Celtic Diary Wednesday June 20: Ah Mean, Armenia?

The draw for the first qualifying round of the champions League has been made. As has the draw for the second round. They’re quite well organised over in Switzerland.

In fact, all thats uncertain about next years tournament is whose turn it is to play Real Madrid in the final.

Celtic will face Alashkert of Armenia in the opening round, with the winners of Valur ( Iceland ) and Rosenborg ( Norway ) to follow. Rosenborg were narrowly beaten by the Celts last time round, but this time Brendan has promised to include at least one striker in the team.

A possible clash with Rosenborg, very difficult opponents last year, brought sighs of dismay from a number of fans, not least from this one

Image result for harald brattbakk pilot

Harald Brattback is a pilot these days. He’s asked me to mention it so that the “bloody papers ” leave him alone this year, and he hopes they use their imagination just a little bit and find someone else to talk to.


But its to Armenia first, and Alashkert..

Image result for alashkert fc

The Daily Record, a chap called Darren Cooney, offers a full profile, which largely consists of telling us that St Johnstone have played them, and they’re from Yerevan, the Armenian capital.

I’m even lazier than him, and here’s what I found.

Here’s how you spell their name in Armenian.. Ֆուտբոլային Ակումբ Ալաշկերտ. Armenian is a curious language, and if you go there you’re probably better trying to converse in Russian or English, as most of the locals can speak one or the other, and if they can’t understand you, try to speak a little louder and wave your arms about. 

Alashkert are a relatively new club, not as new as some, but nonetheless a recent addition to the world of football.

Football Club Alashkert was founded in 1990 in the town of Martuni of Gegharkunik Province. In 1992, the team played in the Premier League representing Martuni and using the City Stadium of the town as their home venue. However, at the end of the season the team finished last in the table, being relegated to the First League. As a result, the club withdrew from the competition.

In 1998, FC Alashkert returned to professional football and participated in the First League finishing the table in 6th position. In 1999, they did not participate in the First League competition and later in early 2000, the club was dissolved. 

In late 2011, FC Alashkert were re-founded by Bagrat Navoyan; a businessman native of Martuni. They entered the 2012–13 Armenian First League competition and won the championship, booking their position in the Armenian Premier League for the 2013–14 season. In 2012–2013, the team was managed by the former Armenian player Albert Sarkisyan and later by former footballer Sergey Erzrumyan. The assistant manager was Aram Hakobyan.[3] 

I can’t help feeling I’ve seen this film before….

They’ve only appeared in Europe a couple of times, never conceding more than three goals, never scoring more than three, and their most notable scalp is St Johnstone.

You’d like to think Celtic will be too strong for them.


Armenia itself has a rich and varied past,  for those of you who are religious minded, there’s the possibility of a trip to Mount Ararat, where Noahs Ark is reputed to have landed after the flood, though i doubt if its still there now.

There may be a couple of enterprising locals selling bits of the boat, but I’d be wary of them. If there isn’t, give me a shout as I’ve got some old decking I could send out and I’m willing to halves with anyone who fancies making a few quid.

Armenia was once one of the old republics of the Soviet Union, not entirely at their own wish, and they were one of the few who actually fought to get away in the early nineties.

They also fought with Azerbaijan later that decade over the Karabakh region, and if you do end up drinking with them, keep an eye out for what Celtic fans call the ” Fifth Pint Now Its time to Free Ireland ” stage , and make your excuses and leave.

Especially if they mention the Armenian genocide of 1915. The Turks still deny this happened, despite the deaths of around 600,000 Armenians…

Image result for famous people from armenia

They’ve had it tough, and joking apart, I think Celtic fans will possibly find a kindred spirit in Armenians.

If you are planning to go, you should read this..



St Johnstone’s supporter liaison officer tweeted this advice..

St Johnstone FC SLO Retweeted Celtic FC SLO

Hi Jp. Nine hour direct flight. Stayed at Ani Plaza hotel in Yerevan. Beautiful city/lovely people. Expect to pay circa £4 for a main meal. Drink also inexpensive. Temps of 35oC+ so take factor 50! Take American $ to convert there. 

Thats 35 degrees centigrade, not 350 .


It won’t be that warm in the return leg in Glasgow..


For the first leg in Armenia, celtic could finally be wearing a decent strip. Its important to remember thats all it is, mind , a strip, but i suppose they have to try to pretend its worth upwards ofseventy quid

“The shirt features a subtle tonal tartan design set against White and Eden Green, as well as top shoulder bonded tape, satin stitch appliqued club crest and a button flat knit collar with contrasting tipping.

