Celtic Diary Friday December 7: Irish Invitations and Chinese Whispers

Celtic Diary Friday December 7: Irish Invitations and Chinese Whispers

Davie Hay, writing in the Evening times, suggests that Celtic will come out of the next transfer window stronger than when they went in.

As we head into another transfer window, I am sure that there will be targets and I also suspect that the club will come out of the window stronger than when they went in.

That comes down to the manager and the chief executive working together and I think you will see that over the next couple of months.

There will be lessons learned from the summer window and if the AGM is anything to go by then I think we can be safe in the knowledge that everyone has the best interests of the club at heart. 

Sounds like Lawwell has dropped CQN in favour of Hay.

You’d kind of hope that the window would be better after Lawwell managed to lose the shopping list and the cheque book last time round.

Its well documented what went on during the summer, at least on here it was, and so there is little chance of a repeat.


You have to congratulate Brendan Rodgers and the Celtic players for their seventh straight domestic trophy, but sitting quietly in the background is a man who deserves a bit of recognition for that success too.

Peter Lawwell will never be without his critics. There is no chief executive at Celtic who will ever escape without someone complaining.

But the triumph at Hampden on Sunday afternoon was the 24th trophy that Lawwell has overseen in his tenure at the club and that is some going.

And while everyone at the club looks at Rodgers and hopes that he remains at the club for as long as possible, I have to say that I’d have the same feeling about Lawwell. 

Davie Hay has a role at Celtic as an ambassador, and clearly its time for his contract to be renewed as well.


So, if we are having loads of new players, as has been suggested, we’ll be needing to expand the coaching staff..

And so we are !

Damien Duff, currently coaching at Shamrock Rovers will cross the water on Wednesday to become the first man on board for the next part of Brendans business plan.

Development is a key part of the current philosophy at Lennoxtown, and it could be said that someone likes the but of Duff’s gib. In April this year he spoke about how he does things in Dublin;

What’s always been my problem with kids and I think the kids have to take some responsibility too and coaches at the clubs. Kids don’t touch a ball enough and that will never change,” 

“I get slaughtered for it in this country for training my lads five times a week, training half six in the morning doing double sessions and your back at half six at night. I get slaughtered.

“That’s dinosaur mentality. You have to train five times a week. We went to play Chelsea during the season, they train seven times a week. But most teams train twice or three times a week, so that’s a problem already.” 

The Irish independent clearly got wind of this yesterday as well…

‘It’s an amazing club’ – Damien Duff reveals he is in talks with Celtic over a coaching role

“I spoke to them last week,” 

“There is a role going there with the reserves. We’re still talking to them. It’s an amazing club and something will hopefully happen.

“I went over to the training ground and met everybody. It was so impressive. For me and most Irish men, they are one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“When there are kids involved, it’s obviously hard and emotional thing to do…maybe I’ll have to bribe them with getting a dog. I’m afraid of dogs, so I’ll obviously have to rent two houses over there!”

Its more than that, Duff and Rodgers go back a long way, so the manager knows what he’s getting.

Here he is getting his phone number from Duff when the player was at Fulham, so that he could get hold of him quickly once he quit Liverpool, had a bit of time off, took the Celtic job and sorted out with Lawwell who was actually running the team.  ( Are you sure? -Ed )

Image result for damien duff brendan rodgers

Meanwhile, with Kilmarnock at the top of the table, and heading up to Celtic Park tomorrow, the BBC, desperate for anyone but Celtic to win anything this season, posed the question..

Kilmarnock: Could Steve Clarke’s side ‘do a Leicester’ and win Scottish Premiership?

I’m not entirely sure when Leicester won the Scottish Premiership, so I’m guessing it refers to when they won the English one.

November Player of the Month Ryan Christie was diplomatic…

“It is only the start of December and there is such a big run of games for everybody leading up to the winter break,” 

“After the break, then you can start talking about it. But they have been playing very, very well and the manager there has done a fantastic job.”

One other player, who has asked not to be named , wasn’t..

Don’t talk shite

But this is the BBC, and shite is their specialist subject (Woah, pots and kettles have suffered enough this week-Ed )

And they have some experts to hand..

