Celtic Diary Tuesday December 12: Celts Finally Get Luck Of The Draw

Celtic Diary Tuesday December 12: Celts Finally Get Luck Of The Draw

Celtic will face Zenit St Petersburg in February when the knockout stages of the Europa League commence in February.

The first game is at Celtic Park on thursday February 15, with the return a week later in St Petersburg, which used to be called Petrograd and Leningrad. That was after it was called St Petersburg, which it is called again after the fall of the old Soviet Union, which was created after the Russian Revolution, which took place in November 1917, and is known as the October Revolution, which more or less took place in St Petersburg, which then went on to be called Petrograd , Leningrad and then St Petersburg again.

Not just a football site, you know.

Zenit won a place in Celtic supporters hearts when they overcame the Wattenacio style of football undertaken by the cardigan wearing football guru Walter Smith, who led Rangers to the UEFA cup final of 2008, before it was revealed that their unique style of accounting didn’t add up, and the club was liquidated.

They overcame a hostile Manchester crowd and won the affection of peaceful minded folk around the world with their triumph, and deserve praise for that.

We can thank them in February.


Of course, they are a different side now, and although still regular competitors at this level and above, they were beaten at this stage last year by Anderlecht, albeit on away goals, which suggests the tie is not entirely beyond Celtic. Added to this, the Russian league is now in a three month shutdown, Zenit played their last game yesterday, and by the time they face Celtic they will be roughly at the same level of preparation and match fitness as Celtic were for the Linfield game this year or the Lincoln Red Imps fiasco last year.

In that game yesterday they drew 0-0 with Akhmat in Grozny, and there was perhaps a reason not to worry too much…

Zenit attack..

you may have to click around to get that..

Anyway,hope springs eternal. That was delightful to watch.

What else do we know about Zenit St Petersburg ?

They’ve got their own plane.

The ground has a roof, and heating..

That will help, as Russia can get a bit parky in winter.

Mind you, there was two feet of snow outside mine this morning.

Players-yeah, they’ve got some..


Supporters ?

Oh, they’ve got some of them as well.. (Daily Mail, Dec 8..) and, no, the Mail are not their sponsors.

Zenit St Petersburg have been ordered to partially close their stadium by UEFA after fans displayed a banner praising former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic during a 2-1 home win over Macedonian side Vardar Skopje in the Europa League last month.

The Russian club was found guilty of ‘racist behaviour’ under Article 14 of UEFA’s disciplinary regulations and instructed to ‘close the entire sector where the discriminatory banner was displayed’ during their next European match.

UEFA said in a statement that it had also asked Zenit to display a banner with the words ‘#EqualGame’ and the UEFA logo on it in the same section of its Krestovsky Stadium.

The club has also been fined €10,000 (£8,790). Zenit topped their group to qualify for the last-16 of the Europa League, to be played early next year.

Mladic was found guilty of genocide by a U.N. war crimes tribunal the day before the match and sentenced to life in prison for his role in massacres and ethnic cleansing during Bosnia’s war. 

I’m amazed that they didn’t get on better with Rangers fans.


Anyone wishing to travel to St Petersburg will need a visa, and plenty of roubles. Its not expensive over there, but the police are on a sort of pay as you meet us system, which can be quite expensive .

There may be a way out of paying for a visa, however, and Celtics go to man when there is a problem, John Paul Taylor, will be looking into that..

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Personally, I think I’ll wait for the Russians to come here.

Image result for russian may day parade 2017

On the lighter side, it is cold out here, so they might not bother.

Caption yesterday…

Monti December 11, 2017 at 1:15 pm · Edit · Reply →

Caption: KT-“Efe…Efe…you’re standing on my fucking foot man”