“Eden Green shorts complete the look, featuring a concealed stretch fabric insert which also runs down the side seam of the shirt. The hooped socks feature an elasticated ankle zone and 2×2 rib Achilles region with cushioned protection. An additional cushioned heel zone and vented cushioned footbed and toe section have been designed to help players play with power, comfort and extra support.” 

It’s part of a campaign…apparently

Showcasing the club’s Irish heritage, the Celtic Cross crest returns to the kit, an homage to the same design on the first ever Celtic jersey.

“The new away kit has been launched as part of the brand new campaign for 2018/19, ‘Only the Bold’, representing that community has always been a big part of Celtic. The Bold Bhoys have always been a family club – as one Club, we face every challenge, always boldly. 

I haven’t got the faintest idea where they got that claptrap from.

And I’m still not paying seventy odd quid for it. Whether it makes me bold or not.


Referee Bobby Madden is the latest high profile figure in Scottish football to have a disagreement with HMRC, and he’s been forced to sell a house…not his home, mind…to settle an outstanding bill.

Madden said;

After discussion with HMRC where I was told that full payment would prevent sequestration, I went to set about selling property, which is a house. “

That was on May 25 and the full completion of the house sale is expected on July 27.

“I would be asking for a continuation to then to allow me to pay my full outstanding liability and expenses to HMRC.

“I spoke with lawyers and they are confident that the sale will go through.” 

The Sheriff told him;

This is the maximum amount of time a case can be continued for and at that point I’m afraid there is a limit at what can be done.

“If it is not paid by then, then sequestration would be awarded by the sheriff. 

You will have to make sure the sale has gone through by that day and the outstanding debts are also paid by that time. 

There is no suggestion Madden asked the Sheriff to wait until the football season started, as he could probably raise a few bob extra quite quickly.

It is not known if this case has  anything to do with EBTs. before anyone starts any tittle tattle. EBT’s, of course, are expected to be  principle factor in house price fluctuations  in Scotland in the months to come, with experts predicting a glut of houses appearing on the market.

Over at Ibrox, Stevie Gerrard has shown some of that instinct required to be a top boss, and he’s about to put it right.

Thats  another film I think I’ve already seen


And thats not all they can celebrate…you really have to admire marketing and innovation such as this, from the guy who told Sky TV viewers Celtic had spent £70m on players…


To celebrate the largest folk festival in Europe FF is producing 12th of July cards ahead of this summer’s festivities.

Its not even the largest folk festival in Glasgow
Each pack contains 6 cards and envelopes. If you are in Glasgow we can arrange to meet you for sales – each packet is £4.99 plus p&p. 

Superb service. buy one and I’ll pop out and drop it off after I’ve had my tea.

Links for postal sales (p&p inc) are given below. European and Overseas orders are sent airmail, UK packets are sent 1st Class. Sadly overseas postage costs from the UK have soared in recent years.

Yesterday, the site informed readers that the cards were…

Still available. :)

Quite a few, presumably.


The caption competition from yesterday…

jimmybee June 19, 2018 at 12:33 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption :Aye ref whit ye wanting macaroon or spearmint chewing gum



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Caption: Moss Heights after the pubs close when the lifts are out of action?


Caption “ I know pre season was meant to be tough but what’s scaling this building got to do with futba.” Well Ralph you have put a bit of effort in today I’ll say that. So it feels the season is about to get off and running and I am sure the Armenian team is the kind of pre season fixture that can be factored into the team’s preparation, after that it all gets a bit harder. I have to credit Sevco with at least decent PR regarding the best manager that has never managed but the pressure on a… Read more »

Pat Higney

Caption : ‘Haw Davie, I thought ye said that we’d have time tae pump these 4 dames before their husbands got back from the football?’ Davie-‘ I forgot it was Celtic v sevco Tam, they must have bolted before half time again!’

D'Fhinnein Mick

Never mind the caption competition,you have to congratulate the handicapper for his efforts.

Mike Annis

Caption: Right, where’s the bloody idiot who called Ghost Busters?

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: wits the windae cleaners dain Tom?