Billy Dodds: “They might not win the league, but only a fool would write them off after what happened with Leicester. 

Read that again. Only a fool would write off Kilmarnock.

Well, here I am….

Image result for fool

Tomorrow, Celtic , who usually do quite well at home will look to put another challenger in their place, hopefully as ruthlessly as Hearts were put to the sword when they made it look like they were contenders.

There is the small matter of a European game on Thursday that may well be at the back of the players minds, but over the last couple of years they have proved that when they are asked to produce when it matters, they do.

Kilmarnock will set themselves out to frustrate, manager Stevie Clarke is adept at getting his players to do what he wants them to, and they trust him implicitly as time and time again he’s proved to be right.

But with intense pressure and a high energy, Celtic should swat them aside, early enough to make sure the game is over as a contest early on, and to deliver the psychological blow that will shatter their confidence.

Is that necessary ?

Yes, it is. According to the SFA fixture computer, they will be our first opponents after the winter break when the hot balls and the cold balls are put on display in the pretence that the Scottish cup draw is random.

At Rugby Park, as well…


Elsewhere, and there’s panic over at Ibrox as one or two realise that although Dave King has said he’ll find the funds needed to keep his clubs shoulders warm, the fear is that the Chinese investors he’s about to announce don’t really exist.

That could mean panic at the concert party as they find they’re left holding the bill… and facing the penalties…

While King heads back to sunnier climes with his phone switched off and a whole sack of clean, er, linen.


Scott Sinclair has commented on racial abuse he received from an Aberdeen fan after he missed the penalty in the League cup final.

Show Racism the Red Card reacted instantly..

Show Racism the Red Card Scotland are saddened to see a video that allegedly shows an Aberdeen FC fan racially abuse Celtic’s Scott Sinclair just before he takes a penalty at the weekend’s League Cup Final at Hampden Park.

Not quite the wording they used when there were “allegations ” of abuse towards Shay Logan, of Aberdeen..

We fully support Shay Logan and will be asking the SFA to investigate any claims of racism by Celtic supporters towards him. We also reject any allegations that Shay Logan “brought it upon himself”. 

In response to the abuse hurled at Sinclair,  Shay Logan tweeted….

Water off a back.. the monkey shout is out in 2018 my view on the Sinclair incident is Disgraceful (Ban 4 life) if using the skin colour of somebody is what u have to do to try to offend a fellow human being you are losing in life. BLACK WHITE ASIAN we are al the same 

Fair enough.

Sinclair commented on instagram, and received support from a couple of his team mates..

Its still astonishing that in the 21st century that race, colour or religion is used in any way to abuse anyone.

The average crowds in Scotland at football matches may be up, but the average IQ is plummeting.

Over the next few couple of days, we’ll see adverts for all sorts of delightful little gift ideas, and as christmas is a time for healing wounds, and perhaps bringing our fellow men closer to our hearts, what better way than to offer a hand of friendship to our old friends across the city, who have had a tough time of late.

You could get them a dvd celebrating their clubs greatest achievement…

Or maybe a movie to watch…

You see, it doesn’t have to be all about arguing and bickering..

Be nice…and people will be nice to you.

Its Friday, and of course that means its time for the Etims

Knob of the Week 

Andrew Dallas , one would think , would be an immediate and popular choice, but other referees have stepped up in support of him this week by showing that they, too, are capable of incapability in their work.

So the award has to go to the guy who made all of this possible.

Image result for John fleming SFA

Fleming got the job in March 2011 when Hugh Dallas was forced out when suspicions he was a bigot found substance when one of his emails appeared to confirm it.

This year alone, Hearts, Motherwell, Kilmarnock. Celtic Aberdeen and even “rangers ” have criiticised him heavily, and with good cause

Seven years in the job and arguably the country has regressed to the point where the best idea would be to scrap the refereeing department and hire professionals from abroad.

We should have known it would end up like this when he was given a ringing endorsement by Stewart Regan, another fuckwit who was promoted way beyond his ability.

