Celtic Diary Saturday July 28: Celtic Introduce Exclusion Policy

I’ll be glad when this Brexit thing is finished, and the foreigners can take their bloody weather back with them.

Though having turned a darker shade of brown myself, I’ll probably have to go with them.

Joking aside, I was disappointed to see that Celtic have now joined in the ” getting rid of people you don’t like ” theme of the early twenty first century.

CELTIC Football Club has confirmed that it will issue approximately 800 tickets to visiting supporters for the fixture against Rangers at Celtic Park on September 2. This mirrors the decision announced recently by Rangers.

This is not a development we welcome and it is unfortunate that the initial decision came without any form of discussion. The previous arrangements worked well for both sets of supporters as well as contributing to the status of the fixture as a sporting occasion.

Following the unilateral action by Rangers, we cannot allow our own supporters to be doubly penalised, by having access to the away fixture reduced so dramatically, while not being offered the opportunity to maximise our own support at Celtic Park.

The rules of the SPFL call for ‘reasonable’ provision to be made for visiting supporters, without being specific on numbers. Within that context, we would welcome further discussions involving the two clubs and the SPFL.

Celtic’s decision relates, at this stage, to the match on September 2, 2018.   

Meanwhile, Celtic will closely monitor the implications for crowd management and other factors surrounding these fixtures. We will at all times be guided by the interests of our own supporters and the reputation of Scottish football. 

Yeah, I now, they started it, but that doesn;t mean we have to stoop to their standards of behaviour.

We are, and always have been, a club open to all, and I for one want to see as many of them in the ground for Stevie Staunches first big Glasgow derby.

So he can get to know them. Learn about them. Understand what drives them.

Image result for rangers fans at celtic park scotlands shame

Well, for as long as they hang about, that is. They’ll be gone by half time.

Gerrard will probably hang about for about an hour after the game as he drafts his resignation letter.

Come on Celtic, give them their full allocation, and give us our enjoyment back.


Hey, here’s something to get excited about, from Football Fancast..

Celtic target Daniel Arzani would be their most exciting signing since John Guidetti.

The author is a guy called James Beavis, and he says..

Will he be a good Celtic signing?

He certainly would be.

The Bhoys are in desperate need of a wide player following the departures of Patrick Roberts and Charly Musonda back to Man City and Chelsea respectively after loan spells in Glasgow, and Arzani showed the ability and quality he has in Russia – albeit in short bursts from the bench.


The 19-year-old is considered to be his country’s most exciting young player since Harry Kewell though, and with two and goals and three assists in the A-League last term he has certainly shown that he can make waves in the Scottish Premiership with Celtic, who must make a controversial but inspired move to snap up a former Rangers attacker, too.

Playing alongside national teammate Tom Rogic will certainly help him, and he would undoubtedly be the club’s most exciting signing since they got striker John Guidetti back in 2014. 

If you don’t count Edoaurd, Dembele, Ntcham, Sinclair, Roberts and Griffiths to name but a few, he might have a point.

In fact. I’m more excited by the addition of another young French fellow, Emile Legault, after VideoCelts have found out more about him…

emile Legault

Though I wonder about two things, firstly his understanding of the meaning of the word “undoubtedly “, and secondly, his understanding of the game of football.

He’s currently mulling over a five year contract offer from the Daily Record.

Someone who won’t be mulling over any contract offers from anywhere else is Olivier Ntcham, of whom it has been reported has attracted an enquiry as to his availablity from West Ham, who after a quick google, are indeed still in business.

They’ve just moved to another stadium, after the Westminster government found themselves with a big stadium they couldn;t use when someone told Theresa’s cabinet the olympics were held every four years in a different country, and not fortnightly in London.

L’Equipe, a reputable source in exactly the same way the SMSM aren not, claimed contact had been made, but we hear that Celtic are not even going to answer the phone to them again.

And Ntcham, who could have gone to Spain on loan from Manchester City and earned £40,000 a week is quite happy where he is, thank you.

As with compatriots Edoaurd and Dembele, its not about the money for the Frenchman, its about learning their trade and job satisfaction.

It does look like Daniel Arzani could well end up at Celtic, as we are ” in desperate need of a wide player “-(see above, the excerpt from Football Fuckwits, or whatever its called ) as it appears that Peter has triumphed in his player picking pedantics with the manager…

Image result for fucking hooray

While he’s looking through the Man city team lists on his computer, he could at least look for a defender.

