Celtic Diary Thursday February 15: Tonights The Night

Just in case you weren’t dreading tonights Europa League tussle with Zenit St Petersburg, Brendan Rodgers has told us how difficult its going to be.

And for those of us looking forward to extended run in the competition, possibly even to the final, like in 2003,  he put that gas at a peep as well…

“It’s very difficult. You see the level of opponent in there. It tells you the difficulty.

“I’m a realist. I’m in my dream job, but I’m also a realist.

“There are two factors. The game has changed and Celtic have changed.

“Look back at the players Celtic had then. Celtic were taking some of the best players from the Premier League. 

And Magnus Hedman.

They were bringing Chris Sutton up here, John Hartson. Neil Lennon. They were bringing Paul Lambert back from Dortmund.

“These are top, top players, so the financial climate is totally different now to what it was back then for Celtic.

“We always want to fight and, like our predecessors, try to do the very best that we can.

“But when you compare it to that, football and Celtic have changed a lot.

“The club is run very, very well. You can spend the money, but it’s the player coming to Scotland which is the big factor.

“It’s wages, it’s astroturf pitches and all this. There are multiple reasons why a player would or wouldn’t come. 

I don’t think it will ever go back to what it was 15 years ago.

“What we have to do year on year is try and somehow bridge the gap, but it will always be difficult for us.”

They’re hardly likely to come for the managers cheery banter, but it will come as a relief that tonight he’s got his own seat away from the rest of us, you’ll see it clearly, as it has its own wee black cloud.

Anyway, now he’s implied that all his players are not top, top players, and that he’s only got them here because the ones he wants, the top, top players won’t come, he then set out to allay our fears about Zenit…you know, fill us with the confidence he just shot out of the players…

If you look at how they play, they are what you would consider to be a top European team.

“They are a club that want to be competing in the latter stages of the Champions League. It is a very good side.

“Should they be favourites to win the tie? Yeah. 

Well, thats fucking that then.

Close the doors, turn out the lights.

This is exactly the attitude that costs us those embarrassing defeats that have multiplied since he got here. any minute now he’ll mention how much money they’ve spent…

I never say that lightly. I always think we are Celtic, but I have always been realistic.

“When you look at their investment and level of players they have they will expect to go through. 

Well, at least he didn’t tell us it was about developing, or learning . Imagine the fury if he started coming out with phrases such as the Mowbrayesque “take it on the chin “…

“Listen, you get to the last 32 and they are always going to be tough games.

“There are teams that are winning their groups, there are teams coming out of Champions League.

“It’s just about improving, developing and trying to find a way to get a result.

“Sometimes you have to take your medicine in games. The challenge presented to us is tough.” 

Oh come on, they’re just back from a long winter break, they’ll be rusty, maybe not even match fit, and almost certainly not mentally adjusted to the demands of high level competitive football…

The break could maybe freshen them and revitalise them.

“We have the same experience in pre-season when you are not in top condition, but you can still be at a good level.

“We played against them when I was at Liverpool and went out on away goals.

It was a similar time, about February. They were pretty fit then.

“It’s a different team, a different manager playing in a different stadium,

but they will still be in a good condition.

Image result for mind games quotes

Whats he doing ?

Seriously, what is he doing ?

And why ?


Unless….. though I may have those green tinted specs on here…unless he is playing mind games with Roberto Mancini, his opposite number at Zenit.

Indeed . he could even claim Mancini started it..

“We know we can have a problem because, for us, it is the first official game for two months,” 

“We need to be at our best if we want to get through to the next round.” 

then he let slip his mask, and we knew he was talking nonsense…

“Celtic at home is a strong team and also the supporters push the team because the crowd is incredible,” 

Celtic are not, and haven’t been for some time, a strong team at home in Europe.

“I think most teams would lose to PSG and Bayern. It was a tough group and they will be better in the Europa League.

“If we are able to win this game, that would be a good result ahead of the second leg next week.

“It is important to try to be offensive and try to score.” 

Which alerted Police Scotland..

Match Commander, Superintendent Alan Murray, said, “Thousands of supporters will be attending this really important match and with our partners we have planned extensively with the safety of the public being our priority.

“There will be a noticeable increase in the number of officers in and around Glasgow and we have been working closely with British Transport Police to ensure all supporters can get to the match and home again safely.

“While the majority of the supporters attending matches are well-behaved and enjoy the game, we know all too well that here is a small minority who may drink too much and engage in criminal behaviour such as disorder, offensive behaviour and vandalism, so let’s keep the focus on the football and behaving responsibly.

“You should make sure you plan your outing in advance, know your travel plans for before and after the match, drink responsibly and be aware of what you can and can’t bring into the stadium.

“However, anyone who is intent in causing disorder or indulging in antisocial behaviour or hate crime can expect to be arrested by police. So don’t risk missing the match.”

Supporters should comply with the ground’s safety and security arrangements and are reminded that is an offence to:

  • Use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or to display written material likely to incite hate crime
  • Enter the sports ground if you are in possession of any pyrotechnic device including flares, fireworks, pellets etc (matches/cigarette lighters are not included).
  • Attempt to enter the sports ground with a controlled container (any bottle, can or other portable container whether open or sealed) or alcohol either prior to, during or after the game. This is also the case inside the arena or in the surrounding area.
  • Be drunk within or to attempt to enter a sports stadium or surrounding area whilst drunk.
  • Be in possession of alcohol or be drunk aboard a coach or mini-bus taking you to a sporting event. The driver, keeper, employee or person hiring the vehicle on which alcohol is being carried also commits an offence. Please note that police checks will be carried out on buses and mini buses travelling to the game.
  • Drink alcohol or be in possession of an open container which contains alcohol in a public place.
  • Please be aware that if you commit any of these offences you will be arrested and held in custody for court which may involve missing your journey home. Why risk it?
  • Please ensure that your match ticket is for seating allocated to the relevant side as you may be removed if you are in the wrong seat.

The Russian club have seen their stand partially closed due to the racist behaviour of their support, and the police, reading between the lines, will be out in force tonight to make sure that there are no offensive songs or chants from the away fans.. but to keep things swinging along they have issued a cd of acceptable songs for the russian to learn on time for the game..

Image result for loyalist cd

Famines, Sashes…they’re all in there.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the players were introduced to a sports psychologist who showed them how best to deal with the manager’s press conferences..

Image result for crowd fingers in ears

And with a big game coming up, we can also announce the winner of this weeks

Not Unexpected  Injury Award. 

