Celtic Diary Monday February 26: Ah, There It Is…

Celtic beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie 2-0 yesterday, not the greatest game you’ll ever see, but it was significant in that we saw a little bit of the character in the players that had been so evident last season.


For the first twenty minutes or so, the side approached the game with caution, reverting the the side to side possession game between the back three which was daring Aberdeen to press and dispossess them.

Fortunately, as so often this season, Aberdeen had no interest in taking any chances whatsoever, and were quite content to hold off. Derek McInnes’s idea of an adventure is to answer the door when its raining.

As Celtic gained in confidence, there were a few runs, a few forward passes, and inevitably, one of those moves ended in the opening goal when Moussa Dembele barged onto the end of a James Forrest cross.

In the second half, it all got a little untidy, and the first sign of a change in the overall personality of the team came from the much maligned dorus Des Vries, who made a couple of critical saves, and his defenders made a couple of blocks to keep out the Dons. It also emerged that he had been playing with a bit of back pain, an old injury from the Barcelona game where repeatedly bending to pick the ball out of the net had caused him problems, which had been exacerbated in Russia, but he performed admirably and inspired his team mates.

It takes a lot of mental strength to do that, especially as a goalkeeper, who by definition rarely get any credit , as its always the striker who “should have scored “.

Especially as its clear now that we don’t actually have bad defenders, as what we seem to have are defenders who are not comfortable with playing three at the back. Lustig tends to cover Simunovic, Ajer tends to cover Simunovic whilst Simunovic runs around bumping into people. Like Ajer, for instance

Despite having a good game up until that point, it appears referee Bobby Madden struggled to control his masonic base instinct and allowed play to go on. Presumably not noticing the six foot five man lying in front of him bleeding from a head wound.

He should have stopped the game, but that would have denied Aberdeen a scoring chance…

Anyhoo, back to the disorganised defence, and as a result, no one is concentrating on their own jobs, and everyone is worried about everyone else. With four defenders, as in the home game against Zenit, everyone could do their own job, and cries that Mikael Lustig is done were somewhat muted. For me, the big Swede hates playing in a back three, and thats the issue here.

But its okay to criticise Lustig, and many were to shout “I told you so ” when a second foul led to his ordering off, although secretly most of us were probably pleased to finally see a bit of ruthlessness in our players.

When added to Simunovics foul on that irritating little nark Kenny MacLean, then we can surmise that either the boss has said start hitting them back, or the players have finally snapped after a couple of years of being assaulted.

As Aberdeen continued to search for an equaliser, they were becoming a little bit frantic, and a classic counter attack, with substitute Oddsone Edourad rampaging forward to lay off Keiran Tierney, the sigh of relief and roar that followed was probably heard in Russia when the left back made the points safe.

I think we can all safely say we’re gald that game is out of the way, and with just ten games to go, a nine point lead should be enough to carry us over to seven in a row.

As for the manager, I’m still not convinced, and while many others are also asking questions, it cannot be denied that an unprecedented treble is well within our grasp.

Its been a toguh second season for him, and if he does come through with all the silverware, we’ll all be happy.

We’d all settle for that, but then a major rethink about how Rodgers goes about his business next season is necessary.

The defence needs a shake up, as indeed it did last month, but nothing was done bar to purchase an aging and injury prone German who has still to feature for the club.

Questions need to be asked of John Kennedy, who after years as defensive coach has not actually given us a working defence, or any kind of system that might work.

Questions too, should be written down and placed on the desk of Lee Congerton, head of recrutiment, who has overseen seventeen signings under Rodgers, of which only two are regular first teamers, Sinclair and Dembele-although Ntcham should be-, neither of whom have been convincing in their second season.

Those who defend Rodgers, some with almost religious zeal, argue that he’s won four out of four trophies, and in europe failure is inevitable because there’s no way he can compete with the financial muscle of the big league clubs.

