Celtic Diary Thursday November 8: Get Intae Them: A Tactical Special

Tonights game is as big as it gets so far this season. Effectively, anything other than a win will end Celtics European campaign.

Yesterday, Uralius previewed the game in depth, and we can now confidently expect to get a result as it does appear Brendan Rodgers has read the piece…

Brendan Rodgers confirms Youssuf Mulumbu recall for Celtic

The manager said;

“He trained this week and is back in the squad.” 

Whilst Uralius has clearly spent a lot of time analysing the game , and has reached his conclusions after much careful consideration, we wondered what the paid professional analysts thought…

Celtic have to win, a draw’s no good for me so they have to go after this but that leaves them open at the back and Leipzig are dangerous when given space to run in to on the counter-attack. They also had a great result at the weekend and they can get a point from the trip to Glasgow.

Charlie predicts: 2-2 () 

Charlie Nicholas of Sky Sports more or less guaranteeing a result for Celtic there.

Incidentally, some people are saying Sky are about to offer £30m a year for exclusive rights to Scottish football.

Its being described as a big offer but frankly its still quite derisory, and we can only hope that BT come back with a better deal.

Its around half what they pay the bottom club in Englands EPL per annum, and reflects exactly what they think of Scottish football. They’re only interested in Celtic v “rangers “, and when considering their offer, the clubs should remember that.

Don’t forget, they will include a clause that guarantees them four of these games a year, which is unethical.

BT sport have tonights game, and they put a lot more effort into promoting and presenting their programmes, and should all else be fairly equal, they should be given the nod.


There were no new injuries after training yesterday, which will come as a relief to the gaffer, but there is still a tricky bus ride down to the ground to negotiate.

I’d expect the team to be unchanged from the Hearts win, although Mulumbu could deputise for Ntcham, who hasn’t been at his best.

And I’m going for 3-1, with Oddsone Edoaurd to score first.


The manager has outlined how he wants us to play it..

Leipzig are a very good team,” 

If you are looking man for man, they’re better than us. Simple. That’s why they’re third in the Bundesliga and why they’ll be challenging in domestic and, probably, European competition.

“But, for us, we always have to be about the collective.

“The thing for us is, OK, we might be playing against a very good squad. But we still have to go and show our true face. If we play how we can and lose, OK, that can happen.

“But let’s make sure you’re not timid with it. You don’t give up space easily. You fight and you get up tight to player. You give good players the chance to play and they will play. So you’ve got to get right in amongst it, press the game and have that same feeling that you do domestically.

“It would be a great win. I think we have to do everything we can to try and do it. We go into the game really confident and in a good way and with the support behind us, which is huge for us. I think I said before it all started that I felt the home games were going to be critical for us.

If we get a win then we still have an opportunity. If we don’t then it is extremely difficult. I think we have to maximise our opportunity and if we can do that and win our next two games then we will have given ourselves every chance.” 

What he’s really saying is..

Image result for get intae them There’s no prizes for guessing who Liepzig will try to negate tonight, and the manager explained why..

“Tom gives the team a different dynamic in terms of how he plays.

“He doesn’t move so much, which actually helps because he can find space.

“Tom has this incredible quality of standing still and knows where to stand. That’s what he does. He conserves his energy well, so that when he doesn’t have it he can press the game. 

Rogic doesn’t seem to feel pressure, and that seems to fit with the managers thoughts…

Everyone always associates pressure with a negative. I’ve always tried to say that it’s positive, it’s great, let’s go and enjoy it, see if we can get the three points.”

With the ball, move it quickly and accurately.

Without the ball, stop them from moving it quickly and accurately.

Piece of piss this management lark.

One man who won’t be involved tonight is Daniel Arzani, who tweeted yesterday to confirm the extent of his injury picked up in Dundee..

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time out of their day to show support and love. Unfortunately I will need an ACL Op, ruling me out till next season! This is a tough time for me but also a chance to improve and come out of this better than ever! Love you all!

He’ll be like a new signing just in time for the next UCL qualifiers. The things that man Lawwell does to avoid spending a few quid.

Elsewhere, and it appears that Steven Gerrard is indeed working his ticket…

He’s not wearing a poppy…on television.

They’ll go doo lally, and he’ll be able to get out of Dodge  before the sherriff turns up.

Although they have had a word with him, and during tonights Europa League game, he’ll be suitably attired..

Over in a dublin tv studio, a former manager and EBT recipient forgot to remember as well…

 The Transfer Tavern is one of those websites which likes to offer what is loosely termed “clickbait “, to encourage “hits ” so that advertisers will pay them money.

A sort of internet tabloid, with news merely a secondary feature.

In an late but fairly  convincing entry for this weeks

Etims Knob of the Week 

a chap called Bill McLoughlin managed to convince his publishers that this article would raise a few quid…

Although we’re not quite halfway through the seasons, it’s not far-fetched to say that Steven Gerrard has completely transformed Rangers this year.

After years of Celtic dominance, it now looks as though The Gers will be able to compete with their arch-rivals. While winning a title might be too early this season, in the next few years Rangers should be back at the top of the table and competing for as much silverware as possible.

