Celtic Diary Saturday June 30: A Scurry Of Squirrels

Celtic Diary Saturday June 30: A Scurry Of Squirrels

There’s all sorts of nonsense flying around in the papers today.

Anyone would think that they’re trying to divert attention away from something.

Maybe the compliance officer report and its subsequent decision ?

Maybe the problems at ibrox, which we now hear include at least one of the new management team realising that the things he was told might not be true ?

Or maybe its just a desperate attempt to sell papers.

Or it could be all three.

Don’t forget, our esteemed hacks won’t go near a real story, so they have to invent one, and then publish it as an opinion, as opposed to just reporting the facts and letting readers make up their own mind.

The latest guff involves Everton preparing a £25m bid for Keiran Tierney.

They might well be doing that.

Dressed up as opinion, one or two hacks have added that they think he might be sold.

Desperate for hits, one or two sites have joined in the nonsense.

Then they all re arranged a few words from the manager to conclude that he had said it, and not them.

Effectively, the manager simply said that if a big offer comes in, there’ll be a decision to make.

This is known as stating the fucking obvious.

Tierney recently signed a six year deal, and in that deal there is a clause that guarantees him the club captaincy if Brown ever hangs up his boots. To be honest, the way Brown is playing, Tierney might need that clause in his next contract as well.


Leigh Griffiths apparently needs to play regular football. He did actually say that.

Then he added that when he gets the jersey he aims to keep it.

You can guess which bit made the headlines.


There will be more of the same over the coming days.

Most likely to distract us from the carry on at Ibrox, and the investigations at Hampden.

So, enjoy your weekend, and take no notice of this muppets in the media.

Got to go.

Be good.