Nir Biton will miss tonights game, and probably the rest of the season having picked something or other up during training, or on his way to training, or in the bar afterwards.

There’s obviously a much bigger problem here , with Celtic having more players out than in, so much so, in fact, that Patrick Roberts has gone back to Manchester so his parent club can get him to see a real doctor, and protect him from whatever is going on at Lennoxtown.


That kind of leaves us thin on the ground, and there used to be a time when Celtic would relish this kind of game, when the odds are against us, when the breaks-literally-are beating the bhoys.

And maybe we are.

Maybe all the downplaying from the manager is just mind games, aiming to relax the Zenit players before crying havoc and unleashing the dogs of war at 8.05 tonight.

The reasoning behind the thinking ?

All along the stated aim has been to get European football after christmas.

Thats been done, and the pressure is off, to an extent. after all, if you can’t stop for a minute and pat yourself on the back when you’ve reached a target, whats the point in aiming at it in the first place.

But then you set the next target, and just by making it to the Celtic first team, the home grown players especially, these guys have shown that they do push the barriers, that they can break through the gate.

And I think we may see a little more heart in the performance tonight.

And I think its all part of the plan.

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Sure, all this tippy tappy stuff is nice, and holding possession is probably better than , er, not holding possession, but we didn’t get where we are today by playing like a bunch of lightweight lily livered lollygaggers.

Where would we be if Tommy Gemmell had been told to play it square along the back ?

Or if Bertie Auld and Bobby Murdoch weren’t allowed to flatten the occasional on field bully ?

and if..heaven forbid…Jimmy Johnstone had been told to track back ?

Some of you may argue that we have nothing at the moment, those days of glory are long gone, never to return.

Well, that means we have nothing to lose, and Zenit can’t embarass us any more than Lincoln Red Imps, or Barcelona or PSG.

Fuck it, if we’re going to go down, then we go down fighting… on our terms.

Image result for terms and conditions

We fight for every ball, even of its gone out for a throw in.

We tackle hard, we jump, we slide or we block every time they have the ball. in fact, if we can get away with it, do it when they don’t have the ball.

As soon as they get off the bus, in fact.

In possession, we run straight at them. It’ll confuse them.

If we have to pass, make sure it goes quickly to where it should go to. Hesitation is a form of weakness, and as anyone who has ever met a Russian will tell you, don’t show any weakness.

More important perhaps, is we need the players to play with the pride that comes with the jersey.

We can take getting beat, but we cant take a lack of pride in our club.

At shortly after eight o’clock tonight, we hit the Russians with everything we’ve got , which I’m sure is a quote from one of Ronald Reagan’s Presidential addresses, come to think of it.

Whatever happens, let them know they’ve been in a game, and perhaps we might just have something to remind us of who we are…

My prediction ?

Celtic 1 Zenit 1 .

Or something else entirely.

Whether its more in hope than in expectation, I expect Celtic to keep the tie alive, to coin a phrase, but win it over in Russia.



Yesterdays caption competition..

Image result for rangers administration 2012

Far and away the hardest one to pick a winner from, and if you haven’t read all the replies, go back and do so.


However, my favourite -a laugh out loud moment-was..

greyheid February 14, 2018 at 11:59 am · Edit · Reply →

Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

My wealth’s aff the radar

And so’s your club noo…

Arsene Parcelie tried to embed this image in the replies, but couldn’t work out how.

If anyone knows how to do this, please help in the replies today.

Replies to this…

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  • BJF

    Determined to be positive tonight Ralph I like your suggestion that BR is playing mind games with Mancini! I sense we will give a good account of ourselves. Interesting Brendan’s quite:” it is about “ the players coming to Scotland which is the big factor,” exactly.
    Even Ajer is talking about hoping he played for Liverpool some day, it is the nature of the league that players see a movement south as inevitable if they are wanting the money. Brendan also says it’s the money, the AstroTurf pitches maybe the Scottish media might be added in as well.
    I thought the police statement was an absolute disgrace, there has never been one instance at a European night of any misbehaviour by Celtic fans at Celtic Park and have been attending these fixtures for 25 years, has the top cop ever heard of EVIDENCE, would have thought it was significant in his job!

    • jimboh

      As read it Ajer said he would love to play at Anfield. The stadium, he did not say he would like to play for Liverpool. Just the same as a lot of players have said they would love to play at Celtic Park / Parkhead. The stadium. They want to savour the atmosphere.

  • proddie

    I never understood BR always being so tolerant when we get stuffed by seven odd goals in Europe.
    Maybe its psychology, maybe he’s just covering his own arse.
    I like the guy, I just get concerned that he seems too quick and too content to hoist up the white flag.

  • Celtic Symphony

    I find it difficult to read you,Ralph.
    If you’re not being negative,you are overly positive,’re a result tonight.
    Brendan is being realistic,he knows how difficult these games are with Zenit.Factor in,a horrendous injury list,and he talks sense.
    Yes,I am hopeful,the underdogs(us),can pull of a shock result.Would be our best result of the season,if we could.
    As I said yesterday,these games DO NOT define our season.An historical Treble,with so many players out,would be a great achievement.
    KTF HH

  • Mike

    Great Diary Ralphy, one of your best and you hit every nail right on the head. I hate to hear any kind of defeatist talk, I cannot abide it. I hope the players listen to our support and take heart from it, it can lift the team to a better performance. GIRUT.

    Devoy and Rebus, we need to hear your points of view, please come back on and talk about all things Celtic. COYBIG.

    • Celtic Symphony

      Is Brendan not allowed to be pragmatic,Mike ?
      He’s being realistic,not defeatist.
      Like I am also.He would be a bit more confident, if he was not down to the bare bones ‘re team selection.
      I will go tonight,as I always do,with hope in my heart.We pull off a shock ? Great !
      However,like many on here,if we get beat,I won’t be putting the boot in.
      Faithful through and through.HH

      • Iancelt67

        Still you try and build your own team up with a bit of confidence. Rodgers is predicting his own team loses. Even Ronny wouldn’t say shit like that. It’s a craven way to go about things

        • Celtic Symphony

          Sorry,Ian,I’m 100% in agreement with BR in his approach.He knows the knives are being sharpened,before a ball is kicked.
          He’s outlining the facts.
          Now,in the dressing room,he’ll be motivating the players,by telling them everybody has written them off.What a great result it would be,if they managed a win,under the circumstances.That is what he will be saying to the players.
          He’s a clever Manager,who knows his stuff.We’re lucky to have him.

