Celtic Diary Thursday October 11: Bring Our Bhoys Home

When our young men are away serving their country, it is customary for the media to support them.

Unless they are Celtic players.

Earlier this week it was Leigh Griffiths, who had decided to concentrate on his own fitness. Almost to a man , we were informed by the press that he was in a huff.

Then Scotland manager Alex McLeish got in on the act..

“You have to respect Leigh’s decision,”

“I’m not going to throw him under a bus. He came to the games the last time round and there was no animosity whatsoever.

“I can see in a player’s body language they don’t like not playing. I could see that not only with Leigh Griffiths but a number of players.

“It’s natural and I think it’s big of him to say he needs to get fitter to play at these levels. He wants to concentrate on his fitness. I had a good chat with him on Saturday.” 

“People will chastise me for saying I can’t guarantee that Leigh won’t play but I can’t guarantee any player a game unless they are playing to a level we want them to be at.

“So everybody has got to prove themselves every single week of their football career. That was the way I went about it and I’d expect all the Scotland lads to do the same thing.

“I guess when the manager gets some kind of rhythm there’s a nucleus that will always start a game or very close to that. It will be there for others to force themselves in. We want competition.” 

Sounds more to me like he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing. He doesn’t have a nucleus for his team yet, although there are six players from one club, a very successful club, that he could build around. And one who has just left them.

Kenny miller had a go at Griffiths as well, telling him that he can;t “pick and choose ” where Scotland are concerned. Miller knows all about management, having tried it for a week or two, helping to lay the foundations for Livingstons remarkable start to the season by getting to fuck away from the place.

Former Scotland captain and current Celtic captain Scott Brown defended Griffiths, a sign perhaps that the club have now decided to react to such stories..

“It’s brave of the wee man to do that,” 

“You have got to give him a bit of credit for coming out and actually saying that because there aren’t a lot of people who would actually have done that. He wants to get himself fitter and we want him back and scoring 20 or 30 goals a season. The wee man will do that.

“Once he starts playing and getting confidence and everyone gets off his back he’ll be a great player for both club and country.” 

Well said, but Brown may have to say a bit more as the attacks continued.

Next,  it was Keiran Tierneys turn…from a former Rangers player, somewhat unsurprisingly.. on the BBC Sportsound show, which is where most ex Rangers players end up in lieu of their upcoming tax bills..

Ian McCall, now boss at Ayr United, Leanne Crichton-I don’t know either- and Steven Thompson, another ex Ibrox man, were discussing the Celtic left back..

Crichton said: “I don’t think Tierney has really performed over the last month or so.

“But just because of the season he had previously that he’s a first pick for folk but nobody ever questions it.” 

McCall added: “I love what you are saying!

“It is a totally sacrilegious thing in Scotland, ‘oh don’t slag Kieran Tierney’! You’re right, absolutely right. 

“I completely agree with Leanne on that. If you are going to pick a left-back right now Robertson is miles ahead of Tierney. Miles!

“The level he’s playing at, who he’s playing against, who he’s playing with. It’s just a fact.”  

Doesn’t matter about the player himself, it seems, merely about where he plays…a philosophy that has lead to an awful lot of diddies in the national team of late.

McCall is at Ayr United, and is on the shortlist for the Third Rangers outfit, when they eventually start up.


Next came James Forrest, who had the audacity to play well against St Johnstone and score four goals.

Alex McLeish claims that he will have to rip up his game plan now that one of his most experienced and talented players has , er , played well.

“It’s great that James scored four goals as we want players in top form coming to the international team.

“He turned up on Monday cock-a-hoop and his confidence must be sky high. That gives us food for thought.

We need to find the right system for the players who excel in their positions, as James did last Sunday.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean we play five in midfield all of the time. We can go 3-4-3 and that gives us scope with the wingers we have.

“We have to be flexible. You look at the World Cup, Russia played four most of the time and changed to a three, or realistically it was a five, at the back when they played Spain.

“We need to be prepared tactically and we have to be prepared to suit certain 

“With every change, it affects another player. 

Perhaps he should be breathalysed before press conferences.

If a Celtic player wants to play for Scotland, thats his choice. But its becoming more and more of a thankless task for them.

