Celtic Diary Friday March 30: Well, Thats Cleared That Up…

As part of my practical exam for entry into the Scottish Mainstream sports Media yesterday, we got something wrong. Big thanks to Uncle Auldheid for coming down to the house and holding a blowtorch over my testicles until i agreed to put it right.

Actually, given that there’s been a lot of talk about testicular cancer this week, with former Celt John Hartson doing a Full Monty, its a good job he did. I’d always felt there was something wrong in that particular area, and apparently although one of them is  fine, I should be aware that there’s something wrong with the other two.

Anyhoo, “rangers ” do not need to produce three years of accounts, as we wrongly stated, they only need the one, the latest one, to show they are all tickety boo to get a licence to play in europe next season.

We believe JK Rowling is working on them even as we speak.

Along with whoever wrote this… from the follow follow webshite

Been hearing a rumour doing the rounds for a while now that Alex Neil is the choice of a few of our board members to take over in the summer, and just wanted to post on here to see what people made of it and what others have heard.

I reckon he’d be a decent appointment. Had a successful spell at Hamilton when he got them back into the premiership. Then he done well at Norwich and took them up to the premier league. Admittedly it went downhill for them after that and he eventually got the sack, but he’s now at Preston and got them punching above their weight sitting 2 points off the playoffs on one of the lowest budgets in the league which isn’t bad at all.

One thing I like about him is that he’s not a fantasist in the mould of Pedro or Warburton. Always admits when he gets it wrong which is good as he is very young for a manager with lots of room to improve. With Mark Allen to take him under his wing it could be the perfect job for him and bring out his strengths for us if all goes well.

Obviously this rumour is nothing concrete right now but just posting my thoughts on it all, and wouldn’t be disappointed if it did turn out to be true.

Anyhoo, re their accounts, application and eligibility, I’m quite sure that if we ask the SFA, via email or tweet, they will happily clarify the situation for us, and that way this time we can all see that the game is indeed being played on a fair and level playing field…

After all, we really need to move on.

Well, thats the SFA agenda, it’s just that the courts don;t seem to want to..


Back at the ranch, and with the season approaching its conclusion, Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers sought to make us all feel better after various newspapers printed their latest transfer rumours, which as you know have everybody who is in the first team leaving because they have done well, and all the fringe players leaving because they can’t get a regular game.

“Are they fuck, “ he said

He then went on to give a brief summary of how things have been this season, and n that showed a little bit of determination to give it everything he’s got for the last six weeks or so…

It is another period where there is a chance to rewrite the history book.

“It has been a brutal season. It was always going to be difficult to recreate what we did last year and on the back of the recovery the players had last summer, which was minimal, it was probably impossible. 

Gordon Strachan has done his bit as well this season, leaving out Celtic players wherever he could from his Scotland side, thus ensuring there would be no world cup to worry about.

Rodgers continued..

But if someone said to me we would reach the Champions League, make the last 32 of the Europa League, win a League Cup and be 10 points clear with a game in hand and in the semi-final of the Cup, I’d have snapped their hand off. 

And hit them with it ?

“If it was to be done this year it would be better. It’s incredible to think the Treble has become near enough the standard but there’s actually the 
possibility of it again.

“There’s no doubt if we finish this season with that it trumps last year’s.

“I say that because of the expectations, scrutiny, the added pressure to it. Last year we weren’t even expected to get to the Champions League.

“Now we’re expected to compete and win the Europa League.”

And I still haven’t forgiven him for not making the final of the Boat Race.

The league kicks in again tomorrow with the visit of ross county, and the manager confirmed that Leigh Griffiths will be available for selection, and it could be argued that the side has missed his passion.

The lifelong Hibernian fan has certainly bought into all things Celtic , as his recent trip to Ireland showed..

Image result for man running  with irish flag

Ah, wait, thats not him.

This is..

Image result for Leigh Griffiths with irish flag

Whilst Dembele has hit form, and deserves to keep his place, perhaps we need to find room for the energy and enthusiasm of the Griff to help us get over the line.

It’s not April Fools Day, and perish the thought that this website would ever make anything up, but one of the replies to the diary yesterday caught my eye, and set off a good old fashioned bout of paranoia..

Gerry March 29, 2018 at 4:56 pm · Edit · Reply →

Conspiracy theory time; is there any chance that the SFA are trying their Level 5 best to get noticed by UEFA as utterly useless and corrupt? The subsequent ban would apply to the whole of Scottish Football and as a result the only team who actually belong at that table get denied the money that helps us remain at the top. If the other teams are utterly gash then it makes no difference to them, if we’re too p!sh to qualify for any tournament it makes no difference to the national team, all it does is deprive us of our opportunity and progression.
Bit of a conspiracy theory but surely they can’t be so stupid as to think they can continually flaunt the rules right in the faces of UEFA? Who can rid our game of these SFA cheating scum bastards!! 

As far as I’m concerned thats now a fact.

Mainly because history has taught us that in the past we weren’t paranoid enough, and that we shouldn’t put anything past these peepil.

In fact, we shouldn’t put anything anywhere near them..