“John brings a wealth of experience in refereeing and in the development and education sides of the game,” 

“He also has a wide of experience of working in business.

“His role will be pivotal to the new Scottish FA strategic plan.

“I have received a number of positive comments from the refereeing fraternity and also from his colleagues within the Scottish FA and I am convinced he will be an asset to the organisation.”

This week, he has been noticeable by his absence after what has been , even by their own standards a shocking display of incompetence.

Yet, as is the way with those ensconced at Hampden, he’ll sit behind his desk, ignore his phone and emails, and wait for it all to blow over.

Seven years in the making, John Fleming has made it to be named the Etims

Knob of the Week 


Yesterday, we had this endearing image of yesteryear..

puggy67 December 6, 2018 at 11:01 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: The least successful spot the ball competition ever. 

Today, again wallowing in nostalgia..

Now, for your further reading pleasure, here’s a wee piece that outlines what good journalists do, and why we shouldn’t lose hope that the SFA will one day be held to account…

Armstrong article


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D'Fhinnein Mick


That caption competition is like an early version of Bullseye. Here’s what you could have had to eat,but you didn’t score enough points to be allowed to unfold your arms.

As for Davie Hay,I admit to some surprise at his comments. He has experience of Celtic boards who would rather cut their hand off than sign a cheque for a player.

Strange how a manager can be undermined by a bad transfer window,yet the chancer who took the summer off is untouchable.


Never really subscribed to conspiracy theories, for a few quid someone would reveal all to the tabloids but the standard of refereeing in Scotland is dreadful and what’s more has got worse. Would full time referees help? Well not if you simply pay the same incompetents more dosh, the SFA would need to recruit more widely i.e. abroad which would help get rid of the bias but. I do think they are often influenced by crowd responses and as the best supported team we get our fair share of shouts but that isn’t the point, we hit a penalty we… Read more »

David Walsh to investigate the Plc at Celtic the SFA and the corruption of football in jockville. Lawwell for life ?and a story about Armstrong,was yer evostick in a butchers or a crisp bag?


Sorry, ‘tully’ I must’ve missed your input, or is that IT?
Criticism, when constructive, is usually sound but I just see what you’ve said as undermining the terrific work of Ralph Malph and the lhads on eTims.
Tell me I’m missing something here, or just fuck off before you make a proper “Charlie” of yourself, ‘tully’.


Oh and eTims, Pro fuckin’ Bono, by the way! HH FC not PLC Get Lawwell and Bankier tae fuck. Charlie Saiz for CEO (of the supporter-owned club), with TicToc tae guide him, aye, Pro fuckin’ Bono by the way! 🙂 Someone said earlier FTQ in a comment. Not sure what that means but when we sang at the backae the goal “….for we’re all off tae Dublin in the Green, fuck the queen, where the helmets glisten in the sun (fuck ‘er son)…… aye, a kin see the wee connection….. Ah’m offtae ma kip, biut ah’d like tae make this… Read more »


Caption: A Saturday night celebration as Celtic and Puggy 67 go back on top.

Corrib 04

‘….likes the but of Duff’s gib’

Interesting use of English there! 🙂


Post lost in the ether. I have never subscribed to conspiracy theories someone would always leak to the tabloids for a few quid. However the standard of refereeing in Scotland is abysmal and it’s getting worse. Too often they react to the crowd and as the best supported club in Scotland we probably get our fair share, I don’t want penalties like Sunday taking the shine of our achievement. Full time referees won’t do it either, paying the same incompetents more fish is not the answer, the SFA needs to recruit more widely I.e. abroad which would eliminate some bias… Read more »

Caption,the gerrards settle into their new sevco flat.