Er, that winning four out of four trophies is all well and good, but when you have a financial clout harder than all of the opposition put together, it seems a little odd to claim credit for winning under those circumstances whilst simultaneously using it to excuse piss poor and embarrassing results on the continent.

Or even at home against continental opposition.

What worries me is that when he is criticised, itself soon to be punishable by a proper kicking, is that the only two arguments one faces are the practical four out of four trophies, and its a results business, so thats what matters, but the rather vague “well, who would you have to replace him ? ”

Which is hardly an argument to keep him, as it simply admits he the best we can get…

Rodgers is a capable manager, and now that the Zenit game fades into memory, he can shpow us how capable he is. He made an arse of that one, but perhaps this season is a bit of a learning curve for him as well.

Most recording artists, or pop stars as kids call them, will cite the difficulty of following up a successful debut album, with a second work of art, and instead simply fill out the work with the bits left over from the first album, as well as a new track or two.

This analogy perhaps fits Celtic this year, or at least Celtic under Brendan Rodgers.

He’s certainly struggling with the lyrics, as they don’t quite make sense..

“It was a fantastic win for us. 

“We’re on an even playing field now with most of the other teams, 10 games to go.

“Some teams around us have been on holiday for a year with virtually one game a week. We’ve dealt with everything up until this point.

“With 10 games to go, we can really focus and concentrate domestically on what has been a really great season so far.

“One or two teams around us have got pressure now when they’ve been playing with no pressure a lot of the season.

“So, we look forward to finishing off the season well.” 

On the one hand, it reminds me of a famous Celtic View headline back in the nineties, when Celtic had exited all the cup competitions and were trying desperately to avoid relegation.. something along the lines of

We can concentrate on building for next season

I’m exagerrating, but most older readers will remember the days of Pravda style utterings from the management and board.

Brendans statement about playing on a level playing field is nonsense. Aberdeen had to rest their best player yesterday because he’s actually a Celtic player.

Sure the side have suffered from a horrendous run of injuries, but yesterdays team was packed with full and U21 internationals, all of which would hold down a place in any other Premier League side. As would those injured, and those out on loan who are holding down a place in other sides.

As for Europe, he’s implying that wasn’t a level playing field, or competing at that level was a hindrance to domestic perormances., whilst least season proved it need not be.


Rodgers has his faults, he’s only human, despite what some of us think, and its how he deals with the issues and problems that come along that will define him as a manager.

And no, he shouldn’t be sacked, but he does need to have a look at this season and see where he can improve.


Elsewhere, and where is that compliance report ?

Its been a while since the SFA said they would get one of their own to investigate themselves…so maybe a wee jolt to a few memories might help…

Petition to Celtic to seek information from the SFA with regard to their investigation into the processing of the application from Rangers FC for a UEFA Licence in 2011.

It is now over 22 weeks since the SFA announced they were to ask the SFA Compliance Officer to investigate the circumstances surrounding the processing of a UEFA license application from Rangers FC in 2011.

Interested supporter parties are wondering if the SFA are now themselves in breach of the following Judicial Panel Protocol (JPP) Founding Principle 2.2.

2. Founding Principles

2.2 Principle 1 – Economic and expeditious justice. The objective of the Protocol is to secure the Determination of disciplinary proceedings arising in respect of Association Football and that Decisions are made economically and expeditiously in a fair manner. Tribunals appointed from the Judicial Panel may impose reasonable procedural requirements on Parties to ensure that matters are dealt with economically and expeditiously.

Even allowing for

·         any complexity of the issue,

·         the need to observe due process,

·         and the consequences arising,

The signatories to this petition, drawn from across the Scottish football supporters’ spectrum who value sporting integrity and fair play rules intended to uphold it, request that Celtic FC, in light of JPP Principle 1 (2.2) and as the club who may have been denied access to the Champions League as a result of any failings in the process in 2011, seek clarification from SFA on

·         where matters currently stand in the JPP process,

·         when the total JPP process, including investigation and any referral to a JPP Tribunal, will be concluded.


