Celtic Diary Friday February 9: Singing The PLC Symphony


Ooh Ahh Up the shares!

You know, when I was a kid it was the new strips, or the new signings that we looked forward to. Changed days indeed, as the club released the interim accounts yesterday and a gleeful support lapped up the figures, whilst largely ignoring the fact that if you ever needed proof the club is more concerned about being a successful PLC than a successful football club, it was all in the chairmans statement..

Before we look at what he has to say, here are the highlights, picked put for you to enjoy and presented by Archie MacPherson.

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Operational Highlights

•             Currently top of the SPFL Premiership

•             Winners of the Scottish League Cup for the second season in a row

•             19 home fixtures (2016: 18)

•             Successfully qualified for the Group Stages of UEFA Champions League

•             Secured European football after Christmas by qualifying for the round of 32 of the Europa League 


Not bad, but with the exception of the European football after christmas, not entirely unexpected.

Financial Highlights

•             Revenue increased by 16.8% to £71.5m (2016: £61.2m)

•             Profit from trading was £23.7m (2016: £21.4m)

•             Profit from transfer of player registrations (shown as profit on disposal of intangible assets) £0.5m (2016: £2.0m)

•             Profit before taxation of £19.5m (2016: £18.6m)

•             Profit after taxation of £17.4m (2016: £18.6m)

•             Period end net cash at bank of £30.9m (2016: £18.6m)  

Thirty million quid in the bank.

Bear that in mind as we look at what Bankier said, although fair play to him, this time he didn’t call anyone racist.

I am pleased to report on our interim results for the period ended 31 December 2017.  These show revenue of £71.5m (2016: £61.2m) and a profit from trading of £23.7m (2016: £21.4m).  Overall this resulted in a profit before taxation of £19.5m (2016: £18.6m) and a period end net cash at bank of £30.9m (2016: £18.6m).  The introductory page to these interim results summarises the main highlights. 

We are delighted with the sustained period of success on the pitch, as Brendan Rodgers, his backroom team and the players have built on their achievements of last season.  They are to be congratulated on qualification for the group stages of the UEFA Champions League for a second successive season, for retaining the League Cup and for the record breaking 69 game domestic unbeaten run.  At the time of writing, we sit 8 points clear at the top of the Scottish Premiership and, as we continue to progress in the Scottish Cup, we retain the prospect of winning an historic back to back domestic treble. 

Just going over the highlights at this stage, like they do on Sportscene, little bit of action, then harping on about it.

During the period we secured the permanent registrations of Olivier Ntcham and Kundai Benyu, and the temporary registration of Patrick Roberts.   Our profit on disposal of intangible assets of £0.5m (2016: £2.0m) largely reflects the transfer of the registrations of Gary Mackay Steven and Saidy Janko.  Subsequently, during the January 2018 transfer window, we have invested further by acquiring the permanent registrations of experienced German Bundesliga defender Marvin Compper, exciting young Scottish talents Lewis Morgan and Jack Hendry and the temporary registrations of sought after midfielder Charly Musonda and goalkeeper Scott Bain. 

Note the adjectives in front of the names of the acquisitions. A desperate attempt to justify a lack of investment in the team , or a genuine reflection of the managers wishes ?

The Board is committed to a course of investment in the playing squad so as to be as competitive as we can be within the structure of Scottish football and on the European stage.  With our full support and encouragement, Brendan seeks to enhance the squad by the careful acquisition of quality players and the development of existing players and young talent coming up from our Youth Academy. Youth Academy graduates James Forrest, Kieran Tierney, Michael Johnston, Callum McGregor, Calvin Miller and Anthony Ralston have all contributed to the first team this year.  Furthermore, we were delighted to agree an extended contract with Kieran Tierney, who has captained Celtic and his country during the season. 

See the bit in bold-thats the policy right there.

If I’m reading this correctly, there is an acceptance of where we are at, and there’s no sign of any ambition to compete on the bigger stage.

Effectively, he’s telling us that we just became a development club, because thats where the money is in this game.

The Board is also pursuing initiatives to enhance the Club’s assets at Celtic Park, so as to aid our playing competitiveness, as in the case of the recent pitch improvements, and to develop and commercialise the space we occupy, as in the case of our recent planning application for a hotel, retail store and museum. The Board’s investment policy, nonetheless, recognises the uncertainty inherent in football, and our long held strategy of operating a self-sustaining financial model. 