      • Mike

        Symphony, I have heard the same lines in this song book for every European game, its not the way to instil confidence in the players, if they go on the park with those words ringing in their ears, beaten before the game begins. I ask myself why are there so many players out injured, playing to many games perhaps or something is not quite right, certainly the players get no protection from the “masons in the black” so what do we do to fix it, we bring in players who can handle the opposition and take the cards that come with the territory
        but make the point that, if you dish it out, you get it back. Every successful team has its hard men who can play. Bringing in young players is fine, but the team needs a percentage of older mature players, players who know the game and can handle the rough stuff. I believe in Brendan, but he is still developing himself, if he doesn’t have the players who can handle the pressure and the rough and tumble, then he needs to be banging on Lawwells door demanding that he gets them in, the money is there, its in the accounts, we are after all a football club and our wonderful support who put it there wants some of it spent on players.
        I also will be at Paradise, singing my face of, trying to encourage MY team. God Bless the Celtic.

        • Celtic Symphony

          You can be sure,he’s motivating the players,by telling them how much of a massive win it would be.
          Injuries ? Very unlucky.Didn’t happen last season,not down to training routines etc.
          Yes,BR has said himself,early days for him at Celtic.He knows the market.He likes developing players,adding quality like Sinclair into the equation.
          In 2003,Celtic had the 5th biggest wage bill in Britain.Let that sink in.
          Average players(one footed)get 50k in EPL ?
          Can we compete with them ? No.
          We have to shop around in Europe.Always a risk(Kouassi) as we don’t see these players playing.
          Brendan will lead us to more glory,bud.
          HH COYBIG

      • desdamoaner

        wish he’d be pragmatic on the park instead of off it. We’ll be wide open again tonight and still manage to isolate our own attackers

    • Doc

      Spot on, Mike. Negativity spreads, with some of the attitudes its like being given a Mercedes and moaning because its not a Ferrari. We need to stop worrying about players that don’t want to be here and support those that do.

  • Rob O'Keeffe

    Ralph,excellent today,you turned up.Have to thank Real Madrid for wiping the smiles off the faces of the financially doped team plus ratbag Naymare should’ve been off for simulation after being booked for a right hack.Thought we couldn’t do that in Europe? Must thank BR for his call to arms at the presser.Did Monti and John write the script? Congratulations to greyheid,£30 to me for calling it.Remember the guy who told you 2 players were carrying injuries,first up,Best CH outside of Celtic,Aura of Calmness etc,next is………it’s the bloody training,maybe you’ll begin to listen.
    See the keepers on the coaches and minibuses,are they any good? Signed Not very good defence(bricking it wing)…..

      • Rob O'Keeffe

        BBhoy,I simply pointed out that I was glad to see a financially doped team,who humiliated us on and off the park,get beaten.As for Real,I refer you to an interesting article……How Real Madrid surprisingly came to dominate the Champions League….www.espn.co.uk>blog>post….11th Sept 2017…..very interesting…..

  • Andy Borland

    “I dropped my shoulder & threw that Ralph Malph fella a dummy Browny.”
    “Really boss?”
    “Lightweight lily livered lollygaggers? We’ll fecking show ’em!”
    Broony sniggers ….

  • Mike Annis

    Bloody hell Ralph you’re one depressing sod today. Hope all the knives in the house are hidden. Despite being shite, despite having a crap manager, despite having players with no bottle etc etc we are still in Europe after Christmas. Relax, lighten up, take the tablets and ffs cheer up, you’re bringing us all down.

  • Noelskytrot

    I share your optimism and hope we get right into Zenit from the off, no shirking or fucking about, we’ve nowt to lose, so heres hoping we get right into them and hopefully take a decent lead to Russia.

    Caption…BR “when Putin phoned me Broony” I said we’re the “Green and White Army, not the Red Army.”

    I’m as sick as a hun on admin day but nothing will stop me from travelling to the game tonight, the things you do for your love of your club.

    Off topic but reading the stuff from the DUP regarding the failure to get the power sharing Executive up and running again, it seems that they have all the self awareness of a curtain pole, thick bigots who are stuck in the past.

    A wee question for the comrades on here. Best free kick you’ve saw by a Celtic player? I said to my partners son,, either, Naka’s at CP against Man U or Provan’s in the SC final in 85

  • greyheid


    ‘Don’t look Scott! – But that bearded guy back there in the bushes watching you – isn’t that Craig Levein?’

  • Iancelt67

    No Brendan I can’t see Seville getting another final in the foreseeable future. Don’t like his comments here. Starting to question his interviewing integrity. You don’t say shit like that

  • CD

    BJF , never been any instances of misbehaviour from tic fans in 25 years ? You forgetting the muppet that got on the pitch to try and attack Paris player few months ago ?

  • jimmybee

    Brendans only saying what we all say.
    We cant get top players its as simple as that.
    No one wants to play up here now unless they can get to the premiership quicker.
    Times have moved on from those great days of Martins time. Football has changed sky has ensured that.It takes a top manager to bring top players who otherwise wouldnt be here.
    Or a top scout who can get in before the rest. Scottish football needs fresh ideas.
    Summer football to stop those horrendous plastic pitches for a start.A bigger league to stop this 4 times a season pish. A stop to the split which is the most unfair system i have ever witnessed where clubs have to go to an away ground for the 3rd time.
    Scottish football needs to freshen up, its the same old same old.
    Funny how the talk of reorg has died since sevco came up wonder why?
    No one gives a monkeys about scottish football down here in England.
    They did when the lions played, they did when Martins team played because we beat them. We could hold our own. Now all they see is a mediocre Celtic and a very poor sevco.
    The game isnt even advertised in any pub even though they have Arsenal on earlier.
    The powers that be have killed our game. The wee clubs who voted against sky killed it

    The clowns that have ran our game have killed it.
    So we are left with players who deserve our full support. They are the ones who need us the most.
    So tonight get behind them one and all, let them know from the off we are behind the team and give us those magical nights that only Celtic can do.
    With hope in our heart and a 4 leaf clover on our chest this us our city these are our colours Glasgow is Green and White.

    • Mike

      Little men, just stand aside,
      we all know what it is, that you are trying to hide,
      little men, change your tune,
      follow, follow Regan, the conflicted balloon.

      Mr. Petrie and McRae,
      those two clowns, at the head of the SFA.
      Wisen up, its time for you to go,
      its time for honest men, to lead the show.