If you believe the SFA have had more than enough time to conclude their task or a responsibility to provide an update in light of 2.2 Principle 1 then please sign …..

you can sign here…


Tomorrow, I’ll give you another reason to sign, one that casts doubt on the credibility of all of those concerned.

And its one hundred per cent genuine.



Caption competition …from a few days ago now, as i’ve been having a bit of a moan, which you may have noticed, and thus been a little negligent of detail..

Image result for peter lawwell dave king

Daziekanowski’s nightclub child February 22, 2018 at 10:40 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption: Is that a golf course over there? 




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D'Fhinnein Mick

The ref needs taken out over this,the rules are clear. Head knock,game is stopped.

If Celtic don’t complain,it’s clear that they have no regard for their employees.

D’Fhinnein Mick .
The rules are clear , unfortunately for you they don’t specify head injury .
I think it is clear you listen too much to the pundits who don’t know their arse from their elbow .
As far as I am concerned the game should have been stopped .

D'Fhinnein Mick

Really? Yer telling me I know eff all about the laws?

I refer you to a post at 939 earlier on CQN which includes a response from John Fleming on the same subject.


It didn’t look that bad on TV but the ref walks by him and takes a look, sees he is bleeding and plays on.


Caption,Ffs i had both teams to score and 1_1.
Nae free swally doon the lodge the night

Hell rub it up you Jimmybee ,you claim to be a Celtic supporter & you bet that Celtic won’t win . I hope you had far more money on the draw than u can afford

Sorry Jimmy bee


Accepted m8 i could never bet against Celtic, i would rather chop my hand off as to bet against them



Maddens brain is thinking take ur top off and jump into the crowd so i can send u off.


Caption: Madden – ” what a wonderfully gifted & talented young man, Tierney is “

Eamonn McCloskey



Petition signed


“Rodgers is a capable manager.”

Damning with faint praise there.


Thought it was moussa Dembele who laid on K.T. Goal ?

Caption … are you fu###ng sure he was onside ?


It was Moussa! Although to be fair to Ralph, I made the same mistake watching on a dodgy stream with no commentary (from 3 meters rushing back after a pish) I also thought it was Eddie at first glance (& even tweeted the same before sneakily deleting it) until I saw the replay properly.



Edouard played the ball to Dembelle who slid a through ball into space for Tierney to blast into the net. Edouard continued his run and was free on the other side of goal to attack any cross that Tireney might have made across goal.


Lets sign the petition!…its like fecking Grange Hill “Lets have a demo in the car park” in Scottish football fandom.

Where’s the Celtic representatives actions?

The SFA and SPFL are private organisations, all this petition pish is water off their backs, its like shouting “Your beers rubbish” outside the bowling club. We need Lawwell to act not just smile and say “Its okay, leave with me, I await their actions!”

D'Fhinnein Mick


Have been saying it for years on another blog,including about an hour ago.

Shameful stuff from the board.

As usual.


Caption is simple,

Fucker! 🙂


Petition signed. There can be no doubt that McInnes signed that clugger for one reason alone….to hurt Celtic players, he should apologise and tell him to GTF. 8 minutes on the park for one reason only, to hurt Celtic players…DISGRACEFUL.



McInnes seems to favour large powerful centres. Rooney has been a success for him but others have failed to contribute anything other than a presence.

The guy at PT is a recent example…Miles Storey.



Rebus, That is correct, Willie Miller was scathing at the thug like tackle, he said “8 minutes on, is 8 minutes too much”. Willie is that rare breed, who calls it as it is, irrespective of which team the player plays for. It was Stockton? I think who came up to the Dandies on lone last season, he was another thug from the English lower divisions who “Elbowed” K.T. if that is what McInnes is signing then that is disgusting, there can be no excuse for that, that isn’t football more akin to Kick Boxing…. Hope you and the family… Read more »


You correct Stockton not Storey.