Image result for scared goat gif

Remember that Smash a Fenian thing that i said was a bit childish, thankfully someone agrees with me..

Hello mad people. For all my lovely wee country’s faults, smash a fenian day isn’t a thing. It’s been made up as a dark joke, which we sort of invented along with the telly. Yours, sane people. 

Hang on, “Dark Joke “…thats fucking racist, the bastard.

On a serious note, that shows you exactly how much anti Irish Catholicism is embedded in some peoples minds. thankfully, Cameron doesn’t have a public platform on which to espouse his views…

Apart from his newspaper, that is.

speaking of twitter, this made me chuckle..

Haha, . Not another new football club forming up there is there? 😭😭😭

As did this, which kind of proves something we already knew about the standard of police officer these days, in whom we trust our safety and well being..

Wee bit late today, and i have to run, so we’ll finish with yesterdays caption competition, and then do something a little different for today…

Can’t believe no one said

“Hullo Jock, how’s the Glasgow Rangers, ” a reference to the wistful tale of a lone Scottish warrior, who, upon being found by his compatriots during the Second World War, didn’t ask for food, water or medical attention, but wanted to check on the health of his club.

That man is the sort of guy whose shoulders you look over when he does his lottery numbers.

today, have a look at these two pictures, identify the men in them, and tell us your favourite memory or story of them..


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Not all goals are equal. Expected Points (xPTS) allows us to value each goal in terms of its potential impact on the outcome of the game. Who scores/assists the most potentially impactful goals?


we`ll never know till they`re nurtured.


To follow Gerry’s point for a moment if the” whole of Scottish football” is effected then that will include the national teams, u17, u21 full squad etc. Can’t see the blazers pursuing that line, turkeys voting for Christmas !


I can’t identify the first guy but the second guy is my childhood hero…Feed the Bear. I always remember the Jungle singing those words and Roy would receive the ball and go on a charge trying to make things happen. Looking at that pic again, is that Jorge Cadete?


My thoughts too m8 cant mistake the glint in the eye of the bear, but Cadete i think your right.


It looks like him, JBee, plus the destination travel board is in Portugese.


Tis Cadete, as the Etims were talking about him on their Twitter feed.

Charlie Saiz

I only know the first verse of the sash as we had usually scored by the second – Roy Aitken

Charlie Saiz

On Gerry’s point I have considered this angle myself on several occasions over the past 5 years.
Desperate times call for desperate measures as the saying goes…


Welcome back Charlie 🙂

Charlie Saiz

Cheers Jimmy 😉
Enforced Internet sabbatical has now ended hope all is well at your end pal.
HH and fuck the hunz


welcome back charlie saiz did ye get time aff for good behavior or good ststistics he he

Charlie Saiz

I wiz a good bhoy Charlie 😉
Done a power of walking with the new dug managed tae shift 3 stone of ballast in the process:-)


Bar him for swearin` Ralph.


Glad you’re here Charlie Saiz!

Charlie Saiz

Cheers Uralius glad to be back pal.



Charlie Saiz

Hello hinge say hello tae bracket when you see him 😉

il tuo turno


Superb quote by the Bear.

Oh well they’ve got the penny arcade now. A bit more befitting their financial status

Charlie Saiz



Gerry Creaney?

And SuperRoy!

Wee Bertie



Anyone wanting to see the difference a year in the english premiership makes then look no further than Burnley. Burnley made a £22.2m net profit during the 2016-17 Premier League season and tripled their turnover to £121m. The figures contrast the net loss of £3.74m from the previous season, when the Clarets won the Championship . Staff costs almost doubled while the club also spent around £40m on transfers. “We believe we now have a wage structure capable of attracting playing talent of a sufficient ability,” said chairman Mike Garlick. “While our wage bill is still one of the lower… Read more »


Also welcome back Charlie.

Charlie Saiz

Cheers bud HH

Good to see you back Charlie must missed input and sensible posts brought a great balance to the forum. Was slightly worried as you are when people disappear. Welcome back

Charlie Saiz

Cheers Ian appreciated bud.

Charlie Saiz

The first guy looks like he regularly put the ball in the nettie for us..Jorge Cadette and Roy Airken looking to wrestle another bear.


Caption fot the two pics…Where’s the perms gone tae, Tam, where’s the perms gone tae?

Charlie Saiz

Ma boots are heavy ma kilt is tight
Ma baws ur swinging fae left tae right


You’ll be used to marching…..



I saw this about 3 hours ago and bet myself you would say that!!


I wonder when he was marching on our streets with his fellow Brutish Nigel’s….did it sound clip….clop….clip…..clop?

Charlie Saiz

Never marched in Dundee or Naples 😉


Bgbhoy.. Monti is always quite predictable…
His reply Will be…?


Haha. Something to do with urine


Bgbhoy… Give that man a cigar… PISH







Best memory about him

After asking for years for a Celtic top
your man delivered the goods 25 Dec 1972

Mark Gillespie

1st pic is Sheryl Crow & 2nd is Kenny Rogers.


So Charlie saiz is back with us eh….nosebag n all.
I take it the beaches are closed due to the weather?

