Celtic Diary Tuesday May 22: Any Other Business ?

Celtic Diary Tuesday May 22: Any Other Business ?

Now that the football is over for a wee while, we can turn our attention to some of the more important isuues surrounding the game in general.

Notably, the arrival of the new kid in town over at the SFA.

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I’ve never trusted anyone who wears a jumper with a suit. So you might say my mind is already made up.

However, lets give him a chance.

Fresh from taking Partick Thistle into the unimaginatively named championship, albeit from the equally unimaginatively named Premiership, Maxwell has his work cut out at the SFA. He cannot expect any help from those already at Hampden if he wants to clean up the game and try to move it forward.

So he will need it from the clubs, the media, and most of all the supporters.

His first job will be to sort out allegations that Rangers cheated and lied their way to a UEFA licence whilst owing money to the taxman, which, of course, according to UEFA rules, is not allowed. He will also have to decide if the SFA were a party to this.

He has a chance to make his mark.

Auldyin, over on the Kerrydale Street forum, explains where we are up to..

A response from Rangers is due by May 22, with a principal hearing date set for June 26. 

Hang on,

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So is it all over the papers ?

Nope. Its not in any of them. Though no doubt a statement from “rangers “, who like that sort of thing, will appear around teatime.

There are a couple of feelgood stories around for the gullibillies, a couple of signings, and an offer for Morelas, a loan offer, which if accepted is going to make the guy who turned down £11m for the Colombian wonder feel fairly stupid.

Although, of course, that will somehow be blamed on Graeme Murty, as he is a catholic who was hell bent on destroying the new club.

Anything, in fact, to keep the real story off the back pages, a story which no one seems to want to cover.

We have been told that some hacks will approach the story when the trial-trial my arse, its a works disciplinary meeting- is over. Which, as we know, means they will be hoping it will coincide with the outbreak of World War three, or another royal car crash, or perhaps even a cure for stupidity, which will give them something to look forward to.

they are reluctant to even explain what the issue is, as that would mean more people are aware of the shennanigans of the ruling body and their favourite limb.

Auldyin explains…

How Rangers described the status of the liability in their application which let a licence be granted was false and their failure to notify SFA before UEFA presented with list of clubs granted one on 26th May 2011 of the 20th May HMRC demand was itself a breach of another UEFA FFP in the granting period. The misrepresentation in March is down to SDM’s regime, the failure to notify SFA to CW. 

If the granting is not being looked at then Celtic must ask why as it was an incorrect granting as result of what SFA accepted in March 2011 that robbed Celtic of a CL place. The Rangers statement looks like it came straight from a well know Rangers obfuscator under guises of Lawman, Steerpike and Jas Boyd.

Celtic shareholders and Celtic must have an explanation for the granting not being questioned if that is indeed true,. That is doubtful for reasons given especially when it was Rangers Chairman at the time A Johnson who made the false status statement and who has not yet been granted fit and proper status by the SFA.

The Res12 lawyer has a timeline that shows systematic non disclosure by Rangers to authorities from 2005 right to March/April 2012 and the SFA responses to him from 2015 are indicative of an organisation not wanting to be found out. 

The charges might be an attempt to throw Rangers under a bus but the SFA have questions to answer about what they did in the monitoring period and how full and honest their responses to Celtic were from 2011.

The SFA charges which do not mention periods they relate to are the right ones, unlike LNS where the same charges should have applied but did not because the same evidence of dishonesty was not provided to SPL lawyers in 2012.

There will be an attempt at containment but it can only happen if Celtic agree to it and get a lot in terms of SFA reform in return.

Res12 was all about SFA accountability and having the Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal take place is a result in those terms. 

Quite what emerges next will be interesting. 

The pantomime over on the other side of the city must not be allowed to distract from the real issue here. The game must be cleaned up, and those with influence must use it.

Otherwise, no one will invest, no tv deal will be forthcoming, and worst of all, we’ll know we were cheated, and we will lose the trust we have in those who run our game, and to an extent, those who run our club.  

