Celtic Diary Friday April 20: That Difficult Second Season

We’re almost there now.

A fifth consecutive domestic trophy could be in the bag-we’re gonna need a bigger bag soon- by mid afternoon tomorrow after the visit to Easter road and the game against Hibernian.

You’d think the manager would be happy about that.

Well, he is.

There is still a lot of work for me to do, to achieve, on the pitch and off the pitch,”

“But you can only do that if you are happy and for me I couldn’t be happier at this club. The support I get from the board, it is all very aligned, very clear and that allows me to work in confidence.

“And that gives the stability to the team and for the staff and everyone, we can all move forward.

“I am looking to the next step and already we are thinking how we can improve for next season.” 

So far , so good ?

“I couldn’t have wished for it to have gone any better,” 

“You always hope you come into a club and make an impact. 

“What is important for us that we could start quickly but that is all down to the players and their ability to learn and take on board and they have been absolutely fantastic.

“I talk to them about this ferocious intent to keep developing and I see that every day so they can then take it on to the field. It has been a joy to see that and we want to continue with that.” 

Job satisfaction is something that most of us may never have, some of us have it for a while and some of us are always looking at the greener grass elsewhere.

Rodgers looks like he’s happy. He sounds like he’s happy, and no matter who knocks on his door it will take a lot to get him to leave.

And the title ?

“I am a Celtic fan but I don’t want to wait. I want to win it on Saturday.

“If we can do it, great. It will be a tough game for us, probably the most difficult place we could go to win the title but if it doesn’t happen it is OK.

“We go to the next game and if not the next game. The most important thing is to win and we want to do it as soon as we can.” 

Rock stars, authors, film makers and others talk about the difficulty of repeating an initial success. The second album is often a collection of songs that weren;t good enough for the first album, with a few new tracks flung in.

A second book is often the one publishers rejected earlier when the author was unkmown, and a second film usually just the same story with more expensive special effects, and possibly a big name on the billboard.

All of the above are done to cash in on the initial success, and its very rare that the second offering is better than the first, or even as good.

In football, to repeat an achievement such as the Invincible season is impossible.

Every week, sometimes twice a week, another team gets their cup final, their chance to make themselves headliners for a day.

Should Celtic secure a second treble, a sixth consecutive trophy, then this seasons feat will surpass last seasons.

Other teams and other coaches get wise, and set up differently , perhaps even with more enthusiasm when they play against what will be remembered as a legendary Celtic side, and the players may at times have struggled with this, or their own comedown after last season, but here’s the rub, as they say.

We are just two wins away from a second treble.

So what if this season hasn’t been another unbeaten one ? The trophies are what counts, thats what we will remember, and thats what the history books will record.

The other teams gave it their best, and they have improved, certainly in how they play against Celtic, and its worth considering that had the hoops gone unbeaten again, the critics from elsewhere-and in the SMSM- would have been telling us it didn’t count, due to a lack of opposition.

Now all they can tell us is that Celtic found it difficult, Celtic were lethargic, the team is going backwards.

It may have felt like that at the time as we watched a couple of tricky games, but looking back, it wasn’t so bad.

The players faced a different set of problems this year, and as a squad, they look to have coped.

To come through it with three more trophies shows they have the desire and character needed to move on to the next level.

Where we you when history was made ?

Right here.

Enjoy it.

Elsewhere, and there has been criticism from a few quarters about the Diary for perhaps overdoing the content from “rangers “.

First of all, can i clarify something..

Rangers are the club who are in liquidation. “rangers “, as mentioned this week, are the new lot, who pretend they are Rangers, and are indicated by the quotation marks, to indicate the difference.

I’m not concerned what they call themselves, but the parenthesis is to indicate the susprise that they are allowed to call themselves “rangers “, when Rangers is a defunct brand and customers may be fooled into thinking the product they are buying is the original one, when of course, it isn’t.

Annd secondly, one of the rules of the Diary is that if it makes me laugh, the odds are it will make you laugh, and nothing makes me laugh more than the sound of bears howling at the moon.

Or their poodles in the media angrily polishing yet another turd deposited on their desk by the fat controller and his media company.

Even as we speak, old tubby Tum tum at Level 5 is working on a way to market the season books, which considering the response of the hordes to the tragi-comedy being played out this week over there, is proving to be a little trickier than usual.

We hear, from a drunk fellow who tends to drink rather a lot, that the big news is that King is going to invest £30 million-but only if the fans match it, through sales of season books, merchandising , and the various peoples fronts of Judea that have sprung up.

