck have you been for three days ? ”


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D'Fhinnein Mick


What do you think of my poofy watchstrap?

Noel Skytrot

Caption…the Scottish press are saying that Brendan Rodgers of Celtic is getting my old job, can this be true?


Pogba out!!


Juventus?? More like Frey bentos !!


Cannae beat a Steak & Kidney Fray Bentos, especally with piping hot beans poured over it…..the pie that is not the tin.


I love the steak and mine and onion! Can’t do the kidney though.


I like that one tae 🙂

Hartson's Comb


“I’ve still never seen an incredible support like the one that followed Celtic to Seville. I still dream about being able to manage a team with a support like that some day…”


Caption: ” Micheal i get £24m if ze sack me….and they zink i’m worried “?


” Riding through the snow on my armoured plated sleigh,
I got my beret, Armalite & joined the IRA,
OH jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Waiting for a foot patrol to blow the Brits away,

Oh jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
The shout went up Tiocfaidharla, as we parked the Provo Sleigh.


The shooting started on the edge of town,
shot’s exchanged with the forces of the crown,
Bheith croga on the hills of Kerry,
Led as always by the men from Derry,
Derry men are the best of men,
Eire go Deo.


Yes Ralph our defence has looked poorer since Boyata has been injured anyone who knows one iota about football can see that. Lustig brings balance to the back 4, I wonder if Ralston could go that better than Gambia who is a different style of player. Happy to keep KT to the sheep and Ipox games as long as Izzy is played further back than Sunday. Missing a rare home game tonight, can they do it without me you ask, probably! We need established first testers in the January window, no more “ projects” this season especially if Boyata goes… Read more »


THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Dave King ‘Twas the night before Christmas and by Edminston House Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The scaffolding hung by the emergency repair, In hopes that a safety certificate soon would be there; The gullible were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of war chests danced in their heads; And sister in her Turkish away top , and I in my sash Had just settled down with a quarter of hash. When out on the Broomloan there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the boardroom for a jakey… Read more »


Good stuff!


Thanks Monti happy Christmas to you and yours


thanks CS and a happy Christmas to you and yours


Wonder if there is any truth in this Lee congerton leaving the club story?
I hope there is because his recruitment has been pish!

The Cha

He did identify Piccini, Scher and others who are highly rated but Pistol Pete was firing blanks trying to get them signed.

Moral of the story:

Don’t expect anything to change while Lawwell’s around.


i dont often agree with you, but i hope that PISH is true as well 😀


Couldn’t believe my ears when i heard Mourinho has been staying in a hotel for two & a half years, now i’m sure it was a plush hotel but with the money he has, surely he could have rented a nice house?

Tight cunt.


Any females from Dundee reading this, i wasn’t having a go there. 🙂


Got a signal then, vroom vroom 🙂


That was brilliant man, I’ll be getting 2 bottles of Glenlivet for the game on 29th, I’m looking forward to being posted missing


So Ralph cannae dae a Diary for four fucking days because he has a cauld, i have just read that Harry Kane may miss the Spurs v Arsenal game as he recovers from a cauld?

Pair of Fannies…..especially Ralph 🙂


TicToc: ” Read ” is a form of looking and understanding the written word or words.


Hi Ralph big post in the ether if you can find it….

Caption: A cheating shitebag gets found out.


He’s making a list,
of player’s to buy,
He need’s no assist,
He’s our kinda guy,
Brendan Rodgers is coming to town.

There’s no time to rest,
No players to cheap,
We want just the best,
So there’s no time to rest,
Brendan Rodgers is coming to town.

The lying Scottish press covering up for racist scumbags never?Best wee country in the world they tell you.show racism the red car or a rubber ear? and they take wages too.only in jockville


Forrest/Morgan/Mikey Johnston
3-0 to the bhoys. Edouard/Forrest/Calmac
Meanwhile, although Lenny’s teams always up their game against Celtic, he needs to do the same against the Huns and other teams in the league. It would do us a big favour for the Hibees to take all 3 points.
We’ll maybe have a few more fit for Dundee on Saturday?
I think Ajer is a better defender than Simunovic.

