Celtic Diary Saturday August 18: No Mistakes This Time

The defence-oh theres a word to strike fear into your heart- of the League Cup begins today with a visit to Firhill to take on the awkward opponents that are Partick Thistle.

Actually, they’re not any more awkward than anyone else, but they do what they think will stop Celtic and usually keep the score down.

One of these days they might spring a surprise, and that might be today if Celtic aren’t fully switched on.

Celtic are without Keiran Tierney and Dedryck Boyata in defence, with Emilio Izaguirre set to debut at left back, and Kristoffer Ajer back in the middle, probably at the expense of Jack Hendry, as the lad is due a rest.

Hendry, for all his critics, has done little wrong, but the other defenders seemed to think he might, which brings me to a previous point about everyone doing their own jobs first, and then helping out someone who is struggling, instead of vice versa.

Like putting your own oxygen mask on when they drop down on the plane, before helping anyone else.

Comperr, Morgan, Biton and Edouard make up the rest of the injury list, and I’m struggling to see why the management haven’t spotted that none of them were injured on active service, but only in training…

Except Comperr, who is permanently injured.

There’s plenty of cover, despite the allegations that the squad is thin on the ground.

Scott Bain could start, but its more likely that the manager will field his strongest side to kick start the season after a pretty poor run of late, the hoops have won only one of their last five, and that was against Livingston.

For all the talk about the Europa League, the fact is that Celtic aren’t there yet, and have a tricky tie against Suduva to negotiate, over in Lithuania next Thursday, so its important to get back on track quickly.

New loannee Daniel Arzani, who looks the part, a strong and direct runner at defences, won’t feature today. He’s undergoing intense training to get him to pass the ball sideways instead.

Arzani spoke to Celtic TV yesterday, and read from a carefully prepared script..

Celtic is a massive club with a great history and one of the best followings in the world, so I’m looking forward to getting started,” 

“The idea was put to me to come to Celtic and work with Brendan Rodgers, and it was something I was very interested in doing, and when it became a reality, I was very excited. 

Though not excited enough to consider a permanent move before he joined City..

“I’ve had a couple of chats with the manager, more about when I’m coming and when I’ll get started, but I’ll have more chats with him after I settle into the club. But, for me, it’s about coming here, doing the best that I can and helping the club as much as possible.

“Apparently, playing in front of the Celtic fans is absolutely amazing and I’m really excited about that.

“All of Celtic’s home games look absolutely amazing. The scenes at the game are unbelievable, and I love it when the crowd gets behind me. I’m an attacking player. I love to take players on and hopefully I can bring some of that to the team.” 

His phone then buzzed, and he read the text out from Brendan..

No you fucking won’t, you’ll pass it sidieways like everyone else. LOL 


Porto are apparently set to increase their initial bid for Olivier Ntcham -if there was one-to around the £15m mark, and the players agents are set to talk with Celtic this weekend.

Ntcham actually wanted to join Celtic, despite a massive offer from Manchester City to increase his wages if he went to Girona, which must be their penal colony, with Patrick Roberts exiled there this week.

I would have thought he’d be happy where he is, its where he wanted to be, but without champions League football, the east end of Glasgow loses its appeal to non-Celtic minded players…

This could happen, and the reality is, without a seat at the big boys table, all the hard work put in to building this team over the last couple of years could be undone in the next couple of weeks.

If the English window was still open we’d be in serious trouble…


However, Chris Davies, the number two at Celtic, categorically denied any behind the scenes rows at Celtic Park.

Rodgers and Lawwell aren’t embroiled in a bitter row at all. They’re not speaking to each other.

Who is Helmut Schoen, by the way ?


Davies said;

Brendan has no breakdown there. He’s fine and is working closely with board as always. There’s no issue,” 

“We’ve been here two years and it’s the first setback we’ve probably had. Brendan is dealing with it. We’ve had a bit of negativity in the past couple of weeks and that’s something Brendan is used to – he has dealt with that as a manager.

