Celtic Diary Tuesday July 31: Ibrox Crisis: Stop Laughing. We’ve A Game Tomorrow

Celtic play Rosenberg tomorrow night, which is exactly what I said in yesterdays diary.

Which surprised me, as I’m sure that I read somewhere it was tonight. Just as well I didn’t book the train, or I’d have looked jolly silly standing outside the ground typing a piece about how these games aren’t attracting the fans any more.

We might get the occasional story wrong, but that would have been a doozy.


So, tomorrow, Celtic will try to cross the halfway stage in this years qualifying campaign by defending and possibly improving on a 3-1 lead.

The club have decided not to appeal Jozo Simunovic’s red card after they viewed the incident from another angle.

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With Mikael Lustig not quite ready for a start, and Dedryck boyata not answering his phone, it looks increasingly like we’ll have Ajer and Hendry in central defence again.

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It could be worse, I suppose.

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However, and lets not lose sight of this, despite the one mistake, bith of them looked pretty comfortable in the first leg, and I’d expect them to build on that.

Who knows, maybe Boyata won’t get back into the team….

Worryingly, though, Scott Brown has done the Rosenberg team talk for them..

They know they have to come out and score two goals so here’s hoping we can open them up a little bit,

Nobody wants to be opened up. And in most countires its against the law.

Brown has had a lot to say over the last couple of days, most of it sensible, but a fair chunk of it almost certainly hand written PR…

The sensible… on tomorrows game…

We’ve gone over there and won before, so the aim for us is to go over there, score goals and create chances and play good football and we believe that we can do that.

“It’s always hard going over there, but last season we went over there, we were 0-0 at home, we went over there and got a great victory and it’s a great goal by James Forrest. 

The aim this season is just to take every game as it goes, make sure we try and go as far as we can in the qualifiers and try and get into Champions League football and then on Saturday start the league campaign with a good victory and a good performance as well.”

The PR…

I put a lot of trust in the manager and he’s produced a lot to be fair. I trust him with my life.

“The way he’s doing things at Celtic he’s improving us in every single department so yes I have a lot of trust in him.

“If the manager doesn’t believe we need anyone then I think we can do the business with the squad we have.

“We’ve got a great squad in that dressing room. We stick together on and off the park.

“We have Ryan Christie and Scott Allan back and we have Mikey Johnston and Calvin Miller coming through too. Two experienced ones who’ve played in the Premiership and two young ones back in the squad.” 

And of course, the inevitable question about the challenge from over the river…

We will see what happens, we play them in the fourth game of the season.

“We are looking forward to it but we have a lot of games before then so we need to make sure we focus on that and not too far ahead.

“Everyone is going to be working to be that team to beat us. It’s about how we react this season.

“We believe we have come back in better condition and we are looking sharp already.

“There will be a lot of challenges this season. Aberdeen will be up there, Hibs will be there, Rangers will be there and Hearts have brought in a lot of players too, so we will need to figure it out to be perfectly honest.”

Diplomacy at its best.

Gerrard has a tough managerial baptism ahead of him. He may not survive August.

Then again, neither may his club/company /basket of assets.

Mike Ashley.

The man who Dave King claimed to have seen  off in a bitter head to head battle last year re-appeared on the scene yesterday.

And, as expected, he won his court case aginst “rangers “, and Dave King, who given his considerable court room experience, one could have expected a bit more of a fight from.

A little bit of background…

Rangers ready to challenge Celtic again after Mike Ashley surrenders merchandising deal

( Telegraph, Roddy Forsyth, June 2017 )

Dave King: Rangers’ refusal to cave in to Sports Direct was the key to striking new Ibrox retail deal

By Christopher Jack Group Senior Sports Writer  
Evening times, June 2017
Ralston and Jack are not known for their investigative journalism. They work in a sort of advertising department at their respective papers.
Roddy Forsyth works for the BBC. which is also a sort of advertising department, especially in Scotland,
Though his day job is with the Telegraph, and he explained in his article just how tight a grip king had on ashleys bollocks…
Bollocks is a word that seems to fit this article, come to think of it.