And not one called Denaayer either.

He had his chance.

Peter, you look after the money, and let Brendan look after the team.

Otherwise, there will only be one man smiling in the whole of CelticLand..

A much better search from Etims colleague Desi Mond turned up information that does indeed suggest that gambling adverts are banned in Croatia, but even he couldn;t find anyone who manufactures and sells club pennants at short notice, as an embarassed James Tavernier conformed when he had nothing to swap with the Osijek captain prior to kick off…

Image result for rangers  v Osijek

The video, which is available on line, is even funnier. Tavernier doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Then again, he’s not unfamiliar with that feeling, especially when he’s got the ball.

The summer of stars continues over there with “rangers ” making an offer for fans favourite Kyle Lafferty..

Rangers bid £130,000 for Kyle Lafferty with add ons taking it up £200k should they win the Premiership in the duration of his first contract. Hearts don’t want to sell but would probably accept a bid in the region of £750k although given who’s bidding they’ll want it all up front 

We also hear that Hearts are asking “rangers ” to make that first contract a two hundred year deal.

Me ?

I’m away to find out who Reece Oxford is.

Or something like that.

Yesterdays picture…

Steven Gerrard

Steven R 

Caption: further financial cutbacks at sevco, as Sevvie G is seen stopping every bus outside Auchenhummel, asking the driver “do you go to Paisley Road West, mate?”. 



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Caption: Premier of the Unsuccessful Jamaican spin-off Herbie goes to the all-night garage for Wagon Wheels.


Caption: A project inspired by the ideas of Adolf Hitler hurtles towards liquidation.


Caption One, In case you, your pals, your family, any distant relative
or anyone else you know does enter…… None.
Caption Two, Herbi-cide, A substance so toxic its used to destroy any unwanted vegetation inside your underplants.

Beat that faither.

I can’t say I’m surprised that sevco are trying to get Kylie Laughatme from the mini-huns… After all, they do say that desperate times call for desperate measures – and you can’t get more desperate than that.

Surely, Sevvie G has one or two “prospects” at the Auchenhummel Clusterfuck Academy, rather than spending money they don’t have? Mind you, they have form for that!


didnt he score when we got humped


no room for complacency CZ. Like you say he can put them away so he will need sorting when we play against him, arsehole that he is.

Rob O'Keeffe

Ralph,you are having a laugherty! Open To All certainly doesn’t apply to that mob.800 is 800 too many.I know plenty of parents will be happy to let their young Bhoys and Ghirls attend,maybe for the first time,this fixture because the “fantastic ” atmosphere will be rather more pleasant without thousands of scumbags attending and dismantling the toilets during/after a gubbing……Further evidence that there is No OF……yes….

Hear hear ralph i dinnae want any o dem manky bhunnz any where near paradise scabby bassas hail hail inaw that

Ban them from the Ground for the whole season , that muppet King cannot be aloud to dictate our affairs.

Celtic’s reposte to Rangers obviouspammpering,to’the’hurting’within thier support,,who can’t take the thought,knowing we are more than likely going to subject their heroes to some HUNPINGS [nno typo] of our fans celebrating en_mmassse in front of them anymore,was along time coming,but at least it came.The statement can harrdly be accused as stooping to ‘thier level’ as you put it.The statement offers Ranger’s the Chance,via dialoguee,to come to some agreement re-fan numbers. Of couurse,there is no way,they will risk the wrath of “the people” by taking up Celtics offer. What they wont do is drown out the noise made by our fans,no matter… Read more »

Celtic Symphony

Sorry Ralph,Re Ticketgate,we have no option.
Nothing to do with ” stoop to their standards ”
You really want them,in their usual numbers,polluting the air,smashing the toilets,being their usual anti-social best.
They would ‘gloat’ at how we need the blue £,and ‘surrendered’ into giving them their usual quota.

Keep them away from Paradise !!


Jason Denayer was fantastic in a Celtic shirt, i don’t buy into all this ‘looked good because of Virgil’ pish.
In his own individual performances he did extremely well, i for one would love to see him back at Celtic.

Celtic Symphony

How’s oor Monty ?
Tell not convinced Ajer will make it as a CB ?
I reckon he’s a ‘star’ in the making.
Needs a quality,experienced CB beside him,to bring him on.
This signing of said CB,will be our most important signing for years.
Pistol Pete needs to get the cheque book out !