In Gerrard, they have a new, young and hungry manager who has started to embed a playing style at the club and looks as though he’s made some superb signings over the summer, namely loanees Ryan Kent and Lassana Coulibaly.


After four crippling years in the lower divisions, it was always going to take time for Rangers to return to the top of the Scottish Premiership. Financially, Rangers can’t compete with Celtic but according to their latest financial results, The Gers are in a much better place than before.

The Breakdown

Rangers announced losses of more than £14 million between June 2017 and 2018. On the other hand, their revenue has grown by 50% to £32.7 million although that is nothing in comparison to Celtic’s revenue for the past year which was registered at £101.6 million.

Moreover, Rangers’ revenue over the last six seasons is almost £300 million less than their city rivals. While the financial disparity looks pretty bleak, with Rangers back in Europe and competing at the top of the table, their financial position should strengthen over the next few years as more revenue begins to come in.

I can only assume that he thinks losing 14m is twice as good as losing 7m.

And as for this idea of more revenue ?

Perhaps they’re going to have a whip round.

Or have their board of directors roundly whipped. Which would probably raise more if they sold the tv rights.

Yesterday, we had this…

Wee Red
November 7, 2018 at 11:09 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption…Title stripping, Asset stripping, now it’s lead stripping


There was a statement from the club on the conviction of James Torbett yesterday. 

As a response to such a serious issue would not sit comfortably in a light hearted diary, it will appear separately at noon on the site.  



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Caption: That guy will get more bang for his buck…

D'Fhinnein Mick


Do or die time for our European ambitions. I’m reasonably confident.



Caption: Some bloke called Monti said he’d give me a full body massage if I dropped this on a place called Ibrox. Do you know its whereabouts?

The real Anton Rogan

Caption: Bomber Brown’s search for ra deeds continues


Sorry AR. Just inadvertently stole your idea.


Caption: ‘ Club 18-30 ‘ Syria.

D'Fhinnein Mick





Caption: sevco reveal latest plans for stadium improvements.

(I sincerely hope they remembered to load it with uranium, and topped-up the liquid hydrogen!)

Caption: Now you know where the idea of “Little Boy” came from


caption its 1941 and irish patriot finbar o flaherty stands on a dublin beach and sais who needs a fuckin bomber ile shot putt this fucker back to london


knob ae the week oan a thursday ralph is that you tellin us yool be celebrating so no diary tomorrow …..dont be drinking or donnchadh will phone the polis ha ha



Does my bomb look big in this ?

Caption: “This things going tic tic tic, I wonder what happens if it goes tic toc” …

Resource Limit's just been blown oot the watter

That caption’ll sure as hell go down a bomb, Weered. 🙂
(or mibbees it’ll just bomb)

Publish and be damned 🙂


“I’d expect the team to be unchanged from the Hearts win, although Mulumbu could deputise for Ntcham, who hasn’t been at his best.”

Ntcham hasn’t played since he came off injured at half time in the League Cup against Hearts.


Shuuush don’t let the facts get in the way


Wish I was confidant for tonight but i’m not, given our abysmal record in Europe. Hope we all get a wee boost by sevco getting beat before we start. Fingers crossed.


Caption: That recurring dream of having to decide to drop the bomb or the towel in front of the whole class.


As their latest bomb just misses Dave King’s head, a statement from the Takeover Panel says “We only have to be lucky once, you know.”

selkirk casual

aption, ” When it goes like a bomb and it’s not Any Thom its Di Canio “


Caption: This picture was taken just a few seconds before….”WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?”


You’re used to hanging about beaches i suppose…..

Monti… Probably gathering willicks


C S.. Specials…?


Have a good day & night Bhoys, wish i was with you today!

Hail Hail!

The Cha

Caption: The new, improved, bulked up Ryan Christie displays the (metaphoric) rocket that will Leipzig-zag into the net this evening.


Caption: That’s my brother sylvest.

The Cha

I can’t see his row of medals. 😉


Must be Charlie Saiz, then 😉

Jimmybee… Without the row of 40 medals on his chest

The Cha

Did someone say plagiarism?


The Cha

Great minds think alike.

CHA.. AND small minds…

The Cha

Fools seldom differ but obviously that doesn’t refer to either of us. 🙂

CHA… Defo for others… present posters excepted

Oops I didn’t see CHA’S POST

And it took all the army and the navy to put the wind up Sylveste


Caption : John Brown of dead Rangers showing us how he earned his nickname. Pictured here on his way to Ibrox to demand ‘The Deeds’


Apologies to the real Anton Rogan. Didn’t spot your post. Sorry!


Caption, On my new pseudonym Una, PHOOOAAAARRR.


DUCK, Toilet Duck, you know him the wan who disny gie a Fuck, he phoned and gave me his prediction, he’s the wan that looks like an octopus, Fred, that’s his name, 2-0 to the Celtic tonight. COYBIG.


Never mind the cauld, never mind the fairy lights, never mind Mr. Negativity and Get It Right Up Them, Heeds Doon an CCHHAAARRGGEEE.


Good luck to the Bhoys tonight, quietly confident of a 2-1 win!