Jorge Cadete? Wonderful player, shamefully treated by Jim Farry & Fergus McCann, McCann should have gave this man what he wanted and kept him on the park…but no, 40+m wasn’t enough was it Fergus?

Roy Aitken? A Celtic great, wonderful Celt!


Greetings all.. I’m glad to see Charlie Saiz… You done yer Jankers OK then 🙂




Monti. Jankers is british military jail time 🙂




Take all.


You know Ronnie isn’t the manager any more ?
Alex Neil… good Coatbridge Catholic bhoy.

Charlie Saiz

Indeed and I see Brendan is still playing one up front 😉

Charlie Saiz

High press

Charlie Saiz

High tempo


High ho eyore


Celtic v Ross County 3-4-2-1







Looks good to me Monti. Any predictions?

Rob O'Keeffe

Yes,it’ll not be a sell out……except by the board…..


6-0 m8

Abu O'Donnell

Are sevco being vapourised?


captions is the tap wan craig whyte who ile always remember fondly for spending that penny the other wan is big roy who was unplayable the ten men won he league night


Tomorrow lets see the team without those who are contemplating their next move.
Lustig Ajer Hendry Tierney
Brown Ntcham
Forrest Charley Sinclair
5_0 the bhoys.




G`day C.Saiz.

Charlie Saiz

G’day Port HH


Every time a sevco manager took advice from Walter Myth they lost 5-1.




Zazoom Saiz. 🙂


It always amazed me the amount of energy Monti expels trying to belittle Charlie Saiz.


Cos he’s British army, keep up the struggle Monti…


The Rangers`ll always be the 1st fools.


Is Compper to play?
If not, put Ajer and Hendry in the middle and be happy with a 1-0 win.


Well worth £27


A wee tune has hit the airways and has been requested for the happy easter to you`se sevconians.




Was it not and did that thy SFA/SPFL say;
“If a team go into liquidation that they`re to stay in the Scottish Premier League?”

It`s within their dissent desegregation,Khids.


I`ve stubbed my wee toe.



Come on you Bhoys in Green.


I just seen a po-leece fella run past my door here in South Aussieland.

Albeit,he`ll be back the bassa.

Raise and sing Ghirls and Bhoys.



Carn you wee fanny and get on the pitch.There`s always.



Rubber DUP,DUP.


Which Charlie is on the 5 way get thin agreement?


Yoker Bhoy

Thank fuck we can get back to the real footie again. I’ve lost even more interest in the national team after McCleish’s appointment and opted to watch Spain’s two games instead (that 6-1 drubbing of Argentina was something else). At least we can take a few positives from recent events – Most importantly, nobody got injured; Jack Hendry and Kristoffer Ajer made very solid debuts for their respective national teams; Jack Aitcheson’s brace against Holland in the under-19s; Lewis Morgan is scoring for fun at the moment and, last but not least, Moussa Demble’s superb goal from a free-kick for… Read more »


The 11 below`ll want the points once in a while.



We are missing Jonny Hayes up front.


At about 3.45 am a British soldier knocked on the door of the cell and told us time was up. We both walked out together down to the end of the large open space from which a corridor leads through to the gaol yards. His hands were tied behind his back, a cloth tied over his eyes and a small piece of paper 5 inches square pinned to his coat over his heart. Just then we saw Father Augustine with Com. M. Mallin come towards us from the cell where they had been. We were told to be ready. I… Read more »

Yoker Bhoy

Morning Mikey. Very moving stuff indeed. How’s it going m8, looking forward to today’s game?


Oh Yeah, its going good Yoker, Busy just now, but getting the Hippy Hippy shakes from lack of football, ssoooo looking forward too todays game, canny wait. Hope you had a good couple of weeks, like your team.
Its looking promising, Ajer, Hendry, Bain, young men with bags of talent.


Good stuff!


Mike, excellent…

Yoker Bhoy

G’day Port. Enjoy today’s game mate, maybe we can score a barrowload!



Ralph`s due his 7 goals Yorker. If The Ton get promoted beware Tic.



Mon the Rebels, The Cockney rebels.

They’ve gone and broken every code,
and dragged the game down to the floor,
they’ve spoilt the game, no matter what they say,
They are mental and such a bore,
Bovril and pies, they tell so many lies,
oh, come up and see me , make me smile,
or do what you want, runnin wild.


That’s me Yoker, Have a great day mate and enjoy the game, mibbee speak later, all the best to you and the famous Glasgow Celtic, in our quest for back to back tremaloes.


Outsanding programme and in the must see category of childhood mayhem.
My favourite characters were ‘ the count ‘ and ‘ big bird ‘ aka Dave Mcpherson. 🙂

Yoker Bhoy

Cheers Mike, you too pal. If we can just notch a couple of wins over today and against McCann’s mob in midweek than I reckon the league will be sewn up.

TC (Tommy Callaghan)


Are the clocks to change? OXOXO


Is the Northern Hemisphere heatin` up?



Hector is at the Lamb fiddling this weather…..
Do you have any spare cords?


G`day Hector `n` Monti.

His (once every 20 years) pants are on an extension layby.

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