And know what, the media will help to sell it, and we’ll hear of this sleeping giant awakening, but only if their fans are gullible enough to fall for it again.

And guess what ?

We all know the answer to that one.


We did try to get an interview with Lee Wallace on his way to work yesterday, but he was too quick for us..

Thats because we know who-or we think we know who-their new shirt sponsor will be..

Energize ?

Image result for star trek energize gif

Isn’t that what Captain Kirk used to say before he disappeared into thin air, and re-emerged as the same Captian Kirk somewhere else ?

It all makes sense now…

Although Alastair Johnston doesn’t, with his warbling interview about how “rangers ” are ahead of the curve…

Never mind, there’s still hope..

WATP, it stands for We Are Truly Stupid. ( And bad at spelling )


Away from them, and instead of Knob of the Week, we’re doing something a little different today.

Its the one off Etims

Goodguys Of The Century 

For all their hard work, these guys deserve a medal, and yesterday, they announced that they had won…

We have just received news that Royal Assent was given today and the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act (Scotland) 2012 will be removed from Scots law at midnight tonight. Our deepest and heartfelt thanks to James Kelly MSP and his team and to every single person who supported the campaign and took action to defend yourself and your fellow fans. We hope this is a lesson to governments in the future not to underestimate the power and ingenuity of the football community. We did it!


To all of them…

Image result for standing ovation gif


Yesterdays picture..

bigdelbhoy April 19, 2018 at 9:51 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption.. “and ‘they’ cheered when they saw the draw”




There was something else I noticed on twitter, something that reminded me who we are, and what we are.

And also why we should never forget to fight back, however and wherever we can, against any form of oppression.

The Benaa Youth Team in the Gaza Strip say thank you to Celtic fans for their continued solidarity with the Palestinian people. The team reached the semi-final of a local tournament before the Israeli army fired rounds of tear gas causing it to be abandoned.  


Just a thought, ahead of the Scottish cup final, can someone reassure me that Police Scotland don’t use tear gas..

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Almost there, we’re almost there, in Paradise, a Wonderland for all of us, to see, to watch, to enjoy. COYBIG.

salad queen

Wall Street cash?



The Union Bears display their best Tifo ever.



Mike Annis

Caption, :Rangers fans betting on a come back finally throw way their slips.

Pat Higney

Caption : “Naw Senga, I still don’t think we’ve got enough to paper over the cracks down Govan way!”


Caption: Giant hamsters start keeping people as pets.





Ralph, it’s WATP – We Are Truly Pstupid!!! The P is silent.

Havin a party down under.

Hail Hail

PS you heard it here first. Dave King is going to fake his death, claim the insurance and come back as another fud on a white horse to fleece (i mean save) the pstupid huns.

PPS I’m coming back again to watch us win another treble. Worth every rouble.


Caption: Like a needle in a haystack Bomber frantically searches for ra deeds.


UEFA auditors arrive at Ibrox to sift through the Sevco ahem accounts ahead of their decision on whether to grant them a European licence…


Caption: Sevco admin staff needed more space to deal with the “Yes, please, ya dancer!” responses to Dave King’s offer of 20p a share.



What side letters?


Hun scarves look different when they are on the ground


Michael Collins (1890-1922) A farmers bhoy. Collins was one of those rare breed of men, possessing qualities that you instantly recognise, the type of persona, that only appear once in a lifetime. He was probably one of the most romanticised of all the men taking part in the Easter Rising. I think its true to say that not all Irishmen viewed Collins as a National hero, believing that he “sold them out” when under instructions he signed the “detested” Anglo- Irish Treaty. His short life story was intertwined with the Easter Rising, through to the civil war that followed, which… Read more »

Michael Collins high self opinion was his downfall and the Irish downfall. The British Government realised this quickly and gave him separate de luxe accomodation from the rest of the Irish negotiation team . He had better quality meals brought to him and was visited in the evening by the best whores the British Government had available . Michael’s earlier determination of a free Ireland or nothing were quickly watered down & he accepted a determination of some form of statelet on the island . We in the 6 occupied Counties are still suffering almost 100 yrs later . Michael… Read more »


He knew he signed his own death warrant, he said so, hence my stating “I think it true that not all Irish people viewed him as a hero, believing that he had sold them out. I am of the opinion that if he had refused to sign the Anglo-Irish treaty as he did, then the full 32 counties would have received full Independence. Instead we saw a civil war, although it has to be said that the Ulstermen would have fought like maniacs to keep the status quo. They had the full backing from the British officer and ruling class… Read more »


Enjoyed this m8…..’ The big fella ‘ will always be a hero, in Ireland & elsewhere!


