Celtic Diary Monday February 12: Moving On ?

Liam Miller passed away at the weekend after a battle with cancer. He was 36. May He rest in peace, and our heartfelt condolences are with his family. 

His move from Celtic to Manchester United a few years ago may have divided the Celtic support, but its a sobering thought when one considers the fragility of life, that Miller did what he did with his family in mind, and the way things have turned out, it may well have been the right decision. 

Life is too short for all of us, and for some its even shorter, and so no one can be criticised for making the decisions that they feel are the best for themselves and their families. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this dreadful time. 


Celtic overcame Partick in what turned out to be a bit of a nailbiter in the Scottish cup this wekend, yet again we had a steamroller of a start, followed by a period of doubt, followed by a period of blaming Jozo Simunovic, who seems to have a problem with his concentration.

James Forrest stepped up with three goals, each quite sublime in the execution, but its the two conceded at the other end which will cause concern going into the Europa League game with Zenit St Petersburg on Thursday.

Older readers will remember Gordon “Whoops ” Marshall, the goalkeeper who liked to fling a couple into the net, and there’s one image from that period which has stayed with me..I couldn’t find it on google…where the entire defence turned their back on him after another one of his unforced errors, and if you watch Saturdays game again, the midfielders and forwards are starting to look at the current defence in the same way.

Should Celtic lose to Zenit, the pressure on the back line will become unbearable.

Is there a solution ?

Yes, there is.

Lustig , Biton, Ajer and Tierney.

Biton has an aura of calmness that none of the others possess, Ajer has the strength needed to carry the ball out of the danger zone, and Lustig, now the target of the disgruntled with Boyata injured, is a far, far better defender than he gets credit for. And then there’s Tierney..

Both full backs need help from the wingers, and the covering midfieder needs to , welll, start covering again. With Brown and Ntcham there appears to be a lack of cihesion betwen the two, which will rectify itself in time, but then again, we’ve only got three days…

Before the Partick game I said it would be a pressure situation, and it turned out to be so, but only because the fragile mentality of the team allowed it to be thus. Zenit will be even more harrowing.

Another problem is that Armstrong and Rogic are both going to be available for this game…which isn;t going to help. for a game of this magnitude bringing players in straight off the treatment table has proven to be a bit of a mistake.

Keep them on the bench, and use their initial energy when it can do the most damage.

Oh, and God help us if we don’t find some self belief this week…


And yet that belief should be there.

One trophy in the bag, a clear lead at the top of the league table as we approach the landing strip, into the scottish cup last eight with a home tie against Morton, and European football after christmas, with a gift of a draw against a side who haven’t played competitive football since they found out they would play Celtic.

So, lets have a look at what their gaffer thinks about the game, and how the winter break has gone for them..

This was the final match for Zenit at the Gazprom training camps. Can you sum it up for us? 

Today was a very good match, we have played against a strong team. The match turned out to really interesting, Maribor are a good side and played in this year’s Champions League, it was not an easy game. It cannot be compared to an official match, but nevertheless, this is a good preparation. 

Was the Red Star game your favourite?

Yes, I would say that the match against Red Star was the closest to an official, but today’s opponent’s played also like an official match. Unfortunately, today we played at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, which does not quite correspond to the time of proper matches. But the level of opposition was good. 

At the very end Yuri Lodygin did something incredible. Now will you find it more difficult to choose a goalkeeper? 

Yes, he did Something incredible, in my opinion it was strange from the referee because to give two penalties in a minute was unusual. 

How did you feel about Pletnev performance today?

All the young guys who came to the camp have presented themselves very well, both in matches and in training. Skrobotov, Goylo, Kakkoev and Kaplenko, not only Pletnev did well. I am pleased with everyone. 

Now the matches are over will you be focusing on the Celtic game? 

I believe that the main part of our work has already been done, now we need to recover, get in the right physical shape. We will now aim our training to prepare for the first official game.

The answer, i would venture to suggest, is in that last bit. He is worried about their fitness level and match readiness.

So, with that in mind hit them from the off at pace and get in their faces. They have played friendlies for the last couple of months, and that means the other teams have also treated them as friendlies, more so than the russians, and the full force of a match fit side playing with hunger and determination, roared on by a large passionate crowd could well overwhelm them.

Piece of piss this management lark.


Elsewhere, and the Daily Record has surpassed itself with it’s online coverage of the passing of Liam Miller.

