Simply the Best

Simply the Best

In the end it was all quite straightforward, a brilliant pick up and half volley by CalMac and then a pinpoint precision drive into the bottom corner from our smiling acrobat Olivier. 2-0, game done and the Double Treble achieved.

The sun was out and the champagne flowed, the tears flowed, the pish really really flowed. It was a flow flow quick quick flow sort of day. How lucky we all are to enjoy such happy times.

Celtic duly join the ranks of lowly PSG and the mighty New Saints as the only DT achievers in European football.

“Quite remarkable!” as David Coleman’s puppet used to shriek on Spitting Image back in the days when Trebles only came in the singular or in reality, only appeared in pipedreams for Celtic fans.

Of course that was then, and this is now, and now is a very different landscape. In fact its a whole new world if not Universe.

We are masters of all we survey, conquerors of new historical horizons and drivers of the big open top bus called Legend.


I could write for ages about the gulf between us and the rest, but why worry. Brendan isn’t worried and in Brendan we trust. We should expect to see some changes over the summer to go along with some of the excellent reinforcement and reinvigoration that comes with rewarding new contracts for current stars like Safe Second Scott Bain,  Twinkle Toes Tom Rogic and the expected deal for Exocet Eddy. ( He has signed, honest! — Ralph)

Best of luck to all of our lads who are off to the World Cup. The Double Treble may be amazing but I’m more in shock  knowing Cristian Gamboa will get to see what a current Duty free shop looks like!

In a few days I will write up a review of the season with some of the key pointers ( high, lows and wtf’s!) over this season and ask for everyone’s thoughts . We should all have sobered up by then, well a little bit at least.

A big thanks to Ralph for dragging the brilliant Diary out that mixed up mind of his and keeping the site going along with our best wishes to Hector resting up in his caravan.

Most of all though, thank you all for your support and remember the site would be nothing without fans and fandans alike.

Hail Hail everyone for what has been a great season, one we should never ever take for granted, well not until we get the Holy Trinity – Trebl3 Trebl3