Celtic Diary Monday December 3: Seven Out Of Seven..Catch Us If You Can

One could argue that its easier to win a cup than a league, the amount of games involved would certainly be the clincher, but to keep winning cups, and thats five now for Brendan Rodgers, when just one poor performance or dodgy referee puts you out of the competition, cannot be dismissed as a good run of luck.

Celtic continued their one hundred per cent trophy run under the Irishman yesterday with a hard fought 1-0 win over Aberdeen.

The , er , robustness and determination of Aberdeen suggests that they genuinely thought they could triumph in a one off match, and had Gary Mackay Steven not taken a sickening head knock that meant he couldn’t continue, then the trophy may not have ended up back in its cupboard last night.

During the time added on at the end of the first half, Ryan Christie found himself on the end of a fantastic ball from the other player involved in the clash of heads, and after drilling a shot at the Dons keeper, he had the presence of mind to rebalance and keep the rebound under the crossbar and away from the keeper.

Incidentally, one wonders if still seeing double helped Boyata to pick out a team mate.

The only time Celtic were really threatened after that was when Jozo simunovic, who also seemed to be suffering from a head knock hit the bar with the keeper beaten, with his first touch of the ball after he replaced Boyata in the second half.

Presumably no one had told him we’d changed ends.

The lack of real chances at either end suggests a dull and dreary encounter, but it wasn’t. In fact, it was a typical blood and thunder cup final, with incidents and accidents galore.

The incidents tended to be the robust challenges and “afters “, where players on both sides, though mostly Aberdeen players allowed their emotions to rule their heads.

The accident…well, that brings us to Andrew Dallas, who managed to go the whole game without actually getting anything right, and sensing his lack of authority and perhaps even clarity , the players decided to largely abuse him at any given opportunity.

The kindest thing anyone can say about the referee is that his big day, a cup final , came perhaps a little too early in his career. About fifty years too early.

The early booking for James Forrest, which appeared to be for standing on an opponents ankle was a little bizarre, as it was accidental, and when the defender reacted by pushing Forrest, who had held his hands up in an apology, Dallas decided that retaliation and assault isn’t a bookable offence.

That sent a signal to the players that he would be a little lenient.

Unless the ball happens to bounce off your arm on the edge of the box. In Dallas’s mind, that is somehow a penalty.

Rightly, Aberdeen were outraged.

Scott Sinclair did the decent thing and placed the ball well within the keepers reach, but in the back of my mind, and no doubt one or two others as well, there was a feeling that Dallas would even the score by awarding a spot kick the next time a Celtic player handled.

Scott Bain probably , given the level of competence already in evidence.

But, there were no more goals, and thats despite the game opening up considerably in the last twenty minutes or so.


A word on Sinclair, who was slated for the penalty miss. In fact, it was more of a good save than a miss. Social media last night showed that a section of the support always need someone to moan about.

If twitter and such like had been around in the nineties, Celtic would have just closed down as no one would have wanted to play for them.

The man has been an integral part of Rodgers side and has seven winners medals. That speaks for itself.


Ryan Christie had a great game yesterday. not only the goal, but his overall contribution.

He joins a few others in the side who as Celtic supporters perhaps appreciate these kind of days more than most.

Manager rodgers was full of priase for him;

It’s the footballing gods, what we saw today, with Ryan scoring against the team where he spent 18 months,”

“When I came in to Celtic, he wasn’t ready to play week in, week out, but we could see that there was a talent there.

“But for the level we were trying to attain and get to, you need to have that physicality, power and quality – he’s always had the quality and I felt that he needed to get some games.

“And it’s a great demonstration of the type of loans you can get – this was a development loan. He went away and got that physicality, both in terms of body strength and also durability in how we want to play, and he came back in the summer and it was just about waiting for his moment.

“And in the last eight or nine weeks, since he’s broken into the team, he’s shown that. It’s fantastic to see his status growing now, and in the big games now, he’s shown that he’s got that quality to play for the biggest teams.”

“I’m delighted for him. It was a wonderful run and finish. The keeper made a good save from the first shot but Ryan reacted very well to it and it ended up being the winner.” 

If i can just take a moment to thank the man who , for the last two years or so, has played a massive part in the development of Christie, which culminated in the winning goal in a cup final.

I’m sure he feels rather pleased with himself today.

Image result for derek mcinnes

And it was wonderful to see Mikael Lustig thank him for everything he’d done. Image result for derek mcinnes


With one trophy in the bag , however, there will be no standing still for the club.