Their piece , which concerned Miller sending his “jealous mates ” pictures of his “dream life ” in the United States was at best ill thought out and at worst lacking in consideration for the family.

As a result, many have chosen to boycott the paper, and although the paper has apologised there’s a feeling they’ve crossed a line.

For many, there can be no going back. If a bridge can be built, then perhaps a contribution to a charity chosen by the Miller family, and a full and prominent apology would be a good way of starting.


The battle for power at the SFa ahead of the release of the Compliance Officers report has begun.

Peter Lawwell hasn’t exactly thrown his hat into the ring, but he’s thrown it at some already in there.

“I came off the [SFA] board a couple of years ago; from the outside looking in, clearly, there are problems,” 

“The problems appear to be significant and it seems that Stewart Regan has taken the rap for that, in terms of the changes over the last couple of weeks.

“I think there are others in there, who have presided over the SFA for a number of years, that really need to have a look at themselves just now. I don’t think it’s worth personalising, but clearly there are issues that need to be addressed. On the other hand, I think there are positives.

“You have a board there with very capable people in Mike Mulraney, who represent the clubs, alongside Ian Maxwell. And you’ve got independent non-executives in Gary Hughes and Ana Stewart who are capable people.

“I think it’s time for these guys to be given their head and maybe given a bit more authority to actually understand what is the purpose of the SFA in the modern game? And how does that relate to the SPFL and the clubs? 

“I think there should be a process of restructuring, re-organising that allows the SFA to be fit for that purpose.

“There are a lot of good staff at the SFA and we engage with them at the moment. There are a lot of good people in there – that’s another positive.

“There is an opportunity for everyone to sit down, look at what they should be doing, look at what’s gone wrong, learn lessons and move on.” 

Move on ?

That, i am quite sure is not the words he wanted to use, as it implies that coals should not be raked over. Perhaps what he really means is that a new SFA/SPFL or whatever they decide to call it can learn from the mistakes, such as cheating and corruption, of the old body, and enter this brave new world that we need.

In a nod to that past, BT Sport are starting a series about Old Firm games, the Glasgow derby now confined to history…

Fridays caption competition..

Image result for andrew mckinlay sfa

Bognorbhoy February 9, 2018 at 10:13 am · Edit · Reply →

Caption 2…
(You need to look at the facial expressions )

Jabba… so it was the company not the club ok ?

David …your kidding right ?

Andrew… never heard of that one …

Stewart…Mmmmm sounds like a plan …

Today, something a little, but not much ,different..

Image result for you are the ref

As it says, you are the referee, and what would your decision be here ?





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Caption… Nah there’s no dog shit on yer boot…


Caption: in scotland its def a foul to for the keeper and a sending off for Dembele for dangerous play.You can see he has no eye on the ball and his clear intention is to use his shoulder to foul the keeper who could be very seriously injured when he falls.
So free kick to Partick and red card to dembele
Signed Hugh Dallas

Stevie D

Caption: Send Neil Lennon to the stand; whatever game he’s at.

Mark Sherry

Penalty to Rangers



Steven R

Today’s caption is a no brainer…

It’s quite clearly a penalty to sevco. The infringement committed is that Dembele is clearly seen to bee wearing a green and white hooped shirt. Even if this infringement happened outside the box, and sevco wasn’t even the opposition, it is quite clearly a sevco penalty.


If dembele backs off or keeps his distance it’s nothing if dembele quick enough and encroaches then it’s dangerous play by the keeper and an indirect free kick for Celtic. Though I thing his leg would have dropped by the time dembele gets near him so nothing. Play on.

The real Anton Rogan

Having looked at the SFA rule book the correct decision is free kick to Thistle, Dembele red card for dangerous play, 4 match touchline ban for Neil Lennon and the removal of the flag from Celtic Park.

Honest hoops

Hmm, how do I get another Celtic player sent off for dembele’s clear assault on the keeper…


Hang on had another look lol. Straight red for the keeper for handling outside his box. Glasses on for this one


A footballers life is a very fortunate one, when all on the garden is rosy. They must look after them and their families no matter how hard it is for supporters to accept that they are leaving their club for someone else I remember the arguments on the supporters bus over Liam,but those arguments would never have wished what has happened to him or anyone. Celtic to keep our good players,is a struggle. The days of Paul McStay,Danny McGrain,Bobby Lennox etc could well be over.Young Kieron might be the only one now coming through to do it. But if hes… Read more »


Not been on here on a while but god bless Liam Miller. Sadly i was one of the raging Celtic supporters who had a go at him at the time. I geniunely loved him as a player in his short time with us, he had the potential to be a Celtic great imo and was a bit scunnered that he left, he was a lovely little footballer. All that doesn’t matter now of course, we are a fikle bunch us football fans with a touch of hypocracy too. A truly sad day. RIP Liam Miller

Southside Bhoy

Confer with the Stand Side Linesman – as he is furthest away. Send Neil Lennon to the stand. Award a penalty against Celtic and report Hoopy the Huddle Hound to the local dog catcher.