Petition signed. There can be no doubt that McInnes signed that clugger for one reason only…..to hurt Celtic players. 8 minutes on and a red card, his only intent, was to hurt Celtic players.
McInnes that was YOUR intention, your tactic, you are a DISGRACE.

Corrib 04

That win was just what the doctor ordered. Brendan, you are forgiven for the mess in Zenit. We scored a goal in Europe this season at CP when a player had a bad head knock. Being Bobby Madden though its hard to believe that he wasnt willing Aberdeen to score. That said, I thought he was pretty good overall. Jamsie, Broonie and KT were highlights. KT’s goal was a cracker and an answer to some who are giving him criticism (merited or otherwise) I thought Lustig was solid until the sending off. I enjoyed that game I must say 🙂

john young

Where the fcuk does “jamesie” come into it he went past the fullback once in 90mins yes we scored but he is a fcuking tailors dummy and should be shunted along with Cal- amitous and Sinclair/Rogic/Armstrong.






Definitely a wank.


Numero uno wank.


By the way wank, you’re a wank.


Henke…jeez how many ways can you express yourself on a single topic…take yerself in hand… 🙂


Caption….Wankface……I fuckin hate all you fenian bastards especially you Tierney. Just wait until I’m reffin the next game against my beloved RFC. Your all fucked.


Caption… Kieran thinks…THAT WAS A BOBBY DAZZLER… 🙂


Caption: “Fuck!-There goes the title challenge. If there’s 1 thing I hate more than a Fenian bastard, it’s a Fenian bastard wi lots of hair”


He’ll love me then 🙂


Caption: Skinhead wishes he was at another gig as KT and the Sunshine Band play That’s The Way I Like It for an encore.

Mike Annis

Ralph, bet you’re a wow on a night out with the boys. It’s like listening to the moaners at the front of the bus in Groundhog Day. Still it passes a morning, well a bit of a one.

Caption: wait till I see you at Ibrox ya wee fenian @*#&£&@*#&


An article full of quasi BR criticism and the added all the Rodgers lovers are blinkered. No we are not. However, dismissing Hun like the fact he may win a double treble and he should do it because he has the largest budget. If it was that easy the cheating Huns would have did it during the 90’s when they had way more of a budget. You are entitled to your opinion, just a pity your opinion is a lot of bollocks. Green Hun sums you up.


Mo I often find myself disagreeing with Ralph but I cant let your description of him as a green hun stand. That is an outrageous criticism of a fellow Tim.
Incidentally I also find his views on Brendan hard to understand but I would never doubt Ralph’s motivation.


Green Hun my arse, if you knew the work that Ralph does for the support behind the scenes your heed would spin. He is absolutely right to question Brendan. We don’t want to read sycophantic drivel every day, other blogs do that daily. Ralph travels a long way to support Celtic, his opinions are as valid as anyone else’s. Brendan would be the first to suggest that HE is still developing, still learning, the day you stop learning is the day to quit whatever it is your doing.

Even ralphs dug was sighing at him after the Zenit rantings, we’ve all been there, we give a communal Celtic shrug and all move on as one again.


Shut up ; show Ralph some respect, you can disagree with things he is saying, but no need for the hun pish.



I read the diary for the criticism and the diverse range of opinions. If i wanted to read that everything is ok then i’ll read the View.


Or the Record 🙂

The most pleasing thing about the game was the desire and fight that the team showed. the performance was OK, some players like Brown, Forrest and Tierney were good but they showed some fight which I thought had gone.I think there may be life left in them yet. Don’t agree with the Lustig analysis; he is gone, shite and hopefully someone can come in and keep him out the team for the remainder of the season. Play KT at right back and bring in Miller or McGregor on the left. If Ralston is not fit. Big Jozo needs to be… Read more »


John…it’s nice to se you semi happy for a change…


Emphasis being on the semi…..