Cheers Monti, I will give it a rest until next week, when I will post one last time on the “Easter Rising”.
But I have very much enjoyed, refreshing and relearning more of the actions of the brave men a women who fought for their Country and what they believed in. One of the many things that I learned was that women served on an equal footing as the men, playing their part to the full. Brave people who forced the British into giving them back their Country.


As is it should be my friend!



I once talked to a friend who had written a book on Collins. He acknowledged that he was a hughly important figure but not as a soldier. He called him the quartermaster of the movement. His forte was organisation….arms and finance. He also indicated that he could be awkward with people. He was not a people person.

Who knows what would have happened if he had lived? If ever we need an illustration that war is wasteful, then we just need to look at a civil war.



Rebus, It always struck me that any kind of war is a sign of abject failure
if you cannot reach an accommodation by consensual discussion, then that to me is a failure. A civil war is the most destructive kind of war, brother verses brother, there can be no winners…period.


Spain was the same Mike.


Yes unfortunately it was Noel, all wars are a failure, a failure to reach an amicable solution.


Just back from Spain and you can still see signs of the divisions. In Malaga, Andaluscia my favourite dessert was Crema Catalan……no longer available for “political” reasons.



Indeed Mike.


Rebus, I was over in Catalonia in 2015 looking at the various sites along the river Ebro where the International Brigades fought and on asking the people who manned the tourist information booths could they direct me I got short thrift. No one wanted to speak about any of the events that occurred. For anyone who has an interest in the Spanish Civil War and the tragic events that happened, check out Paul Preston’s book, The Spanish Holocaust. Harrowing stuff.


My post on Michael Collins, has, unlike him gone AWOL, might appear later.


Caption: During his annualhouse kerping routinr, Campbell Ogilivie clears out the draw marked ‘side letters’.


Mike really enjoying your posts on the Riding and looking forward to seeing the one on the “ Big Fellow” Sorry to be a pedant but on the young guy who went from County Down to Dublin it was the RIC he avoided not the RUC. Even the police were all one before the clumsy illegal and artificial division of the Island. I see Wbger is definitely leaving Arsenal at the end of the season, good timing with the Europa League coming up , won’t effect Brendan though.


“Wenger” damit.


BJF You are correct about the RIC, it was indeed them and not the RUC
my sight is deteriorating as fast as the snow of a dyke in summer.
Glad you are enjoying them, I must admit I am enjoying refreshing my memories of reading and of learning the “Tales of the Rising”. It is pertinent that we are fast approaching the anniversary, to remember those Irish men and woman patriots. Of course you cannot post everything, you are limited, but I hope to record the gist of their stories.


Caption…missing paperwork on Rangers liquidation is found. Is that a VE Day image from the USA?



New Yorkers show their disdain for first Level 5 article in local newspaper.


Caption: Campbell Ogilvie argues ” what side letters ” on a recent visit to Hampden.


Its heartening to hear that the Griff. wants to stay at Celtic for all of his playing career, I also hope that Rogic will re-sign, but I fear that Armstrong will leave us for pastures new, perhaps also Dembelle will also leave, but time will tell. Perhaps its time to refresh the side, as it was beginning to look like it needs some “new faces”, its gonna be an interesting summer of ins and outs. But first lets get inta the Hibees, let the sunshine up their arse on Leith. Gordon, Lustig, Boyata, Ajer, K.T. Broony, Armstrong, Forrest, Dembelle, Roberts.

john young

Christie/Morgan ffs Charlie are you short on aspirations another 2 average SPL players inmo hardly the way forward.


Mike thanks again, I think you are right both about Armstrong leaving and maybe we need to refresh. I like Christie and I am sure Morgan will do well but we can afford a couple of guys for a real European challenge.


No problem BJF, and I agree.



Dembele and Griff are different types of striker. We need both. Dembele leads the line and his strength allows layoffs. Griff is really a scoring winger or a secondary striker.

If Dembele goes we need a similar replacement. Griff is a different kettle of fish.



Who will be no.11
On your team sheet.

Celtic By Numbers

You’d drop Ntcham? He was MoM v TRFC!!!!


The Ten men who won the league, WTF did Rogic go, yer hivin a larf.