Caption, Watch oot the raccoons are coming.


caption four fitba lovers shout in unison to thur wives of course we luv yeees but yees talk to much so yeeser stayin oot ther till the games finished


Ralph, thanks for the Armenian information.
Caption: Van Morrison, Belfast, 1950’s.”Van, try makin’ up a song about this…”
Our best Euro 11:
subs: Bain/Simunovic/Kouassi
I would also like to see Christie as a sub.
With these qualifiers we just need to take them each one at a time.


Caption: London Borough Council, install the new absolutely not fireproof cladding to Grenfell flats.


Strange how the same cladding wasn’t used in ‘ white’ populated areas.
Just a coincidence that eh?


These fucking politicians turn up after these events with all this ‘ our thoughts are with the families ‘ shite, oh are they really.

Then they fuck off back home, chauffeur driven to their £1m homes….
They don’t give a fuck about victims, they care about their salary and pensions.


That’s how i see it anyway, the rich and privileged keep the poor poor, let families struggle, fuck the poor and impoverished, just keep giving us more…build more fucking foid banks and let them scrap for scraps… Kids in poverty? Ach so what jeeves, fuck them, ” can we nip into harvey nics for a spot of brunch, then home old boy, what”? It’s about fucking time these wealthy cunts were put in their place… What kind of country do we want to live in? Or is it i’m alright jack, heads down stuff? Let’s get kids & families out… Read more »

Noel Skytrot

Monti, fantastic post mate. Those cunts care not a jot for the working class. My friend covered Grenfell for 3 days in his job and when we attended a memorial last week in Glasgow he was struggling to cope due to what he witnessed and heard in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Henry Joy,

The rich always betray the poor


Charlie Saiz,
Excellently put!


Fuck the rich, god bless the poor!


Monti, the tory Ted Heath coined the phrase “the unacceptable face of capitalism” when talking about Tiny Rowland, a ridiculously wealthy, right-wing extremist member of the 1922 committee if I remember correctly. Since then we’ve had the tory bastard Thatcher and, IMHO probably even worse Tony Bastard Blair and his crew of tories in disguise. Under these regimes the gap between rich and poor has widened faster than ever. Even a tory like Heath would be outraged. James Connolly wouldn’t have envisioned the extremity of it, but he knew Ireland HAD to become Socialist to change. He was right; we… Read more »


Spot on!


Monti, just for the record. We don’t see things the same way regards religion, and I’m fine with that. My dream of Socialism can and would be compatible with those who cherished religion. It’s not dogma I believe in, it boils down to equality, fairness and decency and I call it “Socialism” as it’s pretty close. Some time ago I came up with “Parameter Capitalism” which I haven’t given up totally as an idea, but “Capitalism” has been tainted beyond repair by the scum of humanity, the mega-rich. HH (and get my Bhoys back, I’m fucking sick of the WC… Read more »


Absolutely, these things always seem to happen to people who already have it hard.


Cladding in construction is material applied over another to provide a skin or layer and used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings. Between the cladding and the wall there is a cavity where rain can run down.

The fact that the council chose inferior cladding that was highly flammable because it was cheaper than better fire proof cladding is the scandal here. Especially in Westminster where the council can afford fire proof cladding.


Yes one reason was how it looked as reported by a journalist. This clasding was put on for technical reasons for what they call “building performance” and again the scandal was that it was inferior. By the way many building have adopted cladding in recent years and one reason is that it looks nice and that is not why it is done alone. Of course why let the facts get in the way of a good story – the MSM at work.


What is cladding and why is it used? Cladding is a material which is wrapped around the outside of a building to improve appearance and energy efficiency. Colourful green and blue panels designed to improve insulation and soften the look of the brutalist concrete block. They were fitted to Grenfell Tower in Kensington, West London, as part of a £9million refurb completed in May 2017. Dense foam boards coated in zinc rainproof sheets were spaced 30mm apart across the 24-storey building, which housed 120 flats and at least 500 residents. A public inquiry which opened in September will look at… Read more »


tip for today dont drink and gamble simultaneously

Four clowns had a dream


caption theyl be jumpin oot thur windaes when we win


Before an almost identical caption I thought I’d better check to see if it had been ‘claimed’………well done Charlie, ya twat!! 🙂 An’ ah hope it’s spikey railins when they land….


ha ha if yer know fast yer last tic toc


Still some work to be done on the choreography for the tribute band, The High Flying Village People.