Just trawling through eBay and accidentally found this seller.
Make of it what you will


Mike Annis

Caption: Def Red card …..for attacking the goalies boot with malice aforethought.



Stevie D

Ralph there are already innumerable reasons Celtic supporters, or ANYBODY interested in truthful quality reporting, should boycott this rag. This is just its latest outrage. Do you remember the Guivarc’h reporting (granted this example wasn’t so grossly offensive but gives an insight into the mindset of its halfwit reporters and readers (I admit these might not be verbatim copies of the headlines but this is the gist)): RANGERS TARGET FRENCH WORLD CUP WINNER GUIVARC’H; their interest cooled about then the following week we had CELTIC EYE NEWCASTLE’S MISFIT FRENCH FLOP. Shortly after this the guy went to Ibrox and the… Read more »


Caption: I’ll submit a caption once I’ve got my story straight with the linesman

So, with that in mind hit them from the off at pace and get in their faces. They have played friendlies for the last couple of months I would suggest this “Get intae them” has no chance of coming to fruition given our managers footballing philosophy. What will happen is an attempt to “Pass them into submission”….cue a long first half attack wise with a few “Shit!!” scary passes across our own backline moments and the prayer that they tire in the second half and aren’t 2 goals to the good by then. I pray that we start 2 up… Read more »


Caption: Ref halts the game, jumps into his car, drives to Edinburgh & sends Neil Lennon to the stand.


Bitton & Ajer?
You’re fucking at it…..


john young

add to that KT who shouldn,t be allowed near the back line,he is fast did-appearing out of sight,remarkable turn around with KT and not for the good.We need a team that will run/fight to the end unfortunately we don,t have players of this calibre.


Subtitles please?


Caption: Snowboarding slopestyle – invisible or otherwise – is not allowed on the pitch during the game. Red card and exile to North Korea


“is a far, far better defender than he gets credit for” I’ve read some drivel on here, but that’s up there. Completely past it and an ongoing liability, who is incapable of feeding simple balls up the line to Forrest. Constantly turns back on himself after receiving the ball and returns to sender, if he doesn’t make an arse of doing that, which isn’t a g’tee and in doing so, completely negates any attempt at positive play. Time’s up.


Caption Told you they were Nikes. It sums up the standard of refereeing on Saturday, Lustig could have been sent off for time wasting. Other Celtic players were flinging themselves to the ground to get the brave Thistle players booked. All in another kick the shit out of them, you won’t get booked. Craigan epitomises all that is pathetic about the media, as for the Daily Wanker and it cohorts no one should buy these rags, years ago they were used to wipe your arse, not even fit for that purpose. Monti, Bitton cannot be as bad as that dozy… Read more »


It’s worrying as fuck now, the defence that is.
Hopefully people can see i was right moaning like fuck all transfer window about the defence.

Anyone who witnessed Boyata & Ajer at the back away to Astana, and still believe they are the answer are clearly fucking mental.

My team for Zenit: 4-4-1-1,

De Vries





Sadly Lustig cannot play centre half for Celtic. Its been tried many times and never worked. A case of Horses for Courses and while he might be able to do so for Sweden, we would need the rest of the swedish defence to make it work for Celtic. Gamboa??…talk about rising in stature by not playing, its the same aspect that has folk citing John Kennedy as an “if only” Franco Baresi. If Odsonne is fit, I would play him and Dembele and if needed take one of them ( prob Dembele) off as the game heads into final 20… Read more »


I disagree with you when you say Lustig can’t play at centre back.
Surely a vastly experienced international defender can adapt his game on occasion?
Especially with the current lot trying to outdo each others level of incompetence:)

Surely hendry and Ajer would be better than Bitton. I reckon that Lustig is finished and is a liability. he should be dropped and Ralston should play. If they are good enough they are old enough. We have no real choices and is why better players should have been bought over the two recent transfer windows. Even Gamboa would be better than Lustig. He is quicker than Lustig and this team are quick in attack. Callum McGregor should play with Musonda dropping to the bench. celtic should attempt to start at a blistering pace and put the wind up them… Read more »