    • Noelskytrot

      “so we’re left with players who deserve our full support”, “they are the ones who need us the most”


      that’s what supporting Celtic is. Well put mate. When it’s on top, we need to be the same.

  • Lavvy1888

    If any goals are conceded tonight it won’t be from skilful play by the opposition, it will be from unforced errors as per.

  • Iljas Baker

    WIsh it were mind games, but don’t think so.He’s preparing the fans for a defeat. How might the players react if they read this: Not: “I’ll prove him wrong” to be sure.More like:”Is there any point in busting a gut?” This isn’t the way to inspire players or fans.

    Let’s face it, we all expected the team to make a fist of the Europa League but the transfer window just showed how that wasn’t really the plan.

    BR never mention his own weaknesses, only his successes and brilliant coaching skills. Is he preparing himself for a move down south. “I was brilliant but couldn’t attract the right players and the pitches were woeful. Down here I can work wonders. Just hire me and you’ll see.”

  • Honest hoops

    Let’s get straight into their faces from the off and keep the tempo high….2-0 to the Celts..time to replant the fortress..

  • BJF

    CD my understanding of the police statement it was aimed st the Celtic support attacking Zenit fans in and around the ground or generally st the GB. I don’t believe it was intended to be aimed at an individual nutter, how can any club or indeed police prevent one individual behaving like that, a bit nit picky and missing the point?

  • bawsman

    Manager calls it spot on. If you go breenging in you end up with less players on the park, we canny play ‘the Scottish way’ in Europe, ask Broonie?
    We need 100% effort and the breaks to go our way and not theirs, the game is about fine margins and a lot of the time the rub of the green is the difference.
    League cup done
    Big points lead in the lead
    Europe after Santa
    Cut the gaffer/team some slack FFS, they players have also played more minutes than any other team in the world to this point in the season.
    Always up for it. Hail x2

  • Brian (not the messiah)

    Cheesy old joke for the ocasion
    What do you call a Rusian defender?
    Ivanac of nickinthemov

    It’s when we are not expected to win in Europe that we are at our best.
    David Marshall v Barcelona. Everyone expected us to get hammered. When the celtic park crowd expect to win they moan and groan more, when they are fully supporting we are invincible. COYBIG

  • Bongo

    Brendan – That prick on e-tims thinks I was being serious.

    Broony – do you think he’ll be up for ‘Knob of the Week’ after our performance tonight.

  • Doc

    Can’t believe how negative Rodgers is about tonight’s game, this stuff about not being able to attract players is nonsense. He cites wages and astroturf pitches seemingly oblivious to the fact that Zenit also can’t pay the same wages as the CL ‘big teams’, play on more astroturf pitches than we do and the temperature can reach -35.

    We know there are mercenaries in the game, it was hammered home nearly thirty years ago when that treacherous scumbag went to ibrox. Even Barcelona lost naemark to the prospect of more money.

    According to Rodgers, every European team we play are world beaters and we’re lucky just to be there, he is talking up our opponents far too much, he said PSG would be the CL “eventual winners” but they didn’t do too well last night against a Madrid team that’s fourth in La Liga and 17 points adrift.

    De Vries
    Lustig Hendry Jozo Tierney
    Brown Ntcham
    Forrest Dembele Edouard

    Caption: Billy Connolly visits Lennoxtown.

    • Brian (not the messiah)

      In fairness Doc Brendan doesnt have the wages or transfer budget that mancini has how you can claim any different is factually incorrect. They have spent over £76m this season alone whereas Brendan has spent less than £10m. Mancini would be taking Home a tidy paypacket also!


      Ps ralph you may have put the jinx on bitton for selecting him in defence in your best line up earlier un the week

    • Brian (not the messiah)

      The top salaries in the Russian Premier League: 2015

      1: Hulk, Zenit €7 million

      2=: Aleksandr Kokorin, Dinamo €5 million
      2=: Ezequiel Garay, Zenit €5 million

      4: Javi Garcia, Zenit €4.5 million

      5: Vedran Corluka, Lokomotiv €4.4 million
      6=: Igor Denisov, Dinamo €4 million
      6=: Axel Witsel, Zenit €4 million

      8: Mbark Boussoufa, Lokomotiv €3.9 million

      9: Manuel Fernandes, Lokomotiv €3.8 million

      10: Artyom Dzyuba, Zenit €3.6 million

      11: Danny, Zenit €3.4 million

      12: Christopher Samba, Dinamo €3.3 million

      13: Aleksandr Kerzhakov, Zenit €3 million

      14=: Salvatore Bocchetti, Spartak €2.7 million
      14=: Roman Shirokov, Spartak €2.7 million

      16=: Igor Akinfeev, CSKA €2.5 million
      16=: Gökdeniz Karadeniz, Rubin €2.5 million
      16=: Aleksandr Samedov, Lokomotiv €2.5 million
      16=: Yura Movsisyan, Spartak €2.5 million
      16=: Oleg Shatov, Zenit €2.5 million

  • CD

    BJF , its always just one or two individual nutters usually with too much booze in them who cause us the embarrassment in these type of situations , as we know by far the majority of Celtic fans are well behaved in any circumstances, and long may that continue

  • BJF

    CD you are spot on mate, I am not anti police but sometimes I wishb they would try an approach like: “Massive game at Celtic Par, 60,000 in attendance but Police Scotland is confident the Cektic support will do their club proud as ever.
    Confession my daughter and I were coming out of Tannadice 20 years ago Celtic and Dundee United supporters exiting together, no issues, and then a rain of bottles from Celtic supporters above us came in, she never lets me forget it and she was only 13 at the time, better days now!

    • jimmybee

      BJF I remember that well m8 those Celtic casuals with their stupid hats fuckin clowns,they got ran out the jungle every game.

    • BondiBrian

      Ah remember witnessing as ah was coming oot Tannadicelate 70’s ( or mibbei Dens Park ) but there was a running battle between fans, police horses etc…full on 70’s fightin. Nothin mentioned on the news or newspapers the next day. Strange.

  • desdamoaner

    like to see a bit of the Valencia / benfica / lyon spirit at least some of the time tonight. attack them and keep attacking them, from both sides.
    and get the shape right at the back, no more get by one player and you’re in defending please.

  • Joe in London

    I love the debate on here about pragmatism over optimism. I am never happy when Celtic go into a game overly confident. I think he have produced some of our greatest results when we adopt a siege mentality. But to be clear; Brendans job is NOT to “say what we all say”.