Brendan Rodgers has been snubbed by Aston villa, who didn’t even ask him to be their manager , probably because he said publicly he wasn’t interested, and the midlands club have appointed someone called Dean Smith to the post.

That means that the media will have to wait for another english club to sack their boss, unless they can discover Brendan is upset about the local amenities near his house, or the high volume of traffic on Thursday mornings on the way to Lennoxtown.

Still, well done to Keith Jackson and the even less talented Gary Ralston of the Record, who had their ears to the ground throughout the saga…

Aston Villa to make Brendan Rodgers approach as Celtic boss a potential candidate to replace Steve Bruce

Celtic manager features on a six-man shortlist and the English club want talks this week.


Everyone knew Rodgers wasn’t interested in the Villa job, yet these clowns ran with the story anyway.

Wonder why ?

Image result for fat controller

Genuinely, this is from Record Sport online this morning…

Aston Villa end interest in Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers as they appoint Dean Smith

Rodgers was among the bookies’ favourites to replace Steve Bruce at Villa Park.Smith


You do have to feel for these hacks, though. There is little to report on really in Scotland, and I’ll bet they wish they worked for a newspaper, in say Belgium, where its all happening…


Top clubs raided and leading agents, managers and referees interrogated by police in Belgium in huge corruption investigation

A series of raids by Belgium’s federal police on Wednesday have resulted in the arrest of one of the country’s most influential agents 

Referees, officials, agents and coaches at Belgium‘s biggest football clubs are being questioned after a major investigation into corruption.

The federal public prosecutor’s office is looking into charges of fraud, tax evasion and money laundering, with Club Brugge and Anderlecht – the country’s two biggest clubs – having their offices raided on Wednesday morning. These came as part of 44 raids nationwide and 13 more across France, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia. 

I’m certain that if there was even the faintest whiff of anything approaching corruption or cheating in Scotland these guys would be on it in a flash, putting Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein to shame with their enthusiastic search for the truth… 

They could start with listening to our podcast tonight. although there won’t be anything in it they don’t know, the difference is we’re going to talk about it.


How do I know they know it ?

Because we have sent it to them. 


Theres another question or two they could be asking on the back of this recent revelation…

Rangers granted special permission from UEFA to slash Ibrox away end tickets in Europa League due to police safety concerns

Rules state visiting teams must get around five per cent of the host stadium capacity but Rapid only received 1,400 tickets with Spartak Moscow only getting 1,001

UEFA have revealed they have given Rangers special permission not to give visiting teams their full allocation of tickets in the Europa League due to safety concerns expressed by the police. 

This was reported by several outlets yesterday, the above is from the Sun, and not one of them asked the police what those safety concerns were.

Celtic will have 800 fans at Ibrox.

Is anyone going to ask about the safety of our fans, or indeed, that of any other Scottish club ?

It does explain why the SPFL had concerns about the ibrox club playing at murrayfield in a one off cup semi final.

Why is supporter safety an issue for the police when foreign clubs go to Ibrox, but not when Scottish clubs visit ? 

Mind you, they do avoid a lot of stories…

Bit of background on the Israel manager.

He once received £1.7m, tax-free, in an illegal scheme run by one of the country’s clubs.

A scandal described as 2nd only to match-fixing.

His reward?

A 2nd spell in charge of the national team. 

No, wait, that’s the Scotland manager. 

Yesterdays picture for perusal was this one…

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Caption.. Griff finds his first “wean”… 


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Lets hear it for my hero’s.. And god bless every one of our cherished players.

John Clark and Billy McNeil, Davy Hay, George Connolly, Big Tam Gemmell, “Tut Tut the memories you gave me”, Memories that were your gift to each and every one of us.

Caption.. Griff finds his next conquests…

Mibbees he’s planning a night out with Wayne Rooney?

Steven R … I think that Griff can handle it on his own 🙂


Couldn’t agree more. The lad is a free spirit. The only people you have duties to are your family and your employers. Fuck the rest, none of them have the slightest interest in your welfare. Scotland at its best. Hh

As I had an unexpected win I thought I’d carry on with a similar theme… unashamed too


Caption. Edna relives Wayne Rooneys foreplay techinique after a large sherry.

