Celtic Diary Wednesday December 13: Mainstream Media Begins The Battle

Celtic Diary Wednesday December 13: Mainstream Media Begins The Battle

Celtic supporters especially are aware that the mainstream media are no fans of that fairly recent invention, the interweb.

Had it not been for the full and frank exchange of views and information permissible in this new media, we would believe that Rangers weren’t liquidated, Fergus McCann was a knob and that every single Celtic player was angling for a move south.

Amongst other things.

This pattern continues into mainstream news, with formerly trusted outlets such as the BBC, the newspapers and the radio sometimes not quite being able to distinguish between the truth, and what they want us to perceive as the truth.

It had to happen one day, and in the midst of falling circulations, decreased advertising revenue and , most importantly, the loss of trust, the mainstream have begun to hit back..

Ah, wait, thats not real. Though it could be..

The Guardian..

Former Facebook executive: social media is ripping society apart

Chamath Palihapitiya, former vice-president of user growth, expressed regret for his part in building tools that destroy ‘the social fabric of how society works’ 

This headline, or a variant, appeared everywhere yesterday, and one asks if it is part of a concerted campaign to discredit the mainstreams main rival.

After all, if we are all buried deep in our phones then there’s little chance of any social interaction..

Image result for reading a paper on a train

The Sun went even further…


Twitter blasted by MPs for allowing perverts to share their vile fantasies online because it’s ‘not illegal’

Why ?

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the papers especially are struggling.

Years of sticking blindly to the narrative of their owners, often off shore, often tax dodging and often right wing headcases, has alienated their audience.

We could well be witnessing their final demise.

But they’re not going without a fight..and they do have friends in high places… ( From the Murdoch owned Times )

Theresa May’s independent ethics watchdog will recommend laws to shift the liability for illegal content on to social media firms, The Times has learnt. This would recast the companies as publishers and stop them describing themselves as platforms with no control over the millions of messages and videos that they host. 

We’ve seen , in the microcosmic world of Scottish football, the damage that can be done by a media which consistently works to its own agenda for its own aims, or perhaps more accurately, for the aims of a favoured section of society.

We’re all internet bampots, right ?

And that scares the living daylights out of the establishment, as it means we no longer look to them for information, and we no longer look to them for interpretation of that information.

Expand that, and we have a nationwide -perhaps even worldwide-issue.

I keep saying it, but the simple answer is not to buy their papers, not to poine their shows and above all to consider  different outlets.

you decide of what you are reading is true, or at the very least a fair and balanced description of events.

The sooner print media especially regains its correct position on society, that of a moral and righteous crusader for the truth, then the sooner we will see an improvement in our society.

It appears , however, they are not that keen on assuming that role, so they will have to be forced into it.


That goes for the niche market of Scottish sport, where the experiences of the last fiver or so years have alerted us to the existence of agendas and palpable untruths.

The desperate search for any anti Celtic story has seen this one crop up, frstly in the Record, and then everywhere else..

Celtic striker Moussa Dembele admits for first time he could leave in January

The France Under-21 forward says plan is for him to stay – but that could change. 

Er, of course it could.

Frankly, if he is still here in January I will be surprised. Delighted, but surprised nonetheless.

This is the transfer window when struggling clubs, in need of goals, pay ridiculous money for a striker.

With Dembele, who is being watched by more successful clubs, there is the chance that an inflated bid by , say a Brighton, will force a bigger club to move sooner than they had planned for the Frenchman.

Not only that, Celtic have already acquired a top class replacement should he leave..

With careful reasoning and thought, a move away for Dembele is not unlikely, but neither is he screaming from the rooftops that he wants away.

The Record though, has highlighted a throwaway remark and turned it into a major statement..

“I can say it is part of the plan (to stay) – but the plan can change. It can change. 

Of course it can, but then again, using the words “it can change ” means exactly that. He is staying, but that can change.

As can anything, when you think about it.

Perhaps the best example in Scotland of the media not quite telling the truth goes back to the days of Fergus McCann, who, in an open letter to the Herald this week, explained that there were, er, one or two objections to overcome when Celtic rented Hampden for a year..

My Hampden memories of events later in life were rather more negative. 

In charge of Celtic, and having to rent the stadium for the 94/95 season, I had to tolerate the mean-spirited behaviour of Queens Park officials throughout that period. This began with a clause in the lease – a “deal breaker” as their attorney made clear – that forbade “the display of any foreign flag.” 

