Celtic Diary Friday November 30: A Win Away, A Win Away

Celtic continued their Europa League revival with a win in Trondheim last night that leaves them requiring one point from the home match with Salzburg to progress.

I think we’d all have settled for that on match day one.

Although it was all a little tense while watching the game, the reality was that Celtic were much more in control than the scoreline suggests, and the tension was probably more in our minds than out on the pitch.

In the first half there did seem to be a touch of anxiety , with perhaps a few hurried and therefore mistimed passes in the final third, but once James Forrest aimed a shot at Scott Sinclairs head to help it beat the goalkeeper, the team settled and produced what Brendan Rodgers described as “very,very good ”

I am pleased with the result but even more so with the performance. To come under pressure – knowing we had to win – to play to that level technically, well it was good insight into the game for me. 

The players were calm, confident and they all connected well. They were pressing the game, then their ability – both technically and with talent – showed they could control the game. It was very, very good.

“James Forrest is very important to us. But I thought the team functioned very well. From the goalkeeper right the way through.

“If you want to play like we play, then you need all the players to be in the right positions. James and Scott’s movement from outside to inside was very good.”  

Forrest is important to the way Celtic play, and lets hope the knock he took late on clears up in time for sunday, but he is a doubt. Its his foot, and to be fair it might well recover in time, but not if Leigh Griffiths keeps standing on it, apologising and then running away giggling.

Summing up, the manager continued;

We just wanted to have an opportunity after this evening to have it in our own hands and thankfully that’s the way it’s worked out. You can only look after your own result. 

The other game’s result obviously helps us. 

Red Bull presumably decided they wanted to guarantee teir strongest team would be in the last thirty two, and Leipzig dutifully pulled over to allow the number one driver to overtake, like they do in Formula One.

We’ll go into the last game going to win the game.

‘It’s very hard to go and just play for a point or a draw. We’re playing a good side but we want to use the whole Celtic Park experience and the atmosphere to push us over the line. 

It will be a fantastic demonstration of what the Celtic support is about and that synergy between them and the team.

‘It’s been a great learning campaign for us again. We came here knowing we had to win and to see the players playing with that pressure and that level of control was very, very pleasing. That along with the result makes it a really good night for us.’

If Celtic do get out of this group and into the knockout stages, it will be remembered as one of the great group campaigns. The other sides in the group are all very good teams, if not the most famous names in European football, and we won;t, should we qualify , come up against many are better.

Is it too early to look at flights to Baku yet ?

Not all of the  media were full of praise for what will be remembered as one of Celtics more memorable away performances…

BBC Scotland getting right behind the nations champions there, as they endeavour to shine a light on all thats good in our game.

The players stayed over in Norway last night, a fairly unusual way of preparing for the cup final on Sunday, but it will allow for them to wind down a bit and keep the old body clock regulated, rather than a late night flight back to Glasgow, and endless arguments over taxis at the airport.

As November draws to a close, everything seems to be back on line after the players and manager slipped off track a few months ago.

Its difficult to recall how despairingly performances, both on and off the field were viewed up to and including the defeat at Rugby Park.

If Celtic continue to improve at the rate they have since that then we could be on the brink of a truly memorable season, one to even surpass the Invincible season, and theres no reason to think that the momentum will drop any time soon.

Well, not before January at least. And by then we could be in possession of Brendans seventh consecutive trophy and a place in Europe after christmas..


Elsewhere, the mighty “rangers ” held Villareal , currently sixteenth in the two team Spanish league, to a 0-0 draw at Ibrox.

That keeps their faint hopes of progression alive, as they need to win in Vienna in their last game.

After Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers commented yesterday that he would like to see “rangers ” qualify, aling with Celtic, the Ibrox support looked into their hearts , and amidst the darkness therein, found time to create a lovely tribute to the Irishman with a beautifu tifo display, that says simply “Super Rodgers ”

Spotted by and credit given to Raymie bhoy on twitter.

