Celtic Diary Thursday November 29: Beware Fake News

Then again, we’re used to that sort of thing.

Celtic are in Trondheim and although there is every reason to be confident of getting the win that will prolong the clubs participation in Europe, as the game gets closer, the doubts creep in.

Apart from anything else, its in a city that today will only have five hours of daylight.

Thursday, 29 November 2018 (CET)
Sunrise in Trondheim, Norway
Thursday, 29 November 2018 (CET)
Sunset in Trondheim, Norway  
Its just not worth the effort for the Sun to get up at all.
Fortunately, most of our players have taken the field at Ibrox, where the stadium is shrouded in perpetual darknes, so they should be able to cope.
Both clubs have a cup final to look forward to at the weekend, and the norwegians have more or less said they’ll put out a weakened side. I’m not buying into that, but if Celtic do score early it may lower their interest in tonights game.
Rosenborg can still qualify, as Moravcik 67 detailed in yesterdays diary, but its unlikely. But to suggest they won;t compete is a little over optimistic.
Celtic, however, are taking it seriously, as you’d expect..manager Rodgers said
Whatever team we put out will be a strong team and a team we think can win the game and then we go into the first final of the season and it will be another very strong team that we think can win the game,” 

We want to go into our last game at Celtic Park with an opportunity to qualify and if we get a victory tomorrow night then we have an opportunity to do that,” 

“We understand and respect Rosenborg. They have come off the back of a celebration of being champions again for the fourth consecutive time.

“So we know it can be a difficult game for us and that is what we will prepare for.”

It will be the fourth game between the two this season, which will mean that Celtic will have faced the Norwegian champions more times than up to six of their Premier League opponents come the end of the season.
So we should know what we’re up against. With two wins and a draw so far, form suggests Celtic can certainly avoid defeat, but will an away win be beyond them?
The return to fitness of Leigh Griffiths will help, he found the net against Rosenberg in the crucial opening Europa league game at the start of the group campaign, but its Oddsone Edouard who scored twice in the 3-1 qualifier win.
That presents a dilemma for the manager, who won’t want to change a side that has hot form, so we’re more likely to see an unchanged line up with Griffiths coming off the bench later on.
however, its the defence that has improved greatly as the season has progressed, with the Boyata Benkovic partnership blossoming, and also allowing the players around them to play with a bit more confidence.
Rodgers spoke highly of the two men..

The two of them are top-class.

“I was talking to someone the other day, and I said if I was managing in the Premier League you would be happy with those two as centre halves.

“Both have different attributes. But they are really stable and secure. They work very well off each other.

“They love playing with us, and it’s great for us as a team to have that stability.

“Sometimes we haven’t had that. So to have those two and their qualities gives us a really strong base. 

Any team, if you’ve got that stability in your centre-halves, then that’s important.

Take note of what he says about how much they are enjoying playing at Celtic. That could be a crucial factor in whether or not it will be a fleeting glimpse of a competent pairing, or something a little more long term.
Calum MacGregor, another who has developed into a class act, spoke confidently ahead of the game.. and perhaps dispelled any doubts about the team becoming complacent or over familiar with their opponents

It’s always good when you have that familiarity about stadiums you’ve been to and have had good results there,”

“You get a good feeling when you’re coming back. It’s another tough test for us to come here and try and get a positive result, but we come into the tie with good confidence.

“This is another big game, off the back of a big result in the last match against Leipzig. We know how hard it’s going to be against Rosenborg but we need to get a positive result.

“You can see the confidence with the goals and the scorelines in the last few weeks. The boys in the attacking half have been great and, defensively, we’ve kept clean sheets. We’ve only conceded one goal recently.”

As for a prediction, I think we’ll get the result, and probably win comfortably, but its Europe, and its Celtic. So there’s always room for a bit of doubt.
The game kicks off at five minutes to six, so plan your day properly or you’ll miss it.
Elsewhere, and the other Scottish side in europe tonight, “rangers “, have had a turbulent few days as it seems all of a sudden everyone is against them.
In the spirit of solidairty, Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers said he hoped Glasgows fledgling club would also make the knock out stages of the Europa League, which was nice.
As you can see, however, this touching gesture was relegated to a sideline on one back page this morning…
Gary Ralston, who is noted for his partisan prattling on those pages, seems to be quite hurt by the news that his beloved “rangers ” will be charged with five counts of breaking the rules…
Like any other club would be.

The Scottish FA has charged Rangers with bringing the game into disrepute after the club’s criticism of referee Willie Collum.

The Ibrox club released a statement and wrote a formal complaint to the SFA following the sending-off of Daniel Candeias against St Mirren this month.