They have recognised it by hoarding all the money in the bank, in case it rains or something. whereas before we were told we need the champions league money, and the money from players to compete and improve the standard of player, now we are being told we are going to hang on to it in case we don’t get it next year.

Looking forward, and entirely in line with our trading seasonality, we do not expect the same level of financial performance in the second half of the year.  In this period we will play fewer home fixtures and revenue from European competition will be lower.  Our key objectives for the remainder of the year are to win the SPFL Premiership, secure the Scottish Cup and build towards the European qualifiers in the summer.  The Club will also continue to look at ways in which to develop Celtic Park and the surrounding area to create a destination and match day experience that all Celtic fans can be proud of. 

Absolutely no mention of the Europa League, and therefore we can conclude the reason we didn’t strengthen the defence with an experienced defender eligible for that tournament is that trophies are just a wee bonus.

All that matters is the money.

No longer shall we sing of deeds of greatness,

No longer are we singing songs of joys.

No longer telling  tales of heroic triumph.

For that was when we used to be the Bhoys

Bloody hell, I’ve gone and depressed myself now.

You see, if ever the support wanted to piss off Iain Bankier, an easy way to do it would be to roar the players on to Europa League glory.

That’ll teach him a bit about our club.

To cheer us up, lets look to the future, and proof that there are some people out there who remain positive no matter how deep the poopy kaka is that they are wading through…


Perhaps we could rebel, like some who find some things have been taken a little too far..

Or Andrew MacKinlay, the second member of the SFA heirarchy to quit this week…

Wonder what he saw that made him accept the job at the Golf club….

It’s Friday, and it’s time to applaud  the Etims

Knob of the Week 

Despite our captain, the legendary Scott Brown, recently achieving sainthood from the Vatican..

one man has perhaps challenged his honesty and integrity, claiming that his booking against Kilmarnock was deliberate in order to make sure he serves his suspension before the upcoming game against “rangers ” .

Craig Levein, the manager of Hearts has gained a bit of a reputation as a miserable bastard, and we can only hope that he’s cheered by being named as this weeks

Knob of the Week 

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Karamoko Dembele

jimmybee February 8, 2018 at 10:19 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: quick maam take it before the cheatin bastard dives. 


Image result for andrew mckinlay sfa

Before I go, there’s a disturbing tale of industrial espionage and copyright theft by the retail arm of a club which recently trumpeted that it had thirty million quid in the bank, which affects the livelihood of a young lady who has worked bloody hard to get her company off the ground.

I’m looking into it, and I hope a quick resolution can be found.



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Ok David …Stewart and Andrew are for the off…. you’ll be holding the can …

David ?
David ?
Davi…awe sod it he’s realised …


If the board are getting pellets, is BR immune. Surely he’s complicit with there direction ethos etc?

Every time i see a Celtic Board member celebrate great finance numbers, I remember Jeanette Findlay on an Etims podcast aptly pointing out that its us the fans who get the money into the club and into the Foundation…never forget that.


Well said!

D J Smyth

Very simple Desimond , if you are a fan of Celtic & think you should not put money in club . Then don’t & don’t forget that .
Supporters will always put money into club & encourage club & team do better .


Caption 2…
(You need to look at the facial expressions )

Jabba… so it was the company not the club ok ?

David …your kidding right ?

Andrew… never heard of that one …

Stewart…Mmmmm sounds like a plan …

D'Fhinnein Mick

49 hours later,still awaiting moderation.

Steven R

Caption: at a recent meeting, the SFA reveal the remaining 3 contenders in their annual Philip Schofield Looky-likey competition. The assembled masons (sorry, referees) are asked to choose the winner, and it came as no surprise that Stuart Regan was chosen by them as Phil’s doppelganger.

D'Fhinnein Mick

What a load of utter guff,Ralph. So you don’t appreciate our all-conquering board?

Boo bloody hoo. Cos I fucking do!

In fact,my bedroom walls are splattered with pictures of them from such diverse-their favourite word,as you can tell just from looking at them!-publications as Shoot! FourFourTwo,the FT,and The Telegraph.

And I’m the envy of all my friends,so there!!!


Caption: The SFA are savaged by a government who uses gaffer tape to patch up their desks.


Utterly moronic observation by myself that their first initials spell SAD.

Hail Hail



Woof Charlie! So they are worth £30 million and we have £30 million going spare. Is there going be a Scooby Doo moment where Peter Lawwell’s mask gets ripped off and it’s Charly Green saying ‘and I would have got away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky Tims!’ And what are the good looking ones up to while the specky one and Shaggy do all the work? Dirty middens.


