Celtic Diary Monday March 26: Celts PR Masterstroke ?

Actually, I’ve no idea of the club was behind the recent story in the Herald concerning referees. Had I been in the PR department at Celtic, they would have been.

You probably haven’t read it, and any link may require a subscription. But it’s actually worth paying for , and deserves at least some sort of recognition, so first here’s a link..


And here’s the article anyway, as a kind of punishment for their second piece that gets a mention today.

Referees blow the whistle on unrest
Alan Campbell

IT all got too much for Neil Lennon at Rugby Park last month when a penalty awarded to Kilmarnock by referee Kevin Clancy incensed the Hibernian manager and sparked a confrontation with the official.

But while nobody, not even Lennon himself, would have been surprised by his subsequent five-match Scottish FA touchline ban (two of them suspended), what is astonishing is that among the biggest critics of the refereeing system in Scotland are many of the officials themselves.

Lennon received the ban for misconduct, but was not further punished for his post-match comments to journalists when he laid into Clancy in particular, and Scottish refereeing standards in general. “Mickey Mouse stuff,” Lennon said contemptuously.

A fortnight earlier Tommy Wright, the St Johnstone manager, was more measured when complaining about the performance of another referee, Andrew Dallas, following his dismissal of David Wotherspoon in a league game at Tynecastle.

What linked the two managers’ remarks was that both claimed it was a waste of time phoning the SFA’s head of refereeing operations, John Fleming, on a Monday to complain about his top officials.

“I have probably spoken to John Fleming about Andrew Dallas more than any referee. Nothing seems to change,” Wright said.

Lennon was in agreement. “You ring John Fleming on a Monday and you get the same ‘yeah, yeah’. You go round in circles, and I’ve lost a lot of faith in it to tell you the truth,” he said.

It seems that view is shared in refereeing circles. Clancy and Dallas are regarded by many of their peers as being among a select few in Scotland who wear “bullet-proof vests”. That is because they are Fifa-list referees – the other five in this category being John Beaton, Willie Collum, Bobby Madden, Don Robertson and Nick Walsh.

According to recently- retired referees the Sunday Herald has spoken to, the seven Fifa officials are allocated Premiership matches regardless of how many mistakes they are accused of making.

Meanwhile, other Category 1 referees find themselves demoted to the lower leagues if, and when, they make similar errors, losing not only status but the much higher financial payments available in the top league.

Another allegation is that geographical bias is also a factor, according to James Bee, a former Category 2 referee who retired in 2014 and is secretary of the Prospect professional trade union branch of Scottish referees.

“This isn’t just about Fifa referees – it goes wider than that,” said Bee, pictured bottom left. “There are others at Category 1 level who are treated differently [from their colleagues] as well. There appears to be a geographical bias favouring referees from three central belt associations to the detriment of the others.”

Bee points out that of the seven current Fifa referees, three belong to the Glasgow association, with Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire each having two. He further states that the last Edinburgh Fifa referee was Calum Murray, who came off the list in 2013. The last Ayrshire referee was in 2007, in Fife it was 2000, and Aberdeen 1999.

“There’s nothing wrong with every country appointing who they believe to be the seven top referees to the Fifa category,” Bee continued. “What has been questioned is how these decisions are arrived at – and what the process is behind them.

“The first Scottish Cup final was in 1873 – and it was 107 years before an Edinburgh referee was appointed to take charge. It is now 145 years since that first final and there has been a total of three. I think that would be reflected in the other associations outwith Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire.”

REMARKABLY, some referees in recent years have been put on the Fifa list without having ever taken charge of a Premiership match.

“The Fifa rules state that a referee can’t be appointed to the list younger than 28,” Bee explained. “The SFA’s referee operations department and referee committee will look at the guys coming up to that age and would hope to identify referees who are good enough.

“That never used to be the case, but the policy for a few years now is the younger the better. As somebody once said to me, if they’re targeting younger guys that’s great – but why does it always seem to be younger guys from the same three associations? Do people from these three areas have a genetic predisposition for refereeing?”

One high-profile former referee, speaking on the guarantee of anonymity, said: “You can pick somebody to grow into a position, but you can’t buy experience. You can pass a fitness test, or a laws of the game examination – but it’s the practical nature and man management of dealing with 22 players and two sets of coaching staff that’s going to be the deciding factor as to whether or not, over time, you’re good enough to do the job.

“To be able to look at somebody [for the Fifa list] without having had that experience just beggars belief.”