The governing body has now issued Rangers with a total of five charges including indicating bias.

Rangers have until 4 December to respond to the charges. 

They will then face a hearing on 19 December. 

The charges are detailed here SFA charges in full

The statement that has caused the bother is perhaps an indication of why Celtic maybe shouldnlt hire James Traynor after all, because it does sort of sound like the sort of noise a small child makes when you take his sweeties off him.

RANGERS are extremely disappointed with the decision of the Scottish FA’s Judicial Panel to dismiss our appeal against the second yellow card shown to Daniel Candeias in the closing seconds of last Saturday’s match against St Mirren.

Rangers afforded the governing body the opportunity to let common sense prevail and we are surprised they have chosen not to do so by correcting what was, and what remains an inexplicable decision by the match referee, Willie Collum. Rangers shall now seek a fundamental review of the rules relating to red cards which result from two bookings of a player in a game.

If one of these decisions is obviously wrong, it must be possible to correct that mistake. It is wrong that players’ livelihoods and careers can be impacted without the opportunity of redress, especially when the official responsible for the miscarriage of justice is allowed to continue as though beyond question or reproach.

It defies belief that this same referee, who got it so blatantly wrong last Saturday, is awarded one of the biggest matches in Scottish football this weekend while Daniel Candeias is denied the right to go to his work. This, frankly, is unacceptable.

Furthermore, it is understood that a number of people within the Scottish FA are in no doubt Mr Collum’s judgment was flawed and Rangers shall also now be submitting a formal complaint about the performance of this referee. The manner in which he reacted to an incident involving our player made it obvious he did not give due consideration to his decision.

This is by no means the first time errors of judgment have been made in matches involving this official and clearly there is an underlying issue which requires to be addressed. 

Presumably that statement will be used in evidence, and there can be little doubt that they are guilty on all five counts. On a positive note though, at least they’ll be able to explain the five stars on the jersey with a little more credibility by claiming its one for each fine.

Its not been a great day for those cuddly caring bears…

Ibrox: Dave King and his Going Concern

  • 9 hours ago
  • A big financial loss at Rangers International Football Club reflects big errors in spending, meaning a new regime for picking players
  • The club does well at selling tickets, but it lags Celtic in other earnings
  • Banks don’t bankroll RIFC, so its directors and investors are doing so. For how long? 

Its a fairly long article, but its an essential read for anyone who is running a sweepstake at work around the date that this version of Rangers collapses.

The full article is here.. I’ve taken the liberty of giving it a sub title…Its happening again but I’m going to reproduce my favourite bit, the one bit that should alert the football authorities to the fact that a club operating out of Ibrox is living beyond its means again, and unless they do something about it, then Scottish football is going to be embarrassed all over again…

RIFC now has Metro Bank on board, having lived without much banking support for several grim years. But that’s not where it can look to bankroll losses. For that, it has directors, ploughing in loans and occasionally swapping them for equity.

By the end of its financial year, in June, total external loans had mounted up to £23.4m. That’s not a particularly healthy figure, as Rangers fans ought to know by now.

It’s lower now, because of a debt-for-equity swap worth £11m, carried out earlier this autumn. However, more money will be required – £4.6m more this season, with the first tranche required in January, and a further £3m more in the 2019-20 season. The more of that transferring into equity, the more dilution there will be of other shareholder stakes.

The club might continue a Europa league run meets the fans’ high expectations – we’ll find out more about that on Thursday evening against Villarreal – and the added broadcasting rights with gate receipts could offset those numbers.

But the accounts spell out very clearly that RIFC can only be considered a going concern because directors and other investors are willing to dig deep, and have promised to keep doing so.

One big question is how long Rangers can afford to live beyond its means. Or to put it more positively: how long and how much will this investment strategy require before it delivers profitable results?

It was a question put to Dave King at the AGM, to which the answer came: “As long as it takes”.

The casual response from King sums up the level of scrutiny he gets from his club, their supporters, the SFAand with the exception of the author of the BBC piece, the media.

It is happening again, and its disgraceful that its being allowed to.

But I’m cool with that.

Thanks to Mr Henrik on twitter, we have an advance copy of a soon to be released statement from Club 1872, where the most gullible of the gullibillies spend their spare change…

CraigWhyteFanClub on twitter also made us aware of the latest offensive product to be placed alongside green pepperamis and Eggs Benedict on the Not allowed list at Ibrox..

Villareal fans could be in trouble if they cheer a goal tonight. Has anyone warned them that a victory could cause the home fans to stop picking fleas off each other and start biting and scratching instead ?

Or worse ?

