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Talkin Bout a Resolution – Special Podcast

Ralph, Desi, Andy and speciall guest Auldheid get together to talk about the little Resolution that just wont go away, no matter how many folk in Blazers and Mount Florida Committee Rooms want it to.

Auldheid brings us up to speed on status and what may lie ahead, especially of interest with the Celtic AGM coming up on November. Just what needs to be done to improve Scottish Football..

The guys discuss just where could we even start to make it a better place for all the stakeholders and not just the junket lovers and Football Admin jobs for life brigade?

Closing questions include how long can Alex McLeish hide behind his testimonial Committee and just where is STV Grant these days?



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3 years ago

My take on the podcast.

We all know that RFC & SEVCO are corrupt cheats and this has been confirmed.
We all know that SFA are corrupt cheats and this has been confirmed.
We all know that the other clubs are corrupt cheats and this has been confirmed.
We all know that Doncaster is a corrupt cheat and this has been confirmed.
We all know that SMSM are corrupt cheats and this has been confirmed.

We all know that at every turn Celtic have been less than open and truthful with us the fans/shareholders and especially the Res12 guys. We know that Peter Lawwell and Neil Doncaster are both on the same page and keep each other informed, including 5WA. So why are Celtic reluctant to act?

They are complicit in all this.

This will be confirmed at AGM when they refuse to pick up the smoking gun and use it.

3 years ago

Fair comment and hence the big questions of “What to do?”..

Interesting times ahead it seems

3 years ago

Great discussion.

One thing I would have liked to hear further developed
was on 44 minutes, when one of you mentioned “honest mistakes”

That whole topic deserves a podcast on its own, in view if res 12.

Ralph Malph(@ralph)
3 years ago
Reply to  Peter

There’s an article on here called fifty honest mistakes that details them.

3 years ago

Good Podcast once again & thanks to Auldheid for explaining things in an understandable fashion.
One thing though Ralph….it DOES matter that these cunts are a NEW club, it MATTERS they died & they should be reminded of this FACT fucking constantly.

P.S. I fucking hate Darts!

3 years ago

Depressing,… since the 2013 AGM and then finding out in 2017 that Celtic had made enquiries back in 2012 about EBTs.
A complicit media, doctoring letters from UEFA about the same club.
Firing blanks from a smoking gun.
The governance of the Scottish game is so corrupt, archaic and mixed up that it would need to be completely dismantled and re-organised,
A fraud was committed and should be prosecuted.
Our strengths are, Knowledge of the truth, intelligence, the CSA the C.T. who need to bring pressure on the board to move it forward, but is there a willingness?
It was in the papers that Hearts were pushing for Murrayfield and they got it…. funny that.
This years AGM is crucial that a knowledgeable spokesman is appointed to raise the issues and to ask the right and accurate questions and to get the right answers.
This has been going on for 5 years, supporters who care about the issue are becoming disenfranchised and more frustrated, the time to kick on is now.
Those of us who care about the game want it cleansed and to do that we need new structures put in place at the SFA.

3 years ago

Bloody oath.

Good listening Lhads.

3 years ago

Shall Peter Lawwell go in front of the cameras live to confront one about one’s SFA misdeed idiosyncrasy?

3 years ago

Requiescat in Pace
Turnbull Hutton.

3 years ago

Celtic are fully aware of what went on. If, armed with the knowledge they already have, they’ve done nothing, whats now changed to force them to take a public stance on this now??

BTW STV Grant Russell has been Communications Director at Motherwell sine this time last year.

3 years ago

Gráinne Mhaol`ll get served an alcoholic plastic cup full of her choice. And behave.

They`ve a license.They`re to serve.

3 years ago

Charles Green:
Born: Mexborough South Yorkshire, England
Residence: Glasgow, Scotland
Nationality: English
Occupation: Venture capitalist

Brendon`s away to the Toon.

Stevie G`s a Virginian rubber sensation.

3 years ago

There is an open pattern.

The cat`s stuck up a tree.

3 years ago

CS, Nearly everything you said above makes sense and I have felt this anger myself BUT going to the games is part of our lives, enriches it and sometimes consumes it so not going, unless in a limited period boycott, is not going to happen. I was taken and lifted over and did the same with my own boys and girl until we couldn’t do this Grandweans now and and we season book because we just about can and it keeps that continuity going. I don’t feel part of any”Celtic Family” at the games home or away but love seeing our Celtic playing football and love how we feel when we play that way we all love. It’s us, ourselves alone and it always will be.

Steve Naive
3 years ago

We’ve had the chance to boycott away and cup games but haven’t done so. Mike says we have the intelligence but we don’t have the stomach. I’ve railed against my own sons shelling out £50 but they delight( as do we all) in this dominance over Sevco. I agree we could forge ahead with a club run largely for and by the fans but they, our ‘board’ are as morally corrupt as the SFA and SPFL. If even half of what was supposed to have gone on ore season did then Lawwell ‘a incompetence should see him gone now. He would of course just be a patsy and we are all supposed to carry on as before. If every fan did the same thing just once they would be forced to acknowledge the disconnect between us and them.