John I would argue in defence of big Lustig. I sit right aside his RB starting position and he continousyly has to try and guide his colleagues inside who are often all over the shop. He also has the charge of getting forward( and back) and without covering midfielders as mentioned above, this causes folk to say he is too slow but that’s often due to him having to run 60 yards rather than 10 or 20 as he is not always in a defensive position due to tactical demand. I know a tricky winger can make him look foolish… Read more »


Agree with all of your post…..for once 🙂

Paul Miller

Book the keeper for failing to make contact with moussa’s head!!!


Ref didn’t even speak to Cerny for this, never mind book him but let him pat Dembele after he had done it as if to say sorry about that. I know it’s easy looking on but there were times when Dembele was making runs off the centre halves and the ball wasn’t coming. After another fruitless run he threw his arms up in frustration. Second half they used him as a target man with longer balls and players running off which was better. We are creating enough chances but need to finish them. Hooper would have filled his boots.

Red card Dembele?


Lanarkshire Referees Association


I noticed there was a female linesmaness running one of the lines on Saturday?

God help us all.


Monti… Was it the clothes line?

I’ll await the sexist comments


Don’t be daft….a woman would be unable to hang a clothesline.


Just back from visiting Andybhoy, gave him his blanket, turned an extra bar up on the fire & replenished his Werthers bowl.
I charged his laptop up and he maybe on later…..once he’s back from B & Q ( 25% off ) on a Monday.
I have to sit him in the trolley as he complains the warehouse is getting too big & draughty to walk round the whole way…..


did you forget to change his nappy?


I’ll do that later m8…..i need to nip in & show him how to work his new tv remote control.


Fuck off you pair of bellends.


Easy Mary….we can’t risk you getting over excited 🙂


You seem to forget big ears, I changed your nappies for long enough and they were rancid.




Can you have a word with Henkesdreadlocks please, his posts are a bit abusive 🙂


How’s it going m8….how was Paris?


Haha listen to Timothy there. Yes it was good man. Snow was mad but was nice to remember being there this time and not witnessing a record defeat. Though I got over for rugby park last week which made it no wins in 4 this season


Liam Miller funeral today and such a tragically young age to pass away.
I was raging with Liam when he left on a free but that’s because we were losing an excellent young player who we stuck by through his injury issues, that doesn’t matter a jot now tho…
My heart goes out to his wife and three young kids, god bless them all!

Rest in peace Liam!

Lustig’s performance against Astana away should have been his last. he is not good enough for european competition. during the astana game when they went 3 or 4 1 up the camera caught Lustig and he looked as if he was about to burst into tears,he had completely lost it. At this level he will get crushed. If he is picked on Thursday he will be targeted.


” Donny You’re out of your element “


Caption…It’s my Bruce Lee goalkeeping technique, Moussa.

I still think we’re very fragile at the back but hope we can do the biz on Thursday. Monti all yer shouting for new defenders during the transfer windoow has been vindicated. We look very shaky, especially after conceding a goal.


Hopefully Compper can add steel to the defence and tighten things up, ineligible for Europe but in the remaining domestic games he needs to lead from the back.


We need more Roy Aitken & Mick McCarthy types in the Cetic defence…proper hard cunts!

That is not how modern football works.

Im all for slagging lack of quality signings but How We Used to Live CSC wont cut it.

Name a current proper hard nut defender out there..anywhere..at a high level.

Positioning is more important than tackling these days

Presence of mind is more important than presence of body these days

Speed and space awareness are more important than strength these days


Desimond, Pish Also to answer your question….John Terry at Aston Villa. We should have asked the question when he left Chelsea. Also in regards to positioning, are you saying big Roy & Mick wouldn’t be able to cut it against the movement of Kris Boyd? Lol. As for tackling? If Jozo had done that at Partick’s second goal we might not have conceded the second. Roy Aitken & Mick McCarthy were hard players but they could play as well, especially Aitken. Desi, i’m not talking about signing hard players because they are ‘ hard ‘ but because it might put… Read more »


The Bear didn’t mess about, Monti. Desi makes a good point regarding how modern football has changed players. On that point, would I have Cesar in defence or Ramos, Stones etc, you bet your balls it would be the big man.