Image result for monkey fighting gif

Also on twitter, Cartuja has pointed out a new product that might well put a stop to the social unrest hinted at long ago-or should that be subliminally encouraged long ago-by former SFA chief Stewart Regan ?

Mind you, when a director of another club criticises Celtic players in this way at an AGM..

by agreeing that those players are “thug like ” and condemning them, then perhaps its our board who have the headphones on.

There is no excuse for allowing this kind of smear campaign to go unchallenged.

In the extract above, Robertson is admitting he can’t control his fans, although there is an argument that they dont want to…and he’s blaming Celtic players for that.

A strong rebuttal and condemnation s required from our directors.

Their responsibility is not only to protect the interests of shareholders, but to protect the good name of the club and all associated with it.

Yet again, they have let us down.

Yet again, they have allowed our reputation to be sullied publicly and without comment.

Next time I anywhere near any of them, I’m going to take their dinner money off them.. shouldn’t be too difficult as they don’t appear to have the balls to stand up to anyone.

Image result for cowardice quotes

Caption competition …yesterday…

Martybhoy59 November 28, 2018 at 12:51 pm · Edit · Reply →

Dave king says may god strike me down dead if I am lying 

Today…a disturbing image



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Caption… Teresa might have an unexpected Brentry

George Lazenbhoy

That’s photoshopoed it should be May pumping mundell


Difference between a hard and soft brexit displayed to gullible old sloth impersonater.

The laddies not for turning


I really respect Douglas Fraser as a journalist. More than 10 years ago I phoned him objecting to something he said about me in the Herald or rather something he didn’t say about me, to be accurate, anyway I felt I had him and got tanked in. He was respectful so I knew he had intelligence, class and above all a well evidenced argument and to add to my annyancec events 6 months later proved him right snd me wrong. I felt in our discussion he was a guy who only commented on something from a well evidenced position. I… Read more »

Caption: garden gnome is found trying to stick his fishing rod up Teresa May. In the excitement, his wee hat fell off!


Caption: ” A hard Brexit it is then “!


“Alfredo is my Suarez” and he’s got the bite marks to prove it. Well you know, charge them with the minor offences and then.. sweep, sweep the really important stuff under the carpet, its a well known tactic. A £14 mill. loss on a £30 mill. turnover is not good business. I was thinking last night.. what would you prefer a swift Sevco collapse or death by a thousand cuts? The Motherwell profit came in part because of Celtic’s £326.000 C.L. monies, the point being its our club that keeps Scottish football alive, to be fair to the Motherwell C.E.… Read more »


Caption: A hard Brexiter ponders the implications of a south and north backstop.

Don’t recall their outrage over the 2006 ‘huddle’ at CP, different club though. Google the Plod MacPlod report on that one.

Pugy 67… Any backstop in a storm…


I’d touch her with a bargepole Weeeed, vigorously.


Talking to a couple of work colleagues yesterday, two girls in their late teens.
They said they were off to Australia back packing for a year…
I asked them if i they had seen ‘ WOLF CREEK ‘….as i walked away. 🙂

I just left that there:)


Ask your sarge at the cadets barracks!


Charlie Saiz,
A dildo is a useful item, you being in the army…cough…will remind you of your fellow pricks on patrol.


Cough, you’re a fucking dildo Munter.

Batteries not included…

Monti… I remember being up shit creek a few times

Rob O'Keeffe

Mmm…thug like and Gerrarrrd….check out pub attack and gangster related background…..



Vile scum.


A £60 mill. football department and we are scrambling to gain entry into the last 32 off the Europa cup. An investment in the playing department double the Sevco turnover. MMMM. On a different planet compared to all the other SPFL teams. Is the treble, treble, treble enough for that huge investment? And we still don’t know if we will have our two central defenders playing for us after January, just as we started to secure a settled side. We just have to get into next years C.L. qualifiers, no ifs or buts, failure to do so will mean a… Read more »


” secure Boyata “?
I’ll put his seatbelt on in the Taxi!


Clunk click every trip like Jimmy Saville used to say….

Puggy67… The only clunk click he needed to hear was… Safety off, pull trigger… Silence


Boyata super star Monti Pish!


I’m certain that I read somewhere that John Park when he was Celtic’s main scout actually wanted Benkovic, but they wouldn’t sell him to us, so instead we got Jozo, what a pity. But I certainly agree that once again we need a settled pair of central defenders, our own ones, not loanee’s who have to go back to their parent clubs. Of all the players in any team the central defenders should be given time to work and to play together. But once you purchase players, its very difficult to get rid of them for anything like the costs… Read more »

Probably for the first time, a clumsy bird gets the worm.