Our goal should be to top the league before the winter break.
We can begin tonight.


Not convinced yet about Ajer, he needs to add strength to his game, he is comfortable on the ball bringing it into midfield but he needs to learn when to make the pass.

The Cha

100% agree on Ajer, he’s our future and it should be nogo Jozo Simo.

Boyata’s expected to return next week and I agree that we should either re-sign him or try to punt him in January if no deal.

It’s not in our gift to just sell him so we need to make it in his interests, as otherwise he’ll just sit tight for a few months for a better offer.


There’s no time to sleep,
No players too cheap,
We want just the best,
So there’s no time to rest,
Brendan Rodgers is coming to town. For Fuxsake…

Sing a song of sixpence, a penny full of rye,

its only great players, that Celtic need to buy,

We don’t need no players that wilny even try.


Scott McKenna would be my first signing of the upcoming window.

The Cha



Oh, He’s back from outer space,
with that glekitt look apon his face,
What will he say or do, when he puts the hex on you,
but, you’le survive, oh yes, you will survive..

So stay strong and retain your point of view,
Do not let him make a fool of you, oops too late..



Iljas Baker

I’m really looking forward to some exciting presents from Brendan Rodgers.


I wouldn’t be you’ll end up disappointed


Something tells me we will be happy enough come the end of the window.


Doubt it Monti, me and you would never be happy


When you look back to the (cough) main stream media reporting of the “Rangers” demise, it gives you an insight into how the stories and pretence has turned by 180 degrees. From publicly printing that there might be a new club formed to take on the old clubs assets, to what we see and read about today. This so called poetic licence has reinvented the continuity fairy story. Then you look at the peepil involved, who they were and where they are now. Fuxsake, no-one, not one single peepil has been disadvantaged in any possible way, some, difficult as it… Read more »


It’s a fucking joke, the only place to beat these cunts is ON the park!


Monti, The joke is on us.
The SFA/ SPFL/ and all other governing bodies, Guilty.
“Rangers old and new, Guilty.
“Rangers old and new directors, Guilty.
All the “Move On” club chairmen, Guilty.
The main stream Scottish media, Guilty.
The Celtic board, Guilty of inaction.
There never was a lot going for the governess of Scottish football but now it is beyond contempt. The only reason that I watch it now is to see and hear the pain of the Huns and to watch my own team, the rest can GTF.


Same here m8!


Mike wrote a novel in reply to your post under the download on this related subject! Guess what – it disappeared! That’s it – giving up now this Word Press thingy must have me on a blacklist somewhere. Short posts from this day forward methinks else I’ll end smashing my damn tablet 🙂
I tried Mikey I really tried 🙂 🙂


Please do not give up Christina. Word Press can and does cause problems, no doubt about it, but believe me it is not selective. It is a pain in the arse, but use your voice to demonstrate your feelings. It does punish longer posts, but please, keep on trying, every voice on this and very subject especially needs to be heard, remember.. Persistence beats Resistance… Go Girl. 😉


Thanks Mike and Rebus – I know it’s not selective was just being petulant 🙂 but it is bloody annoying! I spent about 30 mins typing reply and then to press post to see it go off in a puff of smoke never to be seen again is so frustrating! Wish I had copied and pasted it Rebus but don’t have Word on tablets and the Google equivalent is not so reliable! *Sigh* will maybe try again later – if I can remember what I wrote 🙂 🙂


Females posting won’t see their posts on ETims until after 3pm, all chores & Jeremy Kyle should be finished by then.
If you post after 3, they will show up instantly.


All chores should be finished by 3pm – on what planet like?? Women’s work is never done as I’m sure you’ve been told many, many times! What I want to know is how you can post all day when you’re apparently at work??
Btw don’t watch much television and certainly no reality or ‘car-crash’ TV couldn’t pick Mr Kyle out in a line-up 🙂


Press back button when you find out your post didn’t make it. Your post will be ready to go again




I know it feels like it is selective but I do not think it is. I have lost three long posts in the last few weeks. You could type in Word first and copy and paste.