Cheers,pal.HH COYBIG


ayer looks good and getting better


Celtic symphony, Tell you what i feel about Ajer, he is an all round good player, comfortable in possession & pushing into midfield, like you i think a real seasoned central defender beside him would reap rewards. For me Boyata & Simunovic could go & they wouldn’t be missed, both have had their good games for the club but the trust isn’t there in them. It’s all very well Brendan making noises about these two staying, but if they are to stay tgey need to fucking straighten up their act. I’d be disappointed if the window closes without at least… Read more »

Hear hear ralph i dinnae want any o dem manky bhunnz any where near paradise scabby bassas hail hail inaw that


hes pish


He is not the same player. His confidence is totally shot. a CH who can deal will high balls is exctly what we need.


maybe we are talking about different Boyata.s Aberdeen figured out last season that high balls into our defense caused havoc. And th one I m on about is fuck up fairy, luckily he is being fucked off.


Celtic have done the correct thing here, they started this pish, we meet that head on.
Will be a beautiful thing seeing Edouard stroke in the 5th & seeing their wee band of racist supremacists, silenced in a wedge in the corner of the stadium.

Fuck them!
Stupid, stupid Huns.

Yes oh wise monit

Yes oh wise monit.


Caption ” The Beetles are coming “.

Yeah yeah yeah


Yeah pretty confounded by the signing policy here myself every body agrees a defender should be priority here even the guys in here at each others throats it’s almost like torture WHY ??? Or WHY NOT?? SIGN AFUCKING CENTRE BACK ITS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE IT NEVER WAS


I note that in the tit for tat always fans story, Celtic called for talks and asked the SPFL to get involved. The root cause of this is a campaign by Sevco fringe elements to ban effectively Celtic supporters from Ibrox. No one is stooping here, Celtic have acted in good faith calling for talks and involving the SPFL. Sevco are completely at fault here for bending to some right wing fan group for the sake of keeping them happy based on the fact they need their money more than ours. The Ibrox reincarnation really do know how to lead… Read more »

The Cha

Celtic are calling for talks now when its too late to do anything about it.

They weren’t calling for talks in May when there was 3-4 months to resolve it.

That’s bad faith to the 90% of Celtic fans who used to go to Ibrox and now won’t be there and the countless others of us who loved the Free Broomloan in full voice and colour.


I 4 one am glad that these poxy hummulhuns will only have 800 fans at C.P. I would like 2 C no bhunns there at all and fk ipox and as an aside when o foking when are the stupid sellik fans goni start bhoycotting the away groonz hail hail ya buncha chicken fanneez

And G.B.W.B.Rs. if P.L. fux him aboot weel lose him so peter shut tae phuq up


You shut the fuck up ya thick hun walloper lol, Celtic affairs are fuck all to do with you inbred scum!
Fuck off!

Stupid, stupid Huns!

Monit or minto or witever yir honnel is you are a phuqn choob


Normally agree with your wisdom Ralph, but 800 is more than enough, one would be too many
8000 spewing their bile would not make a difference, as it happens wherever they go even in Croatia this week.
Agree with Monti re Denayer, he would do well with Ayer, Simo can get to whatever crap team want him. Delighted at Ntchams attitude, long may it continue.
Ibrokes in 2090, Tesco failed in their bid


I don’t feel Jason Denayer get’s the credit he deserves, ( you listening Desi ),personally i don’t care how he performed at other clubs, what he did in his Celtic days will be what i judge him on, yes it must have been a dream to play beside VVD but you still have to look after your own game.
Be interesting to read VVD comments on Denayer.


Huv you got a phuqn joab son yir sic in the fkn heid


Celtic fans are hopefully reduced in number for Ipox for their own safety, in case the midden collapses when we are there. The only reason we have a reduced allocation is because we keep winning there, wiuldn’t have happened when Rangers played there. But on this Sevco called the tune, by responding in kind 6000 Seviconians will be spared pain and I don’t like that. The only up side, I suppose, is statistically they will win a game at Celtic Park, sometime, and only 800 will be there to enjoy it. Are they better under SG than Pedro or Warburton,… Read more »



Its not a reduction in numbers required home and away, its a total bhoycot, that’s needed home and away, if its atmosphere your after, take the bairns to the circus, there type of “atmosphere” the hate type, we can do without. The Celtic “statement” was not the statement that I wanted, that was of the Res.12 variety, but no, its still about the great unwashed, but like marshmallow, its too soft and not nearly hard enough, a simple Fuck Off would have done the trick for me. As I’m on my soap box, is there a World Wide shortage of… Read more »


Good points m8!