Hail Hail!


Sevco have issued a statement which calls into question the integrity of the referee.
Will the refs go on strike in support of Wullie ?
Nah don’t think so either.

The Cha

“It is understood that a number of people within the Scottish FA are in no doubt Collum’s judgment was flawed and Rangers shall also now be submitting a formal complaint about the performance of this referee,” a club statement read.

Now, how would they know that? 😉


Celtic 4 RB 2. Tonight
Lustig Boyata Benkovic Tierney
Forrest Rogic McGregor Christie Sinclair
Any formation Brendan chooses.
COYBIG intae them


Bless me father…..I just watched a few minutes of the scum game, ye want tae see Spartak, fuckin’ MINCE. That scum are landin’ on their feet in Europe but still, it’s only a matter of time until their past really catches up with them and they’re consigned to the sewers of hell. Watching that scum has hurt my nervous system, but it’s my own fault; I really should no better. Can’t wait for us to kick off and just hope we go for it. Difference is we’re playing a proper football team but I still fancy our chances with the… Read more »


FT Spartak 4-3 Sevco.
Let’s get the ‘double’.


bloody hard watching the match from work. All the commentary is in German and noo it’s half time I feel like I should be awa getting a beer fae the fridge and picking oot ma second half Malt, but no. COYBIG!


Aye I’m very happy with what has been going on. Christie is doing well in there which makes me very happy! Edouard has managed to run at the defenders although playing with his back to goal hasn’t been amazing and I wish he would at least pretend to jump for headers (if Jamesie can do it so can he). Agree with the rest of your comments although I think they have identified Rogic as a dangerman and are dealing with him as such, I think if he pushed up a little bit more then dropped back into the channels he… Read more »


Naw I’m closer to the High Point Brewing Company.


We have a couch in the shift room, but it’s not very big. Those last few minutes after our return goal I was behind the couch watching the game through my fingers. Well done lads!


Told y’all……2-1

That was fucking magic!


monti did you see Sinclair’s low left footed cross for the second goal… OK it was via Christie, but I’m claiming that!

Monti… Ralph told us yesterday 🙂 he’s a man in the know 😉


monti a hope ye had a few quid oan it ….aint celtic grand


Well done Bhoys outstanding defending, was reading something about a lad that likes his scran, I’ve a massive humble pie in the larder, anyone?


Yeah we can expect Salzburg to roll over to Leipzig. What with the Red Bull connection.

Yoker Bhoy

Superhuman effort and valient fighting performance to get those 3 points against a very difficult team so well done bhoys!!! Plenty of high drama and a nerve-racking last few minutes but we got there and we’re now in with a real shout. I reckon 4 points from the last 2 games will probably be enough to go through. MOTM? A toss up between KT and French Eddy. Tonight confirms our recent vast improvement. Oh, and nice one Spartak!!!



well a think we can safely say the champions are back personally ile have another treble this year and attack europe next season COYBIG


donnchadh middleton couldnae get in our reserves


ha ha ha ha dis yer team need the money donnchadh


A very handy nights work. Well done Brendan and the Bhoys. Confidence is flowing again and players playing to their potential. This is a very good win in a full house in Europe against a team 4th in the German league. No mugs. I wonder how the MSM will try and spin this one


Oh we are going out of Europe on head to head and goal difference don’t you know.


the red bullshitters ar worth the watchin imo


Some MSM scum: ….. level on points with RB Leipzig, but they do have that very important head to head goal difference…. how confident are you that Celtic can do that and progress?

Brendan Rodgers: Well typical Scottish isn’t it? Always bring a negative onto a positive night (MSM scum interjects “it is true though”) The most important thing is to win, and win well.


we are a different team since the start ae the season the way the group is lookin a think weel win our last two games but it might no be enough


Typical Scottish isn’t it too being a negative to a positive. 🙂


the light show wis great anaw the night but alas some daft cunt thinks we shouldnae link it


am no wan for calling cunts cunts but the moderator is a cunt


efter watchin the game again …if we get oot this group weel win the fucker COYBIG


Charlie one game at a time, but if we get out of the group we will likely end up meeting one of those 3rd place teams from the Champions League. I fancy our chances against most of them. Then after that it’s the roll of the dice who we get. I like your new found positivity though!


uranus am a tim and positivity comes wae the territory but yer rght aboot wan thing ..if we get oot this group it belangs tae us ………….ur you the moderator


Great game. Christie outstanding. Rogic gets that pass right it’s 3-1. Sinclair with his one on one they had two great chances. Brilliant game. Nerve wracking stuff. Everyone played well though that looked like Lustig man for their header got to get those right. Give Leicester the money for Benkovic and make him the highest earner. What a player. We are a chance. Salzburg haven’t qualified yet. I can’t see a repeat of the 82 Austria v Germany game. Watched a bit of the rangers game. Their defence is terrible the only player who would have a shadow of a… Read more »

Brilliant all-in team win.

I`ve just read the DNA results…
Kieran Tierney`s our Bhoy.

Pftt.And I did a Charlie Nicholas with my prediction?
May Mace Windu forgive me.

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