Despite a frequently venomous relationship between Dave King and Ashley – who tried to have the Rangers chairman thrown into prison for contempt of court – the two sides finally agreed an end to a contract so onerous that fans had boycotted Sports Direct stores.

It took a significant effort from both parties to get the deal across the line, although details of the ongoing bargaining were revealed exclusively by Telegraph Sport in March, when King first indicated that he believed a conclusion favourable to Rangers was possible

In his latest statements, King indicated that Ashley – who is seeking a buyer for all or part of his holding in Newcastle United might relinquish his 8.9% stake in Rangers. “I can’t talk about that at the moment but I would expect an announcement on that fairly soon,” he said. 

In the meantime, the door is now open for Rangers to claw back some of the clout which once made them the most successful club in the UK in terms of merchandising. Ashley pounced on incredibly weak terms offered when Charles Green’s Sevco consortium was in charge at Ibrox and struck a deal which gave the club only seven pence for every £1 spent on its own merchandising. When Dave King’s subsequently unseated the puppet regime installed by Ashley in March 2012 he declared that his priority would be to tear up the agreement.

The new deal will let Rangers keep a larger proportion of their revenue from merchandising CREDIT:GETTY IMAGES

The new deal lets Rangers take the bulk of profits from sale of merchandise through their Megastore and Webstore outlets along with an equal share of profits from sales at Sports Direct stores. Asked if the deal had effectively placed Rangers in a stranglehold and hindered their efforts to regain some form of parity with Celtic, five years after the Craig Whyte went into financial meltdown, King said: “Yes. Without bringing in another source of revenue, the only way you could compensate for it was to get people to lend money.


“You had a structural deficit within the ongoing operations. So, one of the priorities for us over the last couple of years – the biggest priority if you are ignoring the football side of getting back to the Premiership and into Europe – was the resolution of the retail deal.

“It has been very time intensive. I’ve spent more time on Rangers litigation over the last two years than I have on my own businesses in South Africa and globally – much more.

“We have gone week after week after week, every single day – Saturdays and Sundays – working on this. It has been a really monumental effort, taking a massive amount of time and resources to get to this point, but it was so critical to the club that we got something sorted out.”

King added that he believed the deciding factor in Ashley’s decision not to maintain his siege of the Ibrox board was the endless cost of legal battles. “I don’t think they came around to our way of thinking,” he said.

Spiralling legal costs may have played a part in Ashley’s decision CREDIT: PA

“What happened was the level of intensity in the litigation, with all our directors being sued in a personal capacity and issued with injunctions which meant we couldn’t talk about Sports Direct, that I could have gone to jail last Christmas for saying unkind things about them.


“We had a level of ferocity at us from Sports Direct for about a year. I said ‘you can do what you like, you can try and put me in jail’. We had come to do a job for the club and we will not back down.

“Sports Direct applied their mind and asked themselves whether they felt Rangers were going to back down. The answer was ‘No’, so was it not better to seek some sort of negotiated outcome? It was a realisation from them that the initial strategy of trying to blow us away hadn’t worked.

“I get Mike Ashley’s position. Mike Ashley is saying, ‘I came across a weak board in a weak position and I took advantage’. Let the buyer beware. 

“We knew that wasn’t good for us, because we were giving Celtic that unnatural advantage because of the lack or our retail performance. And in my calculated estimate, it can’t have been good for Sports Direct, because Rangers certainly wasn’t a good model for them to go to other clubs.

“Celtic have obviously had three advantages over Rangers over the last couple of years. One is they have had retail operations and we haven’t, so we have had find that money from somewhere else.


“They have had access to European income and we have had none and they have had a player squad of a level of quality that they could bring cash in if they had to. We have taken the retail opportunity out of the equation completely and I think that will go back in Rangers’ favour again.