I completely agree with your analysis that the second season is difficult. To be on the cusp of another treble deserves much credit. My problem with many games this season was the lack of spark and any entertainment at all. And, in my opinion, a cause of this was repeatedly selecting certain players who were under-performing for months. Therefore, performances were stale and frustrating to watch. Recruitment has also continued to be poor. Musonda and Compper being two baffling decisions. Hopefully these problems are ironed out in the coming months as for most supporters failure to qualify for the CL… Read more »



I agree with you re Arsenal…..it is a bit of a poisoned chalice at the moment. Wenger was a legend at Arsenal, a legend that failed to achieve as much as he should. His shadow will be over his successor.

On Chelski, I do not think they will consider BR. He is not high profile enough, plus Liverpool let him go. In the future if BR takes us further in Europe, then the really big clubs will come around.


I think we should be making every effort to keep Rogic at Celtic as he is the best footballer at the club. Armstrong should be punted as quickly as possible and should never have been allowed to string the club along last summer. His refusal to sign a contract last summer until the last minute cost Celtic momney. We will not get more than 1.5-2.0 million for him. At the end of last season we might have got 4 million from Southampton. Dembele will not fetch more than 12-15 million, which is a disappointment because the money raised by selling… Read more »


Following rankers demise the entire SMSM crashes in its wake, giving Tims a chance to finish it off by trampling it and recycling it into something useful… toilet paper

George Lazenbhoy

Caption: after the second match of the new SPL season a woman asks “where did all these rangers season tickets come from”


Gotta admit that I didn’t rate McGregor, well he has improved massively and has turned into a good player, for me if Armstrong does go, I don’t think he will be massively missed. With players still at the club, like McGregor, Rogic who I rate highly and especially Ntcham who is still very young, but is still getting better and better. I agree about the defenders, Lustig who is done IMO and so is Sumo, Boyata too can go, these players are still a weakness in the squad and should be replaced.

john young

Mike can,t see Hendrie being the answer and Ajer is still very raw we need a quality r/b and c/b,I would worry if we don,t get Paddy as Forrest is noway good or consistent enough and a bottler to boot.




It’sthe Judean Peoples Front… splitters !


Rob… on the contrary… Judging what BR did to the team to convert their whole approach and mentality from the previous two seasons I would suggest he is one of top ten managers in the U. K.


LOL you just cant bring yourself to say it?

celtic have never been as unfit as under deila!! he may of had the correct system but had no idea how to use it? how many games did we lose in the last 25mins?

please just give us all closure and say those magic words… DEILA WAS AND IS A COMPLETE DICK

Rob O'Keeffe

How much help did he get from “super fit” Collins and Kennedy? If you have read any of Ronny’s interviews,he explained that he was meant to be assistant manager,Keane turned down the job and he took it on because he couldn’t turn down such a job,probably like us,although he knew he was out of his depth….


Jesus wept…he’s still at it.

Rob O'Keeffe

CS,I totally agree…..

San Miguel

Caption – Where’s the deeds ?”


Caption –
Dave, Dave what will we do with all these season tickets?

John mccloy in tasmania

The huns didn’t have the ticker for the game.hh

The annual “Rangers Debenture Seat Holders” BBQ gets underway and kindling is never a problem! As for Lustig – He has a while to go yet – 18 Jan 2017 – CELTIC are delighted to announce that Mikael Lustig has signed a contract extension which will see him remain at the club until at least May 2019 We should get a new Right Back in this summer and use Mikel as back-up and mentor to new young starlet. If its gonna be Ralston ( Mikes heart just skipped a beat) then get him playing soon as hes back from Tannadice.… Read more »

Celtic By Numbers



Yes but you rated Delia and he was crap and its not just me that knows that. McGregor has improved massively but he is still weak in the tackle, midfielders the heart of any team should be able to make a tackle, so he can still learn and still improve. I would like to see Caulker as (centre-half) come into the club, he would be able to guide young Ajer so he could reach his full potential. Also will be happy if Bain comes in and Doris disappears, Bain will push Gordon to get the best out of him. The… Read more »


The Arabs have improved massively recently and are now pushing for a play of place, young Ralston is playing his part in full. He will come back to us a much improved player, so he and Celtic are the winners. D is fur Delicious and thanks for fishing my Michael Collins post out of the long grass.


In your loft today?


Monti…good week then?