THE Scottish Senior Football Referees Association (SSFRA) was formed in 2005 as a vehicle for referees to raise issues, both within the referee department and the SFA. Bee is a former chairman, but, like other ex-referees spoken to, believes it now isn’t fit for purpose.

The current chairman is Lennon’s nemesis Clancy, and it is understood about 50 match officials are members. Prospect have some 65 members, including several Premiership officials, yet the SFA refuse to deal with the union – in contrast with the Football Association in England.

Brian Colvin retired at the end of 2015 and says it is impossible for the SSFRA to properly represent his former colleagues when they feel they need to raise issues.

“The fact that active referees run the SSFRA is fundamentally flawed,” Colvin said. “When I was refereeing at the top level, I would have been very uncomfortable taking a serious matter – such as an issue with appointments – to the SSFRA. It’s easy to argue that it doesn’t have the skill set, or indeed the freedom, to act in the collective best interests of referees.

“I would have felt the opposite approaching experts within Prospect, knowing they would undoubtedly be able to give me sound, confidential and professional advice – as well as taking issues forward to the SFA, should it be required, without any risks or concerns. I didn’t feel this was the case with the current SSFRA model.”

THAT many referees do have concerns was laid bare in a survey conducted by Prospect among 50 of their members. Asked if they believed the match appointments and grading of referees was fair and transparent, a staggering 82 per cent replied they did not.

When asked if they felt the SFA was concerned with their well-being and development, the referees’ replies were also in the negative – 62 per cent said they felt the governing body wasn’t concerned. The survey was conducted 15 months ago, but this is the first time the results have been published and the anecdotal evidence is that the perceived problems very much remain.

The former referee quoted earlier who asked not to be named said: “There was a feeling of ‘them and us’ among the 30 or so Category 1 referees when I was there. Clearly the referees who have the Fifa badge have to be refereeing the top games domestically, but you would want everything to be fair and transparent. Those are two key concepts that I don’t think were ever achieved.

“The 82 per cent negative response [to the survey question on match appointments and the grading of referees being fair and transparent] is extremely high. You would expect there to be a degree of disgruntlement but that’s astronomic. As you’re getting promoted through the ranks you’re flavour of the month, or you must be at some stage to get to Category 1, but what happened within that category was extremely demotivating.

“It just wasn’t fair. You would see high-profile errors being made by some referees without the same repercussions as there were for others.”

THE former official believes that a small number of referee match observers, former referees who grade performances from the stands, contribute hugely to the alleged problems of geographical bias and favouritism.

“The grading clearly had an effect on what fixtures you got over time,” he said. “The vast majority of observers I found to be helpful and trustworthy, but there was a small group who I would say were extremely biased towards their own referee associations.

“Some of their views were so way off the mark from any other feedback you got, and consistently so over a number of years, that what they wrote wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. You just wouldn’t read their reports.

“The vast majority of us are accustomed in our day jobs to being held accountable and appraised. It’s a very similar system in refereeing, but when it’s as unfair in certain quarters as it is, it just stinks.”


A Scottish FA spokesperson said: “The Scottish FA is committed to the development and well-being of match officials – with a recruitment programme that stretches across the country.

“We appreciate the contribution from those across all levels of the domestic game and have an open-door policy to listen to any concerns individuals may have.”  

Which is kind of the response alluded to by Messrs Wright and Lennon.

Hopefully, the pressure is now on referees not to make the kind of mistakes that prevent clubs winning trebles…and if Celtic didn’t think of starting this “discussion “, they should have.

But no matter..its out there. Incidentaly, for more detail, pick up “Anyone But Celtic” , by Paul Larkin. It explains why we’re at this situation with the men in the middle..

With the Herald breaking ranks, they had to offer balance, and they did.. the Daily version telling us how Graeme murty will grow into being a “rangers ” manager, presumably he’s about to shed his outer skin or undergo some kind of metamorphosis into an animal that sleeps upside down in a cave, and how Club 1872 needs more money to bail out whatever they are bailing out this week.

Though the sunday version carried a back page advert for what will undoubtedly be an official commemorative top next season…

There was a national cup final to cover, Inverness CT beating Dunfermline with a dramatic late winner, but a fat man in an orange top takes precedence, and it means that this particular kit, which panders purely to their bigots, has gained a level of acceptance before they announce it as official.


The Sun claims that Scott sinclair is unsettled and wants to return to england. Fair enough, if he is missing his family, something that had to happen sooner or later .