Lustig let us down with the red card but played well otherwise, he supported Forrest well and he did clear off the line, twice. We have Ralston and Gamboa as back up, with Ajer, Biton and Hendry maybe able to cover. Miller isn’t the solution at left back, I don’t like to be too critical of young players but Miller needs to learn a bit more before he is ready for the first team.

Caption: Dirty tarrier ba**ard.

the bhoy with mcgrain in his side

Ralph, congerton was appointed head of recruitment in march 2017. He had nothing to do with the recruitment in rodgers’ 1st 2 windows. I think rodgers’ point about now having a level playing field is that celtic will now be able to train & prepare for matches in the same way as all the other teams who only play 1 match per week. Up until now celtic training schedule must have been something like- Sat- playing Sun- warm down Mon- off Tues- pre-match warm up Wed- playing Thurs- warm down Fri- pre-match warm up and repeat. Rodgers is a training… Read more »

Excellent point.

Why praise that Clarke brute , he prepared a pitch to injure players not used to playing on artifical pitches . He had the pitch so bad it was a leveller. Instead of praising the cheating cunts he should be run out of Scottish Football.
Even McCullagh didn’t arrange for pitch to be unplayable

You are 100% correct in Brendan’s inability to do proper work with his squad because of the schedule . Unfortunately those who take on themselves to write the main blogs either know nothing , or ignore the facts


Great news Scott Brown has announced his retirement from international football.
What about Celtic saying your getting no players from us till the compliance officer gets his finger oot his or petries arse and gives us his report.

Honest Hoops

Caption, send Neil Lennon off….



Wee bastard. Talent and hair! Can I book him for that?




Caption: Madden- ” …and the colours they are…oh fuck it, Tierney has scored, title race over”


I think the congested fixture schedule has been a factor this season; for example, we had nine games in December; four at the end of January and seven in February. Our European efforts saw us play fourteen games from mid July to end February; remember that the Lisbon Lions only had to play nine games in nine months. It is not just the physical efforts required, it is the mental aspects too; it must have been a draining effort for all concerned over the last two years of such intensity and burden of expectation. The seeded teams in the CL… Read more »

Of course, especially when u add last exhaustive season on to this with just a three week break for some . Unchartered work schedule for players , no wonder our squad is decimated by injuries


Won’t get any easier next season – we’ve already got 9 games scheduled for August alone – 5 CL qualifiers (after 3 in July and assuming we get through them all), 3 league games and one in the League Cup.


Those who mismanage our game (SFA, SPFL, UEFA) really need to think again about this, but fat chance …


large post missing. along the lines of how it felt standing at hampden in 2016 to how it feels now

that really was a team with no fight or hunger… million miles away from that now



Can imagine Ralph standing harrumphing with arms folded when the fans sing that!


a bit like any normal fan should of behaved when the clown from Norway would do his roar


The Compliance Officer, Tony McGlennan, is he, hiding in his SFA bunker, hoping his decision can be delayed, hiding in plain sight, so that he doesn’t upset the huns. Are the huns at the SFA holding his hand, saying “Steady don’t make any waves, keep the boat floating along until seasons end”. Have you heard any decisions he has made recently, it seems that “Carte Blanch” is acceptable on the field of play. In seasons before, a red card would be acted upon, or decisions taken would be acted on, now red cards can be overturned, or decisions taken overturned… Read more »


I heard the compliance officer, has overturned the medical teams decision to rule Ryan Jack out for the season 🙂


Drop the Dead Donkey…..Boabby Mad-hun.


The only thing Brendan has to prove is that he can build an impregnable defence, Celtic badly need a higher quality of goalkeeper and defenders.

I trust him but he has to show he can see the teams weakness, which is the defence.

Ralph is right to highlight congerton, a higher calibre of player needs t be brought in, the board must understand this, the Celtic way & the Hotel are all fine and well, but i only give a fuck about the standard of Celtic player emerging from the dressing room, it’s all about the team.


