Celtic Diary Wednesday March 28: Concentrating On The Real Issues

School’s are out just now, and it appears things have changed a little since my day.  In order to keep their little tykes amused, back then at least, teachers would suggest little projects to while away the hours in those days of three tv channels and no internet.

Sure, we’d play football until it went dark, but it was difficult to get a good game going when everyone wore the same strip…

Image result for parka snorkel jacket Image result for wellington boots mens


These days, children have all sorts of options when it comes to amusement, and one of them, or a group of them, presumably feeling deeply unloved and neglected,has sent out a cry for attention

Some people are outraged, others are claiming its part of an anti catholic surge amongst the right wing in Scotland, and the cheeky little scamp who put it together will have found another way to amuse himself in front of his computer that won’t need him to clear his browser history in case his mother sees it.

Frankly, looking at the enthusiastic use of capital letters and the lack of punctuation, its probably not worth bothering with.

I’ve met a few people who consider it witty to shout “100 points ” if you run over an Asian, doubled if they have kids and trebled if there’s a pushchair involved.

As you can imagine, these people soon drop off one’s radar and find their level in life’s tropical fish tank somewhere down with the other bottom feeders, and as a result have to blame someone for that, as of course its not their fault, as they are white, protestant and have lived here all their life.

As they become fewer, they need to make more noise or else they will be ignored, and thats what we have in that leaflet.

A wee shout to make them feel all grown up and important.

Its really not worth reacting to, certainly not worth getting all excited about because by May 1 they’ll al be back at school and studying hard for their digging holes in the road and filling them in again diplomas.

As the noise from the dark side gets louder, our reaction should become less, and starve them of the oxygen of publicity. Its what they crave, and just as an addict should be refused heroin, or an alcoholic refused whisky, they should be refused attention.

They might be waving their arms about, but they’re not going to hit anything.


There are several other things that need our attention.

Like who will replace Scott Brown as Celtic midfield enforcer, after Stuart Armstrong was caught on camera shouting “not the hair, not the hair ”

Or organising this, as suggested by Tam Sellick on twitter..

Rangers fans are planning to wear orange at the semi-final. I think it’s a great idea. If Celtic fans in the north stand round to east stand F7 wear green and G1 round to the main stand divide wear white we will create a massive tricolour round Hampden.


There are plenty of other things that demand our attention, such as allegations that former Rangers players each received one thousand pounds to play in the legneds game at the weekend, which received so much press attention.

I’m sure their top men are on that particular story, as they would not wish to be associated with it if the accounts show it was all a waste of time…

Hah. Accounts, what am i talking about. As if they’ll ever publish anything that has numbers in it.

Like this, from Barcabhoy, which due to UEFA rules, means that “rangers ” should not have been given a UEFA licence last year, which in fairness does mean they are following yet another tradition that made the original club so lovable.

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D'Fhinnein Mick


I saw that tweet last night. Showed it to one of my colleagues down here. Astonished doesn’t quite cover his reaction.

What’s even worse,have you read the comments that followed it?

Johnny r

24 hours on and I’m still narked about @cunneen92 the twitter account of the guy who ‘writes’ for Paddy Power and weighed in with his agenda laden bullshit about Scott Brown’s testimonial.. Paddy Power will have a vetting system on social media and they let his puerile comment out into the public domain. Stop betting with them. All of us. They don’t deserve your dollar.


Even better, get everyone you know to sign up for a Paddy Power account and then all of us delete them at kick off time on the day of Broonie’s testimonial.
That should get the message across.

I presume you were being sarcastic when you wrote ‘an e-mail to Celtic might get the ball rolling’.


Drink beer and lose weight while looking at your tranny.

Rob O'Keeffe

Just wondering about the 1000 points.How do you shoot someone and not injure them?
Cricket in Australia (all cheats) gets huge crowds because they don’t believe in God and their burdz are rough as badgers…..

Rob O'Keeffe

Caption: Dave is determined Never to have cold shoulders only golden sh………

Hoop hoop hooray

Another sevco fan laps up the pish he is bottlefed daily instead of quitting while he is still a head.



Ok ..let’s get your mouth hydrated before you start on my sushi…

Thomas Mccarthy.

Well written I really think Celtics fault they should be pushing the boat out instead of relying on the 3 that you mentioned.myself and 3brothers are not renewing the season books we think we have been ripped of by Celtic
Ok Monti

Can we naw make May 1st ” HUG A HUN DAY “. where they all get a great big bear hug, preferably administered to them by one of the Black, Grizzly or Polar family… KTF..

In that letter, the muppet that composed it stated that Protestantism is a religion – wrong!!..

Christianity is a religion – Protestantism is a section of that religion, hence it is sectarian.

Perhaps if our politicians and our police learned to correctly differentiate, then this idiot, and his cohorts, will be brought to book for breaching the laws governing sectarianism.


Good point Steven. But it’ll be lost on the hunnish hordes. They still think rangers exist


Ting Tong’s Thai Soapy Bubble and Ping-pong Parlour has gone into partnership with budget airlines to offer its clientele a “no-frills” soapy massage with champagne package – a steam box with a bottle of beer, and the masseuse gets to keep her semmit and drawers on.


Another mutant chasing likes on social media, or, trying too hard to look like a tough guy. Best ignoring these stupid bastards.


Caption: kim jung un gives his scientist a swig of rocket fuel.


Belter, Monti.


Cheers Noel.


More like belcher Monti 🙂

Oh I like the Killie touch, will pass that to Killie fan in here to pass onto his fellow fans, or relations as they call them down Ayrshire way

Wisnae me

If “rangers” were ineligible last season why aren’t Hearts kicking up a fuss, they lost out European revenue, and would probably have gotten further, and thus increased the co-efficient, slightly.