Thats the way it should be, as illustrated in this clip from an American news outlet

Rodgers is talking to one of his January targets today as he sets about planning for next seasons UCL qualifiers. Well, seeing as how the player was in Glasgow yesterday anyway, it makes sense to ask him to hang on for a chat before he goes back up the road…

The urgency, of course, is all down to the mighty “rangers ” surging to the top of the table after a in at Tynecastle yesterday, after former ibrox season book holder Bobby Madden and his team of assistants put in a tremendous effort to secure the three points.

Alfredo Morelas scored what proved to be the winner from an offside position, which was strangely missed by the linesman, who was staring straight along the eighteen yard line..

Referee Madden was only a few yards away, but somehow the goal stood.

Craig Leveins post match interview promised to be a cracker, and he didn’t let us down..

“I’ve lost my voice from shouting at the referee,” 

“It was a terrible performance – it really was. How Morelos gets away with what he gets away with, I just don’t understand.

“It was like, as Neil Lennon said after going to Celtic Park, playing against 12 men.

“How many fouls can Morelos give away without being booked? The one where he jumped into Berra off the ball, the referee said he’s just a bit silly sometimes.

“That’s what he told one of our players. Now, if you jump into somebody, I don’t care if you’re silly or not, it’s a booking.” 

More sinisterly , however, Levein then touched on something that is the real problem with officials..

“We’ve lost a few goals at set-pieces which have been offside, like today’s,” 

“We asked the question of the referee supervisor why the linesmen keep making mistakes. He said that it’s easier for them if you hold the line on the 18-yard line.

“We did that today and he still fucking got it wrong. I don’t know what [head of referee development] John Fleming’s next suggestion will be – maybe making sure his officials do their jobs properly.” 

He’s hit the nail on the head there.

He complained to the head of refereeing that officials were getting it wrong. The head of refereeing said that he should make it easier for them…

The head of refereeing is telling a manager how to set up his defence at a set piece…because his own staff are bloody useless…

Incredibly, no one has picked up on that point.

After Dallas and his unique interpretation of the rules yesterday are added to Maddens shambolic performance, on a day when BT Sport covered both games, at what point do the media decide to ask questions of the standard of refereeing in Scotland ?

At what point will John Fleming be made accountable for the fact that none of Scotlands referees appear to be capable of doing their jobs to a reasonable level of competence ?

Then again, the SFA in its entirety can hardly be held up as a shining example of professional excellence…


Am i just being paranoid, or will it be our turn soon ?

At Ibrox, to prevent social unrest ?


Or has it already started…have a look at this, from Radio Clyde, on twitter, on the day when Celtic secured a seventh successive trophy in Scotland, and tell me that the media don’t pander to a certain section of the mainstream audience…

On today’s podcast with : ⚽️

Gers go to the top of the league ⚽️

Celtic lift their 7th domestic trophy in a row ⚽️

Scotland’s Euro qualifying group announced  

“rangers ” did indeed go to the top of the league yesterday, having played a game more than Celtic, which you wouldnlt know if you looked at their version of the table..

top the Ladbrokes Premiership🔴⚪️🔵

Pin that up in the dressing room, and lets get them back in their box.

Although I do like it when they get their hopes up, it all adds to the pantomime season fun…

Aye, okay..

Yesterday, we asked you to tell us what you saw here..

Desmond and the Dekkers December 2, 2018 at 10:09 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Aye he’s like a bear with sore heid ivery time he’s dragged oot shopping Senga

Today…perhaps i was wrong about this conversation when I mentioned it earlier, do you know what was said ?

Image result for derek mcinnes




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D'Fhinnein Mick

RALPH It is easier to lose a cup than a league,as you rightly point out. Full steam ahead at all times,there cannot be a bad day at the office,or a there’s always next week mentality. 7/7 is an outstanding achievement,and congratulations are due to all involved. And if anyone deserved to be the match winner,it is Ryan Christie. Bursting with Celtic-daft pride just pulling on that jersey,and yet so full of doubt about his future over the last two years. Now,he can relax and enjoy his football,his medium-term future is sorted. He looks like he doesn’t have a care in… Read more »

Mike Annis

Caption: Mikel, What does a bot do when it comes into harbour?
McInnes, I don’t have a clue. (His normal state).
Mikel, Ties up. Gotcha ya wee moany jobby.


Caption: If you ever win a medal Derek, that is where you show it.

Corrib 04

Lol! Nice one Auldheid!