    I don’t think any of us disagree with what Brendan says. The problem is that in recent European adventures, we have tended to dwell; gaps in money, experience, whatever. The praise we heaped on PSG pre and post getting thumped annoyed me a fair bit.

    When Lenny took the reigns he talked about brining the fire back – and he did. Brendan just needs to stoke it a wee bit. He needs to rile EVERYONE up. The gap exists as it did against Man U, Milan, Barca..

    Honesty, pragmatism and realism about the money and skills gap are fine, but I think I have had enough of the reality check. We are already a very well informed fan base. I want to hear more about the players believing they can out run them, out work them and ultimately beat them. I want anger/hunger. foam at the mouth.. I want to hear what I imagine is going through Scott Browns head when is lines up in the tunnel.

    I think Brendan is immense and I love the direction of the club, our style of play and they way we are run now.. but I want someone to raise temperature a couple of degrees.

  • Monti

    On a forklift three day training course today, three of us.
    The tutor is a hun & was asking the guys what team they liked…..then he came to me, let’s just say i quickly asked him about stripping titles 🙂
    For the next half hour there was an almost full blooded argument….the two other boys sat there and didn’t say a word….it got quite heated.
    The cunt was going down the road that they didn’t cheat???

    I don’t expect to pass my licence.

  • Noelskytrot

    Monti, they got a licence to join the SPL back in the day by the most nefarious means. Cheating fucks. I hope his non progressive outlook doesn’t prevent you from doing so, then again!!!!

  • Mike

    Little men, stand aside,
    we all know what it is that you are trying to hide,
    Little men, change your tune,
    and Follow, Follow, Regan, the conflicted balloon.

    Mr. Petrie and McRae,
    two clowns at the head of the SFA
    Wisen up, its time to go,
    Time for Honest men, to lead the show.

    Don’t look back and shut the door on your way out!!

    • Celtic Symphony


      Broony,” Una’s sources,said you’re going to Chelski,by the end of the week ? ”

      Brendan,” Lol,surprised it was Una and not Ralph who said it.”

  • Tommybhoy

    Caption: Hey Broony did you see the latest list of money making ideas from the huns? It’ll make you pee your shorts.

  • Honest hoops

    Monti,they are not worth arguing with as the majority of them are thick as ferk….I had a debate with one of them on Tuesday and he is a season ticket holder and I pointed out that he has put more money into the club than pontoon eyes king has…to say he lost all dignity is an understatement…frothing and spitting at the mouth…made my day though

  • Cartvale88

    Told you boss PSG were shite

    We can only live in hope, playing Zenit tonight if we go at them from the first minute we could turn them over. Playing friendliest for a few weeks will have affected them.

    Ref the polis, usual pish, no your place. There attitude towards anything Celtic is crap. Do not remember any attempt to charge the morons that made monkey gestures at Sinclair.

  • BJF

    Has to be Naka but I was in a great angle to see David Provan’s kick wonderful. Jimmy Bee right about the
    Ajax issue, I was walking onto the Gallowgate with my son that night and a guy stopped us and said don’t go that way they are attacking Celtic supporters in a pub. Actually we weren’t going that way but the warning was appreciated, could Police Scotland have anticipated it, could they have got to the pubs quicker?
    Anyway tonight is getting closer I am getting nervous or is it excited, off to Glasgow in an hour and a half feel wevwill
    lay a glove on them, possibly irrational but hey ho.

  • Rob O'Keeffe

    As financial matters and Liebrox Sound have raised their heads today.Someone doesn’t even like Real Madrid?
    Anyway,moral discussion at work,mixed attendance.Concerning finance and how you accumulate some of it.You have a “team” that plays in your league(for the moment).Their supporters absolutely detest your club,team,everything to do with you and blatantly and loudly break the law when they turn up at Your stadium,singing outrageous songs and chanting filth.Do you:a:Say nope,no £49 tickets for thousands of you,just £1 for the minimum amount allowed under the “rules”.b:Say nope to taking thousands of tickets to visit their hovel,thus not helping keep the lights on and not encouraging their supporters to think that they matter or c:Money is money,filthy lucre acceptable.Business as usual,but greet about the “people” that turn up indulging in the way you know they will and don’t bother that these same supporters supported a club/company that cheated you for many years and went bust.d:Greet about the big boys in Europe having more money than you so you lower your expectations as you can’t possibly compete when,domestically,you are cash rich compared to the opposition who seem capable of competing against you and occasionally get results.Mind you,Trebles are Trebles.Just be careful how you make some of your cash like,those pesky foreigners …….

  • jimmybee

    They knew m8 what was going to happen,when a game is on the gallowgate is full of polis that night no one in sight.
    Poor guy behind the hoops bar got a right going over,fair play to him he gave it a go.
    Enjoy it m8 I need to miss out tonight as I’m doun souf nightshift. But the daughter and the grandson will be there.
    Let’s hope the bhoys give it laldy.

  • jimmybee

    Aye they phoned up ,asked if they could train and get world class breakfast, it was griffs phone,he said yer clubs deid m8

  • Mike

    History is great, great to see history being made on the park, a couple of weeks ago Kilmarnock made history at their midden, how did they achieve it, they brought the pitch in and packed the defence with blooteres, that’s how. Simple tactics for simpletons, pack the middle of the park and narrow the pitch and then leave your foot in.
    If you hurt the opposition players when you do it….result.
    Now I would never advocate doing all of that….mibbee, but it seems to me that the stakes are high tonight, especially with so many players out injured, we need some kind of positive result tonight to help with our co-efficient. I would love to see us play like we did against Man. City, Gladbach, Aberdeen even, with a high press and the players working their balls of, getting right up the rear of the Russians, they dinny like it up them, no by golly they don’t. So to hell with the sand shoe shuffle from the back, crisp passing, break fast and get tore into them, if you canny win pretty, then win dirty, because a mans a man fur awe that, fur awe that. Make us proud. COYBIG.