‘Bloody hell, I’ve gone and depressed myself now’; well done you’ve gone and depressed everyone else too.


Caption: ” Who got to you, what were you threatened with that was so bad, you can’t impliment your own rules?….Stewart…you first “.

Tennis, golf,cricket and football know nothing about any of them sports,but we know how to make money!celtic Plc taught us how to make money without putting any of our own in

D'Fhinnein Mick

RALPH I know you’ve paid attention to this before,and I do appreciate it. But there has to be some way round ALL of my posts needing your approval as they await moderation. This is a good place to have a chat wi fellow Tims,but how can I? And I know there’s only a few of us suffer this,I know it’s not deliberate,but IT IS bloody frustrating. Someday oneday,I’ll take you for a sesh in the town of my moniker. I’ll drink to my heart’s content. You can sit there. Frustrated as fuck. Towards closing time,I’ll get in most of the… Read more »


£30,000,000 in the bank & Boyata & Ajer is our defence?

“Has the world gone crazy”? – Walter Sobchak.


there are not enough Big lebowski references in the world.


” It’s a league game Smokey ” 🙂

D J Smyth

Monti , you would prefer £30m in the red & Stones in defence


Well obviously not……are you saying we should be turning to young Dundee players to solve Celtic’s defensive issues?


In recent seasons we have been hammered by Barca and PSG, so to be competitive as we can be has a pragmatic oversight. However, it doesn’t follow that we will not try and win trophies. Also having £30m in the Bank doesn’t mean we wont spend it. Investing a portion of this sum in generating new commercial operations is good business, we can boost the turnover and take us further ahead than our rivals. We also have to look to more developments at Lennoxtown. The main stand needs work as well. Nothing in this statement says we are a selling… Read more »

jim kearney

sometimes it bothers me that my fellow Celtic supporters are very quick to have a go at our board.I came through the era of the Kellys and the Whites and the present board all being that they are hard nose businessmen and have put our club on a very sound footing.Of course Fergus also played a big part in that.Would they rather have thieves and vagabonds and criminals as other clubs I could mention.When we ansered the call to help the club out none of us were or had the presumption that our investment was to make a profit and… Read more »


Jim, As Celtic supporters we want to see the best team possible on the park, we want the manager & players to have a wee edge to the side that gives us a better chance of qualifying for the Champions league group stage. I’m not asking for the board to spend recklessly, but i do think we need to bring in players who are better than what is here now. There’s no point sitting back saying to the guy next to you eating his prawn sandwich “we have thirty million in the bank” ….as Cavani heads through on goal for… Read more »


Good post Monti. Agree with all of it


Cheers m8


Aye but the guy sitting next ti him will be in his hoose watchin it streamed.certainly no at the gemmoment.


Well said comrade Kearney


How did I just know you would be aghast at the brilliant financial results of such a well-run club?

“whereas before we were told we need the champions league money, and the money from players to compete and improve the standard of player, now we are being told we are going to hang on to it in case we don’t get it next year.”

Well you’d be a fucking idiot not to!




Ok, let’s spend 30m on players, fail to qualify for the CL then take out a loan against the following season’s season ticket money to pay their wages.

Now that would be a pish plan

Honest hoops

Ah…the financials are on display for all too see….. we are a company first and a football club second… oh the lambs so succulent..do try the prawn sandwiches Peter while you are at, veal you say??….next year my friend, next year’s financials…could be worse I suppose..if the fans vote with their feet…


So we vote with our feet and don’t go to the games?????
Fucking Brilliant Idea

D'Fhinnein Mick

We did it before,mate.


PL got lucky. He’d fucked us up so badly that we lost to the huns. Instead of firing the prick responsible,DD told him to get BR.

He did.

And now he’s doing exactly to BR why he did with every previous manager.

I’m in charge. Lump it.

He’s a fucking cancer in our club,an accountant who canny spend,canny invest,knows the price of everything and the value of fuck all.

When he finally gets shown the door,I will say the The Rebels Have Won.

Honest Hoops

Please take it as the post was written…..tongue firmly in cheek, I could never not attend games…


Vote with their feet you say …… mind the crush for £50 tickets vs The Hunnites.
Needs to be a Scottish Cup tie first of all…tomorrow being ideal but….see you in there !