It’s not finished yet, in tomorrow off Sunday, back in on Monday 🙁


The quotes from the Sevco dorector remind me.of one of my favourite Sopranos quotes… “Some people are so far behind in the race that they actually believe they’re leading” –Uncle Junior

Rob O'Keeffe

Breaking news:Celtic state that they won’t stand in BRs way if Arsenal come calling? Strange? Surely the board would pull out all the stops to keep such a WorldClass manager? If BR goes,how many players will start to look elsewhere for some competition considering there’s not much in Scotland…..


CS BR changed the whole outlook at the club. Ronnies high press lasted for 25 minutes,if that, each half. I was at the games and some away and you could see they couldn’t keep that up. It also caused disharmony in that some would press where others wouldn’t . Now it is a team effort from start to finish. Formations really only look like that at the start of the game and after good teams are fluid in transition. Ronnies was not. Ronnie didn’t invent this and neither did Big Jick but he knew how to work it… one full… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Looking forward to a brilliant game tomorrow and a performance worthy of champions.


Lustig Hendry Ajer Tierney

Brown Ntcham

Roberts Mcgregor Griffiths


Hibs 0 Celtic 2


Yoker Bhoy
Yoker Bhoy

OK Yoker, The sun has been shining, the birds are singing and we are all enjoying the craic, football dontcha just love it? Good team selection, a team worthy of winning league title number 7. So tomorrow up with the lark, chores getting done, a nice breakfast and then watch the Tic. on the telly. The wee mahn will have his team revved right up and it wont be a one sided game. Still I am very confidant that we shall overcome the sun shiners from Leith and they can “Proclaim” for every solitary mile. 2-0 to the Tic. TA… Read more »


That Dead Vibrations is a tune.

Yoker Bhoy

Cheers Steve, glad you enjoyed it m8. Don’t know too much about them tbh, just that their a new band from Sweden that only became known about 3 years ago. They have an interesting psychadelia/grunge sound.
All the best.


Yoker Bhoy

Evening Mikey, I’ll be out on the town the night for a few beers with the lads enjoying a bit of music and so on but I won’t be overdoing it as I want to be in the right condition for tomorrow’s early kick-off. I think we could be in for a great game. In addition to having Scott Allen unavailable I think the Hibees have got a couple of injury problems – they’ll probably need to bring in Swanson and Whittaker. I can see big Efe dropping a clanger or two if we put him under pressure. I’ve got… Read more »


Cheers Yoker, enjoy your beers and your friends company, explain to them that you need to be in the very best condition to watch the champions winning title number 7, then go out and celebrate.
Have a great weekend Yoker and best wishes to you and yours.
J.C. (John Clark).

Yoker Bhoy

Cheers Mike, all the best to you and yours too. Speak tomorrow.



Watch for McGinn playing out of his skull. This is his big chance to impress.



He will be sent off

Yoker Bhoy

Will do Rebus. Don’t thing ke’s worth 5 million though. Enjoy the game!

Celtic By Numbers


There were cheers and then there were tears. Like so much at Ibrox it was largely self-inflicted and Celtic gleefully took advantage. The Scottish Cup Semi Final in numbers, a few pictures and too many words


Funny how none of the English press are mentioning Brendan Rogers as a successor to Wegner. The shortlist of 5 fails to mention BR – good!


Good evening fellow tims. Caption: All those papers and still not a decent honest celtic story in any of them. Like most of us,this season has been a hard watch at times. Injuries of course had a major part in this. As does the european adventures. We cant have it all. What we did last season was very special. This season will again be in the history books. Back to back trebles. I never thought i would have seen such glory again. I hoped i prayed for it,for my childrens children to be blessed with a Celtic team beating all… Read more »


McCoist as manager, McCoist on gardening leave, Kenny McDowall as manager, McDowall on gardening leave, Administration, Having to reapply to join the lower tier, Ball stuck in hedge, Same old Alloa always cheating, 3 failed attempts at the Petrofac cup, Tannadice boycott, Sandaza prank call, Where’s ra title deeds, Craig Whyte wealth aff the radar, Charles Green, Dallas Cowboys, The Gazebo at the AGM, Gangsters in charge, Hibs 3-2 Rangers, Hampden Riot, Lee Wallace is a grass, Warburton the next England manager, Bread wrappers for hats, The gap is closing, There is no gap, The Rangers are coming, Going for… Read more »


Jimmybee.. A laugh on every line


JBee, at this rate it’ll run into the banter decades. What a fecking mess.


Jimmybee… Every line brings a smile 🙂

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