I thought that Aberdeen were pathetic yesterday, more reliant on thuggery than football skill. They rolled over to Motherwell last Wednesday, clearly conserving energy for the “leave the boot in Olympics” that we all witnessed yesterday. Which only showcases the mindset of Mr. Goatee, who sacrificed three points, his desperation was palpable, watching his spittle foaming out, his wild eyed stare emphasising his desperation. He replicated his players who chased Dallas around the park like dogs in heat at their imagined injustice’s. Their tactics were evident from the first minute as they galloped backwards covering their arses to protect their… Read more »

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: Did you have an EBT?



Mik… whits that o an yer tie?

Face like a torn slipper replies…

Im no fawin fur that wan dae ye think I’m daft ?

Mik.. Nae answer take that Derek ;-))


Lustig: “No Derek it’s you the whole of the Celtic end are singing about, and your shite football team”

I have to say, I agree somewhat with Ross Mac’s tweet, this particular Taig bastard barely slept a wink last night, but it wasn’t because of the league table.


D'Fhinnein Mick


I don’t think he said a word. Just flicked his finger up under his chin.

Schoolboy humour. Canny beat it!!!

You know what you did Derek!
You know…everybody knows!


“Let’s see how ‘robustly’ yeez play against the Sevco, Deek.”


Caption: Får samlag bastard

Well done Bhoys! A case of win ugly and I’m glad the penalty was well saved as I wouldn’t want to have had the win sullied. On that note Dallas was shocking and it was clear Aberdeen were out to kick us off the park. Shades of Brazil in ’66 that’s how they intend to stop teh 10 and teh club need to be on the SFA and refs to ensure they know we know. I still see this squad as soft and we need some steel come January.

Pc Lustig is telling McInnes he’s getting bodysearched, and Deek puts his hands up obligingly.


Lustig “shut the fuck up or I’ll arrest ye!”


Loving the feeling of Celticness today, the warm afterglow of watching the manager and his players celebrating together in front of our supporters. Seven, what happens when you run out off “stiff little Fingers” ten, do you start counting your toes? Watching the sheep players chasing after Dallas, like dugs in heat, complaining bitterly, foaming from the mouth, doing their Calamero impressions. “its an injustice” Third rate, third division English thugs barking like crazy dugs. Roll over and get your tummy tickled against the Well midweek, just to conserve every ounce of energy for yesterday, never laid a glove on… Read more »


Been great reading all the Celtic blogs today innit? Did you see Scott Sinclair’s Instagram post from the dressing room – shows the happiness and team spirit of these boys! Hoping it’s the first of the three trophies and honestly don’t see why not! Of course there are those trying to do us down McInnes for a start -always cheated never defeated eh! Keith Jackson (Daily Record) saying we were ‘callous’ going ahead and scoring goal whilst Aberdeen players were still upset over GMS- wtf? Are we meant to just stand around and wait till they’ve recovered? The boy was… Read more »


Christina, Yes it has been brilliant, the joy is tangible, we can feel their pain, its great innit. Its difficult to take in the transformation that these young players have achieved. Individually they have made big strides in their development. To think that this has been achieved with mostly the same young players that have been here for years. Gotta be honest, players like Cal-Mac, I personally never seen that happening, or young Christie, they keep suprising me and others. Odsonne like James Forrest I always rated, but jings crivvens and help ma Boab Boyata, another great surprise. We were… Read more »


You are not Rosenberg, you are sheepies

Coverage as usual, whining about unfair decisions, not as much upset at offside goals and shocking decisions from the Madhun.
Seven in a row going for nine and beyond.

The wild goose

Look McWinless shut yer ugly moaning Hun ratbag face.


Caption: “Wank, wank, nae good guys, wank.”

Jon D

You got some spunk on ur tie



Fat, little, hun, dick.



Is that mint sauce on your tie?


Oy! Del boy that chip on your shoulder slipped and it stuck on yer tie. Ya greetin faced cunt.


Hey didn’t I see you in a TinTin comic?


Ah’ve been doing a wee bit of decorating this morning….still cannae get the smile off ma coupon, hangover ‘n’ a’…. and it occurred to me:
Hurtin’ huns = Tears, Rage an’ TRouble on any poor unsuspectin’ cunts they outnumber as they’ll no go toe tae toe AND
Hurtin’ Tims = “oh ma sides….” an’ “oh ma jaws” and think of Laughter, Poetry (in motion) an’ Songs.
No’ much difference, eh? HaHaHa
Ach, ah’m just gonnae dae some mair decoratin’, smile just willny budge anyway…now, for background? The Foggy Dew?
Aye, that’ll do nicely for starters.
Come On You Bhoys In Green

George Lazenbhoy

Caption: it’s a sheep, it’s just wrong!