Desi does make good points….it’s just i’m right and he’s no 🙂


Even if Compper had steel around his ring, he couldny tighten it up any further, he is German and they are very very fond of a tight ring.
So am telt.


Ooh das good yah?


heres hoping mate. For the first time in a while I get the jitters when teams attack our defence.


No way would I go with Dorus de Vries, I would rather have S. Bain, Scott Bain. Lustig. Hendry, Ajer, K.T. Brown, Kouassi, Armstrong. Forrest, Dembelle, Sinclair. Canny see him playing young Ralston….yet, Zenit play 4-3-3.


Nurse Ratched….meds please.

Having said that DeVries is shite & should be in the same taxi as Boyata in the summer.
Bain? Possibly in fact yes i’d play Bain instead of DeVries.
Ajer & Hendry?

Farewell and adieu
Farewell spanish ladies
Farewell & adieu you ladies of Spain


OK change that to your favourite….Sumonovic and Boyatta.

Nurse….Nurse, send fur the midwife Monty’s got his pet rabbit stuck up his arse….again.


Mike maybe it’s his hare


HAHAHA very good Weered.



Ntcham dropped for Kouassi?
Armstrong rushed back?
MacGregor out the picture altogether?
No wee cheeky Charley
Sinclair..is this when we hope he will “kick on” (again)

Hendry…so basically we are playing Killie ( Ajer still a work in progress) and Dundee level centre backs against Zenit.

Makes the crazy singing of Comperr look even more a waste of money if we could have got him free come the summer but opf course its all prep for next seasons qualifiers..i know i know…short termist thinking from me.


Yes, The defence needs all the help it can get. Yes, Hoping he is fit and good to go. Yes, Good player, but sadly not for me, prefer Armstrong. No, To Charly, we must get a draw at least. Yes, To stretch the game and use all the width. I would not critisise before the window closed, I always said I would hold off until then, but now its closed, then absolutely we needed a ready to go centre-half of QUALITY. The £31 million pounds in the bank is disgraceful and the support should have the satisfaction of seeing not… Read more »


Mike… of course you can shout FOWL…
They chickened out on defenders… but then some of the regular defenders out do that regularly


FOWL….. and then all your chickens come home to roast on toast!!

Billy Johnston

Dembele should surely have been sent off for trying to head butt the keepers boots.


Caption: Dembele: this reminds me of my ballet lessons at the Moulins Rouge.


SO he can can do better then…


Caption …
“see when you play at Kilmarnock you will have to wear different boots ,you might injure yourself on landing “

Celtic Mikey

Referee gives keeper 10/10 in match report for out classing Eric cantona and Bruce Lee combined at Kung Fu kicking. 1/10 to Dembele for not sticking the nut in where it hurts like a croissant munching nanny Pamby.


Should have read the brief re the picture !!


Offside dembele…..


Caption: It doesn’t matter what the decision was regarding Moussa v Cerny…….because the rangers weren’t there when the challenge was made.


The rangers and challenge in the same sentence ‍♂️


What’s with the symbol?


It’s masonic




Don’t know where that symbol came from


Cough cough 🙂


Caption, There ive ripped my knickers…again.


Crotchless Harris Tweed fermer ware….


Bit itchy on the gaboozies

Looks like Compper might only play in a handful of games before the end of the season. With the addition of even 2 of the 31 million, OK 3, they could have signed a player ready to play on Thursday. A hammering on Thursday will be significant as it could be another massive blow to the already fragile confidence of the team. Europe has been the root cause of the shite we have been watching for these past 4 months. You don’t get bitched slapped regularly without it having a negative impact. Although it doesn’t seem to bother too many… Read more »


Wouldn’t stretch the pitch but do the opposite. As we are at the moment they have better players than us so leaving space would help them. Keep it tight and narrow, send them inside to bodies and try to win your one to one. Sinclair is key, he can score but needs to help out for as long as he is on. Hopefully they are breathing through their arse in the latter stages so no giving them as rest. Subs on and go again.



You may be right, but my thought was that Armstrong makes runs up the left side and that lets Sinclair stay outside, James Forrest has been pushing inside a lot, obviously as he’s told to, but works better with Lustig, so, I don’t want the pitch narrowed any further.I know that Zenit have great talented wingers. Fingers crossed Sinclair and Forrest cut in and take any opportunities that come there way, same with Dembelle…we need to win this game it helps our C.L. co-efficient.
We need a BIG performance.