The man behind the display, who had clearly put hours into it, denied this vehemently, claiming it doesn’t say that at all, and he should know, he designed it…

Or, as fitzy on twitter , after using hi tec deciphering software revealed, perhaps they have a new sponsor…

Something you won’t hear about in the media is the incident that took place shortly after Ibrox man Daniel Candywhatever was sent off for a second bookable offence, when he stamped on an opponent..

Some peepil missed that bit…


Also… no idea what the appeals process is in Europe or if there even is one – but if there is, it’ll be a travesty if Rangers don’t contest that Candeias red card. Morelos committed the foul and referee was awful all night. Must dispute it if they’re able to and sure they will.

By lying on the ground and being fouled in a way that led to “rangers ” going down to ten men,the Villareal player outraged the normally placid home support, and one of them raced onto the pitch, but was escorted away…the tv cameras swiftly turning away from the incident.

Not all cameras turned away though.. and after it was referred to VAR, the decision was upheld, according to our man in the room, Chairman LAO on twitter..

Another camera picked up something else , though, which was a matter of concern..the pitch invader.

With safety concerns for supporters high on the agenda for Celtics visit to Ibrox, one wonders if perhaps its worth mentioning that the players need certain guarantees for theirs…especially after recent outbursts from the “rangers ” board who condemned the “thug like ” behaviour of Celtic players in the last meeting, at Celtic Park.. 

There have been a number of incidents at Ibrox of late concerning supporter behaviour, including coins, batteries, golf balls and attempted assault, which place, to my mind, doubts about player safety and crowd control at Ibrox. 

And thats before you consider racism, bigotry and the smell. 

Based on this evidence, Celtic should demand a neutral venue until guarantees about safety can be put in place, and even then they should make it perfectly clear that that should any incidents that are considered potentially dangerous to their players, or any racist or sectarian chants are heard, the team will leave the field of play. 

And will have their own security detail to help them do it.

Image result for the expendables

Lets be honest, the police aren’t up to it.

And I’m not the only person who has lost faith in them…

Compare and contrast with how others see the Celtic support…again…

Celtic’s european away fans are truly class you can’t really deny that, it was a great experience sitting that close to them for over 90 minutes 

And hey, the team ain’t so bad either…

Its Friday, and that means its time for the awarding  of the

Etims Knob Of The Week. 

The media hold a place of responsibility in any society that considers itself to be a democracy. they must be independent, they must be truthful, and they must hold those in the public eye accountable for their actions.

Above all, they must be impartial, and unafraid to call out those who try to lie to the public.

Then there’s Chris Jack, of the Herald Group, who clearly wasn’t listening at Hack High School.

Get a coffee and read this, his match summary from Ibrox, it contains everything that is wrong with Scottish mainstream sports media, and should be used as an example over at Hack High.

Of how not to be a journalist.

Reproduced in full here, as it really is funny as fuck, though I doubt he meant it that way.

IT is going down to the wire. The scenario that Steven Gerrard would have taken at the start of the section is now the reality for Rangers.

Six points from five games leaves them third in Group G with just one fixture to play. If they can follow up their win over Rapid Vienna at Ibrox with another away from home, then a place in the next round will be secured.

Given what Rangers have achieved on their remarkable European run so far this season, few would back against them doing just that. It is all to play for.

Gerrard didn’t get the win over Villarreal that he wanted here but he will be proud of the efforts of his side once again as they recovered from the red card wrongly shown to Daniel Candeias before the break to take a share of the spoils from the Spaniards for a second time.

When Gerrard was asked on Wednesday what he felt Rangers required from their last two matches, he reckoned that four points was the minimum if a knockout berth was going to be clinched. He was right.

He surely, like most, would have expected Spartak to beat Vienna on home soil. 

That wasn’t the case, though. 

As supporters took their seats here, the permutations would have been discussed and debated following Vienna’s surprise 2-1 victory in the early kick-off.

Rangers could no longer be eliminated from the competition here. Now, they will head to Austria next month knowing exactly what is required.

All the ‘what if?’ scenarios were for before and after this game, not during a thrilling 90 minutes under the floodlights. Rangers, first and foremost, had to take care of business and look to overcome a side that really should have beaten them on Matchday One.

