Celtic Diary Friday February 23: Nope. Definitely Not The Messiah

Celtic Diary Friday February 23: Nope. Definitely Not The Messiah

Well, we tried.

We, the support , that is.

I’ll keep it short today, not as short as my original intention, which was to simply type “bollocks ” as todays offering.

Instead, we’ll expand on that theme.

Because last nights offering in St Petersburg was just that.


Within ten minutes it was apparrent the referee was going to clamp down on the physical side of the game, and if you answer him back, you’re in the book.

For me, and anyone else with an inkling oif common sense, that was the signal to give James fiorrest the ball and tell him to run. That was the signal to ditch any previous plan and say, hey Scotty, get stripped, we’re changing the plan.

Get the ball and run with it until you get tripped.

but no, lets do tippy tappy and hope for something to happen.

Zenit spotted a weakness, big dopey Dorus, and they just aimed the ball at him knowing he’d move out of the way at least once.

Having given the performance of the season last week. the manger opted to break up that team for the St Johnstone game, snapping any momentum before it became, well, a momentum.

that showed last night.

I can handle getting beat, but that insipid cap doffing Celtic were back in St Petersburg. too scared to take a chance, to blinded to see what was written on the wall.

Brendan Rodgers was out of work before we got him. for quite a while, as I recall.

We should have left him where he was.