St’ Johnstone aside, the refereeing decisions always favours just the one club, funny that. Is it true that B.T. Sport offered the SFA VAR for free and they rejected it, if it is true, funny that, what are they frightened off. The Arsenal game last week, some racist threw a banana at a young black player, he was quickly identified and will be brought to justice, simples, while here, nothing and very rarely are any of the perpetrators of racism or stabbings, or assaults, brought to justice, funny that. The common theme is the Huns and there follow followers in… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

Maw dae ye think we kin pit the pulley away when yur makin the Tea? Cause ma pals at school keep sayin Monday’s Uniform is smellin a Fridays Chips


Caption: Succulent lamb served up at SFA holiday party

Charlie Saiz

I would like to see US go back to the Midfield set up we had v Rosenborg and continued to have success with for weeks for the visit of Kilmarnock on Saturday. 4-3-3 If the side produces the same form we have seen in recent weeks then there can be no question where the issue is regarding our movement and ability to create going forward. I suspect the turn in fortunes is solely down to the understanding between McGregor Rogic and Christie. I also believe Griffiths needs game time if we are ever to see him return to form. Providing… Read more »


Disagree with your setup Christie should defend next to McGregor and play box to box with Rogic in the hole as an Engache 🙂 I do think Jonny Hayes is a better option wide left as part of that 3 behind the line striker 🙂 he has much more to his game than Sinclair when he’s fit.

Charlie Saiz

After watching today’s game be interested to know if you still feel the same about Christie playing deeper?
McGregor in the QB role is working a treat and allowing the other two to tear teams apart in my opinion.


First half it appeared he was playing ahead of Wee Mac, but in the second half he played more along side him.

John McDermott

Right kids who is going say Grace? Here maw me me al sing it… oh Grace just hold me in your arms
With you on Peter he deserves a lot of credit for our success.


Refereeing in this wee country is beyond biggotted, McLean sending off Cisgrove, Clancy doing everything to screw Celtic, Dallas, Madhun, Beaton, Robertson and so the list continues. At Parkhead Towers the board appear to think nothing is wrong, going with their acceptance of this Pish. Also Lawell has been a solid leader in relation to finances, but his and Bankiers views are totally at variance with the supporters, that they continue to milk at every opportunity. Instances of abuse, physical, rascist, have happened against Celtic employees, they accept that as the norm, all they are interested is the cash. Over… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

I don’t think the powers at be at Parkheid give two fucks about refereeing,the SFA or any other weird goings on in and around our game so long as Turnover and profit are at Record levels and the SB’s are selling out due to continued Success on the Park?
Trust me if we were losing Cup revenue ,failing to secure European money and the Ground was half empty they would be jumping on everything backing the Support.
Cash is King
Which is ironic given the state of play down Mordor away 🙂


Saltires En Seville’s article on “Sentinel Celts” about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal had a resonance with the liquidation of Der Hun, the similarities with Res.12 are also relevant. Armstrong was on the T.V. this morning, saying that he had lost around £90 million, because of his cheating. The irony being that in his cheating days he bought shares in Uber and had made an awful lot of money because of this investment, who says “that cheats never win”. Nonetheless that was an excellent article written by a smashing bloke. A conflicted media, allowing cheats to continue cheating, surely must… Read more »


my post on Chinese whispers, was great, but whisper it, shoooosh.it flew over the cuckoos nest….into space.



Mike Annis

Caption: you can stick yer Bisto, there’s Scottish Tracy and it’s made frae girders.


Thé BBC’s « Back in time for Christmas » producer gets fired for leaving a £500 Kitchen Aid mixer on the sink.


So a few ATM’s are robbed, crooks have to pay for Christmas as well, they also have to buy their bairns presents and turkey and trimmings.
But where is the gas coming from to blow up these ATM’s?


Margaret Thatchers urn?

Charlie Saiz

Makes a change from the Banks robbing us Mike.


the second least succesful spot the ball competition ever




The solution for referees is simple. VAR should be mandatory in every league, to be paid for the host associations. Refereeing should be a properly paid, full time job and there should be an academy to train referees to the highest standard. Part of their training should be fitness training. It should be a job people are proud to do. There should be a pay structure with proper increments. Finally, no referee should have over-riding club loyalties. Accusations of bias should be properly investigated. If you think this is pie in the sky you should look at how professional baseball… Read more »



Implausible old photos series 1…. ‘Mother’ has been severely hit with the ugly stick and there aint no way anyone would sh@g that……. apart from Monti….maybe.