“There’s no fallout with the board or big fractures within the club. It’s a story the media are trying to generate, but it’s not there. We’re fine. Brendan is working with the board and he’s in dialogue with them, as ever. 

Image result for airplane nose growing gif

Its perfectly obvious they’ve had a row. Why not just say so, but add that they’re sorting it out ?

If, indeed , they are sorting it out ?

Meanwhile, the pressure from a gleeful media grows..

I know, we’ve heard it all before…


Sooner or later , he’s going to be right, but not in our lifetime…. I’ll be 107 years old if they win their 55th title, and thats if they do 55 in a row.

We’re used to the media perhaps leaning towards a pro  Ibrox narrative, but we’re now seeing examples of both anti Celtic and pro “rangers ” in full swing..

Note the name of the club involved, and the immediate association to that club.

And then this week..

You have to feel for those poor Scottish chaps who chose to holiday in Maribor “around ” the football match…

Still, Chelsea fans will be pleased they aren’t getting the blame…


Personally, I blame the parents of these hooligans, who must have known from a very early age that their children would have , er, issues…


Sometimes, when I read the replies to the diary, i think that perhaps when i break a story, or simply repeat what i’ve heard, one or two of you don;t take me seriously.

Well, remember the exclusive about the cloning machine ?

I present you with proof… here’s Daniel Arzani…

and here is the orginal…

Image result for beram kayal celtic

It’s not the first time its been used.

For example, here’s Dedryck Boyata…

Image result for boyata celtic

and here’s the original…

Image result for mo johnston celtic


Caption competition ? well, yesterday we had this…

Malceye August 17, 2018 at 10:31 am · Edit · Reply →

“Dave! The case has been continued until October”





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Caption: Celtic defensive wall shows signs of cracks


Caption: So its just the three of us left now that the transfer window is closed.


Caption: ” That’s it bhoys, one touch to the left, one touch to the right….anyone who positively plays the ball forward in an attempt to show flair & creativity….will be transfer listed “


Does Chris Davies really need his initials on his socks?


Definitely a strong candidate for KOTW…..


Maybe the ‘ CD ‘ on Chris Davies socks, is actually Chris giving Brendan a wee reminder of the weakest point in the side.


Could you not use pics of that cunt Johnston, please?

A fucking rat in every sense!


One thing conspicuously absent from media reports in Scotland on the troubles in Maribor is something that could have far more serious ramifications for one Rangers fan. Slovenian police are examining CCTV as a police helicopter pilot was targeted with a laser pen – he was temporarily blinded and the helicopter came close to crashing with several persons onboard. It’s been mentioned in every report on the trouble here in Slovenia yet the Record et al conveniently ignore it.


Young man, Are you listening to me
I said, young man, what do you want to be
I said, young man, you can make real your dreams”

Yoker Bhoy

Firhill for thrills. Come on Celtic, dazzle us with something truly brilliant today. We sure as fuck need a bit of a lift.



Rioting, stabbings, fighting and thuggish behaviour and the season has hardly began. As UEFA does a Pontius Pilot, AH the irony of them preparing to fine Maribor for setting of flares, is UEFA the new SFA?
All the best to our team today and to our away support who always, but always do us proud. Remember the many good causes that the Celtic support carry out, its sometimes forgotten and it shouldn’t be. COYBIG.


The defence gets something right.


What like passed the ball to each other, crisply, accurately & with purpose? 🙂


In a display of strength, Brendan shows that he wears the trousers around here


Caption: We’ve sorted all our defensive problems Boss – with these tiny wee goals.


Rioting, fighting, stabbings all carried out by the south side scum, as Pontius Pilot at UEFA wash its hands at the thuggish behaviour carried out outside football grounds. How ironic as they prepare to fine Maribor for a couple of flares. UEFA trying to get as low in football governance as the SFA. Meanwhile the Scottish Police and the Scottish press, report that its SCOTTISH fans carrying out this criminal behaviour. Good luck to the TIC. today and our brilliant away support, its often forgotten just how generous our support is. COYBIG.