Because they will have been got at, threatened and intimidated to shut the fuck up.
Or the bombs & bullets will arrive in the post….
Someone should ask Regan what his specific threats were.


They got a nice new stand in return for looking the other way



New Photo emerges of Dave King trying to get rid of the evidence after the Jim White interview at his wine cellar in S.A.


With succulent lamb being tainted by Murray, King finds a new way to keep the SMSM on board. And keeps the photo’s just in case.


Lunch break for Jack in the Box.


Caption…Hun enjoys his yearly bath while enjoying his usual meal of canned tuna and freshly fermented PISH


Ack FFS,…
fermented should be fomented…dyslexic keyboard again


Caption: Day 3 of journalism school and prospective sports writers learn to swallow anything Wan H’un Li gives them.


caption while billy mc billy is out at smash a fenian day mrs mc billy entertains thier fenian neighbour ……….theyr no awe bad ha ha ha ha


Charlie…yep some of them can be very open and obliging…

Especially the ones at Motherwell train station! 😉


shshsh blly mcbilly might be lurkin he he


Ralph, I disagree re the sectarian email. If this has not been reported to the police, it needs to be. This is pure hate and is the result of some foul background on the part of the auther. It is the result of a lack of action to quell sectarian singing, marching and other forms of bigotry. The authorities have to start somewhere. This is a clear cut case that has no ambiguity about it. It is clearly an incitement towards violence based on hate. It is a hate crime……pure and simple. If there is any doubt, simply substitute ‘protestant’… Read more »


Rebus… It is but a recent variation in all of the innumerable anti Catholic bigotry shown by a sizeable number of their fellow thinkers… The only surprising thing that there is no mention of a points score for killing a “Fenian”…which is something they are well versed in also…

I feel sorry for the author and others within that cohort who are blinded by a notion of ascendency by any means.

They have long since been lost to decent society
All that being said…
Fuck them all nevertheless and a curse on all their houses !


As you know at first hand, you have to stand up to these cunts, i’ve done it all my life, at work, in pubs or out in the street.
Catholic, Celtic & proud of it….and i let them fucking know it!
Did it make me unpopular with some? Yes
Did it make things more difficult for me? yes.
Did i give two fucks? No.
Do i give two fucks now? No.
Was it fun? Fuck yes.



Rebus, on two occasions i’ve contacted anti sectarian groups over the singing of the “Billy Boys” at the EBTarena and made the point you did about the furore there would be if you inserted , Jewish, Asian or Black rather than Fenian. Guess what the response was? Again, we’re all Jock Tamson’s Bairns aren’t we?


Know your place you Fenian bass! How many points do I get for this?


Noel, Depressing! The problems are deep rooted. I recall at school playing for the football team, if we were drawn against a team from a Catholic school, it was a win at any and all costs.Some of the motivation was fuelled by hate. It just took a few comments from some in the team to produce group think and the whole team went out to kill the other lot. I have to say that our opponents had the same desire! We played Dumbarton St Pats once and we were very motivated to get at them. As it happened St Pats… Read more »


Caption: Backstage at the ‘ Jeremy Kyle show ‘ Una helps Jeremy prepare for today’s episode of ‘ The Kyle files ‘


Monti… the only iron you’ll get there will be the golfing variety


I hope she laughs when she reads my nonsense m8, it is with laughter in mind when i post.


Nope, don’t think she will.


Monti… I hope you’re right and she can retaliate in kind… That’s the way a forum like this should be 🙂


Anti catholicism in the country A Labour Member of the Scottish Parliament has called on Holyrood to recognise the growing problem of anti-Catholicism in Scotland. It follows a government report which suggests that Catholics are the victims of 57 per cent of all religiously aggravated offences reported in the country. Elaine Smith MSP raised the subject in the Scottish Parliament last week, following an incident in which a church near Glasgow was vandalised and the Blessed Sacrament desecrated. Smith noted that not only are Catholics now the victims of more hate crime than all other religious groups in Scotland combined,… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Andrew Cunneen wrote the Paddy Power garbage.Surely,multiple e-mails,phone calls calling for his sacking or legal action from Celtic is the way to “move” on ?……

Rob O'Keeffe

Paddy Powers’ new sponsor……Gerald Ratner.

“ gonnae geisha another drink hen”

Family of fenians coming over, bring it on


Iancelt67… Just encourage further breeding
… Out-shag the huns 🙂


I did my best in my youth……pumped a few of them 🙁
Beer goggles.




weered huns dont shag ..they rut …its another school thing he he


I dunno…….:)


Thought the Celts did relatively okay last night against a poor team. Forrest was not as good as he could be but played out of position and service was terrible. A new era dawns(again) for Ebt Mc Leish.



Who’s the steamer now?


a dont know if zombies can cry buthttps://t.co/y1MCq0qNgf


a think that might be something to do wae the schools


Update on the dwarf and his new bride


a wee tip for anybody who likes a bet go into the bookies and ask for a price oan broony gettin sent aff in the semi ….theyl no take yer money cause bookies aint daft ……but ten men won the semi sounds good for a new song COYBIG


Looking forward to the boxing at the weekend, AJ v Parker?
Parker looks like a tough opponent.

rab wallace

Great article as always.
Caption ” Brendan your wife’s on the phone”


Morning Bhoys!


heers wan for wan ae oors


shanes good but coppum wae ronnie


a think we cans safely say the dubliners kick the poguues ass even on a drunk day

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