“What we have got to do now is bridge the other two gaps and I think it is fair to say that now we are back in Europe we will be back in Europe every year.” 

And this…

And then there’s Keith, in fact there’s always Keith…
As you can see, big Mike has had his arse handed to him on a plate, and Dave King is the man.
Which made it all a bit of a mystery as to why the two sides were back in court again. Especially if you depended on the mainstream media for your information.
In fact, there is no mystery. And only one fellow is staring at his buttocks , now in front of him as a main meal….
King paid a sum of around £3m to get out of this “onerous contract “, but no one read the bit in the small print which meant that Ashley still had a grip on “rangers “.
That  meant that any new deal secured by the dopey diddies on the ibrox board was effectively subject to mikes approval in that he was allowed first dibs for the same outlay as anyone else.
So, effectively, the “rangers ” are right back where they were with Ashley, and crucially there are still kits available for their fans, which would have helped ease the pain of around a half a million quid in legal fees.
And of course, the initial £3m…
Which , when added to the cost of getting out of the deal that they didn’t actually get out of, comes to roughly the same amount of money that Celtic spent on some lights.
Except, of course, Celtic can afford that, as they have a bank account and everything.
For King, it means that along with the impending repayment to Close Brothers ( motto-Can’t Pay ? We’ll Send The Boys Round ) of a secured £3m quid, they have pretty much got to raise an awful lot of money very quickly.
Bet they wish they’d taken that £11m for Morelas now…
On the other hand, and I truly believe that in any event of such significance, it’s important to consider an opposing view on what happened.
And this is funny as fuck, from Mark Dingwall, who runs the Follow Follow forum for the clinically unsound…
You’ll note at the bottom that comments are closed, as the fat funster is actually quite sensitive…

Today’s decision in court is not the final episode in the fight to cleanse the club of the stench and stain of Sports Direct.

Reports in this evening’s media are selective and tendentious.  As a whole it leaves Rangers in a slightly better place than they were last week, but still under the shadow of further court action.

The only journalist from the mainstream media present in court appeared to be Brian Farmer from the Press Association and his report – circulated to newsrooms and providing the basis for coverage I’ve heard or seen so far – does not tell the whole story.

Most importantly, Sports Direct failed to have the contract which they must match with a similar offer, split into three parts.  It would have suited them to pick and choose the most profitable parts of the retail operation.

The costs awarded also relate to other cases, as well as this one, which have been ongoing but which couldn’t be mentioned until today’s case was declared upon.

The main point of contention remains – Sports Direct must now match the best offer Rangers have received.  

Sports Direct were also trying to obtain an extended injunction – that too failed.

The judge similarly threw out a Sports Direct attempt to obtain the documents pertaining to the other bid.

His Lordship spoke in open court about Sports Direct’s approach in business in certain areas being a desperately bad way to conduct business.    There was reference to ‘messing around’ and concerns were expressed to the Sports Direct counsel that the judge had a concern about his client’s thought processes.

Pressure is obviously on to conclude a deal as the league season approaches and the time for Sports Direct to continue dragging their heels is short ahead of that.

The ball is now back in play between Rangers and Sports Direct to find a solution.  There is no stated deadline by which agreement has to be made.  I expect this will end in more court appearances.

Meanwhile – fans must maintain their boycott of the Rangers Megastore and Sports Direct ahead of any final settlement.

The behaviour of Sports Direct over the years has been disgraceful and should never be forgotten or forgiven by fans.   Rangers will never maximise their retail returns until Sports Direct are gone.


Comments are closed on this article.  

Pretty much the usual “Everyone else is a bastard ” theme…

This guy, one of the more sensible bluenoses on the interweb, has got it right…

When will people start demanding answers from this Rangers board? £3 million to rip up a contract only for them to sign up to giving them the opportunity to ALWAYS be our retail partner? Get Blair & Anderson Strathern so far to fk. Just cost us £1/2 million, ffs.