Caption: Sorry Prime Minister. I would prefer a “hard” brexit but..


“Never mind brexit I can’t get an edge here and I don’t know if I’m brexiting or not”


Caption:” Theresa could you push back on your demands “?


Celtic 4-2-3-1







A good pick, but I doubt that Broony will be risked in such a high tempo game, perhaps he might rest K.T. as well and put in Izzy. But who knows what goes on in the dark recesses of Brenda Rodgers mind. He likes his Cilla “surprise, surprise” or.. he could play Ken Dodds Diddy men, or Corbet’s Sooty and Sweeper. But one things for certain, there will be no Bill and Benn, just in case Weed puts in appearance..

Mike… I’m here now..


If you don’t have access to the telly, B.T. sport, you could try clicking on CQN Lymme Bhoy usually provides a link to watch the game..


C S.. I got carried away with my reply to you yesterday…enough said 😉

C S… I’ve been short tempered all week. Flat out in work. Ready to rip some fuckers heart out… I need a good night’s sleep.


Junker says you take it ‘Uppa Duff’ Tresa.



Rob O’Keeffe walks in to his local health centre, its packed to the rafters, the receptionist says “what are you in to see the doctor about Mr. O’Keefe? He says “its my dick” she says” you cannot say that in front of all these people have a little decorum, just say, its my ear” Rob says, ok. so he comes back in again and the receptionist says “yes Mr. O’Keefe what seems to be the problem”, he says, “its my ear, she smiles, and he says ” I canny pish out of it”.

Mike… Considering he has the knack of talking out of his arse anythings possible


Now, now Weered, You know what golfers are like, they must have the last word on everything, but that is an interesting picture, I will try not to think of it when I view his posts… FORE…

Mike.. golfers need to wash their balls more often


Monti, that’s a good lineup. I think Brendan might begin with Broony on the bench. I think it will be McGregor alongside Ntcham with Christie in the middle of the attacking 3. Rogic won’t be ready for this one.
2-0 to the Bhoys but Rosenborg can’t be taken for granted.

The Cha

Brendan’s dilemma over Eddy or Griff. 🙂



Are there any openings in ‘Still Game?’

Think BR will stick to the current team, if things go well, will bring Broony on in the second half

Read Douglas Fraser article, if that was about Celtic it would be a running soap in the media. King is papering over the cracks and deluding the Wankers, his everyone has it in for us, is his mantra.
Villarreal could give them a shock tonight, we should win, probably 2 or 3-0



She’s a c@nt and he wouldn’t know what to do with one.


Celtic team announced
CELTIC: Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Benkovic, Tierney; McGregor, Christie, Rogic; Sinclair, Forrest; Edouard.
Subs: Bain, Hendry, Gamboa, Hayes, Ntcham, Brown, Griffiths.
2_0 the hoops
Big Tom first goal.


No, no, no you canny do that, you canny possibly fine us, we arra peepil as the Huns face five SFA charges, one for every finger of the five fingered agreement. Either the C.O. has grown a set,… oh wait, or its an administration error. But she has more baws than her predecessor. And then the TOP court case means that the lying King has made more court appearances than Lord Wheatley. But enough of them DOB’s and its 3-0 to the Celtic tonight, at £10 pound a pint, there will be no stopovers and everyone will proceed hame ASAP… Read more »



5-55 pm here or 9-15 am in Belfast. 😉 I am heating up my tubes as we speak…

Mike… Mucho gracias mon ami min ven

Tonights subs:

Bain, Hendry, Gamboa, Ntcham, Brown, Hayes, Griffiths.
Add: Ajer, Izzy, Bitton & Morgan.

It`s not a bad back-up side.

Celts 3-1.



Had to wear the cursed strip didn’t we?

I’m so pleased that Sinky scored HH


Hahahaha…. Rapid Vienna beat the Russians in Moscow. The huns are now bottom of the group,



Hey Binbag,change your jaiket. It`s strobin`, ya knob.

Carn Bhoys.

Wee Jamsie is up on his feet…

Wishful thinking sheep shaggers.

Magdalena’s Chestnut Gelding’s Saddle Strap


A recently released Rolf Harris savours the faint brush of Theresa May’s dimpled buttocks against his helmet. What was once a semi is now a full blown rager!

Release The Griffiths.


Did Lustig just take a knee and wave to the bench?

That`ll do us Bhoys.
Well deserved.


So Is Christie. Christie was shite tonight

Yoker Bhoy

Missed the first half because of the shitey kick-off time but we controlled the game well in the 2nd to keep the Norwegians at bay (I think they only came really close the once with that header). Great result and wonderful news from Salzburg. We’re now in with a big chance and have a huge game against the Austrians to look forward to next month. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy Santi Cazorla & Co put on a real show for the Yellow Submarine to humble the huns.