While we are having what the media describe as “a crisis”. The Sevco team are apparently world beaters! The Scottish media is more rotten than I thought and that includes ex Celtic player pundits putting the boot in for money. I fail to see how Sevco will avoid at least administration this year. They are spending like drunken sailors just like the deceased club. I have to laugh when I read that Celtic are running scared. Honestly! Today we need a good professional performance to dump the jags and get a win on the books. The support will need to… Read more »


I appreciate Boyata is everyone’s favourite scapegoat but at same time he’s a Celtic player. We’re in a situation of he said / he said between Boyata and Rodgers with the media loving the fact it’s dividing us. If he wasn’t fit but pulls on the hoops again and gives 100% I’ll support him. I go to games to support the team not criticise unlike some of the Maldini’s in the stand, yes you pay you’re money and are entitled to an opinion but save criticism for after the matches and get behind the team. Re. Hendry I thought the… Read more »


Boyata is a fucking wanker & he’s shite!
He let his team mates, club & manager down with his ‘ i’m injured ‘ shite during the week.
He should never play for the club again, fuck him!


One disappointment I have is that many of us have (falsely) been lead to believe that Sevco can’t pay their bills, are bankrupt, etc. yet they are spending millions on players and wages. They are clearly not in that much trouble and are not going into administration any time soon. What’s the craic? Why are they still here? Where do they get their money? How’s about the truth and not just wishful thinking.


Their accounts are published even though 3 months late usually. A cursory glance at them will tell you that they are in deep financial trouble yet they continue to spend ( mostkynthe season ticket money ) and cash from freed up wages of the players they have shipped out. There income remains flat,
They have no overdraft facility, their merchandising is owned by someone else and their chairman is about to get the cold shoulder. Nothing wishful there all real. This is why they need the 12 Million they are chasing as a Share issue to stay afloat


All these SCOTTISH fans, rioting, fighting, arrested, stabbings anyone would think the Scottish Police and the Scottish press had an agenda. As UEFA and the SFA does a Pontius Pilot and washes its hands at the criminal behaviour of these SCOTTISH fans.As UEFA prepares to fine Maribor for a few flares and turns its glass eye towards these Scottish fans. Good luck today to the team with its six changes and remember the many good things that our supporters contribute to.


We are the support for the whole of Scottish football contributing in many ways for the good of the Scottish game by loaning players and our two years of giving every SPFL team hundreds of thousands of pounds each year. What do we receive in return.. Fuck-all.
Celtic the Donater’s.

Scottish fans, the scum of Scottish football.


So there you have mccoist gloating that he was disco for days referring to the lights installed at CP and our exit from the champs league. These rats are gloating we need to hammer the bastards on the 2nd to show them how shite they really are.


Well said Una, they are getting there excuses in, “they play three days before the Celtic game” time for a gubbing to put them back down their holes.
RIP Davy McParland, my auld gym teacher, you always had a smile, Celtic assistant manager to big Jock and the Thistle manager when they last gave us ahem shoosh..


100% right Una. Regardless of us making money for the WHOLE of Scottish football these arseholes still just want us to fail; every ‘newspaper’ in Scotland, in fact every part of all media in Scotland are blinded to truth by their overt chearleading for the new huns. Despicable. So we’re up against all of them? So fuckin’ what! WE ARE CELTIC. Bring it on. Good result today, more essential than good but we upped the ante when we had to and it was comfortable ultimately. A nice welcome back for Izzy; never understood why we punted him. Good game from… Read more »


I wouldn’t take McCoist’s words seriously, this is a ‘ man ‘ who was out cheating on his wife & family as his son lay ill in hospital.

He’s a total fud!


A big game today given recent events.


Nowhere near enough attempts on target tho, we need to make opposition keepers work harder.




Ntcham carrying on from Athens in midweek, first touch awful!!


The midfield is absolutely static, no movement for an out ball.


