Celtic Diary Thursday November 1: From Half Games To The End Game

Celtic Diary Thursday November 1: From Half Games To The End Game

Celtic yet again performed for half a game, and yet again steamrollered the opposition.

Up there in Dundee, the hoops roared to a four goal half time lead, and, with the job done, limited the damage in the second half.

As we said a while back, we’re back.

However, the managers focus was called into question. It was Celtic’s one hundredth win under the Irishman, and he didn’t even know.

I didn’t know it was my 100th win. Someone just told me there. We should have had more! How many games have I had? 144? How many losses? Twenty-one? That’s too many. I should have won more.

“I’m always proud to manage the club. My job is to give the fans as many wins as I can. We need 101 now.

“We played very well. The team was very cohesive in our pressing and creativity, played to really high level technically. We also showed level of our fitness, that ability to pass and move. You need fitness.

“Coming off the back of a really tough game at the weekend, it was a great demonstration.” 

The combination play was good. We were a little bit too stretched at the beginning. But we started to find the gaps and that allowed us to make those moves in behind. That’s important when teams sit deep.

“We pressed without the ball and, when you have it, some of the goals were real quality.

“My only criticism at half-time was the back four was too deep. But every other element of our spacing was good. I tend to want goal scorers on the pitch, as many as I can. Five different scorers showed it was working.

“The concentration has been on getting back to our level. We’re right in the flow now, in terms of goals and creativity.” 

He shouldn’t be doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk while he’s talking to the media though, thats disrespectful.

However, it wasn’t all good. Daniel Arzani, the Australian wonderkid , had us all wondering whether or not Brendan was actually right when he said the kid wasn’t up to the rigours of Scottish football when he slipped and hurt himself late on.

He looked the part as well, and hopefully he’s not as badly hurt as early reports indicate, which the manager seemed to think..

Arzani is a great boy and it’s unfortunate he picked up the injury with a run in the game. I think his knee just sort of gave way and he felt it a bit unstable.

“He was taking the applause on the way out, so I’m not sure how sore it was! The only boy to be on a stretcher on his side. I don’t think it was killing him. 

Overall, we’re back in the saddle, and woe betide anyone who gets in our way.


Former player Gary Caldwell became even more unpopular as an ex player than he was as a player when he trotted out the standard line on Neil Lennon last night.

Lennon was felled by a missile from the crowd as Hearts continued to falter at Tynecastle with a draw in the Edinburgh derby.

Caldwell said that he brings it on himself. He didn’t add that he should sit at the back of the bus, and cut himslef short before mentioning anything about uppity fenians, although it was apparent he was only fulfilling his contractual duties..

Remember, in the mainstream media, if you never had an EBT, you need to show you would have taken one.


The full midweek fixture list allowed the new “rangers ” to release their accounts.

On the anniversary of the old club dying, it was good to see that the new one is still being kept alive, although it wasn’t clear who was operating the life support machine.

In a nutshell, they were losing just over a quarter of a million pounds a week up until June, when they hired Steven Gerrard and spent all that money on new players.

I’m no financial genius, but given that rate of loss, how long will it be before we can finally stop laughing ?

But there is a serious side to all this.

We know that a five way agreement was put in place to ensure the continuation of the brand.

We know that those in a position of power in Scottish football flaunted European rules to ensure the previous club had a chance of surviving with champions league money , which had Ally Mccoist attained for them, we probably wouldn;t have even known they were at it.

Which begs the question, with the declaration of unsustainable losses, and the lack of a visible means of financial support, is someone pulling strings, scratching backs or fiddling with knobs to keep them alive again ?

Or , to put it another way, when are the mainstream media going to finally grow a set of balls and start asking questions about the massive fraud that has been ongoing since someone suggested  to David Murray that paying tax on players wages need not be the norm ? 

Not one outlet has challenged the “rangers ” empire over their misuse of supporters money. They didn;t do it when Murray was in charge, they haven’t done it since, and with SFA collusion, they may be under the impression they got away with it.

Which would explain why they are at it again, but the real question is who is helping them, and why ?

The media in any other country would be all over this, but in Scotland ?

No. They didn’t want to know back in 2011, and they sure as fuck don’t want to know now.

Every single one of them should pause before writing the word “journalist ” in the box where it says “Occupation ”



Even before these accounts came out, and even without taking into account the fairly obvious conclusion that someone, somewhere is protecting them, here at diary HQ, we were aware that the endgame had begun. 

Its much closer than you think, and there will be a cleansing, there will be people held to account. 

Keep your ears peeled for the sound of the hunting horn, and we’ll ride together into this one.