Celtic Symphony

Bitton ? lol
Are you having a laugh,Ralph ?
Bitton and Ajer shipped 5 goals over in Astana,when they partnered each other in defence.
Zenit will be a tough nut to crack.
I’ll be there,we can score,but not conceding will be a tough ask.

Celtic Symphony

Was only 4 goals in Astana,just felt like 5.

Rob O'Keeffe

Exactly CS. Bitton: Aura of Calmness…..you are extracting the urine Ralph…..
Caption: Thistle goalie copies Craig(Not my fault) Gordon,who has run out of his box a few times and karate kicked opponents and never got sent off….so let’s not be hypocritical……


I’m not going to go into the merits or weaknesses of any player, but just say, c’mon Celtic, ger right intae the Russians and give us a performance that’s long overdue.


What kind of strategy is in place at Celtic, when it’s been proven time after time that the defence is shite, we go and sign Compper who is ineligible for Europe?
I mean what the fuck is going on?

Zenit will comfortably breeze past Celtic….£31m in the bank tho…oh and two Dundee players brought in?

It is fucking insanity!


Q. Sack the board, they are fucking useless…and what of tbe fucking scouts at CP?
The only defender ( Compper ) the board can sign is fucking ineligible?
Fuck sake min!

” Mark it fucking zero ” – Walter Sobchak


Monti February 7, 2018 at 3:29 pm · Reply → “We Celtic supporters need to stand united now, all the moaning, justified or not needs to be put aside. There are trophies to be won, let’s just get behind everyone, manaer & players & EACH OTHER and go and make this another historic season. Battles lie ahead, they can only be won, if we all stand as one!” Couple of days later:Monti February 12, 2018 at 6:19 pm · Reply → “Q. Sack the board, they are fucking useless…and what of tbe fucking scouts at CP? The only defender (… Read more »

Rob O'Keeffe

Correct Monti,it’s a shambles and BR isn’t happy at all(friend of a friend of a friend etc).Well no,one phone call,doubters…..one brought in and one sent on loan….jeez oh….can’t be arsed(like Sinclair ) with this at the moment,got a funeral on Wed.
P.S.Still time to get your WorldClass priced Zenit tickets……24,000 at Thistle….Glory Hunters……


We continue to blame the centre backs but they are asked to do what they simply can’t. The centre backs are asked to go wide and take short passes from the keeper to then play it across the back from side to side it’s fuckin madness. Then they are supposed to get the team attacking. Play the ball tacross the back it goes to Broony it goes back,it goes to the left played to Ntcham played back. The midfielders have to do more,they have to take on players open up the space,instead of a centre half going out wide. Jozo… Read more »


Brendan wants to build the game from the back, however we need to buy defenders who are comfortable in doing so.
Maybe we could scout Dundee and see if….oh wait.


On a more serious note on the day that Liam was laid to rest, it is time to stop buying the daily record. It is time to stop commenting on anything it has to say,on Celtic websites,it is time for us to stop giving this rag a voice any voice.
So all Celtic websites should from this day forward make no reference to any of their journalists or any word that is attached to that paper. Go on Ralph spread the word.
Also ask Peter to ban them,and not place any adverts in their newspaper.
It’s time.


i’m in full agreement with what you’ve said. It’s about time we got on a real offensive against these insensitive reptiles who hate all things Celtic, in my opinion. We’ve saw plenty of lurid, horrible headlines attacking our club on it’s pages. Remember the thieves, liars front page headline back in the day? It’s about time Lawell got a grip and done something about them. Though I’ll not hold my breath on the board taking action. For me they’ve just become as bad as the scum Sun.


The only paper paper to buy is An Phoblacht!


back in the day I sold many An Phoblacht at parades etc, now I sell Socialist Worker. I still buy AP from the Calton bookshop on occasion


Good man, i always got one at home games in the 90’s, corner of Janefield street.
NTV as well, must buy half time browse 🙂


Used to sell it myself when we played at Hampden that season I always got sold out inthe pub the blarney pilgrims played in before the games.


Is Not The View still being published? Used to get that and TAL fanzine back in the day.


Not sure m8, i remember the edition that covered le petit merde signing for the unwashed….
What a rancid piece of shit he is!


You can still get it on line and order a paper copy as well


Hail Hail



Cheers Matt!


Are you Mr.Mcglone? 🙂


Cheers Matt.


Have you been watching the winter olympics?
I think you would do well in the ‘ Luge ‘ event….
That beak of yours would keep you st


reamline 🙂


Whoosh bogey go go go 🙂

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