And there is the difference in a nutshell the much castigated James Forrest..


Ntcham missed the ball while Ajer committed himself and the Partick player rounded him. Goal. However Hendry is not Celtic class, we should not have two inexperienced central defenders and like Gamboa should be punted, if you look at his defensive play, he Gamboa, was caught out and could not stop crosses getting into the box. Only when Forrest was introduced and with his calm, measured and unselfish play did Celtic begin to play and opened up the Partick defence. We need one more central defender, we need another right back. We need to keep the players that we have.… Read more »


I agree Ntcham was awful again, just doesn’t look interested.


Oh no – crisis! Oh wait – easy


How has Hendry played you ask Charlie, answer not great, but like the rest of the defence struggling for an out ball due to no movement up in midfield. Of more a concern is Ntcham for the second game in a row awful.

Yoker Bhoy

Good to get that one out the way. I don’t know how that fucking idiot Storer got away with only a yellow after such a shocking lunge on SB. I had the nasty sensation that things could turn ugly after that equaliser with our defending looking worse than dodgy but a superb reaction to that goal so well done lads. Congrats to Cris Gamboa for two superb assists and wouldn’t it be nice if Stevie Clarke’s boys could put the ugly ones to the sword on the astro turf tomorrow. Let’s build on this.


Yoker Bhoy

Good to get that one out the way. I don’t know how that fucking idiot Storer got away with only a yellow after such a shocking lunge on SB. I had the nasty sensation that things could turn ugly after that equaliser with our defending looking worse than dodgy but a superb reaction to that goal so well done lads. Nice to see both Griff and Moussa on the scoresheet. Congrats to Cris Gamboa for two superb assists and wouldn’t it be nice if Stevie Clarke’s boys could put the ugly ones to the sword on the astro turf tomorrow.… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

I’ve never been one for repeating myself but this resource limit bollocks is doing my fuckin nut in.




Caption The Chuckle Brothers with faither Why oh why does he play against Thistle with that formation. Why not 3-5-2 What is he frightened off, Dembelle and Griffs would have run riot. Thomson a fair referee, no a mason in the black,if any Celtic player had made that tackle he would have walked, again no discussion On a leg breaking tackle, or dubious offside decisions. by BT. I would have more respect if BR challenged the referees about their decision making,last week Hertz kicked the Fxxck out of Celtic, nothing said. As Lawell sits and does not comment on the… Read more »


Here Here!


Like i’ve always said m8, the only place you’ll beat these cunts is on the park….hence my fucking burning mood at our board for not keeping the standards out of reach.


Typical Celtic performance, another game where we don’t turn our passing and possession into goals, lone striker isolated and relying on midfield runners. Thistle offered very little yet popped up with an equaliser after we, yet again, fail to convert our good play into goals. The subs and the prospect of extra time seemed to spur us on to get the winner. A much trickier game than it should have been but not due to anything Thistle did. Bain – 6 – Almost nothing to do, one shot at him, one in off the post. Izzy – 8 – Defended… Read more »


Comment stolen


Can someone please tell me why we gave Dundee, over £1m for Jack Hendry?

Honestly somebody is taking the piss here.


Gamboa & Izaguirre stood out today, well played guys.
Mikey Johnston seems to get a lot of high praise, i’d be more inclined to tell him to learn when to pass the ball.


who telt you griff is ragin


He’s no a Celtic player, he’s not got it!


Gamboa and Forrest clicked against Rosenberg, when Forrest came on they matched up superbly. We need speed as these two provided, not the asinine too me too you at the back from Hendry Ayer and Brown and Gordon, even Bain was beginning to go down that road.
If we played three at the back against most teams it would reduce this.
Hendry should not play again till he grows up, he was useless when challenging at the goal


Depends who we play


Lustig but not every game
Depends on who we play but i’d always go with a three in domestic games.
Izaguirre looked good today, i would like to see some games with Izaguirre at left back and Tierney left mid.







aye but whose the ex celts that never scored today ……ya fuckin lump a wid


saiz dae yersel a favour and go back tae the paras groupie show you know it makes sense ya fuckin slabber


Theres only two things that come out of aldershot. steers and queers.


