Concerning Stewart Regan...

Concerning Stewart Regan…

The chief Executive Officer of the Scottish football Association has been in the job a while now.

There is no shortage of critics, as his handling of issues , from the referees strike through to the collapse of Rangers, and the subsequent shennagins have won him no admirers.

He doesn’t take on board even the most constructive of criticism, and fails to address questions and accept responsibility for his actions, or indeed, for his inactions.

In fact, he appears to be untouchable, coated with teflon and protected by a mainstream media that is reluctant to investigate lest they be found to be compliant.

It’s all a bit of a mess, isn’t it ?

In fact, its been a bit of a mess for the seven and a bit years he’s been in the job.

Remember when he took over ? Remember what he said he would do ?

Lets go back to July 27, 2010..

I do understand Scottish football,”

Indeed, or at least he understands whatever he is told to understand…

“I’m not looking at history,” 

Still doesn’t, In fact, i’m sure what he meant was “you can keep your history”, something gleefully seized on by some venture capitalists who went on to fleece a number of football fans..

“What’s gone is gone. We need to draw a line in the sand now and move forward. Scotland spends too much time looking back the way at how fantastic they were in years gone by. As a country it doesn’t focus on the future and what we need to do to get better.

He said that in 2010, and has been wont to repeat it at every given opportunity.

“I’m only interested in the future and getting key people to the table to make it happen,” 

“When I started at Yorkshire County Cricket Club they had a fantastic tradition of success. They had won seven championships in the 50s and 60s. They had fantastic players like Geoffrey Boycott and Fred Trueman. But they’d won just one championship in 30 years when I took over.

“Everyone talked about them as a great old club and said: ‘it wouldn’t be like this in the good old days’. I couldn’t dismiss the history but I had to look forward. You can’t achieve success without a plan in place. I don’t just have cricket experience. I’ve worked in the Football League, the second tier of English football. I developed that into a major brand. The Championship is the fourth most supported league in Europe and punches well above its weight in terms of numbers.”

Astonishingly, he’s taking credit for the English championship, buoyed by Sky TV money.

He developed it into a major brand, he claims.

Could we be forgiven for expecting him to bring those sort of riches into Scottish football ?

In 2016, BDO summarised a few facts in their annual Football Financial directors Report, of which these were the key findings…

  • EPL clubs will have £8.3bn of broadcasting rights available for distribution over the next three seasons equating to between £100m and £150m per season
  • 88% of EPL clubs expect to make a profit before and after player trading in 2016/17. However, in contrast, 92% of FLC clubs do not expect to make a profit after player trading.
  • 83% of FLC respondents have a wages to turnover ratio of above 75%
  • No Football League 1 (FL1) club considers that their finances are in need of attention. Only 27% of Football League 2 (FL2) clubs believe they might be but still expect to comply with FFP
  • 100% of FL1 and FL2 clubs complied with FFP rules in 2015/16 and expect to do the same in the coming year
  • 73% of FL2 clubs are aware of a formal or informal approach from potential investors in the last 12 months, compared to a third of clubs across all leagues
  • Low broadcasting rights mean that Scottish Premier League clubs rely heavily on their loyal fan bases and player trading activity and are not attracting significant investor interest.
  • 76% of all leagues cite growing their fan base as one of their top three priorities. 

After six years of Regan and his particular brand building skills, it would be difficult to argue he’s been a success…


According to Endole Suites company financial overview, the SFA had

Cash in Bank£16.26m

+£2.29m (16.39%)

vs previous year 

as of Dec 2016.
So they aren’t skint, but could that money be used to invest in grass roots football ?
Or even to perhaps to fund a major publicity offensive to raise the investment that is lacking in the game ?
You see, while Auldheids excellent article on Scottish football monitor details a lot of what Regan has done wrong, its also important to list what he hasn;t done right.
And this failure to build a brand is enough for the media, the supporters and the shareholders to begin to demand answers from the CEO as to at the very least explain his record thus far.
Not only that, and some might say his failure to develop the club game in Scotland should be enough to demand his resignation, but the national team is now ranked alongside football giants such as Israel and Albania, after continuing to fail at all levels.
Now managerless and with no real vision or direction as to how to fill that gap, Regan is floundering here as well. At the moment, there seems to be an issue as to where the national team will play, as the lease on the white elephant that is hampden runs out soon, although a venue is probably the least of the SFA’s concerns, as no one will want to watch the games anyway.
So, what to do ?
After their success in forcing the Scottish government to reconsider the Offensive Behaviour Act, perhaps the Celtic Trust, along with the Celtic Supporters Association could get together and try to force this issue….
Perhaps this will be the kickstart to a campaign involving all clubs and all their supporters to force a shift in the SFA policy and personnel.
It’s long overdue.
Back in 2010, Regan concluded…
“I’m not really interested in what’s happened previously or whatever their issues were with the SFA or with the game,” 
“That’s really down to them. I’m interested in my tenure here and looking forward to what I can do to help the game up here.” 

Perhaps, when he’s got a moment, he’d like to enlighten us as to exactly what he has done for the game up here…

Maybe he subliminally sent us the answer here…
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