Gerrard had called upon Ibrox to play its part on what he hoped would be a memorable European night. Villarreal were not to be feared or respected too much.

The decibel levels steadily rose before kick-off as the Light Blue legions created the perfect backdrop to the occasion, but the excitement was soon replaced with a nervousness.

The contrast in styles was clear. Rangers were high tempo and full of energy but it was Villarreal that had the real quality on the ball and there was a sense of trepidation every time the yellow shirts attacked with pace and precision.

The visitors cut through Rangers too easily at times but they found Allan McGregor in inspired form once again. He was left helpless as Carlos Bacca narrowly failed to connect with a Karl Toko Ekambi cross but two saves from the Cameroonian were crucial.

Ekambi only had McGregor to beat when he got in behind Joe Worrall but McGregor spread himself well to make a terrific block. Just before the break, he denied the forward again as boss Javier Calleja was left to rue his side’s profligacy in the final third.

The chances that fell Ekambi’s way were the best that Villarreal could carve out. At the other end, there were a series of near misses for Rangers.

Scott Arfield was the first to test keeper Andres Fernandez with a poked effort from inside the area, while Alfredo Morelos saw a shot blocked and a flick from the resultant corner miss the target.

There was plenty of endeavour from Rangers but their play was frantic and scrappy at times and too many moves broke down prematurely.

Both of their clearest chances came from set pieces. A Glenn Middleton free-kick was recycled by Arfield at the back post but Connor Goldson couldn’t convert after Worrall had nodded the ball back into the area. The former Brighton stopper later connected with another cross but his header was easily held by Fernandez.

Gerrard would have been content at that stage but Rangers’ job got harder before they could return to the dressing room and regroup ahead of a huge 45 minutes.

A skirmish flared up on the far side of the park after a challenge from Alfredo Morelos on Santiago Caseres. Candeias inadvertently tripped over the midfielder and was inexplicably shown a second yellow card. The Portuguese protested his innocence, but to no avail.

A fan jumped over the hoardings from the Sandy Jardine Stand to confront the linesman and was led away by stewards and police. He, and the decision from referee Matej Jug, were met with a vociferous backlash from a furious home crowd.

Seconds later, the whistle blew for half-time and Jug was once again the centre of attention as the players made their way off. Rangers were very much up against it now.

It took them until just before the hour mark to get a sight of goal as Middleton, now playing closer to Morelos through the middle, collected a James Tavernier pass and fired over after spinning well on the edge of the area.

By that stage, McGregor had dived at Ekambi’s feet to deny him once again. It was a frantic, at times desperate, defensive showing from Rangers as the minutes ticked by slowly.

Every one that elapsed got Rangers closer to an unlikely point. Gerrard’s side stuck to their task, with each tackle or pass cheered and their rare forays forward met with a roar of encouragement.

The loudest one was saved for the 76th minute but it quickly came to an end. Morelos did brilliantly on the left and found Ryan Jack before the ball was shuttled to Arfield and then to Tavernier.

A cross from the right found Middleton and the youngster converted at the second attempt. His joy was short-lived, though, as the offside flag denied him the biggest goal of his career.

Gerrard introduced Kyle Lafferty as Morelos was given a warm reception for his efforts and the Northern Irishman almost made an immediate impact as he burst forward and tested Fernandez with a dipping effort that he had to parry away.

It led to a spell of pressure from Rangers as Middleton whipped in a couple of corners and the belief was surging through everyone in blue on and off the park. The stage was set and Gerrard needed a hero.

Nobody in Light Blue could emerge as the match winner but every one had played their part. This wasn’t a win, but it some ways it felt like one for Rangers.

A journey that started out against Shkupi back in July has at least one more stop in Vienna. Only time will tell if another will follow.


 Image result for laurel and hardy gif  

Based on that summary, perhaps we should have concerns about matters on the pitch when we visit Ibrox on the 29th…like whether or not I can find a corset strong enough to stop my sides from splitting.

Anyway, well done to Chris Jack, head and shoulders above anyone else this week….