Shades of SFA 1952. 

If i was paying them a million pounds or so in rent, then I’d wave my dirty underpants from a flag pole of I wanted to.

Also, from the same letter..

But the financing of its rebuilding was affected by the efforts of Queens Park and its SFA cousins. Celtic’s application for a £5m Football Trust grant was turned down, while the Hampden renovation project received a total of £10m. Sunderland FC received £5m for their stadium – a project 30% smaller than that at Celtic Park. 

Its taken twenty three years for those snippets to become public knowledge.

If it wasn’t for the internet bampots, our grandchildren would be telling us , whilst we sat eating through straws in a care home, that Rangers died in 2012….

We can put a stop to all this you know, they’re on the ropes…

Image result for print media rip

We’re not helped , however, by half witted MPs and their ludicrous laws, often intriduced to give them a sense that they have actually done something.

And there are none more half witted than George Adam..

SNP MSP: Lennon nail bomb showed Football Act was needed

George Adam said the law was introduced at a ‘sinister’ time for the game in Scotland. 

Presumably at that time, it was perfectly legal and acceptable to send nail bombs to people, in an attempt to maim or kill.

Frankly, I’m surprised the legislative procedure missed that one…perhaos they were right all along, Scots is not capable of looking after themselves.

The SMP for Paisley, who frankly need to have a look at themselves for picking this clown, said;

“But there has been a steady, systematic worsening of behaviour at games and both on the field and off the field.

“But it took a more sinister tone around about that time.” 

But there were already laws in place that made it illegal to send bombs, or to incite or participate in hatred and violence.

Or perhaps he hadn’t noticed, in fact perhaps none of them noticed, and genuinely thought they were doing a good thing.

Or perhaps they just had their head up their own arses and didn’t bother to check. Not that they gave a toss in the first place.

You decide.

Yeah, thought so…

Image result for you decide gif

All of this , when you consider it, comes back to one thing.

A compliant media not doing what the media is supposed to do.

Instead, it turns its attention to those of us who will consistently point out the truth, point out the hypocrisy and point out the point blank liars who claim to know better than us.


And thats why we must drive those nails deeper and deeper into their coffin…after all, we’ve seen the mess it makes when we fail to accept that something has died and failed to make sure its in its box.

We’ve seen the parasitic organisms that feed on their corpses, and how they threaten to spread amongst the living, causing widespread and sometimes irrepairable damage….

Image result for dave king

They are on their knees.

Don’t let them get up.




Elsewhere, Celtic face Hamilton tonight as the league hurtles towards the winter break.

A win, which won;t be easy, will increase Celtics lead at the top of the table and hopefully put to bed the most recent round of murmurings about gaps closing, Rangers coming and other major ifs, buts and oh don’t talk shites…

They are getting all excited again… they are about to take over our world…

Berkshire is one word, by the way, its not Berks Hire Loyal RSC, presumably to stand in front of the Celtic Shop and wave their flag.

This analogy explains the new vibe running through the new club..

 Poetry in motion…

But who will lead the people ?

That would be fantastic, letting them vote.

Half the daft bastards would still vote “no ” because its still ingrained in them.

We asked the trio, currently performing in pantomime in the west end, what they thought..

Image result for three stooges gif

That was them, right ?

They will no doubt continue this theme of looking backwards to move forwards… and there’s always one banner they can march under…well, they do like a good march…

Charles is the father of Edwin…

Edwin Poots (born 27 April 1965) is a Northern Ireland politician. He is a member of the Democratic Unionist Party and is a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Lagan Valley

On June 2011, Poots fired his legal shotgun twice from his upstairs window as a warning to intruders on his property in Lisburn, who then fled. His family called the police and an investigation began.[4][5][6] A DUP spokesman said “Given the risk to Mr Poots and his family, a legally held shotgun was safely discharged into the air by Mr Poots from within his house to alert the intruders that their presence was known.”[7]

On 23 September 2014, Poots was replaced by Jim Wells as Minister of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.[8]  

Really ? Why ?


There’s a lot wrong these days, there’s a lot of the wrong people in the worng places, and we can start the revolution by simply not listening to what they spout in the media.

We have to start somewhere…


Caption yesterday…

A double whammy!

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