Asking The Right Questions....Before Its Too Late

Asking The Right Questions….Before Its Too Late

Timposter outlines the importance  of asking the right questions to get the answers we are actually looking for..and why we should ask them now

Friends, Celticonians, countrymen (and Women), lend me your ears.

I come to bury , not praise them.

The evil that these men do lives after them…….To ask, or not to ask, that is the question. Whether ’tis is nobler……erm wait a minute …I’ve strayed off already.

Having recently cogitated over a virtual glass of port with “informed Twitterati” over the current shenanigans of or to be accurate the lack of any sign of the Compliance Officers Report, day 214 and counting, I decided to ask @ CelticFC & via Twitter

“Will you be giving ST purchasers an assurance that SFA can be trusted to act fairly?”

“Will SFA Compliance  Officer  provide the evidence?”

As yet there there has been no reply, but I believe is on holiday and it it is Easter.

I must admit that that I pondered whether to ask this question. Why?- you ask… (Well I did of myself)

Tempus fugit (and naw he’s not our new Centre Back transfer target) lies at the heart of my dilemma.

Season Book renewals are rapidly coming towards us and as I see it this is the main leverage we have to exert pressure on those who run our game.

CASH is the ONLY language they understand.

If enough fans hold off their purchase until the clubs respond that puts pressure on both the clubs and SFA to give an answer.

So why my dilemma?

Well some might see this as another stick to beat Celtic with, where Celtic become the focus, rather than those who are responsible for the corruption.

We need other clubs fans to act too. Otherwise Celtic will only say that other clubs have to be of the same mind to vote through changes.

Some say we should be more patient and allow time for events to take their course.

We’ve already seen Regan removed(but not held to account) Broadfoot & McKinlay gone.

Do we need to allow time for a new fair minded incorruptible SFA CEO to be appointed to deal with the Compliance Officers Report ? (stop yer giggling Jock).

Perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he is an honourable man…

Also there is a more fundamental question.

Having asked Celtic to give us their opinion on SFA I have resisted from asking the obvious question.

Why do we have to ask them this?

Should Celtic be, as a matter of course, more proactive by telling us their position before any of us have to ask this obvious question? 

Of course they should.

So why aren’t they being proactive?

What possible reason could there be for them not being proactive ?

Which brings us back to making Celtic the focus rather the guilty SFA. Which, of course, is exactly what the media and the authorities want us to do.

And the very last thing we should do, although if we have to…

So how do we have a dialogue with Celtic where it is seen as a question rather than an attack? A genuine request for information as opposed to another round of criticism. 

If we don’t, we run the risk of failing to grasp this opportunity to force the changes required in Scottish football.

If we do, we have to act now. And act correctly.

Dilemma …..dilemma…..dilemma


As someone, who shall remain nameless ………sagely put to me…Time has a purpose.

It stops everything happening at once.

Concentrate on what is about to happen and stop looking for what isn’t there.

Deal with what is.

Though why should it be down to us ? 


Tempus fugit