Etims Knob Of The Week. 

Image result for chris jack

Caption competition from yesterday…

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Caption… Teresa might have an unexpected Brentry 



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George Lazenbhoy

Caption: is that some f*cker celebrating!


Morning Ralph,
Thought Celtic were excellent last night, a must win game & win we did.
Away wins in Europe are rare things & must be appreciated simply for what they are.
Well done Brendan & the Bhoys!

One game at a time, on to Sunday & hopefully the team give us another day to remember, a glistening piece of silverware with Green & White ribbons attached!

God bless the Pope!


Caption: Linesman- ” Sit down & shut the fuck up ya orange dick “!

D'Fhinnein Mick


How can you lip-read a freeze-frame? Outstanding!



D'Fhinnein Mick


Delighted with last night’s result over in Norway. Well done,Bhoys!!! And a huge congratulations to Chris Jack,who has worked very hard recently to be in place for his well-earned award.

More thoughts on the crushing on 2 Sept,if I may be so bold,this from someone who experienced it first-hand.


Contributions are very welcome from others who were there. Or even if you weren’t!




A linesman randomly photoshopped on to a scene from the walking dead?

The boards start to stir at the whiff of human flesh?

Proof that even little zombies are wretched?

“I’m going to eat your flag…then yer maw!”?

“Sumbdie just texted me, that says Super fuckin Rodgers! What the fuck!”


“A win away, a win away”, back to the jungle, the mighty jungle. Yes the first team squad are developing nicely, never saw any panic, just the players focused, skilled and energetic. With the emphasis on the TIC. We look dangerous going forward and organised at the back, Gordon could have played wearing his slippers. Over on the dark side, frantic, nervous, toothless, all in front off a baying mob. Is the team better than Brendan’s first season at Celtic? I would say, yes we are, the past is gone, we look to the future with confidence. Hail Hail The… Read more »


# hoards..


Excellent performance! The beautiful game. Well done bhoys!
Let’s do the same on Sunday!
Hail, hail. C’mon the Celtic.

Shirley that sevconian tifo reads; Ouija Board.

We are the Pixels.

Ain’t you lucky we`re skint linesman.


Was that a Chelsea or West Ham fan that ran on to their pitch?
It’ll not have been one of them would it?


Charlie Saiz,
Do you think Brendan had it easy last night?


The Cha

So, if Monti is the tester, that would make you…?


A complete bell end!

Monti.. Are you a slippery customer… Cough


Possible tricky encounter comprehensively negotiated last night, full credit to the players but especially Brendan and the coaches. Nice to see Sinky continuing to get his form back. The “B” men st the back look formidable can’t wait to see them sort out Ipox. I am glad the squad stayed over, I remember seeing Callum McGregor and Scott Brown at 3.00 am at Glasgow airport after a European tie, what goes that do to an elite athlete’s body clock? Maybe the poor form and injuries earlier in the season will prove a blessing in disguise.Watched the Villareal game and I… Read more »

Honest hoops

Coin thrown at linesman…nothing to report here..move along..pitch invasions on numerous occassions…nothing to report here…move along…financial difficulties…nothing to report here…move along..court appearances of chairman..nothing to report here..move along..10 years since winning a major trophy…nothing to report here…move along…only 4 away games won in Europe after 35 attempts…tell me more!! That’s a report!!! Etims honourable knobs of the week…all scottish sports media..


Honest Hoops,
” 10 years without winning a trophy “?

They were 6 on their birthday!

Honest hoops

Monti, I subscribe to your reply…but my comment is purely in the eyes of the scottish joke of a media…


Caption… Hey pal…have you got that quid I threw at yer mate

Ralph,can you confirm this web marketing vendors Email I received…

Re : Quick question about : etims.net.

Hi etims.net,

I’m reaching out to you because I have a branding and marketing plan that I think your audience would appreciate.

Would you be willing to test and review?, I can provide the deliverable for you to review.

Stacy Butler,

PS, I deleted it. It`s SPAM.

Nowt to do with us

Cheers Desi Mond.
Just a heads up to all if they receive it.