Well done the Celtic another game, another win and no goals conceded, the team is playing great, confidence levels are high, solid at the back and dangerous going forward. Gordon could have played in his slippers. Bednter should go to jail for impersonating a football player, but he isn’t our concern. Common the yellow submarine, get tore into them Huns. Onwards to Sunday and another challenge, meh, meh


Well said the Yoker, I need to introduce my new friend to you, Christina, she kens her fitba. just like you, all the best Yoker, I read your post that disappeared into the clouds the other day, keep well dinner awaits.. its mutton dressed as lamb.

Yoker. Bhoy

Hi Mikey, hope all’s well. Magic result tonight. Cristina has contributed with some great posts on here and definitely knows her stuff. Candeias has been red-carded so we should see Villa Teal starting to get on top in the 2nd half. They have taken to the field with a weakened team but I expect two or three of their best players will come on later and do the business. Bon apetit ce soir mon ami!


Yoker Villareal looked kinda slack second half, I expected them to do much better but it wasn’t to be. Been peeing down here for days, I’ve got a new infinity pool outside in my trailer, if it warms up massively I might take a wee dip. Awrrabest Yoker and keep well…

Yoker Bhoy

I know Mike, Villa Real were very disappointing. It seems as if they’re more interested in this weekend’s fixture against Barça, hence the weakened line-up. Our weather’s improved a bit after some horrible torrential rain. Can’t wait till Sunday! All the best Mikey.

Yoker. Bhoy

Villa Real


Thank you both for your lovely compliment. I had kinda thought I should shut up for a bit as maybe I was posting too much – seeing as my posts usually end up as novels!! I have a question for you Mike if you don’t mind? I have noticed that I am the only one (I think) who posts on here giving my full name is that a mistake? I don’t have that much experience posting on blogs though I read them all. (I read this one for over a year before Monti dragged me into posting!!) Anyway, when I… Read more »


I have dropped surname on this one and that seemed to go through ok (though my post is awaiting moderation guess that down to change of name) think just using my first name will be ok do you?


Christina, Its up to the individual, my moniker is my own, however I think that you should change your moniker to whatever you like. It is always best to have your identity hidden, just in case of prying eyes. E-mail E-Tims and ask Des-Mond or Ralph Malph to change it. You post as often as you want and don’t hold back, Yoker is a great bhoy like all the rest on here, so please join in the banter.. take care..


Thanks for help Mike!


No problem Christina. all the best.


Well done Celtic job done like I said before one game at a time now we look forward to the cup final COYBIG.


awe celtic a fuckin luv yees …….weer gonny win this fuckin thing ….aint celtic grand


aint it grand wen celtic win it donnchadh will be boycottin it fae hees loft ha ha ha ha


Terrible run from Christie blocking Edouard from scoring but we’re on the way


HAHAHAHAHA Candies gets sent off, McMoist say’s the theatrics of Villareal, have you looked at the clowns in your team, Morelos dirty minger.


ha ha mikey aint pishy sally mc moist


sorry mikey aint sally mc moist pishy ha ha


Oh Aye he defo is charlie, aint HHuns dumb. 😉


a wood say dumb and damp mikey he he


Haven’t read anything for a few days, including The Diary and comments.
Been on the blower to F and F since that Green tape came in sight and was then cut. A FANtastic 1-0; and essential.
THAT was one hard fucking watch tonight but ultimately as a Tim, it’s always WORTH it.
Two great results tonight, and che sera, sera. It’s in our own hands and that’s just excellent: oh, and it’s in Paradise.
Still calming down but wow, really wow, another tremendous night for The Celtic. The FC that is.


tic toc its gonny be some night canny wait for yon disco lights then weel dance awe our saltzberg COYBIG


No’ sure how popular dancin’ is in the Galla, charlie, especially when them kettlers ur hingin’ aboot, but whae gi’es a fuck, ah’ll be ‘trippin’ the ‘lights fantastic’, just make sure yer up for it. 🙂


Oh, BTW, (but who really gi’s a fuck?) 0-0 in Govan the night.
Ah think that pits the new huns firmly in their place, bottom of that wee league. Fuck ’em, fuck ’em twice, fuck ’em forever. Anyone remember that wee Welsh lassie’s lovely song:
Die, Die, Die, Die ya huns……….?
Aye, they’re cummin’? whit a fuckin’ delusional shower that scum is.


tic toc yon zombies only exist tae gei us a laugh and they know it he he

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