No maybe about it….;)


Caption: “Daddy who’s taken the soup?” “Kris Commons son.”

Charlie Saiz


Charlie Saiz

Does anyone know what’s going on with Mikey Johnston? Is he injured or just been demoted to watching from the stands again? The reason I ask this is in him you have a prime example of a young player with obvious talent who came in looked very up for it,had no fear and had an impact for a few games then he disappeared again. Same thing with Ralston. Came in looked promising had a niggle disappeared out the picture. I think Johnston has the potential to be another Roberts but on the left side. Someone who could be an understudy… Read more »

The Cha

Johnston got injured again (see videocelts dot com/2018/12/blogs/latest-news/celtic-winger-suffers-injury-set-back)

Ralston scored and won a pen in same game but think he’s a long way behind now.

He went to Dundee United on loan and didn’t shine, so that probably set alarm bells ringing.

He always looked to me like simply a big lump of a lad, ala McManus but football has changed since his days and any comparison to Tierney was just stupid.

The Cha

Rather unfortunate cropping in the top picture.

At the recent AGM, Brendan apologised for getting JANUARY’S window wrong but Lawwell said he did nothing wrong in the summer.

I won’t be holding my breath that he’ll get anything better this time.

Caption “Phew, when you said turkey for Christmas, I thought The Rangers were coming”.

Charlie Saiz

Cheers bud.
I actually thought Wardrop looked like he had more potential when they played together?

The Cha

Not seen him. The Videocelts guy, Joe McHugh, is good, as he keeps up to date with the reserve and youth players, probably more than the fishal site, which is scandalous (non Celtic’s part not Joe’s!). Anyway, back to tomorrow, do you think he will start with Griff or Eddy upfront? Normally, I’d go with Griff to get his fitness back but I doubt he can get up to the level in time for the Salzburg game that’s likely to be as intense as Leipzig. Also, although Eddy is match fit, he could maybe do with a start and hopefully… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

I hope he starts Griffiths because we won’t get him back to his best if he doesn’t get some game time bud. Édouard doesn’t need the game time I actually think a wee rest bring him on with 20 to go just to keep him ticking over till next week. I think he will start Éduoard next week unless Griffiths tears it up on Saturday. I’ll be honest Édouard hasn’t really hit top form yet for me and has looked a bit jaded recently perhaps too much weight on his young shoulders with Griffiths out of action? What we do… Read more »

Honest hoops

Caption; a very young Peter Lawwell is attending his 1st board meeting…..

Steve Naive

Caption. Post Brexit family Christmas 2018


Celtic v Kilmarnock 4-2-3-1







jeffrey dahmler drops in for thanksgiving


Monti, I like your lineup, Christie out wide left is a good touch. I read today that Brendan has never bested Stevie Clarke in a league match? Can that be right? We did beat them 5-0 in a cup when Clarke was in charge. Evidently Brendan has lost two and drawn two in those match-ups with Clarke. I have a gut feeling though that the bhoys will come right tomorrow. 3-0. Anybody else feel the same? I think we need both Rogic and Edouard to win some high balls for us, otherwise the ball comes right back into our half.… Read more »


Devoy, It’s not easy leaving Brown out but we must give the likes of Ntcham, McGregor, Christie, Forrest, Rogic & Morgan the opportunity to develop, Brown can still have a massive part to play this season but maybe not starting games all the time. It’s a squad game now & to have a guy like Brown rested & fresh will be vital. Brendan will be wanting the guys to push big time until the break. Edouard is an excellent striker, still learning his trade, he needs a hand, remember how Teddy Sheringham came in & his experience was vital to… Read more »


Ther 5-0 League Cup game was in August, Clarke took over around October last year.


Saltires En Seville’s “The Yellow Raven” tale on Sentinel Celts, was a timely reminder of what a compliant, conflicted press can do to the truth. Lance Armstrong I always thought to be a bombastic individual, his overwhelming success’s in cycling made him out to be superhuman. When you cheat at any sport you not only bring yourself down but bring your sport down with you. His cheating went on for years raising suspicions and those suspicions were founded in fact. The press being heavily conflicted by hushing up the truth only added to the cheating, the exception being one good… Read more »


Caption: Comedian Tim Vine enjoys a family meal before sending a strongly worded complaint to ETims.