My wife gets these. Bizarre.


Ralph, Apparently if you look at certain things online you will get inundated with links, however tenuous to the originally viewed item.
I keep getting messages like ‘ Russian or Asian beauty ‘ waiting to see me…
No idea why i get those ads…..cough.

Monti… I get them as well… Please tell me what do I do with them…


You have to take the matter in hand!


Caption: zombies ‍♂️ spy their next dinner!

Caption.This jockville yer no supposed to play the rules ya tarrier


Sevco has not played a single quality team in all of their European adventures this year,certainly none as good as Rosenborg. Rosenborg are champs in their own league. Look where Villareal and Rapid Vienna are in their leagues. All the media hype has been about them beating teams who are not even as good as Aberdeen or Hearts. Drawing at home to a team that is 16th in a league of 20! Wow!


Christina…Here’s one for you…first released in 1973 by Chicory Tip… I think this single was the first one to have synthesiser included in the music. If not this one it was “Son OF My Father” I forget the last time I had good memory 🙂 Good grief, Christina How come you’ve never heard of rock’n’roll? Good grief, Christina How come it never made it to your soul? Took you to a dance with a rock’n’roll show And the band opened up with all the show I began to shake to the music’s rock But Christina, she couldn’t jive Good grief,… Read more »


I know this song well have it in my music collection somewhere! Thank you for this hope this means all well. I am from north west – beautiful Donegal though raised in Scotland. Spent much of my young life in Donegal and I still visit when I can

Christina… You’re welcome

The Cha

Caption: “Fuck sake dad, that’s the last time you embarrass me, I’m off to become a Tim”.

The Cha

“inadvertently tripped over the midfielder”

I wonder if that’s what McGregor (the Hun not Calmac) successfully claimed for his kick on Ajer.

Luckily that shit doesn’t work in Europe.


Horn v Mundine big fight over here


see that pitch invader picture it looks like kris boyd then and now


First round knockout oh well


Celtic v Aberdeen







The Cha

Dropping Tam for Oli and not bringing back the skip. Interesting.

Glad you’ve not succumbed to the madness to start a patently and painfully unfit Grif.


The Cha,
You have made me rethink that line up, i’d put Rogic on for Christie.
Tough choices but a few have to drop out.

The Cha

They may be sheep but they’re a shower of dirty bassas, so we could do with Broony in there, as he always bosses them.


Never thought i’d say this but….good luck Rapid Vienna!


Result means nothing to me


It means a lot to me, i hope they get fucked!


Inhave to echo BR’s post match comments thst the result was good but the performance was very, very good. What is pleasing is that there is a recognizable shape to the team. A shape that produces free flowing football. Why has this happened? There are several reasons for this, not least is the form of Forrest who is playing as Sinclair did in jis first season…that is, all across the forward line. However, I would like to highlight the contribution of Ryan Christie. Christie has provided the missing link between the midfield and attack with a mixture of aggressive ball… Read more »


Callum McGregor has also been pivotal!


Yes, he has. No argument there.
He has been in the team a wee while. I just wanted to emphasize the new guy.

Love his work.



Seeing as how we are approaching Christmas, the season of goodwill to all, why don’t we have a wee “spot the ball” competition or something to contribute to a good cause. Its bad enough being homeless in the summer when its warm, but now its Baltic. So please could we actually DO something on behalf of E-Tims, that would help. # Just a thought.


Or a ‘ spot the big nose ‘ competition …..you’d be picked out in seconds 😉


And you are a Bactrian camel that sook’s up everybody’s beer, especially when they go for a leek. “One Hump or two” 😉


Caption: Boy: “What was that dad?”
Dad: “It was a decision that went against us son.”
Boy: “What’s that dad?”
Dad: “Don’t worry son it only happens in European games.”


As Chick Murray said: “big noses run in our family…”


And mine is running like the Barry Burn Devoy.


More like Barry Manilow……




At the Court of Sessions, the lying King said that he suspects that some of the “Rangers” shareholders have links to organised crime.
King said that he was “100% committed” to making an offer for the remainder of the shares.