The Cha

Caption “Thanks for looking after Ryan this past couple of years, it must make you proud right there”

CHA… Ain’t karma grand 🙂

The Cha

They probably think she’s a bitch. 😉

Caption: bort för att knulla dig dvärg

Gotta love PC Lustig


HaHaHa, even MORE to laugh about, I just found this on Video Celts about that piece of shit, Shay Logan yesterday: “At the final whistle he was shouting in the face of Mikael Lustig and sarcastically clapping the Celtic support before earning a red card from Craig Thomson.” HaHaHa, serves the bastard right. Hence caption: Mikael says to McInnes: “with pieces of shit in yer team like Logan, that’s why yer always 2nd best, he’s got ‘2nd Prize’ written all over him. If he’d gone tae hospital instead of GMS ye might have been in wi’ a shout” And, BTW,… Read more »


Lustig:” And another thing you wee shit, if your players had kicked the call as often as they kicked us you might have got to extra time.”Aberdeen fought hard as opposed to played well, never going to win you much I guess. I liked the way Cellic showed they can handle “robust”, (cough),opponents. It will be interesting to see fbghey can bring their robustnes to Ipox on Wednesdsy night against the 10 man Rangers International Football Club, (successor to the former Glasgow Rangers). Brendan has done a super job in guiding the team through a number of tricky matches and… Read more »


Ball not “call “Jeez!

Anyone know who BR was talking to about a move to us?



carlton cole rebus its all over the broadsheets


Cole won’t come though. Keith Jackson says “no chance they’ve more chance of getting Nat king cole and he’s deid”


Dugald McCarrison

Tomas Kalas.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding’s Saddle Strap


Hey you! Go and get me a Bovril!

(Only those of a certain vintage on here will understand that one!)

Caption, anything you say will be taken down in evidence and laughed at ,hee hee

Caption,go on Dell bhoy, pull my finger,c,Mon you know you want to,hee hee






From Kazakhstan to the Isle of Man,
From the Isle’s of Scilly to the land of King Billy,
From Cape Cod to P.C. Plod,
While we make merry on the streets of Derry,

All the Huns are ragin at you.


Enjoyed that programme about Scottish clans,last night, with Neil Oliver.
In the next episode they discover the Clan McFUDyen.


The clan McFUDyen were known to gather in the Glens, in great number & by the campfire they would gibber utter pish, each one uttering more pish than the previous one….


Ffs are you claiming that your responsible for the formation of Celtic?
You also claim to be derived from the McStay family?
What next? You were at nursery with Di Canio?


Just thinking the Huns v diet Huns game technically could’ve been the league cup 3rd/4th pl play off


Sponsor a Donkey for Christmas; Spend a few quid and back Alfredo Morelos to be your Donkey for this years Christmas celebrations.

No Scottish player has ever dived and fouled so much without punishment than Alfredo Morelos. Nominate Alfredo Morelos as your Donkey King. Sponsorship details will follow follow…


Take 2 Caption: Får samlag bastard


Caption: you talk a load ah pish pal! Dinny gies any mair i it ya rage

selkirk casual

caption ” know yer place Hun scum “

Honest hoops

Caption; he you…just for men…


caption lutig says cheer up ffs you mighta took the sevco joab


The revouloutinary and the orangeman. Marie Winifred Carney was born into a large family of seven children to Alfred / Sarah Cassidy Carney ; in Bangor, County Down – her parents were estranged for many years. Leo [missing child – a record of birth but no record of life or death and still remains a mystery] Alfred, Ernest, Louis [grandfather- to Joan Austin USA ] Maud and Mabel .When she was a very young child, they family moved to the Falls Road in Belfast [meaning “district of the hedges”] . This is the main road through West Belfast – and… Read more »

You`re luck I`m no wearin` my sunglasses Derek.


Jimmybee. Many thanks again, much appreciated!You remind us of many things we’ve forgotten.
Tonight, Motherwell:
subs to be used: Brown/Edouard/Morgan
2-0 to the Bhoys.

Yoker Bhoy

Morning Devoy – sadly Boyata is out mate. Nothing to do with the head clash, it’s a hamstring injury. He could be out for quite a few games.


Farewell & Adieu
Farewell big Boyata
Farewell & Adieu your time has a come
For the January window is just round the corner
And so never more will we see you again 🙂



Monti…so you’re sad to see him go then…


I’ll never forgive him for refusing to play against AEK Athens, when he’s on the park i’ll get behind him but deep down i want him gone.
Brendan gave him his chance, he shat on him.
No turning back.


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