Image result for helen flanagan

On a serious note, the guy has one young child and another on the way.

If he does go, no one will blame him, and he will go with our best wishes.

Image result for bye bye gif

At the rate we’re going, Lennoxtown will be very quiet on most days..

Manchester United have “stepped up ” their interest in Keiran Tierney, who like all Celtic fans is relishing the chance to tell Jose Mourinho exactly what he thinks of him. when that call from Old Traford comes, Tierney has his Portuguese phrase book open….

Você pode foder você traindo o pequeno bastardo. Acima o RA

You can probably guess what it means.

Scotland have another international either tonight or tomorrow, I can’t be arsed checking, and Tam MacManus, no, i don’t know either, has called for the support to get behind the new manager, instead of whinging about him.

Well, actually, its only Celtic fans who whinge about him, according to Tam..

Mute button on fire tonight. Can’t be arsed with bitter Celtic fans desperate for McLeish to fail. Don’t want to hear it. And i won’t anymore thankfully. 

I’m not interested in whether McLeish fails or succeeds. The point is, i’m no longer interested in the national team as it is the SFA team, and its the SFA who I want to see failed and jailed.

And thats not exclusively the feelings of Celtic supporters. but as ever in the media, they see everything in black and white. Or green and blue.

McLeish is a cheat, as his record on EBTs and undisclosed side letters proves. however, his employers are also cheats, as they colluded with the club that died.

To an extent MacManus can be excused, he’s a long time pal and admirer of McLeish, presumably becuase he’s never asked him for financial advice.

But if you have a voice in the mainstream media, you must use it responsibly and at least to the best of your knowledge accurately and fairly.

MacManus does neither in this instance, and may well need a new mute button before long.

Caption competition from Friday…

Honest Hoops March 23, 2018 at 9:31 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption; as the murderwell fans leave the stadium, all tools are to be handed back in…



Image result for rangers legends game march 2018


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Mike Annis

Just a correction. I believe it was Dumbarton losing to ICT not Dunfermline.

Caption: Fat Sally’s love child seen chasing his Da crying, “Da, you’ve nicked my tap.”



@richiestoke warms up


Caption: Rangers target youthful defender for title challenge. Ralph glad you featured super Ally I, as you know, am a long time fan and long for the day he returns to Ibroke to manage whatever club is playing there. However you have taken the argument to a new level and, upon reflection, I feel he is the man to lead Sevco’s title change on the pitch. I know, I know some will say he has put on a little puppy fat hey which of us hasn’t? He has the same pace and athleticism he always had and he would cme… Read more »


SFA reveal match officials new kit for next season.


What in God’s name is that?

Ralph we really need you over this break from the real stuff; chiming in every 3 days or so is just not good enough. Get your finger out FFS!!


Caption….Scottish hun wrestler Grado becomes Murtys new defensive signing.



A better than average looking Sevco wife does a lap of honour at the scrapyard following being crowned Mrs Sevco 2018.



B.F.D.J. back in training as he expects a call up to scotland squad ,

Whits Derek dain tom,whits derek dain ?

Stevie D

If that’s Derek Johnstone he’s developed anorexia since the last time I saw. The guy in the picture’s no much more than a stone heavier than the Kingston Bridge.


Should be….





You never see Grado and McCoist together mmm??


Caption: “… you were supposed to be the Sevco flag bearer not the flag wearer FFS…


Wee Red, you would need a few butchers aprons to wrap around slim there.


That’s the biggest they could afford 🙂


Looks like Sally’s reliving his EBT Tangerine Dream…


Caption: Fat Scottish comedian brings Grado off the bench.


Looking at player expected goals and assists compared to the unbeaten SPFL season of last. Whose form is holding out amongst all the injuries?


Caption: Simply the breast.


Excellent article about the referees. Thanks.

I’m wondering if there’s any suggestion of a kickback scheme among them akin to those alleged to have been in place at certain English clubs whose managers are said to have used a sort of “pay to play” system.

Anyway, from the looks the Germans and Spaniards were giving Gollum the other night, the stellar contributions of another of Fleming’s protégés (Thomshun) to European football have not been forgotten. It was like a group of consultants working with a child who was being assessed for the severity of his learning disabilities.

We Ate the People!


BUZZZZZ. Wrong answer.
The answer is, We Ate The Pies.
No points to Sevco University of the Dammed.