Sky’s monopoly of the EPL, then B.T. Sport and now Amazon and Facebook are trying to enter into the football T.V. rights business, can only be a good thing for Scottish football. That must surely justify the huge sums that Sky and others have invested into the EPL. The knock-on effect trickling down into Scottish football must mean increased and much needed extra income. But it could also mean a negative effect on football attendance’s. However having said that, stats show an increase in Scottish football attendances, looking at some of the smaller teams attendances and seeing only partially full… Read more »


The sfa is not fit for purpose,never has been fit for purpose and never will be fit for purpose.
Its agenda is to rig the game to protect the established club at all costs.
It has shown through our unbroken history a hatred of our club, from wanting to tear down the flag of our ancestors,delay transfers,and allow cheating to benefit one club over all, is something that will never leave them.
It is enshrined in their dna.
They are nothing but durty masonic, tory,orange loving hun bastards.
Fuck the SFA


Jimmy that’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful and factual too.
Well said.


“The SFA is not fit for purpose” etc…. and yet here we are, still plying our trade (football) under the governess of the SFA. That is a fact, we all dream of playing in another league but where would that be and what teams would that league consist of. We ALL know what happened in the past, you make a generalisation, but not everyone in that past was anti-Celtic, some like Farry and Regan unquestionably were, some, but not everyone and BTW David Taylor was SNP certainly not Tory. Its alright to spout off, but not everyone in the SFA… Read more »


Snp are tartan tories 🙂


The Scottish press don’t have a clue about any player coming in, or going out, tittle-tattle has been extinguished as Brendan keeps a tight rein on players coming and going and that’s how it should be. It give the arse wipes time to focus on the golden gottle and bhoy can they talk shite when it comes to them’s. Armstrong is linked with most secondary EPL teams and good luck to him if that’s what he wants to do, but they will not get him cheap, for me rumours of £6.00 mill. are wide of the mark,I would bet that… Read more »


I dont think you will get more than 6 million for a player who could sign for free come january.
Celtic would have to accept any decent offer im afraid. Though i would like to see him stay.


Mike, I think you’re spot on about Anthony Ralston inasmuch as he’s given a chance to prove himself. He looks solid enough but I’m not sure about his pace. Give him a chance tho.


How Chicago became “the windae city.”


As a Glasgow kid of Irish parentage, I was often called a “bould bhoy” by my mother. It was a nuanced expression. It could mean I’d done something daring which she was proud of, or it could mean I’d overstepped the mark. The tone of her voice revealed all 😉


Very informative about Armenia and Alashkert, Ralph. I just found when havin’ a wee look after the draw that the stadium only holds about 6,500. I’m considerin’ tellin them that Easter Road is much bigger and may be happy to accommodate them. What dae ye think?


Caption ffs bhoys some fecker must have a telly with the game on keep fuckin looking.
Glasgow May 25th 1967.


Caption: Da you got a signal noo.
Aye Bhoys just hold it there.
All over Europe May 25th 1967.


Caption: Got it stay there Bhoys great picture noo.
All over America Austrailia Argentina Canada South Africa and the world. May 25th 1967
God Bless Big Jock and the lions.


Caption: Footage emerges of an early version of Donkey Kong

Village people’s rehearsals for YMCA don’t go to plan.


Just chatted to three lovely Austrian lady tourists at work there, whilst i was tempted to ask about Austrian womens attitudes to domestic duties i decided to refrain.
After a few moments banal chat about weatger n shit i asked if they followed football in Austria, they said ” yes RB Salzburg ”
I said i was Celtic to which they replied…” Ah yes we like also Celtic Glasgow ”

Good girls!


Dodgie Dave Ducking @ Diving in Zombieland. While the TOP are in the court of Sessions trying to nail him, slippery slithers, slowly swivelling, snivelling, slabber.

Some of us are laughing,

Some of us are crying,

Heading for a fall.


An Irish friend of mine always told her son off this way:
“Don’t be bold, Declan.” I think she meant it as cheeky or rude.
Did any of youse have mums who used the expression: ” a creepin’ Jasus?” I always thought that meant a sleekit ‘Holy Willie’ type. Religion has a lot of those about but so does Sevco and Fifa.

Noel Skytrot

Dev, my da uses the term to describe someone who’s light on their feet. ” yer like creeping Jesus coming up the stairs”

Devoy45… Yes we have used the word bold boy to our Grandson when he is being naughty or cheeky or disobedient. It’s preferable to telling him he is bad 🙂

Devoy45… The :”creepin Jesus” thing is as you fedcribe. Someone who may have an odd way with them or weirdly untrustable for no real reason just that they are odd in an indefinable way.