It’s ironic how the posts you make whinging about the posts that didn’t make It always make it


Yes lancelt/Ian? – my stroppy posts always seem to make it – guess I’d better shut up about my missing 6 posts and just quietly seethe 🙂 thank you for tip re back button will try that!


Good grief Christina. Yeah it’s Ian not LAN as I’ve been called in here knowingly by people who know my name is Ian. The posts missing has been happening for a while so I keep my posts down to a few sentences. No point writing a vignette if it’s headed for the ether. Welcome to the blog it’s good to see another Sheila in here


Desimond… anybody… posts gone AWOL…


Caption: JM- ” Four fucking days without a Diary ” ? MC- ” Not good enough boss “



Even the Celts could beat this mob.

Same crooks at sevco getting away with the same shit they pulled as the deid cheats,crooked administrators exposed at sevco and SFA,coppers who don’t prosecute their fellow crooked Huns,as expected in jockville.The Plc doing nothing about proven cheats is not on


Starting 11 for tonight? Formation?


Caption: How do you think we can ride this wave before they sack us?

Devoy, that’s as good a lineup for tonight as we are going to see. Not sure if Lustig is fit due concussion (usually a week out for safety). I like Morgan and Johnston in for Sincs and Tam. Young Henderson and Ralston should be given a chance maybe – all I am saying is give youth a chance!
GC George Connelly


Caption …

“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.”

Caption too…

“I’m done with those; regrets are an excuse for people who have failed.”


Why would you release players we can get a transfer fee for ya fanny?


Heard there’s an opening coming up at the greatest club in the world, Stevie G to get my job

You joking boss?

The media are shit scared to say anything about Sevco as their fans react to anything

Hopefully the Hibees slap them down in Leith

3-0 to the tic tonight


I see Brendan has gone with my suggestion of Brown & Ntcham….good good!


Charlie Saiz,
I don’t see any Crayons, marbles or Action men on your wish list?


Good to see Tony Ralston in from the start tonight, good luck son!


Here Here, The young lad deserves his chance, good luck indeed!

Yes indeedee young Anthony in the start and congrats to Broonie 500 club and counting. Good luck to all and especially Ralston. What does Sincs have to do to get rested?

Is Craig Gordon wearing a plimsoll on his left foot?


Well that’s us fucked then

Ebeneger Madden (who despises everything Celtic), canny halt the Khids from the Celtic Academy workhouse.


3 days on top part 2, becoming a bit like die hard sequel’s

Yippee kyay muhr fuhr


Also a very apt porno title


Easy win for the Bhoys. Hibs failed to show up tonight – hard to fathom


build the dumb bastards up then knock the dumb bastards doon again ha ha ha ha aint celtic grand ….a wonder if oor resident poet mike the crackpot fermer could make a humpty dumpty poem about that instead of pickin oan an auld rustler at christmas ha ha ha ha


mike the fermer is his name —he sais it is a fuckin shame —-charlie stole his favorite sheep —-and put his gas at a peep ha ha ha ha hows it hingin crackpot



Salad Queen

Still looking for 3 tickets away valencia does £300 excite any one?

Salad Queen

Sorry for coming in on your great post Ralph.


Caption: Did you know I’m the special one?


Do you have a special burroo to sign on at?