The big west of scotland associations of refs are biased and full of the masonic brotherhood.
Its shocking that very few from the north of scotland, the borders etc are deemed suitable wonder why that is?
Fuck the SFA.

Rob O'Keeffe

They’re too busy sheep sha…em,rustling…..


Caption….Obese Sevconian is unveiled as Jason cumdog Cummings strike partner.

The adonis in the above picture done a spoof wrestling thing with Cummings before his failed excursion to the Midlands.


caption: grado….fat hun wank!


Fat Josh Windass look alike finally arrives at the back post.


Caption… after a few more steps Sevco entrant wins pie throwing up competition… new silverware at last


caption grado sais its yersel just ooty picture gascoine sais am no sure


Caption: SFA Referee Fitness Assessment.


Caption: Una leaves the stadium in a rush to get home, ‘ The Kyle files ‘ started 5 mins earlier.




Indeed sir 🙂


Monti… Oh ffs 🙂


What? 🙂


The colourful names of Scottish fitba. teams, some are Deid.

The Bully Wee, The Gable Endies, The Blue Brazil, The Lichties.
The Tangerines, The Hibees, The Jam Tarts, The Caley Jags, The Dons.
The Wasps, The Diamonds, The Red Licties, The Honest Men, The Sons,
The Sunny Dunnies, The Pars, The Bairns, The Loons, The Blue Toon,
The Buddies, The Warriors, The Fifers, The Binos, The Ton, The Blues,
The Doonhammers, The Spiders, The County.
The Diamonds RIP, The Black and Whites RIP, The Gers RIP, The Hi Hi, its Easter and they will resurrect after the huge stone is rolled away.


who the fuck are the sunny dunnies ……..and wit aboot the hoops the leather belts the paradisians or any other auld names for the champions


HE HE The Sunny Dunnies Charles dear bhoy are Dunbar F.C. and the leather belts see below.

Stevie D

Was the Sunny Dunny no a wee inshot in the Barras years ago? In Moncur Street or Stevenson Street?


The Blue Brazil like one or two others are in the Hospital receiving CPR one or two others are receiving the last Rites. Some others are ghosts, their soul has departed but the corpse is in repose, but still their eye-lids flutter. Of course the one above obviously missing is the greatest one of all THE BHOYS, they are in rude health, subsidising most of the others and leading the way as an obvious example thanks to their legendary support, watch them play at Celtic Park or the players representing their Countries, either way its Celtic, Champions in our Football… Read more »


fuck a thought they sunny dunnys was a row a outhouses in the sahara

Rob O'Keeffe

Nice to see those lovely charitable chaps at Liebrox “packing” out the stadium.Sharing is Caring!
Great to see one of Celtic’s bestest ever managers/gardeners score a hat trick against a Hun goalie.Nice top as well,much better than that bloo crap that makes my heart bleed…..
Tam McManus:I predict severe tankings coming your way,you wee dick…..


Get it right up yeh, V. Charlie. 😉 The sunny gummies.


he he


😉 Charlie bhoy the darling of e-tims.


awe ffs noo am blushin ha ha

Rob O'Keeffe

Sinclair missing his family? He sees and sleeps with one of them every week,gets paid plenty,his burd brings in a few bob as well,where did it all go wrong? Oh,that’s right,On the feckin pitch……


Hugh Dallas MBE. At one time head of Referee Development in Scotland. In Nov. 2010 Ass. Ref. Steven Craven accused Dallas of pressuring him to support referee Dougie Dougie McDonald, who had lied about a disallowed penalty. Dallas had himself repeated the lie, of course Dallas was fully supported by the SFA. In Nov. 2010 it emerged that Dallas had sent an e-mail that was sectarian and offensive, referring to the Pope. The Catholic Church demanded that if the report was true that he be sacked. Four other employees were also sacked, although three were later re-employed. Dallas planned to… Read more »


The SFA are a totally corrupt organisation, the Scottush Natuonal teams are all an embarrassment, McLeish being appointed, say no more.
The secret handshake keeps them in power
Thought the picture iof the balloon in that strip was the latest plan to stop the Celtic.

New signing bid war in China, 50 million, latest bid.


I see the freedom fighters of carcassone have been shot! gives me islamanausea, but I guess IRA guys love this.


Whit ye sayin Fred, whit ye saying? I need the Bletchley park code breakers for that We




He doesn’t know what he’s talking about…ignore him.