Caption: Scotlands team for University Challenge appears to lightweight and academically challenged…starter for none


FFS to be lightweight


I wish 🙂



D J Smyth

We probably are at our strongest for nearly 50 years , yet we have ignorant begrudging fans who are in their own eyes , experts at managing the players & also expert Directors on Board matters .
For God sake wise up & recognise the idiots of yourselves your posts make you out to be




well they can spend what they want as long as we get 10 in a row ..


It’s just our luck with us just being a developing Club we’ve got a development manager to go along with it. I’m looking forward to seeing Charly Musonda lighting up this league, as he plays with his head up and can see a pass quickly. I’m sure I read not long ago that Brendan was the happiest he has ever been, given time we’ll be a real Champions League team that we all can be proud of. Can he do it with homegrown talent merged unproven kids from the EPl will be telling point.HH


Just ask the fucking question I’ve a prostitute waiting for me


Lucky bastard 🙂


How’d you get on? 🙂


Was he gentle?


Edited by
DJ Smyth.


Caption, Oh look, it’s a trio of cunts. I understand that fans want an outlay on quality players but it’s the same oul shit for me. Shitty league, big wages needed for the blue chip signings, pay structures etc We know what we are in terms of being a football club, we’re Celtic. As for others involved at other levels, I’m not so sure. They’ve probably been brought up watching rugby. Prediction for the morra, Celtic 3 Tofu Eaters 0


Well for a start we are the same club and the same company unlike some I could mention! We can‘t purchase top Euro stars playing in our diddy league they wouldn’t come and even if they did they would blow the wage structure apart and we would have endless Morrellos type situations with them wanting to move south, it’s bad enough at the moment with Jozo and previously Erik being unsettled, Our best hope is producing a few of our own and buying some young players who go to that standard under BR coaching. We haven’t really been a CL… Read more »


Craig Levein, how apt for knob of the week. A bitter Edinburgh hun who deep down hates us as much as he hates the Hibees. I see Barry “side ball” Ferguson giving it big licks for the Cardigan to get the Scotland job in todays Daily Radar,and if the Staunch ones brown brogues don’t hit the Hampden corridors, he’s suggesting EBT McCleish. Scottish footballs penchant for having huns in high places is as,strong as ever.


By the way just wondering but could the Levin Broony thing be sexual, did Broony give him a knock back? It seems very odd, maybe Chris McLaughlin should just ask Levin outright and out it to bed…oops!




Can we crowd fund for some decent software for comments? If we go by comments published it’s a tenner each and four grand for Monti.


Have pity on those with shellfish allergies.
Ian Bankier`s a legend.
(that`ll be a crate heading my way)

I forecast 4 for The Celts.

“Roll over! Roll over!” So they all rolled over and they all fell out.


Struck by the intensity of BR’s trading plus double sessions, are some guys may bevfed up with this because they can’t get a regular place. Does Scott Brown or KT complain. Clearly some psychiques /metabolisms can’t cope but it helped us look as powerful in the last 10 mins as in the first. I guess some guys not for them, Jamsie couldn’t stay fit under WGS and Lenny but Ronnie’s guys sorted it, could someone do the same for Jozo? I relish having Gendry, Jozo, Boyata ( especially Dedryck) Ajer and the German available for choice, let the coaches decide… Read more »


Do you not know the Germans name?


” especially Dedryck ” ?

Aye ok wide boy.


See as far as this £30m in the bank is concerned, i couldn’t give two fucks how much money is in the bank.
20m, 30m, 40m? Aye very fucking good…

The most important thing for me & will always be the most important thing, is the Celtic supporters & those men in Green & White Hoops who emerge from the tunnel!

God bless the Pope!


Aye let’s go inti admin.


Thought a ‘ coffee shop ‘ would be more to your liking…


Fuck the SFA.


The financial situation is very good. It makes no odds to us as supporters,that’s what the money men are there for. That’s their job. Ours is simply to support the manager and the players,in a positive way. To know that we have one of our own in the dugout a manager who loves our club makes it even harder for the forces of darkness to stomach. Levin is now their puppet and it’s fake news. His spat with Broony is taking away from what the media should be reporting. Celtic are streets ahead you won’t read about it,but it’s the… Read more »


Caption: Any ideas on how to better our game or attract better sponsorship than bookmakers, guys, …….guys……….anyone!!!!!


Caption: Sorry for the delay but as you can see the seats behind us are empty,they are reserved for Dave King and his board.
We can’t proceed as jimba our guardian hasn’t told us what to say.

Fuck the SFA.


Terrible news on the Guardian about Liam Miller.