I think we need at least 3 players in we do need to strengthen the centre backs and a paddy roberts type to unlock the defenses when they sit in tight. Wee paddy must be in our budget he loves it here.
Anyway would you like to see the reserves get more game time or is back to back to back trebles the driving force.
For me i think we could win the cups with our second 11. What do you think
Ralston Hendry Jozo Compper
Bitton Kouassi
Morgan Christie Hayes
Johnston Henderson Gamboa De vries


Jimmy, I think it’s excessive; we might get away wi’ 12 but ah think 15 is pushin it!! 🙂


🙂 HH m8


The bold fenian men, the bold Robert Emmett.
The Celts are the bold fenian men.:)
Cmon guys get with the script.

Jimmybee… “bould ” may well be a dialect thing within the North and other parts. It can also be used to accent the word bold in a joking way also be used to praise a hero type… I have heard it used regularly…

San Miguel

Caption : Dalek still has upper hand over the 4 seekers in New York’s Annual Hide and Seek competition.

50 Shades of Green

Caption..awe ffs I’ve drapped the ladder boys sorry…


Very sorry to see Morocco go out after putting in a really good performance. I’d hoped from day 1 that England would be 1st to go out but, c’est la vie!

Noel Skytrot

Caption…Stevie G knocks Sevco players out with new fitness regime.

# letsfail


Caption: Early table football prototype lacks handles.


I just noticed that the Macedonian team, Shkupi are drawn to play an anagram of their own name; UK Pish.
Looks like them hun bastards, bastard is avoiding FFP rules as well as all the other ones they avoid. When will someone bring this to a halt?????

Tat… UK pish… Very good…

TT… Fat fingers again.. Sorry for tat

Frank McGaaaarvey

Caption: Kraftwerk say “This is the worst feckin’ gig we’ve ever been given. An’ where’s our synths?”.



‘Quick evasive manoeuvres as an extraordinary coincidence sees four husbands on the same floor coming home from work much earlier than their wives expected…’

Noel Skytrot

Monti, fantastic post regarding how the bourgeoise are fucking us all over. There is a solution for these criminals, get them up against the wall. Too many working class people that forget their auld arse are chasing middle class bourgeois respectability, that’s more dangerous than any addictive substance on this island. My friend uses a brilliant quote to sum the above up, “the higher a monkey climbs up a tree, the more it’s arse is exposed.” Lol


Just venting m8……sometimes i think a lot is being missed in life, everything seems to be dominated by money…..frustrating because it shouldn’t be.

Noel Skytrot

We need more venting mate. We need people being pro active. We need people to tool up by educating themselves. More needs to be done.

Noel Skytrot

Mr Polkovnik, I saw the posts and I agree with yer assessment. Hope yer well CS.

Noel Skytrot

Citizen Sais, I understand that the Order of Lenin will be delivered to you personally by a senior Party member for your outstanding maintenance work in the camp, but may I be frank with you and instruct you that failure of the upkeep of the great camp will result in more re-education and of a prolonged period of incarceration until the work is completed.

for the motherland

Comrade Timsky


Noel, yer Da’s creepin Jasus I think is the same thing my ma was suggesting. As in “Creepin Jasus! Ye gave me a right gliff…” I am normally a gentle soul tho I talk a big show. Perhaps I am too cowardly for armed rebellion BUT why oh why can’t any government in these islands take on the filthy rich and their tax evasions, starting with the monarchy, money laundering and tax havens? Think how much our society would improve if the wealthy paid their taxes like the working classes did and do. I once got hit with a tax… Read more »

Uruguay were shit today… Very few teams have impressed 🙁 Portugal are puss poor at times

Ffs piss poor…

Noel Skytrot

Red, I was wondering why you had a blue line under your name so I clicked on it…that’s neat.


