Celtic Diary Wednesday November 13

Celtic Diary Wednesday November 13

Billy Stark, now a contender for the Scotland job on a full time basis, due largely to the SFA having lost Gordon Strachans phone number and not actively looking for it, has spoken out to allay the fears of club managers as he prepares to face Luxembourg in tonights crunch friendly.

Neil Lennon had asked Stark to not use Kris Commons or Charlie Mulgrew, but the interim Scottish boss has flexed his muscles and replied that “hopefully he can trust me to be sympathetic and do everything I can to take care of them.”

Except not play them, that is.

Whilst we would prefer them not to play, its a sign that Stark is determined to be his own man, and you have to respect him for that, and if Strachan isn’t to get the job, then the former Celtic midfielder is as good a choice as anyone.

Lets just hope no-one gets injured and Scotland win about 9-0.

Ki seung Yeung , the former favourite of the diary and the man who inspired Celtic to -well, something or other once or twice, has been listed as one of “ten fooballers who solved a problem” The author claims that he has more than replaced Joe Allen, and Swansea have made a profit of £9m. Lets just hope the board bears that in mind if any Celtic players do move south this season. And price them accordingly.

Want a wee treat? Go to you tube and type in Atajic goal v. Hearts U-20. Then you can have a look at the guy who will be the next forward we are all talking about. It really is a touch of class.



Want another wee treat? Find the Sevco prospectus on this link


Hopefully, that will work.

This is the new prospectus for the new share issue from the new club down on the south side of the city.

They seem to have gone for style over substance, with a nice bright presentation, full of graphs and simply worded statements and promises. Nice to see they have seventeen million pounds in the bank, relieved to see they want to stay free of bank debt-although that is considerably easier when the banks won’t lend you any money, and its encouraging to see that they have an estimated five million supporters worldwide.

After reading through it, you may wonder if the serious investor could possibly take them, well, seriously, but then again, its not the serious investor they are after.

The timetable in the blurb says that all monies will be due on December 17.  a week before Christmas. someone either hasn’t thought this through or has thought it through and needs the money in very quickly.

Oh, and could someone show it to Alloa Athletic? I’m sure they will be interested in the £17m claim.

Anyway, enough of them, but it is comedy gold, and a work of fiction that deserves to be up there with anything by Dickens, Tolstoy or Stephen King. For its imagination and pure fantasy content alone. Can’t wait to see what the MSM make of it.

Hibernian have sacked their matchday DJ as he decided that the Bealtles “Taxman” was an appropriate song to taunt any Hearts fans who might have been watching or attending Sundays 2-1 win over Dundee Utd. Willie Docherty, from Leith is a lifelong Hibee who will be gutted at this, so if you can email the club or something to show support, it might help to bring back humour into the game. Theres only so many times you can laugh at Rangers, and its been very noble of their Edinburgh cousins to divert attention from them.

It reminds me of a visit to Tynecastle some years ago when the DJ there played Cher’s  “Gypsies , Tramps and Thieves” as the Celtic team came out. Only the most miserable of sods could fail to laugh.

Still, I’ve written a song called “The Hibernian board are a bunch of miserable gits who need to lighten the fuck up” Okay, the title needs a bit of work, as do the lyrics and the melody, but it has potential.

Last week before the Barcelona game, there was talk of of omens and portents, and happily we went on to beat the Catalan side, you might have missed it in the papers, on the tv or on the radio. But only if you live on Mars.

Well, it seems the Benfica Eagle, the club mascot which swoops and soars majestically around the stadium pre match-in the same impressive way as Hoopy the Huddle hound wanders round waving at people-has swooped and soared majestically out of the ground and disappeared. Perhaps he knows who’s coming to town next week…..

Pat Stanton was indeed the Hibs player who got injured after just a season and a bit in the hoops, and consequently Celtic went on to have the worst season I can personally remember. At one stage I was looking at the First Division to see where the following years away trips would be.

Following on from that, which Hibs player scored a hat trick against Celtic in a Cup Final, and still ended up on the losing side?