John McDermott

Caption (no am no Hugh keevins and ye canny hub a picture wi me!)


Michael Mols exes cackle over his lack of manhood


Caption Wayne Rooney’s entourage are waiting to be taken back to his penthouse for some hot tub action.

Caption: the Louden Tavern is packed out with “gorgeous babes” on a speed dating evening.

Mibbees he’s planning a night out with Wayne Rooney?

Alternative caption: in an effort to raise funds, Club 1872 join forces with Readers Wives for a limited edition Sevco Special.


Caption: McLeish’ wife out spending the money recently transferred to her in yet a further tax avoidance scheme.


Caption: Faddy told me that if I put on ranjurs tap and turned up at McLeish’ hotel room with some tonic wine Alec wud play me in the hole.


“They say you learn to ride on old horses, but what they don’t tell you is that young horses are fertile. Haud ma beer.”
Leigh Griffiths – circa probably never.


Ralph, if you lose faith with whoever is helping you with your website issues let me know and send me the logs from today between 1000 and 1400.


Also send me your wp-config.php

The Cha

Caption “We were bonny young babes when we started out waiting for The Rangers coming”


Lol, nice one Cha.


We have a winner 🙂


Def winner
Nice one The Cha.


Una a continuation from yesterday’s comments. Don’t you worry about my German. I’m not making fun of them and I’ll have you know my German is fairly well received everyday. You know in Germany…..


Yeah yeah dead on, didn’t relaise that dalmarnock was part of germany. Btw you’re attempt to paint we with the same brush as the sevco scum was pathetic. As bad ss ur womsn hating pal monti


I never called you anything. I merely pointed out your poor choice of words while you were trying to berate Monti. If that particular blue shoe fits, please don’t hesitate to wear it. Furthermore you complain about brushes and paint, but compare me to Monti…. That’s right I am now calling you a hypocrite.



Too much “ Rangers”’ people and too much about what their new club is doing that, I don’t care. I don’t think KT has been near his best this season though without doubt still the best Scots born player in the League. Yes Robertson has kicked on playing in the Premier League and for a club like Liverpool why wouldn’t he ? We are what we are and lucky so far KT hasn’t taken steps to kick on in a better quality league, he is Celtic through and through. We have ruled unchallenged for 7 years, it is natural for… Read more »


Caption: What’s got 10 legs and no teeth? On KT how do you play well when the 10 other guys are going through a poor phase? You don’t take the kick off and run up the park and score like in under 12s. He’s an attacking wing-back playing with out of sorts (until recently) forwards and I don’t think this squad is out the woods by any manner of means. I’m usually up for the Scotland team but feck me this is an new low. Clearly too many current and ex-tims for Billy boy’s liking. I’d turn out for my… Read more »

Mike Annis

Caption: Ladies ofnthe Easter Star prepare for their away day to Hampden.


Doinneach is that really you or someone else. You know like me. Did you catch the German I was teaching Monti earlier this morning on the other post?


I’m on my 5th year (this time around).


A small town called Landstuhl.



We stertit bevvyin when we wur 15. Noo wur 30, nae much hus changed.


Is it just me, or is the level 5 diatribe increasing in volume, all those Gargantuan, Gargoyle, Goatshagging EBT Gobshites, taking our licence money to talk absolute shite about our club, those moronic membranes of pure mince. “Lang may yer Bums Squeek”. Sleekit, sly pieces of shit without a brain in your heeds, but given the platform to talk up your sleeve about nothing you know about, all the while turning your gless ear away from the criminality in Govan. Your a pure disgrace to the whole of mankind, pity the woman who lye in your pitiful beds, sipping Guinness… Read more »


It’s the Level5 deflection shield on overtime.
So much going on with the inhabitants of The Crumbledome in the Law Courts just now. Got to keep the Zombies fixated and onside.
The SFA are getting their retaliation in first if the Celtic Board make waves about semi final draw and venue or complain about the media attacks on manager and players.
It’s obvious that The SFA will do nothing about Boydie’s (gies a pie ) criticism and opinionated barbs in his newspaper(?) column. Or McCall’s attacks on KT. ( Bringing the game into disrepute????)