Noel, I’ll tell you a thing, i’m 46 now and when i was a kid there was little money around, mum & dad in & out of work through my youth. We didn’t have a lot in the mid 70’s to mid 80’s, most of my pals were the same, had fuck all but everybody was happy enough. I wanted two things at Xmas, the new Celtic home strip & a good football, ( adidas Tango or Mitre Delta ), i usually got these at Xmas and was fucking delighted, i didn’t care what else i got as long as… Read more »


And before any smart cunt say’s it, no ot wasn’t Grange Hill i went tae & it wisnae fucking Rolly’s trousers 🙂



Noel Skytrot

Monti, your story isn’t different from my own and many other working class people and I’m not ashamed to admit that, but do you know what? I was a far happier chappy then than I am now. Nothing to do with childhood nostalgia etc just that people were far more tied in with the others around them and there was genuine solidarity unlike now where most people are too tied up in their own shite and are mostly commodity fetishists. The hard times certainly shaped me as an adult. Respect for yer honesty mate. HH

Noel Skytrot

Charlie, I work in the 3rd sector dealing with homelessness and many other aspects regarding housing it’s a disgrace the way folk are treated.


Stables you mean 😉


I could write a book m8 lol

Noel Skytrot

Monti, I’m in the trilogy category.


Didn’t the capitalists sell all the council housing and all the folks living in them snapped them up at discounted prices?


CS, it seems to me that everyone who contributes to society by working or in whatever way, with built-in protection for those unable to (not unwilling to tho), should have the basic human right to affordable housing. This should be achieved before ANYONE is able to own second (or more) homes. That’s really just a decent beginning, a starting point, for the wider implementation of a fair, equitable and sustainable society. The human race is involved in another race; to wipe out the species. The wealthy know this and are desperately seeking the potential to colonise another planet. Far fetched?… Read more »


So you stole just because in your ooinion the boy had more than you.Came from a different background town etc, what if the lad only got his uniform with the provident checks what if his mum and dad were upto their eyeballs in debt but tried to make sure at least their lad wouldnt go to school decent. See the only thing we stole was tatties and turnps to feed us hunt some rabbits to steal someone elses belongings just because he had a bit more well enough said.


I couldn’t give two fucks, i needed a pair of troosers so i fucking took them 🙂


We live in a nation that is only interested in the privileged, the House of Lords full of placement, even nobility, the son of Prince Margaret wants to be a member.
The poor are to blame for everything, fiddling benefits etc; the rich have tax avoidance so they can build their duck ponds and employ cheap nannies from the EU, nothing illegal in that.
Cut back on benefits, bring in Universal Credit, provide a substandard infrastructure, transport, housing, education, to keep them in their place.
Having worked in the South East of Engerlund, their attitude towards Scots sucks, they are arrogant twats.


In the words of Jeff Lebowski…” Fuckin A, dude “

Noel Skytrot

Bang C88

Noel Skytrot

Another reason I love this site, the Tims on here know the script. No fannying about.


We even have talking livestock on here as well 🙂

Noel Skytrot

Moooooo, ya fecker


CS So that is education covered because you said it was ?
What brainwashing do you speak of and by whom ? At all three tiers? Where is your evidence of this ? More Sottish children going to to University than ever. Knowledge is power but the love of money is the root of all evil. You joined an organisation whose role in putting down “uprisings” of the natives is notorious through out the world. For Queen and country indeed !


Fuckin’ excellent, Charlie S. Straight from the heart with the over-riding direction of the brain.
No rant, just passion, truth and common sense.
Fuckin’ excellent. Well said.

Tam the tim

Here Monti, real leather balls? We just played with plastic and when some bastard’s dog got it’s teeth into it we played on with the burst ball. When I played for St. Mary’s in Leith we played in Celtic jerseys full of holes and me being a wee lad, down to my knees. Some of the comments on here are brilliant. We need to change society but these fuckers in power just laugh at the proles.


Do you remember those evil fucking things with the dimples on them?
Rock hard & sore as fuck when you got it swuare aff the pus 🙂




Mouldmaster? They were fuckin’ evil.
Rubber typae thing covered in wee flat ‘warts’.
Got clattered once, just below the nuts (if you can call that lucky?) on both inner thighs;OOUUUUCCCCHHHHH! Still showing the marks 10 minutes later. Gone but ne’er forgotten! 🙂


I think hes a good player also m8.
Was able to cover left back and got many a praise from Brendan and klopp for his oerformances.
He could be a steal


“God must love the Common Man…he made so many of us.” Eugene Victor Debs, American Socialist and friend of oor John Maclean. Make America great again?Then re-kindle the memory and values of Gene Debs. Debs was sentenced to prison for opposing the First World War. He was in the middle of making an anti-war speech. When he was finally released, he went back to where he was arrested, took the speech out of his pocket and asked the crowd: “Now, where was I…? and resumed with the same speech. He was promptly sent back to prison. It was men like… Read more »

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