He was ordered to do so after being found to have worked with others when taking control of the club. But King said “he could not make an offer to four shareholders because of their claimed criminal links.


Is that true?

This is unreal!!



Rebus, Yes it is true, it was on the BBC teletext, I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. This was reported from the Court of Sessions today.
What will the SFA do, allowing him “fit and proper” status. This is going to get extremely interesting and in many different ways…


You could’ny make it up, The Glib and Shameless Liar, accusing four of the “Rangers” shareholders because he claimed that they had links to criminals. Wonder what the SFA will make of that, Oh wait..


Another lengthy reply to your post disappeared think I better stick to short posts this WordPress just doesn’t seem to like my posts – no way I’m writing all that again will maybe try shorter version later today!


Shake Shake.. WAKE UP Christina!


Ha ha am up but wary of writing any more than a couple of sentences on here! Will maybe try when I have some free time later.


If you win the Masters you get an invitation for life. Jack and others have paid their dues to be lifetime members of the KOTW. He has already won the Orange jacket so to speak and should therefor be exempt from qualifying. For him and his Klan, the nth degree of knobbery is but a state of mind and way of life and as such they are undeserving of such an accolade. Wolfe Tones playing a sold out gig in Coatbridge tonight with proceeds to Lourdes (no, not her) and other charities.
Superb gesture again lads.

The Cha

Agreed, its shooting fish in a barrel to give it to any of the Lamb Loyal.

Personally, I’d have given it to that copper that smeared the Celtic players.

If that was last week I’d give it to Charlie Saiz for his claim that winning a double treble (1 invincible) was no more than expected under Rodgers.

The Cha

If you think that winning a double treble (1 invincible) was no more than expected then you’re a knob.

The Cha

We should be dominating and we do but it doesn’t always work out eg Real thrashed by Eibar, PSG losing the league a couple of years ago, Bayern’s current travails etc.

I’d imagine we’ve been financially dominant for 10 years at least but clearly we haven’t won the league all the time.

As you say, blips can be smoothed in a league but not in cups and, although they’re lesser trophies, they’re probably a key testament to Rodgers total professionalism and application.

Further those cup games have usually be won with plenty of style and little danger.

Mike… Dinnae worry the lyin king will bring that shower of shite to its knees… Abd be buried in in the ipox earthquake


Weered, we always thought that he might bring them down, fuck the SFA for allowing that scum into Scottish football, scum is what scum does.


I see the lying king saying that one or more of his shareholders are involved in criminality in America?

Oh dear.

The Cha

I assume these are the ones that want out and would take up the offer to buy him out.

He also claimed that the Easdales had committed to not take the offer up but they quickly countered by saying they had made no such offer.

How the fuck can you beat a Contempt of Court order for not making an unconditional offer to all by excluding some and lying about others?


He or they, had made no such offer? But remember what we are dealing with here, this is a reptile crook, who can tell bare-faced lies to your face. And remember who granted him “fit and proper” status. Scottish football does not need this, this thing, its time that they sorted him and his ilk…

The Cha

To clarify, King stated in court that the Easdales had given a written undertaken that they wouldn’t take up the offer to sell their shares to King. The Easdales released a statement after this was reported to state that they’d given no such undertaken. All the info I’ve read is that they’d bite his hand off to get 20p per share, as the shares are virtually worthless and the Easdales have no power at Ibrox anymore. This is also the case for 4 institutional investors who were brought on board before King. I suspect these are the 4 he’s attempting… Read more »


No because if it was the SFA court, he would be given a free hand shake with a cash back guarantee to carry on, nothing to see here. We all know what he is. But in the World of football he leads a six year old club, a team that we are expected to play against, rotten from top to bottom… nothing new there but if that doesn’t shake the football foundations……


So in light of the Easdales rebuttal His Lying Glibness could possibly be done for lying (second nature) under oath. Now there’s a first.

The Cha

I thought he had claimed it was a written agreement but it simply says an agreement.

You would think after making the claim it’s up to him to prove it true because how the hell do you disprove it?