Much to be cheerful about tonight. Our young RB, Anthony Ralston put in a MotM performance, despite a couple of errors to be expected as he makes the transition. Great ball from Eddie who spotted his movement and rolled the ball perfectly for Anthony to finish brilliantly. Ntcham after a poor start started to look better than he’s been and young Lewis Morgan showed us some lovely skills. Mikey Johnston has already proved himself to me and seems to have it all. The ‘steelmen’ were allowed to do their sickening stuff as they, time and again, scythed through our players… Read more »


ffs tic toc ur you oan the peace pipe the night he he


Ah’m no’ quite sure Charlie (the galla wan) but ah’ve been followin’ the news an’ since ma wee parcel arrived frae Amazon ah jist keep laffin’….could even say life wiz a ‘gas’
HaHaHa, HaHaHaHa, HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa………..
HH (HaHa)


tic toc enjoy celtic mate cause fur tims like us it disnae get any better COYBIG


Couldnae agree more, Pal. 7 in a row, Leagues, 7 in a row, Trophies and if we perform for 3 games before the New Year then we start pulling away at the TOTL. Valencia are defo beatable in February…..aye, Charlie, just more terrific days to be a Tim. Oh, an’ BTW, can you start puttin’ up some more, er, em, ‘folk’ music? My folk love the same ‘folk’ as you folk!! But it gets even better, as I absorb my favourite sounds from your ‘jukebox’, if the site fucks up then I laff ma bawz aff as charlie blames it… Read more »


Your ” wee parcel “?
Is it a Thesaurus?


HaHaHa, naw Monti, Roget created that shit for semi-illiterate, arrogant, fork-lift truck drivers like yersel! HaHaHa. Me, ah could’ve written it, but Roget goat there first and claimed ra ‘poppy’.
I wiz drivin’ fork-lifts aroon for fun in an industrial site before ah wiz 18.
Ach well, ye’ve kinda ‘caught up’ eh? Hare and tortoise kinda shit? HaHaHa. But mind, a fat cunt like you shouldnae even be tryin’ tae keep up wi’ a tortoise, eh?
HaHaHa Happy Christmas.
HH 🙂


I don’t drive a forklift, sorry to burst your wee online profiling bubble.
Could definetely do with losing a bit of weight tho.
I look forward to the day you find yourself in my company, TicToc, i think your big mouth & threats will be taking a wee gulp……big man.


donnchadh fielding had a punchers chance but he never threw a fuckin punch aint scousers strange


fuckin hell donchadh why does it no surprise me you wer ordering t bags


ffs donchadh hawf a gram a charlie and yood be pullin the loft waws doon


HaHaHa,Just what the fuck is it with “Charlie”?
HaHaHa when ye can pretend ye need this gas tae make cakes, or cream, or cream-cakes or …whaegiesafuk cakes? HaHaHa, you’re the nitrous person ah’ve ever met…HaHaHa (including “Charlie”) HaHaHa.
Anyway, so ah says tae this Chinese waiter: HaHaHa, Charlie’s tellin’ charlie, or vice-versa, that he’s been buyin’ charlie fur charlie but charlie’s no’ uptae it, eh?
Niwwa min’ blitish shit, you pikka flukkin’ numma flom menoo ol fluck off; anyway, challie, no good, nunnarem! You rike a plipe?
I got masses of ra opium! (I plonounce my arse when soot me, eh?)


jeest ordered pat andersons the people and up to our knees oan amazon a dont post oan his gaff theyr to sophisticated for me wae awe yon school patter ha ha …..monti invite the crackpot oantae heer


The wife sent me 7 WhatsApp messages. 20 minutes later she sent, “oh Celtic are playing, that’s why no reply.” It only took her 9 flocking years…..


uralius a had four wives like that but alas nain ae thum could last the pace ..aint wee sweethearts who canny last the pace grand he he


HaHaHa, Charlie, reminds me of a story about a pal of my eldest brother’s. My brother’s pal was being ‘sussed’ by a nosey old bag in the works cafeteria: Old bag: “So are you married then?” Pal: “Naw, not now, 3 times a widower.” Old bag: (happily up for it now) “Och, what a pity. 🙂 Whit happened tae them?” Pal: “The 1st two died after eating poisonous mushrooms.” Old bag: “That’s terrible, whit aboot the 3rd wan?” Pal: “She wiz found battered tae death; she widnae eat the mushrooms.” Old bag: Turning ashen “Er, em, ‘scuse me, ah’ll jist… Read more »

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