There’s only two things came out if your mother, Rosyth & Faslane.


aye put awe yoo scottish cunts in the nuke ovens and american ships shite. gobble that poison up montit. come and crap on scotland everyone and they are fucking stupid enough to keep voting fur it. Well done wee jimmy crankie hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I didn’t say anything about gobbling…


american nuke ships come in and empty thier guts just so you can swallay not spit.


When these American ships cum in, do you notice your wife isn’t around the house as much?

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Helmut Schoen Is a dead ex German footballer


imagine saiz wis a thistle supporter instead of a hun he would have all the jags tannin thur wrists ha ha ha ha aint sodgers groupies dumb as fuck


take yur time wae a reply saiz it must be hard wae hauf a brain


comment image


henke a concur


A few guys i was brought up with, who joined up, didn’t even have half a brain.


Black watch 🙂


naw jeest pussies like the resty yer heroes




Caption: Take 2. Hey Boss that’s the defence sorted – with these tiny wee goals.

Yoker Bhoy
The Real Chris Sutton

Neither,Bain,Gamboa and against good teams,plenty at the back!

Steve Naive

What do you not get…? We try to play football from the keeper out to keep possession to get into areas to develop combinations and one two’s like we saw today. At 1-1 who said “ lump it up the park “ ?

The Real Chris

Could I just say please come back Mr.Boyata because Hendry is even worse than you…….Signed The Celtic “Family”

Maribor Mad Polis CSC

We admit we couldn’t wait to knock the shit out of the Sevconians during the week,just because…..


what the fuck was Heedless henry doin the day. Cannae defend against thistle who are pretty much a bunch o weans. He got dispossessed running the rang fucking wiy at one point. After starting dribbling roon the thistle weans. who picks this guy? hes minging.


Hate to say it but……

Jeez I come in for a quiet read of the current affairs in the Bhoyszone and find a shower of squabbling fuckwits… You’d never find me performing such antics… CELTS WON REDS DREW ALL’S WELL WITH ME…


Evening Weered

Evening Monti… All good with ya


telt yee sais was a groupie


Two fast give and go passes direct running cross ball 2 goals.The rest of the game side to side backwards dire stuff.
Red card all day long and he had a clear view shocking.
We should use Gamboa and Izzy thursday
Ajer Jozo Tierney
Rwb Gamboa Lwb Izzy
Def midfielder Brown
Forrest McGregor Sinclair
Ntcham poor today as was Rogic.
Celtic look a team struggling in confidence and ideas.


Don’t know what anyone sees in Gamboa, if you think that a right back’s first responsibility is to defend, then he is not as good as Lustig as a defender, Lustig is better at heeding the ball, while Gamboa is quicker going forward. The thing that got to me today was Hendry going around in circles because nobody was looking to take the ball. Ajer should never dive in though because once you commit and don’t win the ball then its gone and you end up looking like a fish without water. There should only ever be only one inexperienced… Read more »


Why should tbere only be one experienced player in a defensive partnership?
God forbid we have TWO experienced defenders, that wouldn’t do.
Gamboa played well today & was pivotal in the final result.
You ask ” what people see in Gamboa ” yet wax lyrical about Kouassi, who as Desi said ” get’s better with every game he doesn’t play “


Because one experienced defender is better than none, Ajer most supporters would say and at three years younger than Hendry still has the makings of a good centre-half, how do you get experience unless you play games. Gamboa played well in your opinion, not in mine, I find him weak defensively, after all the right back position is a defensive position, he did well going forward with Forrest but lets not kid ourselves, Lustig will play next week in Sudova. I respect Desi’s opinion and he is right, if you do not play, you do not get criticised, but that… Read more »


I think Kouassi is pish & a waste of £3m…..


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