I genuinely feel for the genuine fans who have supported their club-they’re not all bigots, as we know.
They’ve been raped, pillaged and looted, and all the while the media have told them they haven’t.
We might laugh-I certainly do- but its indicative of a society gone wrong, a world we live in where a few powerful people manipulate a subservient media for their own gain.
Don’t kid yourself, but for a few dedicated fellows, what has happened to Rangers could have happened to us, indeed, the media then were actively encouraging it.
These days, of course, they are more subtle, hiding behind five way agreements, written by officials with their own noses in the trough, and ignored by the same media that failed the Rangers support when they needed it.
But, our day will come.
Picture  from yesterday
A marvellous satirical comment on a seventeenth century institution…
Bartly Cole July 30, 2018 at 10:39 am · Edit · Reply →

“And that, Farquhar, is what happens when we give membership to bloody women” 


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Caption: “…like stealing candy from a baby…”


An expensive 21 year old signing in season 15/16 Simunovic’s Celtic career has been a mixture of promise, injury and the odd reckless moment.
Does his performance data show improvement?

Caption: “aww, naw! Dave King’size just released another statement!!”.

The wee guy next to His Mikeness tells him that maybe he’s rehearsing for the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and suggests that King might even scoop the Perrier Awards for his comedy material.


Caption ” Oh no king has sold the Gersies !! AGAIN “



Chocolate salted balls dave



So they’re reporting that Im getting the worse end of this deal as well…

God they will never learn.


Caption “ When I wanta a few quid I just think Dave King.” Ralph you are right they are not all thick bigots but then why don’t they try to take ownership of their club, I am sure FERGUS could tell them how it’s done. 6 years ago they needed to accept what happened, recognise they needed to build a new better entity and move on. I have said it before Sevco will struggle because of the burden of Glasgow Rangers history, walk away from that and they might at least compete with us. Anyway back to real football, good… Read more »


Aye ok Peter….


Caption: ” Mike, that was Dave king on the phone again….he wants to know if you want to meet inside or outside the court “?


Hello, Tell him to GTF I have other things on my mind, like when is Susanna back on GMB, I miss her dreadfully almost but not quite as much as the Celtic.


Sitting in the staff room catching up with the Diary, in walk 5 women, all talking at once…..

Fuck it, my heads hurting….

Hoop hoop hooray

Feck me..now he wants a lone of 3 million. Whit fur?



dave i always knew you were a sucker


Caption: I’m this fat because every time I fuck Dave King I have a biscuit.


How remiss of me to forget to tell Dave about the special clauses


I think too much of the blog today has been wasted talking about them cunts. Fuck them who cares.
The bhoys are back in champions league action and a flag to unfurl paradise keeps looking better every season and more tims allowed in to see us slay the hun. COYBIG

Noel Skytrot

JBee, it’s just part of the tribalism that we have with William FC. Can you imagine the stick we would be getting on their sites, they would be slaughtering us along with their friends in the SMSM. Of course our own team comes first but it’s an absolute pleasure for many to stick the steel toe capped boot onto their balls. As the Etims header says…we do like to laugh at THEM.

Rob O'Keeffe

Jimmy,well said.Shower of bigoted Huns,the feckin lot of them.The ones in the suits are the dangerous ones,the others are dafties.There is no way We would Ever have let Celtic die!….

Noel Skytrot

Caption…fuck sake, I just remembered I’ve left one of my tanks on the Ibrox pitch.


“The cry was ‘We surrender.’”

Rob O'Keeffe

Signed The Brit Army……again….


The real Anton Rogan

Oh my head!!!!I’m never drinking again!! What have I been up to for the past 5 years?


Sleeping it off.


