Ending The Sense of Entitlement

Ending The Sense of Entitlement

Patrick J Macht has a few words of caution for those young whippersnappers below the age of thirty…


7 in a row perhaps!

Then 8, 9, and the mystical 10…
However folk seem to forget Aberdeen FC are in a handy position even after they were swatted away in a game that I thought would trouble us and it surprisingly didn’t. And they could get even better next year…
They are however 3 (effectively 4 via goal difference) behind us and that’s grand. What should be noted is this back when Burley was in charge of Hertz he took them to the top of the league without playing ahem… us but a kind of normality soon enough.
The point is no matter how we do if clubs achieve a level of beating everyone else they actually have a chance of winning the league as it comes to head to head games! A bit like us finishing 3rd or 4th in the group we were given in the UCL. I’ve always said this beat the best of the rest then it’s games V us! AFC are in pole position for that just now and that could end when The new club appoint a new manager, who if the media get their way will be Derek McInnes.

Anyhoos that’s that and point of headline is this…..

I’m worried,

Scratch that,
Petrified that Celtic fans Expect 10 in a row,
Expect a win every game
Expect another treble!

Why worried?

My boy is 11 and from his living memory all he has seen is Celtic win the league, it’s the done thing he’s only seen the losses in Europe and when he sees them he’s like well…. They have so much more money (note no argument). He loves the hoops but my thoughts are he expects it……

And I tell him:
Every title is won over a period of games and is hard fought
See in the 80’s we had a bit of a challenge from Hearts , Dundee united and aberdeen,,but  not a Rangers till the creative accounting kicked in.
The 90’s bar 98 oooo they were sore. They still hurt, way beyond the imagination of anyone who didn;t live through them.
The noughties aptly named as we were playing against cheats
I’ll bring that back a bit to the 90’s and how we were forever told how good a Rangers (now deid BTW) will dominate for decades and how the press loved that!

To capture the mood of that period, here’s Bell Lickie, now of the sun, licking something…

All I can say is, massive respect is due to Rangers – and Muz in particular – for keeping Brian Laudrup in the game.

And before all you Celtic fans – including the one standing over me with a
rolling pin as I write this – start giving it the there-ye-go-ah-always-
knew-he-was-wanna-them paranoia, remember one thing.

Rangers also beat you when Laudrup WASN’T playing. 

Were I a Celtic man, I would be so afraid. No manager, no sign of a manager,
two biggest names threatening to do a bunk, no sign of new blood, season
ticket holders in a major huff.

Call me picky, but things do not look good. And hell mend them.
I cannot believe how quickly and how far Fergus McCann has allowed things to
slip, especially after Tommy Burns took them so close. 

The Ibrox men are, I reckon, one more signing away from finally leaving
their greatest rivals – and, therefore, the rest of us – so far behind them
they will be no more than a dancing dot on the horizon.

Who is that signing? I’d go for Batistuta – though Muz says no – but whoever
they end up with he will be big time and he will be here soon.

It’s enough to make any Celtic fan hide behind the couch. Sorry? Oh, you
already are.  

And there were countless articles vomiting forth from an ecstatic media, all of whom were kept onside with a diet of lamb, ladies and lies.

And the thing is, we were actually worried they would get Batistuta
Take that to today and Celtic being dominant is not good ehmmm…. And that works how ?

Celtic have provided players via the academy (that should be named after Tommy IMO) not just for Celtic but throughout the UK and that does not get mentioned at all however in a nutshell.

No Gascoignes, no Laudrups or any other supertstar mercenaries who play for the money.

Fuck off SMSM. We do it our way and we are winning!

And our way is, to paraphrase Billy McNeill, bring in players who love the club, or who will quickly grow to love it.

And boy is it working.

Soooo to end I’m worried that the youngsters see this as the norm!

It’s really not educate them about the bad times. They can be locked away safely in our minds and only visited when the need arises.

Its more about telling them not to take things for granted, and certainly not to expect to win every game, or win it with style and aplomb.

When-or if-the world is put back on its axis and ten in a row is achieved, removing the cheating years from the record books, no one will remember individual games, especiallly the ones where results were ground out, or even when they weren’t.

What matters is the trophy at the end of the season, however its won.

I had Jr in tears when I told him he didn’t appreciate me taking him to a title winning party, he made the mistake of asking why did it mean so much, the 90’s gave me that material, my thoughts are on the future!

Remind them it wasn’t always this way!!

Remind them that football is a fickle mistress, and apt to change her mood at less than a moments notice.

Our time is now!

Enjoy it, enjoy every single minute of it, because nothing lasts forever.