Now if I were Dermot Desmond or Peter Lawwell, thats not how I’d like to be remembered for my time at Celtic. After all, if they do nothing, one would begin to wonder if there was collusion. 


Maxwell may also want to have words with Scotland manager Alex MacLeish, who appeared to swear live on television at the weekend, but in fairness he did seem as though he was pissed. With a number of withdrawals from the summer jolly to south america already, perhaps the players don;t want to be around him either.

It wasn’t a good idea to bring in someone who was clearly unemployable when vacancy was there, and it may be that his outburst on television is a clue as to why he’s been out of work so long.

Still at least the BBC and the SFA can be relied on to provide employment for those who may have a few unforeseen expenses coming up…which of course means they are unlikely to give any coverage to any issues or the causes of those issues down Hampden way.


Meanwhile, as the summer sales begin, so does the campaign to sell off Celtic players.

Pat Nevin, the pen twiddling plant pot at the BBC announced grandly that Manchester United could be in for Keiran Tierney, despite the Celtic idol repeatedly pointing out he doesn’t give a toss who comes in for him.

At the moment, one of the best left backs around, I think we’ll all agree, is Andrew Robertson,” 

“He’s playing at Liverpool now with a Champions League final [looming] and he’s had an absolutely stunning season. 

“But he’s the second best left back in Scotland.

“Manchester United might think about looking up and trying to get the best left back in Scotland.

“Celtic fans won’t thank me for it but there is a better one up there and he would walk into any Premier League team.

“And it’s Kieran Tierney.” 

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He’s 4/6 with Betfred to make the move south, which means if you put fifty quid on it, then you’re a fucking idiot who just lost fifty quid.

Jozo Simunovic says he wants to stay at Celtic and fight for his place..he made a rare appearance as a substitute on Saturday..

It was a nice feeling and the most important thing was that we won and got the treble again so I’m very proud,” 

“The second half of the season was frustrating but by the end it was okay. I’ve been ready to play all the time and it’s just been down to the decision of the manager.

“Of course I wanted to show my best in training but it’s the manager’s decision and the thing is in the end we won the treble.” 

“He explained it to me and I’m still very happy here,” 

“I cannot tell you what he said – that must remain personal – but it was a very good conversation. He speaks with every player so it was nothing strange that he spoke to me.

“It’s a challenge for me to get back in the team.

“I’m looking forward to next season to working hard and trying to get back in.” 

He’ll have a chance with Dedryck Boyata making it into the Belgian world cup squad, and it is unlikely anyone will be allowed to leave before the qualifiers are complete. So, yeah, he might come back into the team, but I wouldn’t bet on him being around for too much longer.

The Sun claims that Celtic have until May 31 to cough up £10m for Oddsone Edoaurd, which just goes to confirm that the Sun is full of doo doo.

It’s much less than that, but does include add ons.


After the shameful treatment of Michael O’Halloran who went to watch the club where his dad works at the weekend, another albeit former  “rangers ” player, Steven Whittaker, took his lad to see Celtic, and once more they turned on one of their own..

Kyle Rutherford@kylerutherford2

Fucking despised Whittaker when he played for us never mind now😂

All of which should lead any incoming player to question whether or not he’d be happy off the field should he sign on at ibrox for the remaining few months of this particular version of the club. One would think that their agents would complete due diligence before recommending any move…


There are whispers that all is not well at Ibrox, as our chap over there says there is talk of a wee bit of a scandal, the kind of scandal involving people doing things to people they shouldn’t be doing whilst not wearing any clothes…

But, as with all things eminating from that place, I’d take it with a pinch of salt.


Speaking of taking things…

Not to worry, chief loyalist fundraisers The Evening Times are no doubt on the case as we speak..


Yesterday we showed this picture..

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BR- What you doing after this Henny? 
King- Off home now Brendan. I’ll be sitting by the phone waiting for a call from Stevie G. 

Today, from Forest Friends on twitter..