Well I’m looking forward to the morra, thank crunchie the fitba’s coming back, big Dedric’s back K.T. now looks like the incredible sulk and Broonies up to mischief. Jozo’s missing again along with Marvin Compost, but big Bitton is walking without crutches and Hayes, well when they opened his leg for surgery to repair the break, they found it like a stick of rock with Aberdeen inscribed inside, once a sheep always a sheep, unles your McInness and then your a goat. So the gangs all here, nearly. I hope the Moussa is back soon fully recovered, to see him… Read more »


That’s spooky, I was just thinking to myself, when does the mourning end, since 2012 Scottish journo’s have been in denial, they thought about ending it but they didny have the courage. Black ties all round the Huns going around like Zombies, Craigy went about with a Derringer stuck inside his breeks. Charles Green had his nose in the air sniffing, the smell of greed hung in the air. And then Squinty jumped on the band wagon, ferreting around for his share. While we laughed and laughed and laughed, the truth was out, the peepil were no more, then, suddenly… Read more »


“Mike I’ve just been onto our legal chaps and they’re telling me, wait for it, Davy boy is launching an appeal against his own decision to settle out of Court” .”He says it’s all the fault of the Unseen Fenian Hand, The SFA, The SMSM and the Face Painter”. “Whit a Feckin Warmer”.


Stupid stupid Huns, what else can we rip off.

Disagree with your opinion of the Ibrokes hoardes, Ralphie, the vast majority are bigots. The crying shame is that is the well educated, so called professional class that wallow in the slime.
As said previously, reverse their happening to Celtic, the doors were almost shut by a compliant Bank if Scotland


Where’s the investment in the team this summer?
Don’t talk about this £9m for Edouard pish, we brought £7m in for Armstrong & £1+ for Sviatchenko…
It’s not fucking good enough, a manager who has brought our club total success & how does Lawwell treat him?

Spend the fucking money!



The Cha

Eddy was £4m plus we got another £7m for VVD2, so that’s a good £10m+ profit.

Let’s hear it for the balance sheet!

The Cha

How much have we made from Champs League, increased season books, trebles etc these past few years?


That’s fuck all, you spend more than that in a year buying Commando books, off Amazon!

Rob O'Keeffe

New pitch,shiny lights,roof repairs,pie and bovril…..tuppence is tuppence…..

The Cha

Caption “Oh FFS, I take £3m and agree to walk away and they still fuck it up!”


Caption: FFS, I forgot to order those Hummel strips fae Turkey.


Remember summer, when the sun was oot fur weeks, remember when Dundee hid two fitba. teams and now only have one, as Dundee Utd. slithered doon the pan. Remember the good auld days, when men pretended to be men and others didny ken WTF they were. Celtic was still Celtic, the Whites and the Kelly’s oh those were the days.. not. Even wi big Jock as manager there was still moaning kants, I like a wee moan myself, it makes the good days feel better and even the bad days feel good. “A moans a moan fur awe that” mind… Read more »


We would all love to get some new centre backs of course we would it has been our Achilles heel for too long. Big Virgil was a snip, Big Kelvin done us proud. So we have to search and see who is better than Jozo Boyata Ajer and Hendry. Ajer and Hendry are work in progress Boyata gets it tight but he isnt as bad as some of our fans think he is or he would have been nowhere near the world cup squad of Belgium. Jozo if his heart was on it would have a starting spot but he… Read more »


Anyone else have a “you mad” message in the top corner of the page. Doesn’t take much to send me over


I`m thinkin` of getting plugs with my new bloo poonds.
Do you think I`d suit a Trump fringe?


Caption : ” Oh Shit! I’ve just remembered. I was supposed to kid on that Dave King gave me an absolute shafting. Oh well! Never mind”

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Oh my Ghod,that Celtic training looks risky……


Caption:DRS orange taps.


Ffs ^


Celtic seem to find purchasing/scouting quality defenders a struggle, any great team is built from the back.
Would love to see the list of defenders recommended to the club by our scouting dept.

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