Iain mcallister

That’s the team for me Monti. Well to start with!


The one thing we need to start doing again is be clinical in front of goal.
Kilmarnock are no better than average & some of the shite being written about them is laughable.
A decent organised side with a good manager, If Celtic score in the first ten mins tomorrow we will hit 5!

Time to get the angry head on Celts!

I’m going for 5-0

Edouard 2


Anybody have a spare ticket for tomorrow?


Now kids mind keep the tablecloth nice and clean cause your daddy has a meeting with the klan.Caption ^

Monti that is a good team and close to what BR will put out, except he will probably include Sinclair somewhere! I would drop Sincs. There are 5 days between Killie and Salzburg so a full strength team for tomorrow will do. Most people might agree that Gamboa is a bit of a liability at the back. I am a big fan of Ralston (BR extended his contract til 21/22 season end.) He had a great game on Wednesday(for the reserves) and deserves a run out hopefully soon. I don’t expect him to play in the next 2 games but… Read more »


Totally agree m8


Just watching an interview with Gerry McCulloch & Bertie Auld on ‘ Celtic icons ‘.
What a wonderful Celtic man Bertie is, you can see clearly what playing for Celtic meant to the wee man.
He speaks of his love & admiration for Mr McGrory & his first meeting with the man.

Great stuff, God bless you Bertie!



Monti, one of my brothers met Bertie, more than once, and always says he’s just a really nice and very funny mhan. He had a right laugh with one of his ghirls in Hamilton one time and she just loved him. He’s a shining example of why Celtic has been and IS so successful as an all-encompassing club and what ‘others’ add to our fantastic history; a Wolffe Tone of a mhan. It was said when Big Jock was coming to Paradise that a condition was that he signed Wee Bertie (from Birmingham?). The Board didn’t want him and he… Read more »


Benny Lynch shows he’s more than just a fly-weight as he dons his ‘Irish jig’ and serves his brother’s family a ‘knock-out’ dinner.






Can’t believe some guys knocking the singing of Rebel songs….i mean i don’t get you lads…

But hear fucking this, i will never turn my back on those who hungered for justice, i’ll stay true to the Rebel & sacred heart, i’m a proud unrepentant Fenian bastard…

Until my dying day, until the last Rebel….PRIDE!


” We haven’t gone away you know “


Caption: ” Mum, did he agree to paying the living wage “?

” Eventually son, eventually “


Caption: Mum- ” Is Charlie Saiz coming down for tea, Dad?”

Dad – ” Ach leave him be with his new Action man, he’ll come down for a foot patrol shortly”


Some of us eTims know much, Jimmybee, Mike, ‘charlie’, Charlie S and some know little; that’s factual and not elitist/seperatist. I offer the link below to anyone who wants to know more about our ingrained culture; the Green and the Orange (and the representation of white in the centre), the bastardisation (IMHO) of a unification of ‘the orange and the green’ by right-wing ‘protestants’ who created the despicable orange order….anyway, each to his own, but education when one seeks for oneself has endless possibilities; ‘education’ by school or state is but propoganda and teaches NOTHING, but fools many. Here’s to… Read more »

Charlie Saiz

Citizen Smith who’d have thunk it eh?


Caption: God bless Brother Walfrid! We wouldn’t be here otherwise…now dig in.


eTims, the best by a country mile of any comparable site. FREE, of both adverts and (financial) contributions, but not FREE of costs, to those ‘guys’ who operate it; is this fucking fair? NO, of course it’s not. I’ll repeat, ad-infi-fucking-nitum, these guys (eTims) whom ask nothing whilst delivering in spades; tell them opinionated fucks to fuck off. Consider your friends, and consider more our enemies. I KNOW precisely what I want to say, but everything cannot be ‘fixed’ in one day. Hence I’ll retire. Better to have hit and run, ready for tomorrow, than to face impossible odds and… Read more »

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