So sad only 36 RIP YNWA


I’ve made one ATTEMPT at posting (in many days) in response to Jimmybee’s QuadroFenians and it’s fucked off intae the clouds.
Fuck me! It seems a lot is consistently going tits up on here.
I’ll gladly do a small subscription (as I’ver oft said before) to help towards the time, dedication and running costs of this peerlesss site. Anyone agree here?
SILENCE!!! Don’t be shy, Bhoys!



Nout to do with Ralph and ETims. NewsNow are the sinners.



PB, I’ve much respected, often laughed at/with, your comments over some considerable time. It would be most welcome to ‘hear’ more from you. (My wife and I are going for a wee break in Hexham from the 23rd, and it wouldn’t be ‘too terrible’ if we met for a ‘pint’.) Anyway, my point was this: if the uselessness of inter-Tim communication would be improved by us paying a small subscription then so be it! Far better than a shitty way of attempting to fucking converse; I REST MY CASE. In the fucking blind hope that it may turn up!! I… Read more »


RIP LIAM MILLER gone too young 🙁




Your fucking out of order!


Tic Toc,
what the fuck’s going on? A former player and supporter has sadly passed away. We’ve every right to express our sympathies. Your opinion on the board is valid and we know that the abomination in Palestine. C’mon to fuck, there’s no need for that.


Disgraceful, ignorant, disrespectful. I give you Vinnie Tic Toc


TicToc… Yawn


TicToc.. Your outbursts are wearysome and worrying… Your self importance is funny. Your opinion of me is of no consequence.


Tic Toc is playing the man rather than the ball, Weered. No need to get personal with people on here. Anyways, what do you think the result will be this afternoon?


Noelskytrot.. 3 0 to Celtic


Noelskytrot… I’m glad I’m not the man I once was…


Noelskytrot.. 1 0 already, I might have to reevaluate my score prediction HH


I made the same prediction and it went right out the windae. Job done but we’re still looking a bit fragile.


Noelskytrot.. An untidy display from Celtic but a result… Next…



Tragic news about Liam Miller. Expectation does not always soften the blow especially when it is one so young. Prayers for his wife and young kids and his family. May he rest in peace.



Requiescat in pace Liam Miller.


Celtic is a successful enterprise. A winning team on the pitch and a successful business ofnthe pitch. Winning trophies qualifying for CL still in Europa. Seems like things are going well on and of the pitch. What’s not to like


Well thank you very much Tic Toc. You are as good a judge of character as you are a writer and racounteur. Your disrespect of Liam Miller’s passing brought you to new lows, which for you is quite a feat! Do us a favor and leave your threats and rampant ignorance in your bigoted little head. Enjoy you psychopathic anger and try and get a grip.


VALE Liam. Thoughts with his nearest and dearest.


Sad news about Liam Miller. I hope the team go out and beat Partick and deicate the win to him.

Yoker Bhoy

Liam Miller RIP. Looking forward to today¡s cup fixture with the Jags Ajer has made a very speedy recovery so it looks like he’ll be partnering Simunovic in the centre of defence. I’d like to see both Edouard and Musonda getting a start today – maybe they can help to bring out the best in Dembele. It would be good to see a fast´flowing attacking game with our players enjoying their football. I think we’re due a resounding victory against another SPL side and we certainly need one to restore some confidence after last Saturday’s debacle. We want the bhoys… Read more »


I’m going for 3-0 Yoker Bhoy. I think some players minds mighht be on Thursday’s game. I see your from the oul Yoker, Langholm St by any chance? Lol


Manchester City have asked to meet the body responsible for Premier League referees to discuss their concern at tackles being made against them….I’ll say one thing about Brendan’s reign it has gone very quiet over challenging referees. Martin and Neil had their measure and weren’t shy about letting us know. The strong,silent, dignified thing is grand but even John Wayne punched a gub occasionally.

Yoker Bhoy

Hi Noel, not exactly but pretty near there mate. I used to drink in the Lovat quite a lot and hang out up the toon or in Clydebank at weekends. All that’s a distant memory now as I’ve spent more than half of my life living abroad. Are you from that neck of the woods yourself? Enjoy the game mate!


I’m from the north of the city but spent a lot of my earlier years in Temple. I used to go to some crazy after clubbing parties in Yoker a very long time ago I might add. My bro lives at Peterson Park in Yokermill. I live in Scotstoun mate. Same to yourself.


Use to live in linden st on temple. Above the chippy


Scurvy ya bass. Lol

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