Stevie G fan clubs monthly meeting

Totally agree, the Billy a Boys Club are the retirement home for the Ex Wankers. Of course their is no bias, only paranoia on the part of Celtic supporters.


Caption: Una & her younger sister ( seated ) get ready for the Bells.


Tried as hard as I could to Support Scotland.
From a very young age i found out that Scotland doesnt care about my team Celtic.
In fact will do anything to undermine one of the greatest clubs in world football.
So I hope is that the players come home fit and well. Fuck the SFA


Jimmybee ‘bout sums it up mate.


Caption: The girls in Dundee get excited as the fermer walks in.

Jimmybee… Did they see his wad or was it wishful thinking, 🙂


They saw his nose and figured if the rest wasn’t up to much they could……




I’m starting a rumor that Charlie Mulgrew disagreed with the approach to the second half and got substituted. Should anyone choose to repeat it. If you want to make me sound more reliable say I’m pish-stained.


Caption: Griff “I’d smash the granny oot ay that”

Dziekanowski’s nightclub child

Caption ‘the ladies of Edinburgh await their turn with Leigh’


I hope Scotland get fucked!


The Vikings were known as the “Dark Invaders” but who were the Black Irish? Its been said that they were the descendants of the shipwrecked Spanish army. With a dark skin tone, raven black hair, dark, dark brown eyes. The “Dark Irish” they could play football, by jing’s they could. Of course some Irish rebels were transported to the Caribbean, but were soon kicked out because the lovely black ladies were enchanted by their humour and their “kiss an Irishman for fun in the sun while drinking rum, hats”. “The Black Irish”, you can always pick them out from other… Read more »

The Cha

Nice one but at end delete “The End” and replace with “To Be Continued”


Mulgrew to take the penalty.


It’s in!

Alternative alternative caption: following on from the original rangers concepts of floating pitches and casinos, sevco have unveiled their Las Vegas-style chicken shack for those who are fed up of succulent lamb.


Watching this, I’m beginning to think that MacFadden is the sober tactician in that backroom.

The Cha

If you can watch Scotland sober, you have my admiration.

Whisky, beer and wild, wild women required by some to dull the pain.


Oh I’ve had a half bottle of Connemara.


is it any good uralius?


John Souttar sent aff. For some amateur defending, finally a back 4.


What a fucking joke!

The Cha

I’m no laughing.

They’ve won 1 game in the past 10, against Liechtenstein!



Hahahahaha… fuck him

rab wallace

Caption- annual meeting of “The Rangers First Wives Club”


Where to begin? Playing a tactic from the 70s was never a good idea. With the players available he should’ve played this.

Forrest…..That hun……Tierson

Quick switches
Closing down from edge of THEIR circle
Lots of flat runs across their defensive line
One touch pass and move in the final 3rd


I heard a noise in this distance, thought it was thunder, turns out it was Leigh Griffiths laughing.


Ralph is up to no good. Lol. I made a post and it Saiz Charlie Saiz said it.


Agreed Roberson was hopeless. Everything I wished he had done right Tierney does week, in week out.

Deny the SFA the pleasure of our players. Another humiliation in Israel tonight, wee Jamie left on the bench kicking his heels.
McLeish is a useless oil, proving as before to have no man management skills. Dumped 2-1 by a team who a lowly ranked, McLeish sends out a team with no actual plan. Just going through the motions to pay off his tax on his EBT.


I thought we were gash the whole v of the second half.


Mike Bassett


Flat back 4

Uralius… sounds more like a flat pack 4


Reap what you sow ya cunt!

Caption,sevco ladies have their player of the years and years night⚽️

Caption,kris boyd fan club have night out at the louden


Think androids have auto correct as well Charlie


Scotland performances are entirely predictable – terrible and hopeless. The reasons, look no further than the decision to appoint EBT Eck. That was flawed given his full participation in a massive illegal cheating scheme that provide his now defunct club with a sporting advantage on the pitch. He even said so himself. Then he has reverted to a pick celtic players last as well as bring in the old boys from the current team playing out of Ibrox. Even a player that was banned for life reinstated very dubiously based on his playing ability. Eck is a football dinosaur when… Read more »


Nice to see KT stick one past mcgregor

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