Celtic Diary Wednesday June 27: SFA Bring Out The Brooms

Celtic Diary Wednesday June 27: SFA Bring Out The Brooms

There has not been any news about the ongoing investigation into the events of 2011.

Its also been noticed that;

the case getting looked at today is concerning the submissions made on 30th June and/or 30th September, both of which were after the licence was “obtained”.  The Compliance officer has confirmed to the club the 31st March process is no longer under any investigation. 

for the avoidance of any doubt,  thats the dodgy bit.

As with the Nimmo smith investigation, the SFA are merely paying lip service to shareholders of Celtic PLC , and its time now to shift the emphasis away from the blazers and over to either Police Scotland or holyrood.

They are simply sweeping everything under the carpet again by investigating only the bits that they want to, which are not the ones everyone else wants investigating.

We have seen this film before, but there’s no need to pay again for a seat.

Have the new “rangers ” and the SFA colluded behind closed doors again, in the interests of moving on ?

Sure smells like it.

There are a number of questions that spring to mind…

  1. On what basis was exclusion agreed given it was reference to events leading up to 31st March 2011 at CW trial that triggered the investigation?
  2. Why are reasons  not being made public?
  3. Are Celtic shareholders and Celtic not entitled to know the reasons and inform shareholders if they stand up?
  4. Why should that agreement to exclude not be a task for the JPDT to decide in interests of transparency?
  5. Have RIFC. based on the statement by Ramsey Smith in the e mails of 7th December 2011, some sort of hold over the SFA that allowed exclusion of end March events to be “leveraged”  

I’m guessing that the media won’t be asking them, despite the alarm bells starting to ring about further dishonesty in our game, a dishonesty that this particular investigation was supposed to root and and remove.


On another note, Celtic play today.

If you can be arsed with it.

I’m not sure I can.