JimboH he will swear on oath quite happily that this agreement was made and will probably get his lawyer to back him up! This reptile is fighting for survival here he won’t hesitate at any lie or smear to achieve this! Good thing here is that he is making enemies, enemies who know a bit about his business methods and enemies who are already in contact with Ashley. Revenge is a dish best served cold and all that…

Seems a bit strange that Chris McLaughlin turned up for today`s proceedings. Having never shown any interest beforehand.

Criminal shafting Criminal. How delightful.

We are the Ponyatiya.

The Cha

He’s banned from the Brox so perhaps he was on the noise up or, more likely, trying to curry favour and get back in their good books.

Didn’t look like it worked, as he got a few digs in, in his report.

CHA… I just read your reply to me on Wednesday about the PSNI arresting the journalists, ombudsman etc. I assume that you read about the legal finding re the loughinisland massacre and the collusion. The biggest hand in that collusion was British intelligence….along with RUC help

Things aren’t perfect here but they are better than they were by magnitudes. I lived through the darkest times et al and don’t want to go back there unless I must!

The Cha

It took a long time to get through and I also lost a follow up reply to correct the fallacies is Charlie Saiz latest “Brendan is shite” shtick.

Totally agree with no going back, just a concern that PSNI are backsliding to RUC ways.

I’m sure there’s a lot of internal pressure from reactionary elements that oppose progress and hopefully they don’t get the upper hand.

Jay Donnelly – do you think the Reds will sack him or try to ride out the storm?

The Jay thing is a problem for the club. There is to be a feminist protest outside tomorrow.
They’ll get short shrift if they get in the fuckin way. The whole incident is not as is being assumed!

The Cha

The protest has been called off as the club have stated that Donnelly won’t be playing.

Can you shed any light on the true story or is it subjudice?


The Cha

No problem mate.

Shall McLaughlin catch up with the day-to-day sevconian running-man, Stewart Robertson, for his points of view outside Tynecastle?

sevco unequivocal surrender FC.


Martin McGuinness R.I.P. COMRADE, in my heart & thoughts tonight!




FUCK THE ” rangers “!





Enjoy these times Bhoys, this is the good times,the younger fans nust be taught this!

I remember the tears flowing & my heart bursting with joy as Pierre ended a six or seven year trophy drought….hard times but i remember being more defensive & more passionate for Celtic in adversity….i love my club & always will!

Hail Hail!


Celtic is a way of life, it’s not just a football club, it’s everything.
I am so glad & thankful my mum brought Celtic to me, she had a passion for Celtic that i picked up on.
Those men in Green & White who walk onto the Hampden pitch on Sunday,you are part of something very special in life, you are important to us, you ar loved by us, we have faith in you, remember the shirt you wear, take a minute to look at that shirt, it is a powerful thing!



That fucking walloper at our AGM who raised the sectarian singing pish….
I hope your next shite is a hedgehog ya prick!

We will sing our Rebel songs….NO cunt will EVER stop that!






Judge Gibson he had a car…aweeya weeya waya 🙂


Fighting over the bones of the DEED club. Arise Sir Divet Murray, the legless businessman man who according to Alex Salmond was a Scottish Institution, this was the club who from its beginnings enforced a sectarian policy by white supremist’. Some start, some Institution. A Knight of the Realm, another disgusting pock mark on society. The Knighthood remains despite around one billion pounds of taxpayers monies going up in smoke. When he stumped off, still with over 400 acres off prime building land in his portfolio, allowed to pick that cherry from the bleached bones of his business and gallop… Read more »


Well yes you got that one correct, we all know what they are and what they did, but my anger nowadays is aimed mainly at the governing bodies who allowed this abomination not just to happen but assisted them by turning a blind eye to the cheating. I want, a full judicial review into ALL of this, because if its not repaired then…..

Mike… I read your piec with great interest..

Oh I forgot to say good morning sir


Morning Jack & Victor 🙂


Good morning Weered and your cod piece. 😉

I was thinking about having a spot the Bawheed compitition and then I realised the heed was far too big for the page..

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