You need tae get oot the hoose son and get some fresh air itnom


Mon then?

Hear hear mike now your talking my talk bhoycott ralotorem phek em start wae they jambo fux


Caption I’m Herbie no I’m Herbie no I’m Herbie im Herbie im Herbie im Herbie no I’m Herbie



Peter Laewell equals Celtic compromised.

The Cha

I assume it was Butthead who wrote the companion piece “a controversial but inspired move to snap up a former Rangers attacker” about us also signing Barrie McKay!

I’ve misgivings about our transfer inaction but in my wildest nightmare I’d never envisage that one.


I watched Scott Brown’s piece on his team mates, who the hell is Dozza?


Fredcdobbs………oh Dozza…..thought you said tosser!


You are a good manager, not the very best, but a very good one, your expensive and so is your management team. The club you have supported throughout your life comes calling. The reception that you receive from the support is extraordinary, thousands of supporters greet your arrival, the club gets a massive lift. With much the same players you do unprecedented things and in your first season, you take your team into the C.L qualifiers which hasn’t been done recently and your team wins an unbelievable invincible treble. The support (ok me) believes that you control everything related to… Read more »


But nothing Mike it’s only one or two centre backs needed here maybe he stubbornly thinks what we have is good enough and thats the problem. I saw faults in his tactics and decisions last year which saw blow out record scores against us. He’s not a conservative manager which is a good and a bad thing. He’s all for entertaining the fans with his brand of football. Remember Strachan and o Neill other successful who made sure their backs were first class but sometimes the football was shocking. Not so much with o Neill but definetely Strachan but results… Read more »


But, is he getting the support from the board that he thought he would get, is he becoming frustrated because he isn’t getting that support. MON had backing from D.D. we learned later about the reckless behaviour of Minty backed by Masterton at HBOS. Strachan was left to pick up the pieces of debt and try to bring the team forward and he succeeded. Even though we are in the best financial state than we have ever been before, Rodgers isn’t getting the board support that MON got, IMO. Rodgers takes tactical risks, domestically that mainly pays of but European… Read more »


Red card, Red card, Red card.

Port… 🙂


Why are Celtic going to change their selling club mentality just to appease Rodgers?
They are content to get to the group stages and keep rolling along till next year. Crowds will be high and the treblrtreble will be the focus. We’ve the players to do hat already with by buy any more. Here we’ll give you comperr that’ll call the dogs off for a bit. I’d take the guy from hearts with the funny name which escapes me


Mike I don’t think you’ll get an answer to that question until Rodgers leaves and it’s not in his nature to besmirch former employers or anyone in public. It’ll be all “the best experience he’s ever had”


Yes you are correct, he is a class act, but he deserves to be backed to take the team further, the money is there, we are in a very strong position, the support makes us so, they deserve the team they crave for, we are nearly there, if the board just takes the next step, it will keep him here for longer….


Having watched the world cup there weren’t too many decent centre backs. The price of some of them and they are not world class is simply mind blowing.I thought the 2 of Columbia were the best on show. I think we are too hard on our team and players. Ajer Bitton Jozo Boyata Hendry are more than capable to play the centre back position. Unless a Virgil is unearthed then why pay more than we should. Give me entertaining football any day. Brendan has to settle the team down yes if Jozo and Boyata want to go so be it… Read more »


Jimmy, I am a big fan of Ajer, I like Bitton for his adaptability, but Jozo is a loose cannon, Boyata is to risky, I am not a fan of Gamboa either and its beginning to look like Ralston’s days are numbered. We are fine in the goalkeeping department now that we have two good keepers, middle to front is where we are strongest, no question about that. For domestic games we are excellent, but if we are to get better for Europe then we need another centre-back and a new right back, IMO that is. We are right to… Read more »


Seems this forum is just about united in the want for a new CB and possibly a new RB almost 100 per cent which means we need two new acquisitions

What does it take? A class action? A protest? Seem a bit limp wristed a group of us going around the Billy McNeill statue with placards asking for these demands. How poignant would that be. Maybe we treat it like Christmas and wait for deadline day and throw tantrums when our presents don’t arrive.