3 years ago

ALL TRUE AGAIN BUT THE BASTARDS KNOW WE ARE HOOKED ON THE DRUG. It’s not a lifedtyle choice or even a community, just us silent fans who keep fucking supporting the team…the players, because of what they mean to us and our families and our identity in this ‘best little (bigotted) country in the world’

3 years ago

The dug is going to bark, says cryptic Meg, the wife comes in and is quickly ushered out, in her own home, the wheels on the caravan are still turning though. But will the caravan come to a juddering halt and the hidden posse come out from their hidden room with all guns blazing? Will the Celtic board who have the secret file marked “Not to be opened till 2050” be brought out from its hidden drawer and actually be presented to the relevant body and used as evidence of the cheating that has gone on? Or at the very least give out an explanation, why it has not been presented.. so far.
Every governing body from FIFA to UEFA to the SFA have individuals who have been found guilty of fraud, is football so polluted by crooks that nothing will ever be done. FIFA and UEFA we have no say in but we can do something about the SFA, we can at least present the truth and ask for an explanation, if we do not…. then we know that the game in Scotland is definitely finished…

Paddy Mo
3 years ago

Listened twice, whew!It would be great to have the salient points in written form.

3 years ago


The UEFA licence was only granted because of false proof offered to the UEFA Licensing Committee at end March 2011. By then the liability had become a payable as RFC asked the bank for permission to pay.
It did not meet the 4 criteria that would prevented it being overude so was an overdue payable.
At end May an HMRC letter that confirmed it was a payable and not a potential liability was not provided to SFA as required by the rules.
That allowed SFA to inform UEFA of clubs granted a licence.
The false narrative of describing the liability as not a payable continued in the June and September monitoring points.
SDM regime started the falsehood. CW regime continued it.

The behaviour meets the description of fraud. In particular the proof offered at end of March.

This is the dilemma that Celtic, the SFA and UEFA now face and why the can has been kicked down the road from the day Sherriff Officers turned up at Ibrox.

As events have shown football karma did what the SFA didn’t and took away the UEFA income Rangers had relied in since 2008 when they spent money owed to taxpayers on players that then won 3 titles. Had Karma not intervened in the shape of McCoist no one would have been any the wiser.

HMRC would have been paid the £2.8m. Rangers would have paid the PAYE and VAT they stopped paying in Sept 2011 that eventually caused insolvency.

The desperation to keep a version of Rangers in the game has manifested itself since 2012 so why wouldn’t Rangers not risk fraud in 2011 and how desperate would the SFA be to deny them the chance of survival?

Chancers one and all.

The only questions are:

Where does blame start?

Where does it end?

How many Scottish journalists wages depend on not investigating and reporting what took place.

How do we know it will not happen again with a club who hold the rules in contempt and an SFA who allow them to?

3 years ago
Reply to  Auldheid

Regarding the EUFA licence, corruptly gained by Rangers Football Club PLC, (NOW IN LIQUIDATION), would it not be fair to say that:
a) Celtic FC (PLC) was cheated out of revenue?
b) As CEO of Celtic PLC, Peter Lawwell has a fiduciary duty to Celtic PLC to state the case for Celtic PLC and seek recompense; whether from the Rangers in liquidation or those who clearly collaborated, singularly and/or in concert with others, e.g. (at that time) the SFA, SPL and the SFL?
c) As CEO of Celtic PLC, Peter lawwell has an obligation to the football Club, Celtic FC and its supporters to DEMAND the re-writing of the history books to correctly award 0-3 losses to each and every game whilst the Rangers (IN LIQUIDATION) were known to have cheated by playing FRAUDULENTLY registered (not “imperfectly but legal”) players?

Does Peter Lawwell have sonmething grievous to hide here?
Was the notorious 5-way agreement perhaps actually 6-way (inc. PL)?
I see no other likely answer.
But it’s high time the lot of this was brought out into the open and investigated INDEPENDENTLY, unlike anything that’s happened so far.
HH Celtic FC. (Fuck the PLC and all its ‘organs’)

3 years ago

Just finished listening to the bits I skipped first time. 🙂 I have to admire the tenacity of @Auldheid etc. for keeping this issue alive when many others would already have given up long ago.

TBH I don’t have any great confidence that this will ever be dealt with properly, but what I do know is that a very large percentage of the Celtic support – and deep down fans of every other club – know that unless/until there’s a proper independent investigation, with admission of wrongdoing & exposure of all those who played their part, Scottish football will remain tainted and their governing bodies unfit for purpose.

Justice needs to be seen to be served. Whether that results in removal of titles is secondary. This is not a Celtic v “Rangers” issue, but about cleaning out the stables at Mount Florida & blowing away the lingering miasma of mendacity once & for all.

It’s not about It’s about wrong and right. In Black and White.

3 years ago

*Its not about historical rivalry. Its about wrong and right. In Black and White.

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