Good evening Monti… His patter is somewhat disjointed and daft… And yes he is clueless


Monti… He can’t make the distinction between the two viewpoints and both differing objectives.


I’m going to check out wtf he’s on about Wee Red. Now without sounding harsh I thought Port and Charlies comments were mental but I tippled they type how they speak, but Freddie…well


thats harsh


Hahaaaa, Charlie. A undirstawn ivry word ye type, mate. Are you Glaswegian?


Naw…he’s a fanny 🙂


Charlie, are you accepting that from Monti? I’d be suprised if ye don’t give him helter skelters. Lol


What`s next Charlie? Bar havin` a jar while on ETims?

Priggish moralists the lot of `em. 🙂

sevconians wait with bated breath for the new summer season Hunkini.


noel aye ……monti i am deeply hurt …….port shandy drinkers ralotty thum he he

Rob O'Keeffe

Yes,the I.R.A. guys certainly love freedom,beats internment,torture and government sponsored death squads….


Whit ye sayin Fred, whit ye sayin? I think the Bletchley Park Code Breakers would struggle with yer post.


I see Scott Brown is going to give a percentage of his Testimonial proceeds to the family of Liam Miller.

Well done Broony son!


I wonder how many others who criticise Brown would be donating large sums of money to various charitable causes? None, the stupid bastards are too busy giving it to ClubYer Bumped1872. Grand gesture.

4 would be nice if we did not have to have scottish refs 4 broonys game v the motherland


Monti, imagine if Broony gave money to Fernando Ricksens charity? the mutants would be raging.


So would I

Stevie D


Joe D

Caption :- Grado, fat inbred orange bastard


Freddies remark is in reference to the sad events that occurred in Carcassone, France. That much I get.


I also think that Freddie has a dislike for those who practice the faith of Islam, coupled with a hatred of the Ra. Lol


He’s a fucking dick….


Monti… Yes a limp member just hanging like a worm on a hook with nae fish biting 😉

Rob O'Keeffe

Could Celtic not have picked a Huns Legneds “select” for Broonie’s testimonial,£67 per ticket and Kerry oots allowed to be kerried in.What a day/atmosphere/guaranteed riot that would be.The historical event would go down in folklore….you know it makes sense…..


I see Sevco have pulled of a master stroke with that orange tap, one size fits all!


Greenmaestro it’s a backward step… All the way to 1690. And the gullibillies will pay for every rotten year… Effing morons



Stevie D

Sizes XXXL, Hugely obese, Beer Tent, and Derek Johnstone.


Its gone very quiet from the bhoys doon under!!

Cricketers scratching their Baws.


I can picture the bold Port phoning one of the radio or TV stations explaining about the cheating mutants that infest our gamr here in Scotland.


If there no rubbing them up and doon their breeks, there scratch scratch scratching at their baws, or in Port’s case Didgery doing.




Mike`s to shear they Ticbhoys.

You`ve all been doing an indoor dooin` ya wintery hairy bassas.

For sale: Didgeridoo hand cream.(Comes wae a pair of cricket balls.)



Whats the point of entering this shite im never going to win.




Una… Don’t despair… Keep on trying…
Your day will come 🙂


Lol…..evening sir….the Kyle files has finished then….cough cough….


Lolza, Una.


Under no circumsices must Una win the caption comp.


Monti… Where’s your compassion


Just above my left knee.




Fellow Tim posters I think we should start a campaign so Una can win the caption comp. Monti, yer excluded. Lol


Fuck off ya crawling noel hunt 🙂


Hahaaa, Monti. Ye’ve done yer nut.


I applied for a different job the other day, the conversation was going ok then he asked me ” what military experience i had ” 🙂

I told him i have good organisational skills, can motivate squads, i have the ability to work alone or within a flying Column….
I said i like to work outdoors in all weathers and i already have full uniform..;)


Monti… You looking in the wrong place. Prison service is not for you


Monti… Did you tell them about your action man collection?


Eagle eyes on RPG


Monti… Still no email address from Ralph yet?


Nut m8


Caption: Ffs its Sally McCoist and Hugh Dallas’ lovechild Huge Dallas


Caption:Nah we dont do walking away, a jog mair like.

John mc mullen

Pena back with a haircut,but the same snottery shorts


Caption: Da de dum dum dum dum de da dum
Da de dum dum dum dum de da dum
Da da dee dum dum dee da da
Da da dee dum dum dee da da….
I bet you can squeal like a pig.

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