There must be a number of quality central defenders throughout europe, France for example…
Look at the success of our French Bhoys, Dembele, Ntcham & Edouard, are we to believe there are NO defenders in France who are of the required level & ARE affordable to the club?

What about places like Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic? No defenders there then?

What about Germany or Italy?
Are our scouts even looking there?

A year or two back our scouts seemed to be camped in Portugal, what did we unearth there?


Ajer is a work in progress, i feel he is going to develop into a really good player, is he a natural defender? No. Bitton should be nowhere near the defence, he has composure & a range of passing but he doesn’t have the pace or positional sense to play regularly at the back. Lustig? Great servant that needs to be used sparingly. Gamboa? Has something to offer but never given a run due to the consistency of Lustig. Boyata, Simunovic & Compper out! Tierney, World class but does he need to play every game? Needs support. The defence needs… Read more »


Failure to strengthen from a position of strength will not make us better.
If we just want domestic dominance then the players we have currently should do, but if we want to get better & be more competitive in europe, then we need better.


Hope so!


See these fancy lights we are installing, is there any real need for them?
Do the Manchester clubs have these light shows to enhance their atmosphere?
Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea or Tottenham?

It’s a waste of fucking money & we are going to look very fucking silly if we fail to qualify for the CL….
Who is recommending we need these light shows?


Monti, YOU are our light, our guiding light, fur talking shite.

Who let the dogs out, WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF,
Were barking mad!


Warning… Don’t try the new Tesco dating agency or you might end up with a bag for life.


Yeah you might end up walking down the aisle with the bag

Noel Skytrot

Seeing a lot of the Bearmacht trying to imply stupidity over the Croatia/ Celtic banner episode.

Correct me if I’m wrong but did the “master race” not go on a march to Hampden or elsewhere to complain about either their liquidation or BBC bias and on arriving the place of protest was closed? Does anyone remember this?

Noel Skytrot

Can anyone help me verify this. I’ve tried searching online but can’t find it.

The Cha

It was this one, marching to Hampden on a Saturday when the SFA offices were closed.

Thousands of Rangers fans march on Hampden


Noel Skytrot

Cheers, Cha.

The Cha

No problem, for a “no one likes us, we don’t care” shower they certainly do a lot of complaining!


I’m convinced that there will be some CL carve up in the next few years to protect everyone from the finances of the Brexited EPL. Some stadium criteria like greater than 50k with fairy lights will get you into the club. I know it sounds like mad shit but I’m trying to fit in.

Hear hear all on here slating W B.Rs., WHY don’t you all just Phuq R.O. the weeman has given you a 2 trebles an invincible team and champs league fitba’ so why don’t you fkheidz grow and shut tae phuq up with respect to the mumpin and moaning yes you heard greetin n girning hail phuqn hail ya A.Hs.


That Herbie cunt on the screen he was in the same showroom as me wouldnae shut up Tae some cunt called Disney came in and bought him

Iam ashamed of those who sl8 the weeman, our club is never better run than when we have a Northern Irish manager

Desk… There’s maybe something in it…


League Cup Draw today:

We’re away to Partick (18/19 August)
Killie vs. Sevco
Aberdeen vs. St. Mirren
Livvie vs. Motherwell
Dundee vs. Ayr
Dumfermline vs. Hearts
Hibs vs. Ross County
Queen South vs. St. Johnstone
Interesting, very interesting…
C’mon the Celtic

Hail hail devoy 45


Good morning Mr. Lawwell, What’s the biscuit tin dain the day, what’s it daein, remember you said “every penny we make we will reinvest it in the team” So… Where is the Virgil money then, or the Armstrong money, or the C.L. money, where, where, where is it.

Fairy lights, shining bright, will never be a player, is that no right? We don’t ask for much it seems, our heart’s invested in the team. Please bring in a player skilled, make us happy, make us thrilled. Buy us a centre-back pretty soon, were no asking for the moon.




Sometimes when you look at the team, you wonder how is it we can have concerns over a squad that has lifted back to back trebles…
I get that, i understand that, however there are a few positions that do need added quality, it’s what you must do to progress.



I am concerned, concerned that Brendan like other managers before him, becomes unsettled because the board will not release the funds to strengthen the team. We have the funds, perhaps I am being unrealistic, we do have some great players, middle to front and I know that the window still has time left. The defence is better than we make out, but… it could be improved.

Well said mike hear hear,the weeman disnae Lawwlls pish.

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