  • Monti

    Fuck the moaning
    Fuck the pessimism



  • jimmybee

    451 tonight
    Too much of a risk to play any other way.
    De Vries
    Gamboa Lustig Ajer Tierney
    Forrest Brown Ntcham Bitton McGregor
    Forrest and McGregor can back track best
    Ntcham to play the number 10 Bitton to play defensive midfielder in front of the back 4
    Kkep it tight then we can bring on Sinclair Charlie and Edouard when they tire final 20 mins. Fuckin easy

      • TicToc

        So Rob/anyone, what the fuck is going on at Lennoxtown?
        We’ve fucking ‘sports scientists’, all sorts of ‘coaches’, including ‘defensive’ ones, dietary restrictions and fuck knows what all………Jesus H Christ, I ask again, what the fuck is going on at Lennoxtown?
        How would wee Jinky (arguably the ‘best ever’ Celt) have viewed all this PISH and could it have ‘improved’ him? My arse it could! He was just a remarkable player and mhan.
        They’re trying to ‘run’ fucking robots off a capitalist-contrived conveyor belt whilst us fans are just ignored; but, EVEN WORSE the bastards, generally, ARE NOT succeeding.
        FC not PLC

  • Monti

    Steady from the Bhoys so far, we need to get Sinclair on tho, i don’t think the Zenit defence can be as lucky in the second half.
    So far the sieve hasn’t appeared & Ajer has looked fine, he looks a wee bit hesitant to tackle at times but overall, playing well for a midfielder in defence.
    Ntcham needs to leave set pieces to McGregor, i’d bring Sinclair on for Kouassi, pushing Ntcham back inside.


  • Monti


    in the words of Jeff Lebowski…” Fuckin A ”


  • Iancelt67

    Well played 1-0 ok think we’re better than this team though they’re not match fit. Charly musinda brilliant ball . Ntcham superb. Dembele struggled. Defence superb. Best performance this year by far. No rogic or Sinclair.

  • Bgbhoy

    Brendan gets it spot on from the first whistle. Great performance. Look forward to John complaining his pie was frozen in the middle

    • TicToc

      Well posted port, a goal I’ll watch, over and over….
      Probably Moussa’s best contribution tonight and Charly’s ball for CalMac was a thing of beauty, but CalMac’s control and finish was sublime, especially considering the pressure the Bhoys were under. We even (mostly) had a defence tonight and big Kris is a terrific player who’s ‘doing a job’ at C/B.
      In the circumstances, this is a really fantastic result and all those fantastic supporters of ours at least got some value for their over-costly tickets.

  • Bognorbhoy

    Great performance from the team tonight ..
    Could have been more but we take a lead to Russia what’s not to like ….

  • Yoker Bhoy

    Ya beauty, Celtic are back! Every single player made their contribution tonight and those rusty Ruskies are there for the taking in the return leg. A great confidence boost to the team just when we needed it most. Well done bhoys!!

    T.B. (Twists and Turns)

  • Iancelt67

    Really impressive stuff. Think griff or Sinclair would’ve put one of the early chances in. Dembele isn’t with it atm he olayed better later on. What a ball from musonda and composed finish by calmac. What a turnaround well done rodgers you have that X factor for a manager . Best performance in his tenure. Brilliant stuff. One more goal away and it’s job done Ajer and simonovic is a good combo. Some errant passes but not enough to worry. Great save from dorus and no gordonesque dodgy passes

  • Iancelt67

    Don’t see it that way he should’ve been attacking those balls across the six yard box he was flat footed and lacking previous confidence. He was workmanlike. Never looked like our best player, which he’s been touted as

  • jimmybee

    Delighted for everyone tonight, we needed that and so did the players. 8 outfield players missing and still get a victory and a clean sheet. Great tempo great courage.
    Jamesy continually fouled, the ref too lenient. They should have been down to 10 in the first half.
    McGregor shows what we have been missing someone who puts us on the front foot.
    Dembele done a great job,yes he could have gambled a couple of times,but he was immense as the lone striker.

  • TicToc

    Would I have taken a 1-0 win before the game? YES.
    With a cobbled together team due to so many injuries and PL’s parsimony, YES I would.
    Did I feel overjoyed at the result? NO.
    I thought we put in a very good (if not brilliant) performance and created so many chances that 1-0 to the Bhoys flatters Zenit.
    Of course, it’s going to be very tough to go through, but we’ve given ourselves a more-than-decent opportunity to go over there and get a result. So, a very good performance and that’s all we ever ask of our Bhoys. CalMac would be a worthy winnner of MoM, even without his classy control and finish for our goal. Olivier Ntcham had a great game, as did many others, but Kieran Tierney is Mr Dependable with tons of class, skill and tenacity; he created chances and stopped chances (for them) with equal skill and composure. My MoM, man of the season and a proper Tim too, Kieran, and still just a very young mhan. Hail! Hail! son.

      • TicToc

        Monti, you’d mentioned that I should not involve you in any future post/comment. I was absolutely fine with that. You now ignore most of a post to try to score a point on a sad event; a young man’s demise. There is no comparison here, just an inane attempt at point-scoring. I’d reduce this exchange, at the potential cost to someone’s family, whilst WE play ping-pong with emotive matters.
        I WONT DO THAT. Feel free to comment/ignore what I post, but don’t be so fucking cheap in future. I express, unafraid, what I clearly believe; I’ve done it throughout my life, and will do so until death. (You may wish to refer to ‘Faith of our Fathers’ here.) Whatever you do/say etc., remember this; I really don’t give a fuck. Ultimately, as I’ve been honest enough to state on here, (when you were taking ‘incoming’ all over the place), I concur with most of your views and input on both Celtic FC and Celtic PLC.
        I’d also rather befriend a Tim than fall out with one. However, I have, and always will express my views without fear nor favour, putting truth above ANY ‘friendship’, true or perceived.
        We got a result tonight, of which I’m both happy and proud. On another night, had we got a ‘rub of the green’ then 3-0 would have been fair. We CAN progress here and I’ll just support the Bhoys to do that. Cheers, Monti.

        • Monti

          There’s no ” point scoring “, just find it incredulous that you showed the level of ignorance that you did, to the news that Liam Miller passed away.
          A 36 year old former player, leaving three young children and a wife behind?

          You like to tell everyone how much a Tim you are then come out with the shite…

          I’m sure the Miller family appreciated your kind words.

          • TicToc

            Monti, you’re ‘keeping a pot boiling’ that, out of respect, should be left in peace. I said my TRUTH as I saw fit; it was merely pointing out 1) I don’t trust nor believe those who ‘grieveth too much’ in the name of Celtic and 2) I didn’t think it was befitting when weighing up all circumstances. To ‘go nuts’ about that is ridiculous and shows true ignorance of understanding my words and their intent.
            So, let’s just drop this, now. Eh?

  • BondiBrian

    Ah don’t think anyones ‘over joyed’ Tic. Its the first half etc. But for me it is a relieve that we got stuck right inti them. Bodes well for next gemm.