No Monti , Brendan has to improve every position on the pitch . No point in making defence impregnable , if we are not scoring freely .
If Brendan heeded u , he could make defence impregnable by dropping two more players back to play just in front of back four .
That will only make us less attractive .
We need to be more attractive & concede fewer & score more .
It wasn’t necessary the concession of 3 goals over 2 legs against Zenit that caused our exit from Europe , but more likely the scoring of only one


D J Smith,

” Donny you’re out of your element “

The best u can ever do is ridicule .
Typical of the ignorant runt u are


” obviously you’re not a golfer “

Petition signed.


And breath, Wednesday at Celtic Park and then against Morton on Saturday, then via Sevco the following Sunday the 11th.
The players will get some sort of a breather and be locked and loaded and ready to go.


Tierney cuts himself taking his first shave


It is all about the team. Brendan has a large budget to bring in what players he can, the problem is while we can offer European Football, this only attracts young players on the way up. Experienced Players at there peak are too busy banking 70k per week to take a drop. Burnley Watford etc out bid Celtic

Take our Goalkeeping crisis, Boruc is currently on the bench at Bournemouth and was not a possibility for us due to his wages.

Brendan does not announce our dealings but I got the impression that we had a lot of knock backs in January.


Madden gets madder as Tims climb up the ladder and isn’t looking forward to the lodge meeting tonight

San Miguel

Caption :

Right, he’s off for having an unauthorised white circle and play symbol on his chin. That’s in contravention of article 16 section 90 subsection 54 of the laws of the game.

Meanwhile, Madden’s heid casts a dark shadow over Pittodrie.


Brendan isn’t God thats a given and he isnt immune to criticism, but to say “your not convinced” unlike last season I take it you werent convinced then?….FFS what is he meant to do walk on water? Lets bring Ronnie back eh, Tony Mowbray or even John Barnes, within seconds you’d be on your knees begging for a Rodgers, a Lennon, a Strachan or an O’Neil….Some Celtic Fans need a reality check period!


caption: Fuck it.the lodge wont let me ref at ibrox now.


was there anyone on here in Russia ?


She wasn’t available, so i went with Georgia.


Monti, I believe she’s always been on your mind.


Interesting train of thought, Noel 🙂
You are n the right track m8


Kenny, I wasn’t there, but it’s a place I know a helluva lot about.

Daziekanowski's nightclub child

Caption: He’s getting booked for having all that lustrous hair and another booking for being too Timmy!

Move over Lieutenant Pigeon

I thought id gone back in time and read a reveiw from under mowbrays tenure.. this piece cudnt be more pessimistic if it tried . Its becoming a theme. On course for a double treble. Last years labours were extraordinary. Not to be repeated. What has happened to the etims . Im not suggesting you be a mouthpiece for the club but ffs the lack of humour is appalling. Like listening to the perpetual moaner in the pub whos never happy..

Move over Lieutenant Pigeon

I thought id gone back in time and read a reveiw from under mowbrays tenure.. this piece cudnt be more pessimistic if it tried . Its becoming a theme. On course for a double treble. Last years labours were extraordinary. Not to be repeated. What has happened to the etims . Im not suggesting you be a mouthpiece for the club but ffs the lack of humour is appalling. Like listening to the perpetual moaner in the pub whos never happy..

Ralph, like all of us, is allowed to swing back and forth like a Kenny Miller sun bed canopy.
One week hes “Go On yirself Brendan” and next its just “Go”, nowt wrong wae that, the humour will return once his Euro doldrums lift, an ill wind and all that.

The stoking of the Celtic debate fires is all we try for here, and everyone should feel free to send in any contribution pieces to etims.contact@googlemail.com

Move over Lieutenant Pigeon

Fair play but ive been thru a lot of times when i wud have longed for these times.