    HAL HAIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Broxburnbhoy

    Great performance, a full house, a sporting chance of getting through to he next round, great tactical game from Brendan and some huge performances I thought Moussa was excellent tonight and KT in fact all the players did great work. What’s not to like

  • portpower

    Within those on the SFA committee who chose Alex(off the)McLeish as Scotland`s #1,could someone tell me if anyone one of them kicked a football professionally?

    Back to the hunco bunco Future.

  • TicToc

    Port, thanks for tryin’, but Nnnoooooo cigar; it’s not THAT one, it’s the one from Old Trafford, FFS!!! Oh, dear, pass me the Port. 🙂
    HH (Ha, HH is one of the few things that ‘works’, er, down under!) That may suggest that you POMS (as you watch TV all day, rather than work) know more about football than us Northern Hemisphere types, but you all fuck up that theory regularly with your posts. 🙂
    HH (Holy Hemispheres)

      • TicToc

        Port, I seldom understand you, yet I’ve a very strong feeling you’re a fucking riot, in EVERY tentacle of that word.
        I’d love the chance to have a ‘pint’ with you; and, yes, Aussie White would be most acceptable! Which reminds me; where TF did all the Yates’s go?
        Oh, and many thanks for your subtle correction (although I was merely being phonetic) and glad to hear that South Aussie is poHm free. Pomme’s fritz anyone? Fritz wont care!
        PS, hope you don’t reside in the ‘City of Churches’, Jeeps! I can’t think of a more man-made, phony, disaster of a conurbation than that!

  • TicToc

    The, clearly biased, appointment of McLeish to Scotland manager HAS to be challenged and overturned. Just like ALL of the cheating huns’ ‘victories’ over the last quarter century.
    It was Smith (hun 1), McLeish (hun 2) or, no doubt we’d have ended up with Barry ‘V’ Ferguson. ENOUGH of this bigotry.
    Whilst I no longer live in Scotland, I’m a Scot by birth and allegiance. Like the 6 counties, these freemasonic, orange hun bastards in Scotland will try by ANY means, foul or fouler, to retain their ‘supremacy’; let me say this, in the words of a disgusting, dead, effigy of orangism: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.
    I NEVER sat at the ‘back of the bus’, nor shall I ever.
    The ‘establishment’ is very strong; not insurmountable.
    ENOUGH is ENOUGH and it’s time those bastards ‘understood’ that. The trigger’s in the words. Hail! Hail!
    Onwards and Upwards, Forward to the end….. TAL.

      • TicToc

        Doc, I hope you sleep well when you (eventually) throw in the towel and crash-out. Meantime, we should ALL enjoy our win.
        Your ‘100%’ comment is encouraging; let’s hope 100% of us feel the same. There exists a Law of the right to make a ‘Citizen’s Arrest’. It needs to be adhered to strictly, but, I believe, could be used to ‘trim the sails’ of arseholes like, e.g. Sir David Murray. I hope you’re still 100%. In which case this is worth a listen.
        Hail! Hail! to you and yours.


          • TicToc

            Cloud 9 is a lovely place to be; stay there as long as you can, the Earth will still go round, etc……
            However, your point “Guys like murray are untouchable” is WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO THINK.
            They’re no more ‘untouchable’ than you or me.
            They calculate that they can dismiss (in any filthy fashion they choose) using bent press, police, etcetera, any ‘disagreement’ with their ‘status quo’, and it is THEIR ‘status quo’.
            It’s a fucking mirage; they can’t even fucking police the police. Pour quoi? They don’t fucking WANT to. There is NO “untouchable”, just the phony perception of it.
            …..”will you march with O’Neill, to an Irish battlefield?……”
            I’ll still be a Rebel, tomorrow! Will you men?

          • TicToc

            Doc, the wee video’s a fuckin’ riot.
            Great stuff; I just need to recruit ’em all. Them’s is no fuckin’ ‘establishment’ pricks!
            HH (Holy Hangovers)
            Night, night.

  • Doc

    We done the business tonight. Should have been 2or 3 more if Dembele actually tried. Some things to note:
    Ajers best game
    Lustig still has it
    Kouassi matured tonight
    Forrest is quality, you’re just wrong if you disagree
    Tierney is superb
    We can do it

    Ive been on it for about 10 hours now so tonights overall rating is….. drumroll…..

      • portpower

        G`day BondiBrian,
        a corporate lawyer tells us we can`t shag within a party.
        Bloody poopers.

        The Canberra commune. No different worldwide.

        Teach the kids before they get a hold of them.

  • Iain in Alberta

    Excellent performance all round. I was thinking we were not going to score due to just not being of top quality or bad luck. We were there with Calmac and wee Charlie. Dembele put a shift in especially outside the box, his timing just isn’t there yet, inside the box, as he would have scored a couple of those chances last season. BR showed us he really can change things up when
    required and I was impressed that he was willing to drop Sincs tonight, for the shape and dynamism of the team. Mancini will be pulling out his hair as his team looked like they were slow and outnumbered at times. Great play by Celtic tonight and Lustig was back to his best. Can we rest Lustig and KT this weekend by playing Ralston and Miller? Anyways
    CM Callum MacGregor

  • Iancelt67

    Think dembele led the line well but he should have been launching himself at those balls across the box. Tierney could’ve as well once. These chances are vital. But he redeemed himself with some good hold up play. Think he’s making the transition between bad form and good and worthy of his spot. May be vital in the return game. Needs a goal to boost confidence. Don’t agree with him being superb according to Lenny and Hartsin he did his job off the ball. There was one ball from musings I think he could’ve got too but pulled up petulantly. That’s side of his game has to go

  • Monti

    Last nights performance should lift the confidence of the squad & large percentage of the support who have been a bit concerned recently.
    The players never put a foot wrong last night, the only thing missing for me was the final ball, overall though a much needed win.
    I initially thought the line up was a bit too defensive but it was bang on.

    It’s only half time but the win boosts confidence, in football confidence goes a long way.


    • portpower

      G`day Monti,
      Doubters beware,
      Mike`s bringin` his Juggernaut after his shift.

      Mike,is it true you invaded the pitch wearin` a Zenit strip?
      Peter,take heed.
      Mike oot run your secret security 11.

      J.D.(Johnny Doyle)

  • portpower

    Doubters beware,
    Mike`s bringin` his Juggernaut after his shift.

    Mike,is it true you invaded the pitch wearin` a Zenit strip?
    Peter,take heed.
    Mike oot run your secret security 11.

    J.D.(Johnny Doyle)

  • portpower

    Doubters beware,
    Mike`s bringin` his Juggernaut after his shift.

    Mike,is it true you invaded the pitch wearin` a Zenit strip?
    Peter,take heed.
    Mike oot run your secret security 11.

    J.D.(Johnny Doyle)

    • portpower

      Doubters beware,
      Mike`s bringin` his Juggernaut after his shift.

      Mike,is it true you invaded the pitch wearin` a Zenit strip?
      Peter,take heed.
      Mike oot run your secret security 11.

      J.D.(Johnny Doyle)

      • portpower

        Well it was not me! Were youse not all impatient last night because Shug and Co. gut us?

        Hail Hail consistent arbitrators.

        We`re going places with a microwave for pies.

        Incase you`re wonderin`? I`m up for 10000 replies.

  • portpower

    Doubters beware,
    Mike`s bringin` his Juggernaut after his shift.

    Mike,is it true you invaded the pitch wearin` a Zenit strip?
    Peter,take heed.
    Mike oot run your secret security 11.

    J.D.(Johnny Doyle)

  • portpower

    Doubters beware,
    Mike`s bringin` his Juggernaut after his shift.

    Mike,is it true you invaded the pitch wearin` a Zenit strip?
    Peter,take heed.(The mahn`s handy)
    Mike oot run your secret security 11.

    J.D.(Johnny Doyle)

  • portpower


    Doubters beware,
    Mike`s bringin` his Juggernaut after his shift.

    Mike,is it true you invaded the pitch wearin` a Zenit strip?
    Peter,take heed.
    Mike oot run your secret security 11.

    J.D.(Johnny Doyle)

  • Cortes

    Last night was great but this morning is perhaps time for acknowledgement that not only were Zenit coming off their winter break but also playing at an unusually late time (equivalent to 11 pm) so some lethargy (in the studio NFL described them as “insipid “) could be expected. Probably a more energetic display from them next week.

    • portpower

      The 11 played as 11. What a difference a few big strong players make to the side.

      Zenit could of played all night and still wouldn’t of scored.

      Penny for Mancini`s thoughts.

  • Celtic Symphony

    Let’s here it for Brendan !
    For me,he’ll go down in our wonderful history,as the greatest Manager since Jock.(He’s only starting)
    Team selection,tactics,timing of subs,was masterminded by him.
    He was pragmatic before the game for a reason.
    This motivated every player to give a fantastic team performance.
    Brendan,take a bow.
    Brendan Rodgers CSC

    • Mike

      FFS he only won one game Symphony the way your going on is a wee bit over the top, 😉 Anybody know if this win lifts our coefficient to make Celtic seeded for next years C.L. qualifiers? I hope it does cos its gonny be hard enough to qualify and anything that helps is great news. Brilliant last night another taster to place in your memories of being a Celtic supporter. God Bless the Celtic.

      • Celtic Symphony

        Eh ? Mike.
        Not talking ONLY about last night,pal.
        Try an unbeaten Treble for starters !
        Could be Scottish football history this season,with back-to-back Trebles.
        OTT ? Lol.
        I always look at the bigger picture.

        • Mike

          C.S. Read back on Video Celts, assuming Celtic win the league then next season Celtic would be the First in the Que for becoming a SEEDED team. Last nights win was PRICELESS because it means that we should have pushed aside PSV and PAOK aside they are both out of Europe currently and moved up to become SEEDED for next season’s C.L. Qualifiers. So fingers crossed because next seasons qualifiers will be hard enough.
          B.McN. (Billy McNeil) Cesar.

  • portpower

    Weekly radio advice(we`ll never know)fae the end of the paid jetty:

    Sally you sleekit wee bassa. You canny bring Rangers back from the kirkyard.

    sevco comfort blanket FC.

  • jimmybee

    Proper match fitness is everything in football last night showed, zenit playing friendlies not upto speed,I thought the ref was very lenient on them.
    I think we needed another couple tbh.
    It shows how hard it is just to qualify when we are just really in pre season for champions league.
    Yet fans expect crisp clear passing it’s not going to happen.
    Zenit are quality especially at home, this tie is far from over,they will be much more at it the second leg. But the weakness they have is no proper match fitness,we have to play with the same high energy.
    But well done the bhoys a great booster,the more players we get back fitter the better. Good to see Brendan changing the system,and showing its a team game.
    Brendan has a lot of trust in his players time some of us did the same.

  • Mike

    EBT simple as u an me, McLeish/ McLeish, Petrie, no wonder the Hibs supporters hate your guts.
    Petrie and McRae, simpletons at the top of the SFA,
    hard chedders and nae luck,
    wisen up and Get tae Fuck.

    • TicToc

      Jimmy, just watched that about 8 times in a row (something we’ll be looking for next season) and the goal just keeps getting better. It’s an absolute fucking cracker, and, in the circumstances is just priceless. In fairness, CalMac deserved it for his consistency and application in the Hoops.
      Unlike me, you’re a peerless poster and offer nothing but good. I applaud you for the mhan you are, and applaud you for telling us how you bring up your grandchildren. In that respect, I try my best, and our wee Sam likes nothing more than to point to anything green and scream: GREEN, CELTIC. YYYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! He then delights in my delight.
      Life really doesn’t get better.
      Or as BB says, “what’s not to like?”. I’ll take this chance to apologise to BB. I’m sorry. I was overly pissed and overly emphatic.

  • jimmybee

    Mike the sfa are trying to keep a lid on who knows what has went on.
    That decision alone shows the depths of their bigotry, but worse how much out of touch with the Scottish football fans except 1 club.
    Amazing how the announcement comes out once again when Celtic are in Europe,you would think there was an agenda wouldn’t you.
    Fuck the SFA.

    • Mike

      Absolutely Jimmy, pretty certain that Petrie and McRae are up to their eyes in the whole corrupt mire, McLeish ffs. has he even coached for the past few years? they need chased out, each and everyone. The Compliance Officer needs to come back NOW, if he doesn’t then I hope that the CSA and the Trust join up with the Res.12 bhoys and we start some kind of action to get the truth out into the open.

  • portpower

    Safe appointment Scotland.

    We`ll end up pushin` the bassa of a bus.

    Honestly, peein` off the pavement`ll be made licit.

  • portpower

    Moussa,22yo heading to 23.

    6` odd there at the 18 yard box

    So he should demand how the ball is played to him.
    Because he hasn’t received a decent fed ball all season.

    And last night I think a couple of players realised that the ball should`ve been better.

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