Good result yesterday and a mixed performance. I missed the Zenit game and only caught the highlights but from what I’ve heard and read it seems it was for the best. First half we were poor, they had good chances and should have scored three, in the second half we stepped up while they went into reverse though they did have a few easy chances. May should have had a hattrick with the chances he fluffed, a few seasons ago some, me included, wanted to sign May as a back up striker but yesterday showed that would have been a… Read more »

Rogic is easing his way back in and that disaster of a pitch was not one for his light touch ( im suddenly wondering if Hampden groundstaff will be warned after his finish last year!). He will be primed for Ibrox come 10 days or so and hopefully he and wee Charly can get on the scoresheet over next couple of games at home.


It used to be a returning player would sharpen up in the reserves for a game or two, then on the bench to ease them back into the first team. Now the players are thrown in as soon as they are fit.


Doc, I was heartened by our display. As Ralph said we showed both team spirit and fight under difficult circumstances. Dembele is slowly coming back to some form. He was hugely influential in the outcome of the game…one goal and he made the other. You are too hard on Ajer….he was by far and away the best of the CBs we had on display…Simunovic, Lustig, Hendry. He will be a world class player. On the other hand, so far, I do not see why we purchased Hendry. He is not decisive in the tackle and was undressed by both Aberdeen… Read more »


Ajer shows a lot of talent considering his age and the fact its not his favoured position. You expect his technical ability to improve with training and it has been, but his vision/awareness need improvement, he sees what is in front of him but little else, crosses from the edge of the box catch him out almost every time and I suspect he may be week to a long diagonal. Jozo, to me, seems like he is overdoing it, stepping out of position when he shouldn’t and taking on too much and being caught out. We know he can do… Read more »


From what i hear monti monti failed his forklift course due to sexting Una


IT was a good result yesterday but Ralph makes fair points. Simo again almost contrived to give them a goal, Dorus saved it. He also butted Ayer in a stupid tackle, this guy is unbelievably bad and should have been hooked after the Thistle game. Delilah had problems but he achieved two league wins, BR has had a lot more backing than Delilah and Lenny so should do the treble. In Europe his tactics have been woeful, he will not admit that defensively we are poor beyond belief. Simo, DeVries, Boyata are beyond poor. As a fan you are entitled… Read more »


Would you prefer Delia back?


I don’t think Ralph made any sense in his criticism of Brendan at all, he is clearly not the mpressed by 4 out of 4 trophies, can you do better than 4 out of 4 Ralph? There are plenty of examples of teams with all the big bucks disappointing, e.g. Leicester winning the Premiership or both the Ms Chester clubs disappointing over a number of seasons. My pint isbuiu need something more than just money, it’s a big thing but it is not everything. The other poorly argued point is why do those that rate BR demand an alternative, simple… Read more »


Manchester , my point is dam-it

Rob O'Keeffe

Never mind all this negativity about BR and Celtic(Prozac and Guinness still working)…..what about McInnes and his bottle merchants? The SMSM seem very hesitant when it comes to questioning Derek,his “tactics” are feckin awful…..
P.S.Loved seeing KT scoring and his reaction,my kind of Tim…..


methinks the sash bashers have dodged a bullet with him, he’s been fecking hopeless this year.

Rob O'Keeffe

Noel,RCs do it better…..


Broonie, Broonie,
You are such a player,
And have such a stare,
Like a distress flare
That signifies,
Get it roon ye.

Broonie, Broonie,
you tackle hard but fair,
except when they urny,
An the other guy gets aw gurny
And points you to the ref
But you’re no there, any mare.

Broonie, Broonie,
You’re oor midfield boss,
Even though you take salt and sauce,
There’s nae other dynamo,
That I wid rather go,
Side by side wae in a square go.

Rob O'Keeffe

Puggy,as you have indulged in “poetry” ,you are banned,sine die,from the caption “competition”…..Signed Cheery Ralph(Daddy)…..


Ralph raises many good points, take your blinkers off and read his words, not just glance over them!

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